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Today was the day that I’d been dreading for almost a week now. I was hardly prepared for it, yet I wasn’t nervous in the least bit. I can only assume that that is because I am so used to attending said event, that I have no reason to actually be nervous. Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t really care to go to this thing, but I know I have no other option. If I didn’t go, I’m afraid Lily might walk into the common room only to find me not breathing on the floor. I don’t want to put Lily through that of course. It’s not that I don’t like what happens after today, with all the meetings and practices we have. That’s all good fun, not to mention it keeps me fit. I just don’t really see the point in attending besides the one reason that I might be murdered if I didn’t. I plan on living a long natural life as well, maybe until I’m at least eighty years young.

Quidditch Tryouts were always a bore, especially when we only to fill a few spots. James hardly cares though, he’d rather replace some of the weaker players with stronger competitors with more skills and loyalty to the team. Ideally, that’s great: that means we’ll have nicer, better, stronger, faster players on our side. Though the consequences are hard to watch. James has had pumpkin juice spilt over his head six times now from the female players that have been kicked off the team in the course of three year. He has had warts grow in places they shouldn’t as well as body parts go haywire (if you know what I mean); all of which are embarrassing for James. He sort of deserves it though because he doesn’t tell them the sad news in the easiest of fashions.

Of course, this all happens at the beginning of the season. Compared to during the season, this is nothing. James becomes exceedingly obnoxious, especially when a came is coming close. He calls meetings every night that we don’t practice to discuss strategies. He demands us to do crazy tricks that are sure fire ways to win once we get them down (which wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t life threatening). Not to mention he goes on and on about how we can improve ourselves; sort of like a crazed ex-wife or maybe a wife in general. When it comes to quidditch, James could be such a woman.

I do consider Quidditch to be a fantastic sport to say the least. I would have played it over the summer if I hadn’t been so busy. In hind sight though, this break was good for me. Quidditch was no longer an escape from the real world for me, it was entrance to James’. Now, when I got on a broomstick, I immediately thought of things I could do so James would yell me for stupid things I did wrong.

I hurried to the Quidditch Pitch as fast as I could. I was probably going to end up wasting half of my Saturday in order to figure out who we wanted to fill out our missing positions--or replace the ones already taken. I took my spot in the line of Chasers who were preparing themselves to tryout. I placed my bottom on the dewy green grass of the Quidditch Pitch. I frowned at a frail looking second year boy who seemed to think he was the man for the job. I watched him boast to the third year girl standing behind him, though she looked like she was hardly listening. She was thinking, I could already tell that by just looking at her furrowed thick eyebrows. She’d nod occasionally, acting as if she were listening, but her far off gaze gave her me at least. I grew wary of the boy that called him self Michael Jacob Turner as he went on about how he could get the quaffle from any one’s hands.

I couldn’t believe that I was standing in the chaser’s line. Even after five years, I’ve always thought of myself as more of a beater. Maybe it was because of my violent attitude when it came to the people I hated, but I felt as if I’d be perfect for the beater’s position. I had originally tried out to be a beater. It would have been a way for me to release myself from the aggravating world of school. The captain at the time, Stephanie Stewards wouldn’t have it. She told me that I didn’t have the body shape of a beater, but more of a chaser. They had to be big enough to repel off attacks from the opposite team, but also slim enough to help them go fast through the air. I apparently had both. Even though it seemed that I was able to swing the bat with little problems at a bludger, it al came down to who was the better beater. She saw my potential as a chaser though and put me on the team as one of them instead. I don’t think it would have bugged me quite so much if it hadn’t been Black who had beat me to the position. Perhaps it was because I’d started loathing him that year, along with all his Black elegant strands of hair. Perhaps it was because he was a second year too, hardly any bigger than I. When I saw what he could do against seventh year beaters on the opposite team, I immediately knew that I was given the perfect position for myself.

I still wanted to be a beater on the team though, even if the chaser was a better position for me. “You’d have to work with Sirius then,” James had told me, crushing my dreams in the process. Of course that one little statement made me never even attempt to try out of the beaters again. I could only hope that Black would hit himself with his club.

I made to stand up as the line moved forward, but felt my legs move forward against my will. I was sure there was going to be a bruise on my arse the next day as I landed on the wet grass. I looked in front of me where my foot was placed and found that my boots were soaking in a large puddle from the former night’s rain pour down. I felt an arm slap against my shoulders, “I saw that Stenson. You are very graceful,” the familiar deep voice said into my ear. I could practically feel the grin on his face against my own. I got up and moved away as quickly as possible in the opposite direction of the field.

A thought struck me as I watched the chasers move towards James who had yet to notice me, or Black. I ran towards the marauder at my fastest pace, breathing hard (on purpose) when I made it to him. I placed my hand roughly on his shoulder in order to hold me up as I knelt down and placed my hand on my knee, “James,” I breathed out.

“Kathleen! It’s about time!” James said grinning as he smelled the air of quidditch flowing through the air, “Ready to help with try outs!”

I pretended that my breathing ability was slowly going back under control, “Actually James,” I said quickly, taking a few more deep breaths, “Chaser tryouts have to be first.” James furrowed his brows and wrinkled his nose in question, “

“I was running in the halls so McGonagall gave me detention with Lily as my monitor to make sure I do my punishment. She’s supposed to escort me to the trophy room and she said if I don’t make it to her by eleven sharp, she’d deduct house points for you keeping me up. That’s why.”

James forehead scrunched up in thought at my ‘predicament’ I was in--even though it was all a fantastic lie. “That sounds like my flower.” Yeah it does doesn’t it, that’s the beauty of the whole plan. “Fine. I’d rather not have Quidditch be the reason that my house gets points taken away.” It was strange seeing James so serious, it was just so unlike himself. Of course, Quidditch does that to him, he loves the sport ever so much. I just hope that his children don’t end up quite so bad. If they did, I would pity the students and professors at Hogwarts.

“Thanks James,” I said in a calm, cheery tone. I received an odd look and shook his head like a disappointed parent. I wrinkled my brow, “What?”

He didn’t say anything to me but instead pointed at me, “All chasers trying out, line up behind Kathleen Stenson!” he yelled out instead. I looked behind me at all the little and older kids running up to be second in line. In the process, I spotted Anelie Lies walking over calmly with a huge smile on her face. Her blonde hair blew in the wind behind her while she grinned at me with her big hazel eyes.

“Hello sexy, lovely to see you again,” she greeted me. I chuckled at her, “I do hope your nerves are getting to you. This is, after all, a nerve wrecking day.” I shook my head ‘no’ and ran up to the girl, jumping on the sixth year as I reached her, giving her an embrace as a result.

“Anelie, I’ve missed you,” I whispered in her ear, “Now I can have someone to suffer with through these pointless try outs.”

“I almost have no doubt we’ll be the last chasers to try out,” she whispered back. I sensed the humor in her high pitched voice. We moved away from each other just as James began yelling at the chasers to warm up.

As usual, the tryouts for the chasers proved to be almost pointless, not to mention: boring. The tryouts consisted of three different things that we did every year to determine who gets to be or stay on the team. I would hardly say there was a difference in the first two tests we had to take. They both tested out throwing ability, though one James was judging our actual ability to throw (the allowed James to see who he could just cross of the list of possibilities) and the second was judging how well we could throw at close and far distances. Anelie and I had a hard time not laughing at the kids who were trying out. Quite frankly most of them just weren’t talented. They ones that were just weren’t enough to replace Anelie and I.

James decided it wasn’t obvious enough that no one was ‘good’ enough for our team. Scoring. It suddenly became Chasers against Keepers (all of which were trying out as well). The task was pretty obvious but James still explained it to us. We had to attempt to shoot the quaffle into one of the rings as a Keeper would try to deflect it.

It was like watching one of the movies in the muggle theatre, except all of the action was right in front of you. The poor Keepers were being so abused up at the rings, I couldn’t help but feel bad for them. One of the chasers threw the quaffle to hard, when the keeper tried to catch it his hand bent back in the wrong direction. A loud crack chorused through the fields as the quaffle pushed his hand backwards and into the ring. The little second year trying out as a chaser looked devastated. She immediately flew up to help and take him to the hospital wing.

“Thank you everyone for showing up for these tryouts,” he said to the chasers and keepers who tried out, “I also hope that, even though he can’t hear me, Maxwell’s hand heals up well.” I cringed at the thought of the fourth year’s hand bending in the too far in the wrong direction, an image I would more than likely carry the rest of my life. “I also wanted to add that choosing the chaser was a tough decision to make, as well as keeper. I hope you all understand that you still have the possibility of making the team next year if you didn’t make it this year.

“Also, I have charmed a sheet of paper in the Gryffindor Common-room to display the results for each position as soon as my mind is made up. So if it does not list your position on the results board yet then I haven’t made my decision yet. Also, I will be holding a few of you back for fill-in tryouts. With that conclusion, everyone is dismissed except for Jeffery Daniels, Lori Kippler, Daina Hurfington, Matherics Simpson, and Anelie Lies.” James looked down at his notebook and began scribbling down notes with his Quill.

Anelie looked sharply at me, “Why doesn’t Kathleen have to stay?” She marched up James and stood and foot shorter than him.

“She has a detention.”

I looked down at my watch as Anelie turned her head sharply at me, “Which I have to report to in ten minutes,” I winked at Anelie, “Have fun!”

I ran up the hill cheerily as I heard James yell, “Meeting tonight at eight Kathleen!” I stuck my thumb up to tell him I’d heard and continued to the hall. I felt my feet hit the hard surfaced of the cemented path way into the building. I looked back at the Quidditch Pitch to be sure I was out of view of James and smiled when I saw that I could hardly see the little specks of wizards and witches flying about. I made my way to the common room but stopped in my tracks as I saw Regulas Black standing with his back to me watching two other Slytherins I didn’t know walk away.

His hand moved to ruffle his hair as he turned around and spotted me walking towards him. His emotionless face turned into a scowl as he attempted to walk past me, “‘Aye Black!” I yelled at him as he passed me, “Hope you’re not doing anything that’ll get you in trouble.”

“Of course I’m not,” he said a bit too quickly and turned towards me accusingly, “You weren’t spying on me were you?”

“Of course not,” I said honestly, “I was actually on my was to my common-room from Quidditch Tryouts. That’s besides the point though. What were you doing Black? You clearly aren’t innocent in all this.”

He stared at me for a minute and sighed, “Nothing, just family matters.”

“Oh? How are you cousins? How’s,” I spat the next word out, “Bellatrix?” It was hardly a question, I did not raise my pitch at the end of the sentence and the curious smile I had on before I said her name and long since disappeared. What replaced it was a look of pure loathing, “Hope she’s doing well in all her bitchy glory.”

“She’s fine,” he said simply, ignoring my last comment. He gave me a small smile, “I should be off before I’m missed.”

“Yeah, see you Black,” I returned his smile with a small one of my own and gave a quick once over. He looked much like his brother, though he lacked the elegant hair. His was much like James’ as it was almost uncontrollably messy. Unlike James though, he was able to tame it with gel and a good brush through.

I didn’t bother to watch him leave, I wasn’t much interested in doing so. I continued to walk to the common-room, looking at all the portraits as I walked by them. I often received the double take then an odd comment, “Aren’t you the girl that cursed that poor boy on the last day of school?” I couldn’t help but smile at the questions they continued giving me, I even smiley at the fat lady in pink when I finally made it to her.

“Ah, Kathleen, you’re up early,” she greeted.

I nodded, “Yeah, James dragged me to Quidditch Tryouts. Could you let me in?”

“Password. James is a fan of that sport isn’t he?” she looked dreamily off into space. My nose crinkled in disgust as I muttered the password, “He’s a looker though. I can see how you two are related. Your parents were lookers.”

“Snickerdoodle,” I said again.

“Even Dumbledore thinks so, you two were quite lucky to have had such good genetics in your family.”

Snickerdoodle,” I repeated yet again.

“I remember when your dad and Harold always sat on that staircase in front of me and discussed girls and such.”

“Snickerdoodle!” I finally yelled out at the lady who insisted on babbling on and ignoring my consistent uttering of the password.

She glared at me immediately, “Why I a never in my life ever--” I opened my mouth again, “Fine, fine! In you go!” She opened the portrait hole for me and I waltzed right in. I heard her muttering obscenities until the hole was finally closed. I walked up to the bulletin where the Tryouts had been posted and saw in its place was the results paper. Under chasers I saw James’, Anelie’s, and my name. I smiled knowingly. Under Keeper, I spotted the name Leoncio ‘Maxwell’
had. I recognized him as the boy who broke his hand in the process of catching the ball. Before that incident, he’d done fairly well I remembered. He had caught all eight of the balls that the decent chaser sent him, that is until the incident. He was the only one who’d been able to do that, even when the chaser’s were pretty crappy.

I walked away from the bulletin and lied down on the couch. A cat nap would be nice at the moment.

I felt myself roll over onto my side with my nose touching the back of the sofa. I found that this wasn’t as comfortable though, so I twisted myself back around to face the flickering fire in the fireplace. My nose gently touched a cloth like fabric for no more than a millisecond. It was enough to force me to open my eyes immediately. “Oh Merlin!” I yelled sitting up and scooting away the person who was staring at me while I slept. “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!” I moved my feet so the touched the bronze colored carpet.

Black laughed, sounding much like a dog in the process, “You’re definitely not like most girls. I’m usually complimented for those type of actions.” I ignored his statement, feeling it was useless to retort. “I can’t believe you’re still in your quidditch uniform.”

I looked down at what I was wearing and I was indeed wearing the dark red, black, and gold uniform for quidditch. “What’s it to you?” I stood up and was heading to the dormitories. My goal was vanquished as I felt my wrist grabbed by a large, warm hand. He tugged me so I was directly in front of him. All I could do was look down at his hands placement on my wrist and attempt to pull it away. His grasp on me was tighter than expected, so I gave him a cold stare. “Let go of me Black,” I demanded in a low hiss like whisper. I felt my teeth unclench for a moment, but when Black did nothing, they clenched again.

I watched him shake his head to the side in a ‘no’ motion to my surprise, “I can’t Stenson.” I’d never seen him with that expression. He looked serious (no pun intended) and meaning business.

“Why not?” I asked, my voice raising in pitch ever so slightly.

“You’re walking in the wrong direction,” he told me. I frowned and looked at him in question not quite sure what he was getting at. “James’ meeting is at eight.” I still didn’t comprehend what he was getting at. “It’s seven-fifty-eight right now. I thought it would be appropriate to bring you along with me unless you wanted James to murder you and be sent to Azkaban.”

I felt my head move up and down. I pulled my hand away from him forcefully, “Just keep your ruddy hands of of me.” I began walking to the portrait hole.

“If that’s what you want love,” I heard him say behind me. A low growl escaped my lips as I felt my exasperation towards the teenager. He somehow managed to pull every fiber and nerve in my body without doing much.

I felt my finger twitch wanting to grab my wand and shoot the first hex that came to mind at him. I kept in control though, “Don’t call me that.” My legs quickened in pace, I made my way over to an empty wall that would get Black and me to the seventh floor a bit faster.

“Why shouldn’t I call you that? It suits you nicely,” he explained.

I sent Black the ‘friendliest’ glare I could muster hoping he’d get the point. Who was I kidding though? He never got the point, he’d already managed to catch up with me by the time we reached the end of our little short cut. I opening the door and took and step out onto the seventh floor. I stopped on the outside of the exit making it impossible for Black to get out, “Could you move Stenson?”

I turned around to face him, allowing an irritated sigh to free itself from the inner depths of my mouth. “If you could please just leave me along for one day, simply one day. It’s not hard, just don’t look at me, talk to me, even think of me. Just leave me alone.

I felt as if I made some sort of impact on the grinning fool, at least until he said, “I’m sorry, that’s just not possible.”

I felt my mouth drop, my eyes widen, and my nose flare, “Why not?!” I yelled. I heard the echo chorus through the hall waking up or disturbing many of the portraits and statues who were trying to relax.

“You come up in topics of conversation a lot between, James, Remus, Peter and I, you know? After all, your James’ little cousin, therefore he talks about you a lot. Not as much as Lily, but still a fait amount,” he paused, taking a shallow breath but still grinning at me, “Not to mention your name will probably come up at some point during the meeting tonight. So, I’ll probably be thinking about you a lot,” he concluded.

I rolled my eyes and walked away, yelling behind me, “Just leave me alone you moronic moron!” I finally made it to the plain, bare wall that held the best room in the entire castle. I passed the blank wall three times thinking of nothing except James’ Quidditch meeting.

I pushed the doors open to be greeted with, “You are officially seven minutes late you two.” James stood in front of the new quidditch team, who were all sitting around in a circle. I felt like all the stares from the group were boring into my soul as I stood at the door with Black behind me, “Well?”

“Well what?” I asked.

“You know what. Why are you later Kathleen? Sirius?” He looked behind me at his best mate raising an eyebrow in the process. I felt Black shrug while he passed me to go sit next to one of the new members of the team.

“I was sleeping. I don’t know why Black was late, but I was sleeping.”

“James, don’t give her a hard time,” Anelie voiced, “She wasn’t even that late. What did she miss? The greetings?” Her high pitches voice was filled with warmth and humor. I walked to the vacant spot next to her with a grin glues to my face.

“Let’s get on with the meeting, shall we mate?” Black said. I looked at the boy who’d escorted me--in a way--to the Room of Requirements. The girl he sat next to had a small satisfied smile on her face as she analyzed his crotch. I cringed and looked away, not really wanting to see where this was going.

“Fine, don’t let this happen again you two,” James demanded. I nodded meekly, not caring very much for what James was going to say in the meeting. James glowered at the two of us as he stood in the middle of the circle, “As I was saying before two unnamed people decided to be late, We have five new members on our team. Two of them will be our fill-ins for this year, meaning they will come to every meeting or practice that is held and participate as if they were more than just fill ins.”

“If I’m not mistaken James, you said all of this at tryouts,” I said before he could continue on, “I’m not sure I want to stay at this meeting if you are just going to repeat everything.”

“If I’m not mistaken Kathleen. You had a detention right after chaser tryouts were over, therefore you have no heard any of this,” he replied, “Moving along. The fill ins will be Ronny McCune and Cerina Rogers.”

I looked at the two sixth years sitting next to each other. They were both similar characters as far as personality from what I could tell. Cerina looked conceited with her long midnight black hair and big grey-blue eyes. She waved and greeted the group in a snobbish sort of way, yet she seemed borderline easy to get along with. I smiled at her, she grinned back. It was sort of my way to tell her that I approve of her being on our team. I realized that she was the girl I had been looking at earlier staring at Black’s privates. I saw that his hand was placed gently on her knee as he talked to the boy on his other side. I rolled my eyes and shook my head in distaste for Black, knowing that this girl was being led on.

I looked at the kid names Ronny who looked to be in his sixth year, much like Cerina. He had roguish good looks with his chestnut hair and demanding air. It was almost like he called attention to himself. I could almost feel his bumptious attitude against my face as he talked to Anelie. He seemed to know that he was a good looking guy, I realized as he waggled his eyebrows slightly at my friend. I watched his hand in slow motion it felt like, making its way over to Anelie’s leg. My eyes widened and I took immediate action.

I leant in towards the to sixth years and reached over to Ronny behind Anelie. I tapped his shoulder cause him to retreat his arm back immediately. He looks at me as I lean back. I watch his chestnut hair fall into his deep blue eyes, he smiles at me when he realizes who I am. The smile soon turns into a smug grin, to my annoyance, I ignore it though. I stuck my hand out for him to shake, “I’m Kathleen Stenson. Welcome to the team.”

I predicted what would happen next. He was exactly like Black except different in so many ways. He bent his head down and placed his lips delicately on my hand. I looked at Anelie attempting to send the message of ‘Don’t Mess With This Boy,’ I think she got it. He lifted his head up slowly, attempting to amaze me with a small smile and the mystery of his blue eyes looking at me, “I’m Ronny, it is my pleasure to meet you.”

“Charmed, I’m sure,” I said with a roll of my eyes. I’m sure he was a bit put off with this gesture, but he said nothing of it. I pulled my hand away from his, sent him a soft smile and moved back to my former position.

“Looks like dear Carina is already getting mixed up with our infamous Sirius,” Anelie whispered in my ear. I laughed, having already observed this, “They suit each other I guess.”

“Now that you all have been introduced, let’s move on with the meeting,” James voiced. The room immediately became quiet, except for the extremely quiet Black whispering into Carina’s ears. James eyed the two flirts, clearly deciding that it wasn’t worth the time or effort to get them to stop. “The new keeper for our team is Maxwell Shad.” I looked at the fourth year sitting next to Black with an arm support around his arm. I gave him a smile in which he returned. There was no doubt he was proud of himself for breaking his wrist and making the team. He probably thought the pain was worth it. Anelie shook his hand, along with a few other people on the team before James continued with his introductions, “Our beaters being Sirius Black and Marissa Jordan.”

At the sound of his name, Black let out a loud ’Whoop’ noise that echoed in the room. He grinned at everyone around him in glory at being called a beater. Marissa Jordan looked much more modest compared to the grey eyed imbecile. She grinned proudly up at James with Maxwell’s well-hand on her dark skinned shoulder. Her black hair and dark brown (almost midnight black) eyes glimmered under the light above. She smiled at Maxwell after noticing his hand being placed on her shoulder and smiled at him happily.

“Our chasers are Kathleen Stenson and Anelie Lies,” he announced. There wasn’t any evidence of surprise but people still stuck their hands out at us and we gladly shook them.

Anelie cleared her voice, “Don’t forget about yourself James. We know you’re not modest at all, so go ahead and tell us what position you play.”

“I think it can wait,” he viciously at Anelie, “Our seeker, our savior, our reliant is Merritt Carrey.” The look on the auburn haired fourth year’s face was priceless. James’ introduction couldn’t have been more nerve wrecking than riding a hypogriff. He gulped slightly then smiled shyly at the group.

I leant in towards him since she sat next to me, “Don’t worry about that. We won’t place too heavy of a burden on you like that.” She smiled nervously at me. As a moved away from her, I could’ve sworn I heard her say ‘That’s good.’

“Lastly, there’s me. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m James Potter. Captain and chaser for the Gryffindor quidditch team.”

“I would have never guessed,” I muttered.

“I will be your coach, your advisor, your mentor from now on when it comes to quidditch. When you have any questions when it comes to Quidditch; I’m your man. If you have a new strategy idea; come to me. If you need help with a certain maneuver; I’m the one who’ll help you. Sure, you can go to other members of the team, but none of them are as reliable as me,” he paused, “Any questions?”

I looked around the room at everyone, no one had any questions. The only thing I noticed the hands doing were touching the opposite sex. Ronny was attempting to get closer to Anelie though she was trying her best to simply ignore him. Black and Cerina seemed to have a merry little time caressing each other’s legs. Maxwell was patting Marissa’s small, frail looking shoulders (slightly shocking that she was a beater) while Marissa had her fingers intertwined with Marritt. Young love right?

“Good, now that we have that settled. I’d like to go over when we will be holding practices. Mondays--” I decided to tune him out then. I observed the room some more because everyone was just too different and interesting not to look at. I realized that not only was Marissa small and frail looking--if not slightly muscular-- that she was extremely young. I was seeing her future through my very eyes right now. It seemed that thirteen year old knew how to work the men. She already had two hovering over her, if not on purpose. Leoncio “Maxwell” Shad was attempting to make her laugh, much to Marritt’s annoyance.

Marissa seemed completely innocent in all this, she was a good looking girl (as much of our quidditch team seemed oddly good looking--as cliched as that sounds) with an apparently captivating personality. She’s managed to have two boys’, both of whom are older than her, attentions on her and only her.

I moved my eyes to another couple in the room, if you could call them that. Sirius Black and Carina Rogers were both participating in shameless flirting with one another. He would continuously lean into her and whisper in her ear charming words that caused her to giggle. She would nod at some points and whisper suggestive things in his ear as well. I wrinkled my node in disgust before deciding to ruin their little fun, “Um excuse me Black.” I hadn’t really stopped to think about what I was doing at the moment, “Would you refrain from flirting with innocent girls at our meeting please?”

“Thank you Kathleen,” James said through gritted teeth, “I think I can handle this.” He turned towards the two flirts and said, “Refrain from flirting with each other during our meeting please.” I didn’t quite see much of a difference in the way he handled the situation, but I said nothing about it.

“You didn’t seem to mind us five minutes ago!” Carina said, slightly annoyed herself. I noticed that she was pouting slightly and rolled my eyes.

“Well, I simply don’t see why you can’t make your sexual affairs private. Do you want to get kicked off the team?” I responded.

James growled at me, “I told you I’d handle this,” he looked at the two black haired individuals sitting next to each other, “I was annoyed but I was going to ignore you. I think it’s a good thing that this wasn’t ignored. It gives me a chance to go over Rule number thirteen: All sexual activity must be held outside the pitch.”

“But the pitch--” Anelie spoke but quickly stopped when I elbowed her arms. James raised his eyebrows at her while she smiled innocently at her. What James didn’t know wouldn’t kill her.

“This isn’t the pitch Prongs,” Black told my cousin.

“Yeah, but no one want to watch you whispering aimless flirts into each other’s ear. Especially such an innocent girl as her,” I pointed at Carina.

“You know, I bet you’re jealous of Carina. I’d be glad to do the same the to you if that helps.”

Carina looked offended, but not as much as I did, “Oh, don’t start with the jealousy thing! Of course I’m not jealous Black, there’s nothing to be jealous of,” Black began to move towards me, “If you even try to make a move I’ll hex your nose right off.” He stopped in his tracks and backed off.

“You have a twisted way of hiding your undying love for me,” Black took Carina’s hand in his once more, it seemed that she’d forgiven him almost immediately.

“My undying love for you! Who the bloody hell do you thi--”

“Would you two shut the bloody hell up!” James shouted over the two of us who’d gotten more and more loud without noticing. We both settled down, allowing James to continue on with what he was saying, “As interesting as that was we have actual business to get down to.” It’s unfortunate Lily never gets to experience the serious side of James. I’m sure they’d get along so much better if she did, “This year, when you are out on the pitch, you will only be out there for Quidditch. No crazy late night fun or anything of that sort.

“This meeting is ending early because this whole thing as been aggravating. What should have taken fifteen minutes took thirty and I can only imagine how long the rest of it will take. I’ll see you on the pitch on Wednesday. Don’t be late.”

A/N: Hey everyone this was finished on 8/09/08/
A/N: Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed the chapter. It took a bit longer than expected, but hopefully I’ll get the next one out in two weeks.

For those of you who like the characters Katy and Patrice, I’m sorry they haven’t been seen very much in this chapter. I usually attempt to include them, but this chapter was really all about quidditch which Lily, Katy, and Patrice have just about nothing to do with except for moral support. So do not worry, they will be back in the next chapter.

Anyways, REVIEW! :D


Edit: This chapter was full of errors and sentenced that made no sense. It is now almost gone. I will probably find more the next time I go through it.


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