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The Christmas Enchantment 8
By: Gryffindorgirl153


“Love isn’t something that can be read in books Hermione,”

I know.

“You just feel it,” Draco added.

I know.

“And it comes to everyone at least once in life,”

How about me? Hermione asked. I have until tomorrow night. Can love work that fast?

“If you believe in it,” Draco said leaning slightly into her unknowingly. “It can,” She did the same. Their lips met and sent sparks through their bodies. They pulled away quickly and looked away from each other.

Tonight was the ball, and everyone was excited. The great hall was set up with a large Christmas tree in the front filled with ornaments and stars. Dumbledore enchanted the ceiling for it to snow; the walls were silver with sashes hanging from them.

Hermione was staring in the mirror lazily applying blush. She was confused now. When Draco and Hermione kissed, that day in the park, she didn’t know what she felt. It was different than anything before- like she wanted to do it again. Even though, no matter what she felt, Hermione had a loving boyfriend and no one wants to see Malfoy and her together.

She got up, and took the dress out of her closet and slipped it on. She put her hair up with curly strands falling. Her make up was done perfectly, and her dress was gorgeous. She slipped into her shoes and took one last look in the mirror. Hermione didn’t know who she saw in it, but she knew it wasn’t her. Putting that aside, she left her room and came down to meet Anthony who was waiting for her with Draco and his date.

“Draco, can we go already?” Pansy Parkinson asked. She has been begging Draco to take her, and at her 9th attempt, he agreed unwillingly.

“Not yet Pansy,” He snapped. This was the 5th time she asked if they could leave, and they’ve only been here for a while.

“Is that Granger? Draco and Anthony looked up and saw Hermione. Hermione walked over to Anthony and he captured her mouth in his.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered in her ear. When Anthony kissed Hermione, for some reason, it made his blood boil, and he didn’t like that feeling.

“Shall we go now?” Pansy asked.

“Oh, wait,” Draco took something out of his pocket and gave it to Hermione. “It was my mothers. I thought it might go well with that dress,”

It’s beautiful. Hermione said to him. Draco grinned, and she took off her current necklace, to be replaced by the one Draco was giving her. Thank you. He only nodded then left with Pansy.

Anthony offered his arm to Hermione and they left following Pansy and Draco.

When the great hall was filled, Dumbledore spoke. “The first dance, goes to Head Boy and Head Girl,” Hermione and Draco stood up cautiously and met on the dance floor. Music started playing and Draco put his hands on Hermione’s waist and the other to hold her hand. They danced swiftly across the dance floor, in front of the whole 5-7 years and not once, did they leave each others eyes. Pansy was glaring at Hermione seeing the looks Draco was giving her and Anthony was giving death glares to Draco. They both knew something was going on between the two.

The song finally ended, so Draco and Hermione slowly separated. They both felt something missing once they did. Hermione made her way to Anthony and she sat by him while Dumbledore made announcements. When Draco reached his seat next to Pansy, she was completely over him fixing his hair, his tie, placing her hand on his knee and leaning against him.

Music finally started and Anthony asked Hermione if she wanted to dance. Hermione nodded and he led her to the dance floor and they walked to the middle. She saw couples around them dancing and some she knew. Harry and Ginny went together, Ron and Lavender, Dean and Parvarti, and Neville and Luna. They danced to about 3 songs and when Hermione got tired, she sat down and took a few drinks.

“Great ball huh?” Anthony said trying to make some kind of small talk. She smiled and nodded her head at him. He took her hand in his and they both sat there watching everyone else dance. Hermione felt uncomfortable around Anthony now. She felt guilty every time he kissed her or held her hand. She kept telling herself that she’s just can’t stop thinking about that day in the park because of all people, he’s the one that kissed her.

Hermione glanced around, then stood up, taking her hand out of Anthony’s and nodding her head towards the bathroom.

“I’ll wait here,” He said. Hermione smiled a little, then made her way through the crowd and into the bathroom. She locked the door behind her and slid down behind it holding her head in her hands.

No, it was nothing, it was just.. a kiss. She chanted to herself over and over again as she began pacing around. It meant nothing. Anthony is the one you love. It was true. She did love Anthony. After what Draco had said to her about how love works, she realized that she could love him. He was sweet and showered her with gifts, he held her hands anywhere they went, he gave her sweet pecks on the cheek, and he understood the situation she was in.

Draco, Draco on the other hand. He was obnoxious at times, forceful, persistent, yells too much, didn’t know when he went too far, picks on people, has a foul mouth, and can’t even show his feelings towards anything.

Hermione stopped and faced the mirror and took a good look at herself. She remembered when Draco had bought her that dress and gave her the necklace she was wearing. Her hand went up to touch the necklace absentmindedly and played with it.

But he’s also, kind. To Hermione, she saw two people in him. One, was the Malfoy she knew since 1st year, and the second was the one that she was seeing now. She knew that the real Malfoy wouldn’t help her through this and if it hadn’t been for him, she would’ve never gotten this far.

She exited the bathroom and stopped when she saw Draco there leaning against the wall. What are you doing here?

“Well,” He walked over to her. “I heard your voice in my head,” Had he heard what I’ve been saying?

“Draco!” A voice called.

“Pasny,” He growled with a disgusted look on his face.

Hermione smiled. If you don’t like her then why did you bring her here anyways?

“She wouldn’t stop-”

“There you are Draco,” a pug-faced girl came by his side. “Get lost Granger,” Hermione just gave her a look. “C’mon Draco, we’re leaving,”

“Meet me by the doors 10 minutes before midnight,” he whispered to her as Pansy dragged Draco to the dance floor. “I’ll be waiting,”

“What took you so long?” Anthony asked when Hermione was walking back towards him. She mouthed a sorry. “It’s alright. Lets dance,” They made their way in the middle and danced to the music.

“Hermione,” He said loud enough for her to hear. “I’m glad I met you,” Hermione stopped dancing and smiled nervously. “I just wish I could hear your voice again,” A slow song came up, and Anthony pulled her close to him wrapping his arms around her waist and eventually her hands rested on his shoulders. The couple just stood there swaying to the music.


“`Mione?” She spun around with a drink in her hand and faced her former friends. “Could you give us a moment?” Ron asked Anthony. He nodded and left to go talk to his friends from Ravenclaw.

“`Mione I’m sorry,” Harry said. “About that fight we had, I’m sorry to be bringing all those things down on you. Can you forgive me?” Hermione took a moment to think then a smile formed on her face and she threw her arms around her best friend.

“Ron!” Ginny yelled when she saw him turn away. She grabbed him by the ear and brought him to face Hermione. “What do you have to say?”

“Ow, ow ,ow!” He screamed. When Ginny let go, his ear was red. “You really are like mum,” Ron muttered. Ginny pulled his ear again when she heard his comment. Harry laughed and dragged Ginny away to dance again. “I’m sorry,” He mumbled.

Hermione leaned in forward since she didn’t hear him. “I said, I’m sorry,” Ron sighed. “I was wrong to say all those things to you, and not trust you,” She smiled and hugged Ron as well. “Think you could spare a dance for me?”

Hermione and Ron danced to 2 songs, of course with Anthony’s permission. “10 minutes `till midnight!” Someone yelled in the crowd. Anthony and Hermione were dancing at the time, and when Hermione made a move to leave, Anthony just pulled her closer to him. “Don’t leave yet, Christmas is 10 minutes away,” Hermione took his arms off her and ran towards the doors of the Great Hall after mouthing sorry to her boyfriend.

Draco wasn’t anywhere near the doors so she ran outside of the castle and saw snow everywhere. She searched around then heard a voice. “Looking for me?” He asked. Hermione saw Draco sitting on the step leaning against the wall. He stood up and joined her. “Snow’s beautiful,” He whispered. She turned away from him and looked at the scenery. He was right. It was beautiful. The snow covered every inch of the ground and was pure white. “Confident you’ll break the spell?” Draco asked.

How can I? I was so sure when I came into the ball. But now, I’m not anymore.

“Why?” He asked her.

Because love is the most confusing thing to learn.

“Anyone can learn it,” He added.

But not from someone you don’t love.

“You don’t love Anthony?” Draco was surprised to hear this. She gave him a shrug as her answer. He scoffed. “You have 4 minutes left and you’re not even sure?”

You were the one that told me that love can work fast.

“But what if that person isn’t Anthony, and doesn’t love you back,” He asked. “What happens then?”

Want to know what I’ve learned from all this? Draco nodded and listened. You have to take risks to love someone. I had to lose my voice just to learn to love, and if I have to, I’ll take the chance to follow my heart.

“You’re so confusing!” He said.

And you’re not? People were counting down from 60. A minute `till Christmas. This was it.

“Are you ready?” He asked. The wind picked up outside and snow began to fall. Hermione nodded slowly, and they both made their way to the great hall. Before they got to the doors, Draco twirled Hermione around and kissed her quickly on the lips. Her heart skipped several beats and her eyes went wide. “Good luck,” He said in a whisper, the pushed her inside the Great Hall, leaving himself to stand by the door watching.

“10….. 9….. 8…. 7….. 6….. 5…..,” the great hall was saying.

“I love you Hermione,” Anthony said facing her.

“4….. 3…..”

“I love you,” He whispered apart from everyone else.


“2….. 1,”

I… love you.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Every one was shouting greeting each other. Hermione turned and saw Draco staring straight at her. Her head jerked the other way and she saw Anthony was about to kiss her, then time suddenly stopped. The Great Hall went dark, and she saw the old witch standing before her smiling, showing her yellow teeth.

The witch smiled at her and nodded slowly. “My dear,” She started. “You’ve learned what was taught, and you’ve fallen in love,” Her smile was still there as if it was plastered on her face. “There is a fairy tale ending awaiting you over there,” She pointed her wand towards Draco who was frozen on the spot along as everyone else. “And your voice back,” With a wave of her wand, Hermione saw magic appear and it brought Draco back to life, and Hermione to him.

They both looked at the witch confused but she was gone and everyone else was unfrozen. Draco and Hermione heard someone fall but they didn’t care. They just continued to stare into each others eyes. He kissed her and they stayed like that for god knows how long.

“I love you,” He said to her when they parted. Hermione smiled.

“I love you too,” This made her smile even more. She had her voice back.

“I finally can hear your voice again,” He kissed her lips again and the Enchantment was broken.

A/N: Finished! hoped you all liked the ending. Thank you sooooo much for all the reviews! That sound that they both heard of someone falling is Anthony, since he was going to kiss her then froze at the spot. Haha. Happy ending!

the sequel to this story was deleted months ago. after getting around chapter 6-8 i felt that i couldn't continue writing it. it might be posted again some day, but for now- sorry ! D:

read and review =]
lots of love,

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