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The last rays of the sun lingered outside as Narcissa Malfoy was busily leafing through the daily prophet when the house elf came in. She looked up. “ Yes? What is it? “

“ Madam, there is a man here to see you. He is saying his name is Remus Lupin, “ the elf said in a squeaky pitch.

Narcissa nodded, why all of a sudden, a former schoolmate and enemy of her husband’s would come to visit them. “ Show him in, and bring some tea and coffee. “

“ I’m glad that you’ve graciously accommodated me despite my intrusion to your reading, “ Lupin said as he stepped in the drawing room.

Narcissa nodded. “ Please, sit down. What brings you? “

“ I had hoped you would tell me if you have had any visits from any of your pureblooded relatives or family friends? “

She pursed her lips, recalling the night Blaise Zabini had told her Lord Voldemort was going to be resurrected. “ No, none at all. Not after it had been reported that there’s been a- how do you call this…a resurgence of a new generation of Deatheaters. Everyone’s guarded of going out these days, traveling through either Floo or apparition, even portkeys… “

“ You’ve read the Daily Prophet, I presume? “

“ Who doesn’t? “ she replied as the house elf came in carrying a tray.

Lupin said his thanks for the tea, preferring it over coffee that day.

“ I’m rather uncomfortable with the idea of him resurrecting, Professor Lupin. You knew how bad it was after the Great War, am I correct? Terrible for Draco and me…”

“ Yes, I was sorry to hear that. But madam, please, if you have any information regarding the deaths of two Aurors and the many nightfall attacks- please, don’t hesitate to contact me? “ Lupin sounded tired.

“ Professor Lupin, “ she began mildly. She had preferred using that title instead of just calling him by that name.

“ Yes, madam? “

“ I was hoping if- if you’d know who these people are…that you’d stop them? Keep us safe? Keep Draco safe? Deatheaters will be Deatheaters and I won’t deny the fact that Draco’s nearly been a full-pledged one…”

Lupin stared at her for a moment. Her eyes mirrored her concerns. She loved her son too much to see him go through that again. He nodded once.

“ I made a…I had done an Unbreakable vow with Snape before, that he won’t let Draco down and that he’ll carry on the tasks needed if Draco was to fail, that he’ll keep my son safe- just watch over him, “ her voice dropped into a barely audible whisper.

Lupin’s brows shot up. “ No one knows? “

“ No, you are the first…Bella had died and she was the secret-keeper, Snape had died…and now- Draco’s still alive because of Snape…and I’m telling you this so that you’ll know how important it is to keep Draco alive and well…I chose to tell you because I can trust you, no matter what my husband has said about you. I’d rather trust someone who turns into a werewolf- pardon the use of the word- than trust anyone else in my family at this moment.”

“ Madame, you do know what this means? “ Lupin said, trying to smother his astonishment. “ If the Deatheaters out there are truthfully those who have served he-who-must-not-be-named before, then they might do more than hurt him. Are you sure you haven’t told anyone else about this? “

Narcissa nodded. “ I have told no one, after all this time. You are the first to know. The Unbreakable vow died when Snape died. He took the promise to his grave. And I trust you will do the same…Keep Draco safe? I’m quite sure he isn’t getting into the same business his father had gotten into…had gotten killed for…” her voice shook, betraying her distress.

“ You can trust me, “ Lupin finally said, softly.

“ How- how is Nymphadora, my niece? “ Narcissa finally asked, in an effort to change the subject.

Lupin gave a smile. “ Doing well. You should come by our house, when the time is right. Our son’s the splitting image of Andromeda. “

Narcissa gave a little laugh, suddenly recalling the joyous moments of her childhood, when Andromeda, Bellatrix and her hadn’t given much thought about marrying into pureblood families strictly. Oh how she missed those days! When she and her sisters would mischievously play little tricks on their father, and how his loud voice would pretend to scold them, only to smother them with little kisses and embraces later on. But she was the only one alive now, Andromeda was gone, Bella was gone…

She sighed. “ Will do. Give my regards to them? “

He nodded and gave a little bow as he stood up. “ If there’s any problem whatsoever, don’t hesitate to contact me, if there’s any news, if there’s anything you know…”

She nodded, fearing she would suddenly spill out the truth about her kidnapping and Draco’s recent activities. She watched as he left the room, and upon hearing the door close, she breathed a sigh of relief. She may no longer be in the clutches of her uncompromising pureblooded husband, but that didn’t mean that her role as a mother to Draco had stopped. Her loyalties lay there, and she would rather see everyone else have a hard time than see her son go through pain all over again.




Lupin opened the door to his quaint home, his mind still flying to the things Narcissa had told him. For some reason, he found it hard to believe that no one had visited her during the recent attacks. Narcissa was not a woman to be reckoned with, that was what his mother-in-law had told him months before her death. It was only at that time that Narcissa finally met up with Andromeda, all differences set aside. She had missed her sister truly.

“ Da! “ someone shouted with glee.

At that moment, all of Lupin’s thoughts and troubles disappeared, as he embraced his four year old son tightly. Nymphadora Tonks-Lupin came into view, a bowl filled with batter in her arms.

“ About time you got home, “ she said, kissing his cheek. He smelled cookie dough on her cheek and liked it. Her hair today was a mix of light brown and red.

“ Nice hair, darling, “ he said with a laugh as he lifted his son, affectionately named Sirius, after his fallen best friend. “ Do I smell cinnamon cookies?”

“ Oh shush, “ she said, going back into the kitchen. “ Will you handle Sirius for awhile? He’s been running around the house, and the first batch of my cookies got burnt today because I kept watching out for him. “

“ You haven’t been behaving, eh? “ he said, raising an eyebrow at his son. His son grinned cheekily.

“ Oh, but I have! “ he responded earnestly.

“ Have you got homework? “ Lupin asked.

The four year old nodded. “ Yes, the teacher gave us this coloring sheet. It’s got a deer on it, and I have to follow the lines and keep the colors in. “

“ That’s a stag, son. “

“ What’s a stag, daddy? “

Lupin laughed and explained this as he brought his son to their den, to spend a little quality time and help his son with his homework and explain more about the stag, thereby launching a story about his Hogwarts years and how he had a friend that could turn into a stag.

Tonks, as she still preferred her friends to call her, smiled as she looked at her husband and son quietly, still mixing some cookie batter as she did, just a little exercise despite knowing that she could make the cookies the easier way. A sort of training, she’d tell herself.

It had not been easy, marrying Lupin, but, according to her, true love prevailed. Lupin still transformed into a werewolf during the full moon, prompting Tonks and Lupin to tell their son that ‘daddy has got a monthly business trip’. They would tell him in due time about his father’s condition, but right now, everything fell into place. She saw that her husband had looked tired when he came home, and she felt anxiety grow inside. She was still working as an Auror, although only part-time, as she had a son to tend to, and Lupin was now an Auror, full-time, and strangely, she was proud that her husband was the only werewolf-man to have been accepted. She went back into the kitchen and poured some macaroni soup into a nice bowl, as she turned off the stove. Setting aside her cookie dough, she arranged the dining room table. After placing the last batch of cookie dough into the oven, she washed her hands and proceeded for the living room.

“ Dinner’s ready, “ she announced.

Lupin looked up at her and back at his son again. “ Well, Sirius, I’m hungry. How about you? “

Sirius grinned and nodded. “ I want to eat more cookie dough. “

“ Nonsense, that isn’t such a good dinner. You’ll get a tummy ache, “ Tonks said holding her son’s hand. “ I’ve made macaroni soup and vegetable salad. “

“ But that isn’t what Aurors eat! “

“ Who told you that? “ Tonks raised an eyebrow.

“ Uncle Ronald, “ he impishly replied.

Tonks raised an eyebrow at Lupin as he struggled to contain a smile. “ You’d better tell Uncle Ronald to eat his veggies then. He doesn’t look like much of a strongman to me. “




Bill Weasley was busy working through some stacks of reports, inside his small but neat office at Gringotts.

“ Hey Weasley, “ a goblin came in growling as he carried a stack of more folders. “ Good news, you’ve got more vaults to break into. “

Bill grinned. “ Sure, I’m taking it one day at a time. Why the long face? “

“ I’ve been temporarily assigned to South America. The Amazon. I hate it there; the mosquitoes penetrate through my garb! “

Bill laughed, remembering that if there was a muggle-known mosquito, there was also a different kind in the magical world, one that could pierce through dragon hide suits and withdraw almost a quart of blood with a single bite. Bill liked all the goblins at Gringotts and in return, he was well-received. Bill treated the goblins no different than other wizards, prompting an increase in his salary and a promotion. He was now head of the Expeditions Area, wherein he was gone for days at a time from home to break the most difficult curses and open vaults and the like.

“ Anything new, then? “ Bill asked as the goblin took a seat near him to rest from a tiring walk.

“ New? Everything’s old with our job! “ the goblin said grouchily. “ Okay, you’ve got a vault to break into. Something they discovered in the Valley of the Kings. “

“ Egypt again? “ Bill said, exasperated.

“ Yep, Egypt again, Billy-boy. Here’s the catch, they say there’s a little problem with the tiger-scorpions there. The little buggers have bitten our entire expedition team and the poison’s good enough to leave one paralyzed for hours, but the hieroglyphics say that beyond the room they’re in lies the obsidian collection of one of the minor princes. You up for it? “

“ I’ll have to ask Fleur, “ he said tiredly. Normally, it excited him, but now with Philip around, nothing excited him more than being at home. He loved being a father, despite the sleepless nights he shared with Fleur.

“ Daddy’s being stubborn, “ the goblin said dryly.

“ You don’t know what it’s like to have a kid, “ Bill said with a smile. “ The gurgling, the burping, the changing of soiled diapers, testing milk on your skin, waking almost every hour at night- “

“ Thank the deepest recesses of the earth that I don’t have one! “ he grunted as he stood up. His pot belly formed under his ridiculous-looking brown suit.

“ You’re not even married, “ Bill said.

“ You have no idea how difficult it is to find a good-looking she-goblin, “ he said as he went out with a wave.

“ I think I do! “ Bill said with a laugh.

Then he resumed back to his reports. He rubbed his eyes tiredly, willing the time to go fast for him so he could race back home to Philip and Fleur again. He scanned through the reports. There was one expedition in Egypt, done by a three-man team, the one he was going to if he wanted to take the job, another one was something found near the ruins of a Balinese jungle, rumors had been heard that there was some large basin underneath some ruins, filled with molten silver and yet another expedition was on the excavation near the Incan mountains, purportedly for rough opals the size of ostrich eggs. Everything bored him. He decided not to take the job and just send one of his best protégé instead, a young lad two years fresh from Hogwarts.

Bill heard the sound of shoes on the floor. “ I’ve decided not to go to Egypt, I’d miss my family too much, “ he announced, not looking up.

“ Good, “ the voice replied.

Bill looked up, surprised that the voice wasn’t gruff. “ Ron? “

“ Good you’re not taking the job, “ Ron continued, and Bill saw his face was a little pale.

“ What’s wrong? “ Bill suddenly stood up, a feeling of apprehension rising quickly. “ Did something happen to- “

“ Dad’s been attacked, “ Ron said weakly. “ He was- “

“ What! “ Bill grabbed his robe and dashed for the door.

“ There’s more! “ Ron called out. He stopped at the door, holding the knob. “ Mum…”

“ Good god! What happened! “ Bill shouted, holding Ron’s shoulders tightly. “ They’ve hurt her too, but the healers at St. Mungo’s said- “

“ What about Fleur and Philip? Ginny? Percy? Charlie! “ he was near panic now.

“ They’re fine, they’re at St. Mungo’s- “

“ Well let’s go! “ he shouted and just as he opened the door, a goblin was there. “ I have to go- “

“ I heard, I wish your parents well, we all do. Now go. “

And Bill and Ron ran out and into the nearest fireplace, grabbed a handful of floo powder and reached St. Mungo’s in less than five seconds.




“ And they told Dad that it was just going to be a little check-up at the border in Scotland, so he went, along with four more members at the Ministry of Misuse, “ Charlie explained in a low voice. “ So dad went, and mum tagged along, hoping to also visit a relative, Aunt Wilhelmina who was down with flu. They traveled via portkey, and that’s when they intercepted at the arrival point… “

Bill looked at his bandaged father and mother as they slept on. His parents were lucky. Only minor hexes had been cast, the injuries would heal fast enough. But what was awful about the whole thing was that it had all been a set-up. A deliberate attempt to hurt someone else again, someone from the Ministry, but they were pureblooded!

“ But we’re pureblooded! “ Ginny said with tears in her eyes.

“ We’ve been labeled as blood traitors for years by pureblood fanatics…” Ron’s voice echoed angrily.

Ginny looked up to him and finally felt the tears fall. She had been trying not to cry since she had seen her mother and father an hour ago. But now, now was a good time to cry. “ Oh Merlin…” she gasped.

Someone gasped. The Weasleys looked up. It was Hermione. Hermione saw the Weasley children’s faces, varying from stern, to anxious and tired.

“ Hermione, “ Ron began.

She stifled a sob and rushed for Molly’s bedside all the while glancing at Arthur. “ Ron who-? “ she began holding Mrs. Weasley’s hand gently with hers.

“ We don’t know who, but- Hermione, do you feel it’s them? “ Ron asked, dropping his voice lower, hearing Bill’s tones overlap Ginny’s high pitched ones once in awhile. Philip gave a cry and Fleur cooed over him and the cry turned softer until it died out.

Hermione looked into his brown eyes in shock. “ You think-? “

He nodded gravely. “ Come outside, let’s have a talk, “ his voice dropped lower, so as not to let his siblings hear. He turned to face them. “ Any of you want coffee? We’ll grab some. “

“ I would, “ Percy said. Ginny and Charlie nodded as well. Bill and Fleur shook their heads.

“ Coming up in a few, “ Ron said as he took Hermione’s hand.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Ron and Hermione picked up the pace as they walked for the exit of the hospital. They stepped out into the afternoon sun and proceeded for a small coffee shop across the abandoned looking front of St. Mungo’s. It was empty, except for a young man behind the counter.

“ Good afternoon, what would you like to drink? “

Hermione smiled quickly at him. “ Yeah, five mocha lattes to go, please? “

“ Coming right up, “ he said as he spun around to prepare the drinks.

Ron and Hermione sat at the farthest corner of the café, heads bent low and hands clasped.

“ Where was I? Oh yeah, Hermione, do you think it’s them? Suspects…” Ron’s voice whispered. “ I have a hunch Marko Sarovic’s in this one and Pansy too, they’ve been making too many blunders and covering them up with ridiculous alibis. “

“ I’ve read the intelligence reports, I have a hunch they’re either supporting the resurgence of these Deatheater wannabes or are behind the attacks too. “

“ Hermione, they might attack muggles before we can even say ‘bloody hell’! “

“ Keep your voice down, “ she hissed.

The barista looked up at them. “ Anything wrong, sir? “

“ Sorry, nothing. We were just debating, “ Ron flustered.

“ Did I just hear you say the word ‘muggle’? “

“ What? I’m sorry, this is a rather private conversation, “ Ron replied quickly.

The man stepped out from behind the bar and approached them. “ Sir, I have rather good hearing. And I think you just said muggle. Are you a wizard? “

“ Are you? “ Hermione asked with curious eyes. “ Who are you? “

He nodded and took a seat. “ Darren Watts. Sorry for the interruption. My mother’s a witch, her name’s Polly Watts, I attended Hogwarts for a year, but I preferred the muggle life to that. I’ve heard things, I still read the Daily Prophet with my mother. “

“ It’s okay. What do you know about the recent attacks? “ Ron asked in the same hushed tone.

“ I’ve got my suspicions...” he began. “ Although I’m not so active in the wizarding world anymore, a columnist at the Daily Prophet keeps me up to date. “

Ron rolled his eyes. Ginny, most likely…. “ Well, tell us if you know anything? “

“ As a matter of a fact, now that you mention it, My mother has seen something peculiar. My mother lives near Great Hangleton, the Riddle house she’s been eyeing in now, for a few months, stuff’s been happening at night. She thinks she’s the only one that notices it…”

“ What stuff? “ Ron asked. He had been there lately of course, that rather amusing night when they had caught Pansy and she and her husband had given such lame excuses.

“ My mother told me that she was washing the dishes when she saw lights blinking, more like wand light, she told me…”

“ When was this? “ Ron asked.

“ Two days ago, I think, “ he replied.

Could it be Pansy again? Could she be that stubborn to get back to the Riddle house after that humiliating arrest they had done? Or was it her husband? Or was it someone else? There was something at the Riddle house the Deatheaters wanted, but hadn’t found yet….but what? What was it? What was there that prompted so much nighttime searching?

After a few more minutes of chitchat, the two thanked Darren Watts and excused themselves to get back to St. Mungo’s. They had gotten information at least, and Ron decided to investigate the place again, this time, with Bill’s help, if Fleur allowed it, and if he wanted to. Ron had told Hermione he would take care of it, along with Lupin, but Hermione wouldn’t hear it. She wanted to go too, much to Ron’s disapproval. Hermione was too unrelenting that it got on his nerves, and he grudgingly said ‘yes’, with a feeling he would regret it later.




A/N:To all the Lupin/Tonks lovers, i added up a light moment, with their son and all. This story's getting darker every chapter. hehehe. I had to add up a light moment. As for Narcissa's lying, well- i'm sure you can figure out why she had to do that? hehehe. I liked coffee alot, before i was banned by my doctor from drinking it, so that's why there's a little coffee segment too! I was inspired by this amazing song, Coldplay's " Spies" and suddenly, the whole thing just came to me. hahaha. Be inspired too? Nothing on Draco here, right? Don't worry, as a spoiler, the next chapter will be very exciting (hahaha! i always say that).

Please don't forget to review? I need your reviews. It's my life force in the fanfiction world.

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