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Chapter 8: Sectumsempra 


“How are you doing, Hermione?” Ginny asked, concerned. “You´ve been very quiet 

lately, is there something going on? Do you feel like talking about it?” 

They sat in the library, studying. Hermione looked up from her books. 

“No, I´m fine Ginny… I´m just a bit stressed out, that’s all. Nothing to worry about, 


She tried to sound cheerful, but she could tell that the other girl saw through her. 

Ginny raised her eyebrows. 

“You weren’t half this distant during last year, and that was when you took your 

OWL’s! Just tell me what’s wrong, please?” 

Hermione was quiet for a moment. Perhaps she could trust Ginny? She wasn’t like 

Harry and Ron, she wouldn’t judge her for falling for the blond Slytherin. And she had 

to talk to someone soon, otherwise she would go crazy. She let out a heavy sigh. 

“Ginny… you can’t tell anyone, promise? Not even Harry and definitely not Ron! 


Ginny nodded eagerly and leaned over the table, and Hermione lowered her voice 

until it was merely a whisper. She told Ginny everything, she told her about hers and 

Draco’s relationship, about Flint, about the letter, and then, finally, about the meeting 

in the Room of Requirement. 

“And that’s where we are now,” said Hermione sadly. “I doubt he’ll ever forgive me.” 

Ginny didn’t say anything at first. 

“Don´t hate me Ginny! I´m just as shocked as you are, I-” 

“I’m not,” interrupted Ginny. 

Hermione looked at her, puzzled. 

“I´m not shocked,” explained Ginny. 

“You’re not?” She was confused. 

“No,” the red haired girl in front of her said casually and shrugged. “I guess I kind of 

saw it coming.” 

“But why, Ginny!?” Hermione cried out. “Why did I fall for him? He’s prejudiced, mean-” 

”And a person that actually seems to care about you.” Ginny cut in. 

Hermione sighed, "but it doesn’t matter now anyway, does it? 

Ginny bit her lower lip and watched her for awhile. 

”You know… In the beginning, I didn´t think that Harry and I would work out either. I 

didn´t think he ever would stop thinking of me as just his best mates little sister. But 

he changed his mind, and so can Malfoy. Just give it some time.” 

Hermione gave her a sad smile. 

”Thanks, Ginny… But you didn´t see his face. It felt good though, you know, to talk to 

someone about it.” 

Ginny smiled. 

”Anytime, Hermione.” She looked at her watch. 

”Merlin, It´s already late! I have to go and see McGonagall about my latest 

essay…”she made a face that made Hermione giggle and then she started to gather 

her belongings. When Ginny almost had reached the exit of the library, Hermione 

called after her. 


Ginny turned around in the door. 


”Not a word to anyone, remember?” 

Ginny smiled soothingly. 

”Not a word, I swear. See you later, Hermione!” 

”Bye, Ginny.”


Harry was walking down to dinner by himself. More out of habit than anything, Harry 

made his usual detour along the seventh corridor, checking the Marauders map as 

he went. Soon, he discovered Malfoys small dot in the boys’ bathroom below, with no 

other than Moaning Myrtle. Harry stared at the unlikely couple for a second before he 

hurried down the staircases towards the bathroom. When Harry quietly pushed the 

door open he was rooted to the spot in shock. 


“Tell me what’s wrong!” crooned Moaning Myrtle for the hundred time. Draco only 

continued to let the tears stream down his cheeks, not caring that he was weak. 

Hermione made him weak. He felt hopeless. He realized how impossible his 

mission was. He knew Voldemort would kill him. And he had no one. Oh, how he 

wanted to talk to Hermione. But he couldn´t. All he could do was to continue with his 

task, the task that would kill him in one way or another, sooner or later. Draco was 

desperate now, and he knew it. Merlin, he knew it… He even turned to the ghost of a 

muggle born for his emotional release, didn´t that tell something about how he felt? 

Draco clutched his hands to the sink, his head bowed.

“What is wrong? I can help you!” It was Myrtle again. 

“No one can…” Draco sobbed. “He’ll kill me!” 

But maybe… Maybe Hermione could help him… But no. He was already lost, he was 

too far gone. Draco looked up for a second. In the mirror, he saw the reflection of 

Harry sodding Potter. Shocked and humiliated, Draco turned around, his wand 


His hexes missed Potter every time, Draco was furious now. 

Cruci-” he started desperately, but before he got to finish the curse, he heard Potter 

cry out:  “SECTUMSEMPRA!” 

Draco felt a strong pain slice through his torso, then, it all went black.


When Draco woke up, he was lying in a warm bed with white sheets. The room was 

large, and Draco narrowed his eyes to protect them from the bright daylight that was 

streaming in through the big windows. Why am I in the hospital wing? Draco though, 

confused. He tried to sit up straight, but his bandaged chest hurt badly, and he let out 

a low groan of pain as he lay back down. Memories of the previous night started to 

come back to him. He recalled seeing Potter in the mirror, he remembered their duel. 

And, Potters curse. He looked down his chest. The bandage was moist with blood. 

“Damn you, Potter!” Draco muttered to himself. “Who’d guessed the Golden boy knew 

spells like that?” 

Just then, the door opened. Draco’s heart leapt at the sight of Hermione entering the 


“Well Draco,” Hermione begun as she made her way over to his bed, “wasn’t it you 

who attempted to cast the Cruciatus Curse to begin with?” She sat down next to his 

bed and gave him a look filled with emotions, some of which, Draco couldn´t quit 


“I had my reason,” he said coolly while looking into her eyes, those oh so beautiful 

honey brown eyes. Draco kept his cold facial expression, trying to ignore the burning 

longing he had to take her in his arms and never let go. 

“Which were?” asked Hermione, eyebrows raised. 

“He interrupted me!” snapped Draco. 

“Doing what, Draco?” Hermione asked, while surveying his features that were 

beautiful, despite his sad facial expression. She took his hands in hers and 

searched for eye contact, but he stubbornly kept looking away. Hermione sighed. 

“Look, Draco… I know that you cried. Harry told me what happened up there. But why 

were you crying, Draco?” asked Hermione. 

“What do you care?!” he snarled angrily. “Oh, but of course. You want me to tell you so 

you can run off and tell the rest of your pathetic little trio, right?” 

Hermione blinked away the tears in her eyes, and Draco mentally kicked himself. 

What am I doing?!
He thought. The only person that I actually care for and love is 

sitting next to me, willing to listen, and what do I do? I push her away
. He took a deep 

breath and finally met her pleading gaze. 

“I´m sorry…” he mumbled, ashamed of his outburst. 

“It´s alright, Draco…” Hermione spoke softly and gently ran her fingers over his arm. “I 

don´t blame you for hating me, not after everything I´ve done.” 

Draco swallowed. 

“I´m sorry too, Hermione… The way I treated you in the Room of Requirement… It 

was way too harsh.” 

Their hands were now clasped tightly, and Hermione shook her head. 

“No, I deserved it… But Draco, you do know that I had true feelings for you? I… I still 

have, actually...” she finished, blushing a bit. 

Draco smiled a sad smile. 

“I tried to hate you when I found out about the whole deal… But somewhere deep 

down, I always kind of knew that what we shared was real. You know when you first 

kissed me? Outside the library?” 

Hermione looked down and groaned. 

“Gods, I feel so ashamed…” 

Draco gently forced her chin up and looked in to her eyes. 

“When you did that, Hermione… That was the first time in years that I felt alive. And it 

was all you, Hermione. You did it” he finished quietly. 

Silent tears were now running down Hermiones cheeks, and Draco wiped them away 

with his thumbs. 

“Come here..:” he mumbled and pulled her in for a warm embrace. He winced a little 

when Hermiones head came in contact with his chest, but he didn´t care. 

Hermione laid in Dracos arms for… Was it five minutes? An hour? The rest of the 

day? Neither of them knew, and neither of them cared. They simply lay together in the 

small hospital wing bed, drifting in and out of dreamless sleep. After quite some 

time, Hermione spoke.


“Yes?” he replied, as he gently stroked over Hermiones hair. 

“We can never be, can we?” her voice shivered as she spoke. 

Draco closed his eyes for a second. 

“We… We are fighting different sides, Hermione. I know my duty, and you know yours. 

How we feel about each other… It just doesn´t matter.” 

Hermione turned around so she now could look straight into his stormy, and now, 

tear filled silvery eyes. She sighed. 

“I guess we never were meant to be, right?” 

Draco didn´t answer. He didn´t need to; because they both knew the answer. They 

could never be together, despite their love. The world around them would just not 

accept it. But for now, that didn´t matter. For now, all they wanted was to be in each 

others arms for one last time. But they were both aware, that soon, they would have to 

forget about each other. And it hurt.


A/N: Please review and tell me what you think! And thanks to my lovely beta, al3x, 

you´re great! <3

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