Ron watched Harry & Hermione closely over the next couple of days. They were now showing it more than ever and Ron started to worry. If Harry broke up with Hermione for some noble reason, like he did Ginny,would their friendship survive it? Or would they all break apart and go their separate ways? 

This was a hard question for Harry & Hermione were growing at an alarming rate. They were very cute together, Ginny was over him and had forgiven him.
On the other hand,Harry might ask Hermione to marry him and he would be left out in the cold. Rufus Scrimgour had been fired and Percy had taken over as Minister of Magic. Harry was an auror,Hermione was a Saint Mungo's healer. Ron's job was Head of the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts office. Ron was asleep and all the sudden Ron woke up to a scream! Ron got up and with disgust he realized he had stepped in blood.

He followed the echo of the scream and found Hermione huddled in a corner,she was covered with blood. With a jolt of horror he realized where the blood was coming from,it was coming from HARRY!!!!! His scream of terror never left him. 
He could distantly hear Hermione screaming a minute later Lupin,his dad, and Mad-Eye Moody were downstairs. Lupin coming to his senses first shouted,”Replenisho!” and Harry's wounds were healed instantly and he started breathing. Hermione thought she had pulled herself together and started cleaning up the blood on the floor. 

“Hermione, are you alright?” asked Ron because she looked as if she was going to faint! 

Suddenly she fell on top of Harry and he opened his eyes he put his arm around Hermione,then fainted again.

Hermione realizing what had happened screamed,” Harry!!!”

He awakened and found himself in a bed,he turned his head and saw Hermione asleep beside him. Her eyes were swolen and red she looked exhausted!

“Hermione,” whispered Harry,”Hermione...”

Hermione woke up,”Harry, what happened?”asked Hermione.

Harry finally spoke,”I got a tippoff about the death eaters. I got up to tell you and was hit from behind,Sectusempra was the curse I instantly fainted!”

Hermione was crying now,”oh,my GOSH HARRY I am so glad you are ok!”
She started kissing him and wouldn't stop until 
Harry said,” Hermione, it was Draco Malfoy who attacked me!” She drew in a deep intake of breath then Harry said,”I need Lupin,Hermione,I need,I need....” 

“Harry!!!!!!!!”yelled Hermione.

She wanted to get help but,she couldn't leave Harry. Draco Malfoy might come back and finish Harry off.
All she could do was wait. 
Hermione was really worried,her boyfriend was not waking up! She couldn't bear it Harry wasn't their to comfort her or tell her everything was going to be OK. She spent all day awake and worried about him. When Hermione had realized she was facing another long night ,full of worrying and no sleep, you could imagine how surprised she was that night when Lupin turned up.

“Lupin! What are you doing here?” she asked hugging Lupin. 

“What is the matter?”Lupin asked hurriedly as tears streamed down Hermione's face. 

“I haven't been eating or sleeping at all lately!”said Hermione crying furiously. 

“Why?”asked Lupin startled by this news. 

“Because about Harry,wondering if anyone could help,and wondering what was going to happen to my boyfriend.”said Hermione in a rush. 

“Harry is your boyfriend?”asked Lupin incredulously. Hermione gave him a quizzical look. 

“Well this remedy should end your worrying.”said Lupin excitedly.”Tonks and I have been experimenting and think this will cure Harry's sickness.” 

“What kind of remedy?”asked Hermione.”Well I poor this into his mouth, and..” said Lupin pouring the substance into Harry mouth. 

They both stared at Harry and quite suddenly he started to stir and his eyes flickered open. “Hermione,Lupin what are you all doing here?”

“We'd ask you the same question.” said Lupin relieved. 

“Harry!”exclaimed Hermione. She bent down and kissed him. “Harry I'm so glad your alright, I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!”Hermione said as she hugged Harry to him to her.”I'll apparate and tell him your awake!” said Hermione excitedly,and with a“pop” she was gone.

“Thanks Lupin!”said Harry. 

“Don't mention it. I was glad to put Hermione out of her misery. You should have seen her,she was in a right state!”said Lupin laughing ever so slightly.
“I am glad to be back and glad Hermione's OK!”said Harry beaming. 

“So when did she become your girlfriend?” said Lupin smiling. 

“Oh,you know about that?”Lupin nodded.”about 4 months ago if you must know!”said Harry blushing furiously.

”Wow kept it from us that long?” said Lupin beaming,”well I am happy you have someone to rely on.” “Who attacked you,anyway?” asked Lupin curiously.

“Thanks!” said Harry still blushing. “Malfoy,why? What's in that stuff?”he asked Lupin. 

But before he could answer Ron and Hermione returned.
Ron looked shocked as Harry retold the whole story. Ron said he was going to find Voldemort if it was the last thing he did. Harry thought otherwise he said Voldemort would find any reason to kill him. 

Ron, being his stubborn self, set out that night to track him down. But this trip would change his life, it made him so weak and powerless, he couldn't get back home.

When Harry was discharged from the hospital he went to visit Ron.
When he got to Ron's house however, Harry found he wasn't there, so he set off to search for him. He searched Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley, and the Hogwarts grounds, before he thought of Godric's Hollow. He searched the village and found Ron, unconscious and weak, under a beach tree. 

“Innervate!”shouted Harry as he pointed his wand at Ron. 

Ron stared up at Harry and said,”Harry, I can't get back, I'm not strong enough!” “What are you talking about?”asked Harry perplexed. 

Ron looked up at him and told him his story,” I went out to search for Malfoy and stopped by your place for a minute. I found Voldemort lurking behind your door. He got me before I was ready, and I fell over and now I feel really weak!” Harry hoisted Ron up and apparated in front of the burrow,where he left him in Ginny's control. 

Ron had made a full recovery and Ron, Hermione, and Harry went to Diagon Alley to celebrate. When Ron went into Weasley's Wizard W eases to tell Fred and George he had made a full recovery, Hermione asked Harry if he had told Ron about them dating yet.

“ No, I haven't yet, Hermione but I will tell him when he comes out of the shop.”said Harry hurriedly, realizing that he hadn't told Ron yet!

A stunned silence followed as Ron came out. Hermione said there was a book she wanted to buy, and bustled off. They walked past the newly opened shops, Olivanders and Florian Fortescues and were about to pass Gringotts when Ron stopped. 

“What is it?” asked Harry stopping too. 

Ron was reading the evening prophet,”Look at this!” said Ron laughing. Harry went over to Ron and looked at the front page. With horror saw him and Hermione were kissing! He started bubbling in the pit of his stomache,”I wanted to talk to you about that.” said Harry blushing furiously.

”About you and Hermione?” asked Ron.

”Yeah, but how did you know?” asked Harry perplexed. 

“You were showing it mate!”said Ron laughing. They met up with Hermione at the three broomsticks and set off for the burrow again. 

When the reached Ron's room, Harry asked them if they were ready for something big they said they were. Harry went inside Ron's closet and tapped himself. Harry had gone in human and had come out a stag! 

“Wow, Harry, that's bloody brilliant! “said Ron in awe. 

“That's awesome! But Harry you broke the rules!” said Hermione striding over to the stag and petting him.

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