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Peering into the room Ginny noted that all of the girls were now piled together in the floor. They must have snuck back in sometime after I left. She slid inside the room and shut the door quietly. Tiptoeing her way towards the window, she was sure to keep quiet. Years of training with revenge on her brothers gave her stealth and she made it to the other side of the room unnoticed.


Pulling out her wand and preparing for the screams to come, she gave her wand a flick. This sent the curtains flying back and the blankets draped over her friends to hover up to the ceiling. This brought an immediate reaction to her friends who howled at the sudden draft and blinding light in their eyes.


All of them sat up glaring murderously at Ginny, until they noticed the pounding in their heads and the defenseless form of a still sleeping Nicola. Smiling to each other they all gathered around their host. Several things happened at once. Luna and Grace began singing as loudly as they could, given their present headaches, and Kate held her down as Ginny tickled her awake.


This brought piercing screams from Nicola, who stopped as soon as the headache began. "Oh, my head!" she moaned, holding her head.


The other girls settled back down at this, nursing their own slight hangovers. Hearing a knock at the door, Ginny peeked outside. Then she turned back to her friends smiling, "Behold your cure."


In came two house elves carrying a large tray loaded with food, followed by a third elf with a steaming pot of freshly brewed coffee. They soon settled down to breakfast and Ginny was happy to distribute the Pepper-Up Potion once she got a promise from each of them that they’d never touch firewhisky again as long as they lived.


“Good,” Ginny concluded hearing the last promise, “Alcohol does funny things to your magic any way. You don’t want to end up like Nat Blake.” This made her friends laugh by reminding them of an incident in their second year.


A seventh year had been under the influence and consequently failed half of his exams, setting himself on fire and turning an examiner into a bright pink chicken in the process. The very thought of his punishment made them all shudder. They had been working much too hard to risk that now.


Noticing that it was getting late, Ginny left them to their breakfast. It was time for another skirmish with the wedding planner.




Melanie was sitting beside her, scribbling furiously as she flipped through a catalog with her free hand, Ginny commenting every so often. They had been at this for the last two hours deciding on all of the details about the wedding. Every item had been thought about, debated, and finally decided on by Ginny. She had never realized all of the elements that went into creating a wedding before she had sat down today, selecting colors, patterns, food, music, even candlesticks.


They had been at this for an hour now. How can she deal with all of this? Ginny wondered as Melanie took it all in stride. Already a little perturbed (because of all the pink things they kept showing her, no matter what she said about hating the color) and weary from looking at so many samples, she settled back down to work.




After numerous inquiries and false leads, Harry was finally able to locate Ginny. When he entered the little shop, he could tell that things were bad. All of the assistants were buzzing around, looking through boxes, catalogs, and sales racks. A short blond sales clerk, who just happened to be near enough to the door to hear the bell ring, paused long enough in her efforts to point him vaguely in the direction of the same little office he had visited at that first memorable appointment.


He strode quickly down the hall, stopping at the door that he hoped was the right one. Opening it, he turned out to be wrong. Inside was a woman being fitted for her wedding dress. Blushing, he apologized profusely and shut the door quickly.


Harry moved to the next door and took a deep breath before turning the knob slowly and opening it. He peeked in the door and his eyes met an interesting sight. Ginny was buried up to her eye balls in wedding catalogs and surrounded by chattering women. The messy ponytail and the flush that was spreading over her face told him that his fiancée was getting annoyed and frustrated.




Ginny’s head spun as she sat at the small table Melanie showing her pictures and what seemed like a thousand people all asking her, “What about this one Ms. Weasley?” The room whirled around her as she shut her eyes tightly. It was too much at once. Getting up to run out of the room Ginny almost tripped over yet another “helpful” assistant.


Heading for the door but not really looking at where she was going she ran straight into something very solid. For a moment she thought she’d run into the wall, which just made her want to cry. But then Ginny realized that it wasn’t flat enough and was much too warm to be the wall.


Opening her damp eyes she examined the surface in front of her. It was an orange Chudley Cannons t-shirt. Looking up she met the brilliant green eyes of her concerned fiancé. Throwing her arms around him, she let the tears flow.


Harry, bewildered, now had a crying woman on his hands and no idea how to deal with it. He cast a disparaging glance at the women in the room and whisked away his troubled fiancée so that he could figure out how to calm her down.




Ten minutes later, the couple was sitting outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor, at a little table off to the side. Ginny had just stopped crying when the waiter stepped up beside them. Harry ordered ice creams for them both and turned to Ginny, still red eyed, and asked, “Now what’s wrong? I’ve never seen you cry like that.”


Ginny took a shaky deep breath of her own and began, “It’s just getting to be too much. There’s N.E.W.T.’s and Quidditch and Prefect duties to worry about. And then I have this huge wedding to plan…”


“Gin, you might have a bunch of stuff at school to deal with, but you can do it. You’ve done it before.” Harry alleged.


“But…” Ginny started to protest.


Harry cut her off, “You can! I promise!”


“Okay.” She agreed reluctantly.


“As for the wedding stuff,” He continued, “That’s why you hired Melanie in the first place. That stuff is a wedding planner’s job. She does the work.”


“But…” Ginny started to argue again.


“No, listen.” Harry commanded, “You’re supposed to give her an idea of what you want. Then she picks out everything.” The waiter brought their order at just that moment and he prepared to enjoy his, but Ginny remained motionless. Seeing the incredulous look on her face he added, “But you’re not letting some stranger have control of your wedding. You get last say in everything and if you don’t like something, she’ll fix it.”


“If you say so.” She replied, still skeptical but willing to believe him.


“I do.” Harry said, digging into the ice cream before him.


Ginny calmed down with his assurance and joked as she began eating, “You’re not supposed to say that until the wedding, Mr. Potter.”


Startled at the change, Harry let out a surprised chuckle and took another bite of his treat.

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