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*the plot and the oc's are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

** I just want to thank all my readers. My story has been read over 1,000 times already. I didn't even expect it to reach 100. I also want to thank the reviews, especially norwegian girl, my most loyal reviewer. So thanks and keep reading!

"Well isn't this a sight?"

Everyone started to wake up from a groggy sleep, hoping that the voice didn't belong to a teacher.

"Sirius, I'm glad to see your taking such good care of my sister."

Shay shot up, which made her feel extremely sick.


"The one and only."

"You weren't supposed to be here until tomorrow," Shay said as she saw Sirius had discovered his pants were undone and fixed them as quickly and discreetly as possible

"Well there was a change in plans and I had to come early."

"I'm glad you're here, it's just I would have liked you to see me half decent."

"I've seen you in worse positions."

Shay blushed. Damien had walked in on her and another guy having sex. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of her life.

"Ok, just stay down here and I'll go get ready."

Shay ran full speed up the stairs to her dormitory.

"So, how have you all been?" Damien said taking a seat on a chair.

"Good," was the general answer.

"Where is Remus?"

"I think he's up in the dormitory."

"Oh, where's Niki?"

There was a pause of silence.

Damien was Niki's first serious boyfriend. They had started going out Niki's 4th year at Hogwarts and it was Damien's 7th. It was a three year difference, but they were in love. They kept their relationship a secret though, because they knew some people wouldn't approve of it. Especially Shay. Shay was really sensitive about girls her own age or younger that would hit on her brother. She thought it wasn’t right and was very protective of him just like he was protective of her.

Damien was extremely handsome. Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. He was very tall at 6'4" and had a toned body from all the years of quidditch. He was also extremely smart; he was the top of his class, a prefect, and Head Boy. What girl wouldn't like him? Shay was fine with older girls but ones her own age was just weird.

Niki and Damien had been dating for a month when Shay found out about them. They had been out by the lake kissing, when Shay saw them. She went insane with anger. Not only that they were going out, but also that her brother and one of her best friends had been lying to her. After that incident Shay didn't talk to Niki for the rest of their 4th year. Shay had forgiven Damien before Niki. Damien and Niki broke up after the school year was over only because Damien was moving to the US.

It took a while for Shay and Niki to build their friendship back up, but once Niki started going out with Remus, things went back to normal. However both Shay and Niki worried that things would be tense when Damien came to visit. Niki hadn't seen Damien for over three years and Damien had no clue that her and Remus had been dating.

"So where is Niki?"

"Um…I think she's sleeping upstairs," Lily said trying not to lie to him.

It was almost as if on queue Niki and Remus walked out of the boys' dormitory, down to the common room. They were holding hands and laughing about something.

"Hi Niki," Damien said

Niki looked at Damien right away and dropped Remus's hand.


She was at a lost for words.

"Hey Remus," Damien said.

"Hey, how are you?"

"I'm good. So how long have you two been going out?"

"Little over a year now," Remus said.

"Treat her well and she'll be the best thing that ever happened to you," Damien said.

Niki gave him a smile.

"She already is the best thing that happened to me," Remus said and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Where the hell is Shay, I have some news."

"I'm right here," Shay said and sat down next to Sirius.

"I have some good news. I'm getting married!" Damien said with excitement in his eyes.

"Whoa, wait. Who are you getting married to?" Shay asked with a little confusion.

"Her name is Emmeline Vance. We've been going out for about nine months."

"Why didn't you tell me you had a girlfriend?"

"I wanted to keep it a secret. That date is set for Christmas Eve, so you all can come. And you guys will be meeting Emmeline tomorrow. She'll be here for your quidditch game."

"Wow Damien, this is great! I'm so happy for you!" Shay said and gave him a hug.

"I have to go meet Dumbledore, then I'm going to visit with my fellow Ravenclaws, and then I'm going to visit with Courtlyn."

"Are you going to invite her to the wedding?" Shay asked.

"Yea, it's not going to hurt anything."

"Why would you go and do a dumb thing like that?" Shay asked.

"Because she's my sister and if she wants to come, she knows she's invited."

Shay had a disgusted look on her face.

"I wouldn't let her enter a five mile radius around my wedding."

"Sirius would you…never mind," Damien said as Sirius was about to go into a tyrant about Regulus.

"Lily, you and your sister don't get along right?" Damien asked.

"Yea, we used to but not anymore."

"Would you invite her to your wedding?"

"Of course, even though she probably wouldn't come."

"Exactly, the least I can do is try."

"I still think your nuts," Shay said pouting that she lost her battle.

"I love you, too," Damien said and walked out of the common room.

It was Saturday morning and the Gryffindor and Slytherin quidditch teams were up early. It was the first quidditch game of year and both teams were nervous. The two teams were the only ones down in the Great Hall for breakfast. Two thirds of the people down there weren't eating because they were too nervous. Shay and Sirius were part of the third that were stuffing their face, while James, the most nervous for the fact it was his first game as team captain, could not even look at food without feeling nausea. He finally stood and called for the team to follow him to the quidditch pitch.

The pitch was filled with people waiting to see a great game of quidditch. The audience erupted when the players' names started to be announced.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Slytherin!" There was a mixture of cheers and boos.

"Seeker Robert Burns, beaters Rebecca Moriarty and Patrick Parkinson, chasers Evan Rosier, Atonin Dolohov, and Augustus Rookwood, and keeper and captain Regulus Black!"

The Slytherin team came out and did a lap around the pitch.

"Now I am proud to introduce last year's champions, Gryffindor!"

There was another eruption from the crowd. They could tell Gryffindor was the favorite.

"Keeper Brian Wood, beaters Sirius Black and Shay Calhoun, seeker Billy Sanders, and chasers Trisha Warner, Natasha Johnson, and captain and chaser James Potter!"

The Gryffindor team also did a lap around the pitch.

Everyone got into their positions and the game was about to begin and Madame Hooch met the captains at the middle of the field.

"I want a fair, clean game," she said as her eyes wandered over to the Slytherin team.

"Now shake hands and let's get this started."

James and Regulus shook hands with hostility. Then they flew up to their positions. Madame Hooch blew her whistle and threw the quaffle in the air. The game was on.

Trisha got a hold of the quaffle and sped down the pitch dodging Slytherins.

"Warner passes the quaffle to Potter, Potter passes it back to Warner, she fakes left and SCORES!"

There was another uproar from the crowd.

"Rosier with the quaffle. Nobody can touch him. He's about to score! NO! He dropped the quaffle to try to avoid a bludger hit by Calhoun."

"Nice aiming Shay!" Sirius called out.

"Thanks babe. You know these are some of my best memories, kicking Slytherin's ass!" Shay said it loudly and made sure a couple of her opponents heard it.

The game was going great for the Gryffindors. It was 90-30 and the seekers were on the snitch's tail.

"It's neck and neck. Sanders is getting close. Now Burns almost has it…MERLIN’S BEARD! Double bludger attack! Burns is down and SANDERS HAS THE SNITCH!"

The Gryffindors gathered in the middle of the field, high off the cheers, and the happiness of winning the game.

"You guys really scared the shit out of me with those bludgers," James said after he congratulated Billy on his grab.

"We had it planned James. There was no way we were going to let Slytherin win," Sirius said giving James a high five.

"Great game guys and the newbies you did better than I could have ever expected," James said, still holding a million dollar smile on his face,

The team was walking back to the locker room when Shay had the bright idea to conjure up a bucket of water and dumped it on the team. But because she was so excited she miscalculated where the bucket should be and the huge bucket of water poured on the people behind them. To her misfortune it was Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall, Damien, and one other woman.

"Professors, I'm so sorry. That water was meant for my teammates."

"It's quite alright Miss Calhoun. And by the way, you played a very nice game today," Dumbledore said then did a drying spell on everyone.

"Shay I want you to meet someone." Damien said with a smile.

He put his hand on the shoulder of the woman next to him.

"This is Emmeline."

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