Chapter nine:


The sky was changing color quickly from inky black to midnight blue, to a blotted shade of indigo. They had been out all night and the sky was getting progressively lighter and yet they still had no sign of Hermione.


Fred and George searched with their father, while others scattered about the rest of the forest. Some rode brooms sweeping large area’s of the land and searching for clues of where she could have been. Exhaustion from the raid and then the search should have set in and yet the twins weren’t tired, running purely on adrenaline.


She was still alive. That much they knew. And she remained in the cover of the forest. But the forest was large and the only thing keeping most of them going was the thought of a heartbroken Ron. And the fact that Hermione had become like apart of their family.




Molly Weasley sat at her kitchen table waiting once again. She sipped her tea as she watched the sky outside her window. She listened to the rain that splashed on the roof, though the storm had slowed down and was hardly more than a drizzle. She listened to her house creak in the wind. And she heard the sound of someone coming down the stairs before she saw them. It was one of the boys. That much she knew by the heavy steps and the way the stairs creaked under their feet. But why would they be up at almost four in the morning.


“Ronald dear? What are you doing up?” She asked. He smiled sadly at her and a part of her cried out inside to see her son hurting so.


“I woke up about a half an hour ago and I couldn’t sleep and I was thinking about how when I was little and if I got sick I always got to sleep in the family room,” he told her looking down at the floor.


“And you wanted to sleep there tonight?” she asked. He nodded and she sat him down at the table. She rushed around making him a cup of tea, “You sit right here while I go and set it up for you.”  She rushed into the living room and set the large couch up like a bed.


She led him into the room and laid him on the couch. She tucked him in as she had when he was a little boy and left his tea on the table next to him.


“They’re not back yet?” His voice croaked out into the silence. Ginny and Harry had heard the news about Malfoy and the searches and had immediately reported the news to him.


“No dear. They’re still out there. But I’m confident they’ll find her,” she assured him, “Now you get some rest.” And with that she resumed her spot in the kitchen and Ron turned on his side and drifted into a somewhat light sleep.


Honestly, he had only told his mother half of the reason why he had come downstairs and though he never spoke the other reason aloud, they both knew that it was there and what it was. He had wanted to be there if and when Hermione was brought back to the house.




The sky was continuing to and the search continued on. Some where beginning to lose hope but others where determined to find her.


“Look,” George said reaching out to a branch and pulling of a piece of cloth that seemed to have snagged off of a shirt and torn, “Hermione was wearing a green shirt when she disappeared.” He stated. Though it seemed small it was more of a hunch then they had before.


But it was only getting better because a moment later Fred bent and picked up a wand. Hermione’s wand. Mr. Weasley sent up blue sparks, giving the signal to everyone in the search that they should move there searches toward that area. They began moving in the direction they were heading.


“Oh dear,” Fred whispered as they rushed forward to where Hermione’s body lay, have covered. She was bleeding from her leg, where he bone stuck out at the worst angle imaginable. Her hair was matted with blood from where she must have hit her head and she looked sad and pathetic laying there unconscious.


Mr. Weasley sent up multiple sets of red sparks and people automatically began apparting into the direct vicinity. The one silent wood was quickly filled with the voices of exhausted searchers.


“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s levitate her back to the Burrow and get her some help,” Bills voice rose above the others and many cheered as Mr. Weasley lifted her small disgruntled frame into the air with magic. He quickly apparted so he was just outside the Burrow.




Ronald Weasley was not by any means a light sleeper. He had been told that when he was asleep he was basically dead to the world and he believed it. But tonight his sleep remained light so that the smallest sound marking the return of the search would wake him. And it did.


However, the sound of the search party making there way into the house and most of them making there way off to a bed could have woken the deepest of sleepers. Ron rolled over and he saw his father, gesturing for him to move and levitating Hermione’s body.


“Ron, get up. Go upstairs. You don’t need to be here for this,” his father said to him and though he rose from his bed on the couch he wasn’t able to force himself to leave the room. He took in the sight of Hermione, laying there, looking broken and cold. She was always so strong and yet there she lay, and it broke his heart more than anything. Even more then when she turned him down.


Mr. Weasley quickly stopped the bleeding on her leg and Mrs. Weasley contacted St. Mungo’s, “Ron…are you listening to me. Go up stairs.” His father repeated but he just shook his head no as the sun began rising on the horizon and he saw his angel practically and very possibly dieing in front of him. He stumbled backwards and into one of the arm chairs silently watching the scene in front of him and wishing he could just hold her in his arms.


A/N I know that it's short but it seemed like a good place to split it up

A/N2 I'm sorry to those of you who got tricked. I'm not sure why but the website posted chapter 8 twice. I have removed it and apologize to those of you who we inconvieneced by it.

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