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The doors of the Hospital wing slammed open as Mr. Weasley shot through them, Ron in his arms, with Harry, Hermione and Charles hot on his heels. The echoing of the bang made Madam Pomfrey jump, she turned around and looked towards them her mouth fell open as she dashed forward as Mr. Weasley placed Ron gently on the only remaining bed. Harry had stopped halfway to the bed and looked around, and saw that every bed was occupied by someone, many of them with cuts and bruises all over them, others who were moaning with pain, but no visible injuries were apparent.

"What has happened?" asked Madam Pomfrey, as Harry walked to Hermione's side by Ron's bed. Madam Pomfrey bent over Ron surveying him mostly, like Charles had on the train.

"The Verikos curse I'm afraid Poppy" replied Charles, quite casually, which annoyed Harry, there was a few gasps and 'oh's' from some of the beds around them.

"Oh dear" replied Madam Pomfrey as she shot straight up as her mouth fell open her eyes wide with bewilderment "This is well out of my area of expertise Gentlemen, I'm sorry"

"Can't you take him to St Mungo's?" asked Harry, slowly they all turned and looked at Harry.

"You haven't heard lad?" replied Charles.

"Heard what?" stated Harry.

"There isn't a St Mungo's anymore" replied Hermione, her face drowned in sadness with fear etched on the borderline of her expressions.

"What!" exclaimed Harry. "I never heard, didn't the Muggles notice?"

"Yes" replied Mr. Weasley "It has been our biggest cover up in history" he finished as he looked upon his son.

Harry couldn't believe it, St Mungo's had been destroyed, the safe haven for so many people, and now it was no more.

"I'm going to have to call in a favor" stated Madam Pomfrey "I know a lady who is quite gifted in mundane curses and spells of unknown nature, perhaps she could help"

"Thank you Poppy" replied Mr. Weasley. Madam Pomfrey slightly bowed her head and quickly scurried into her office in the back.

"Excuse me" said Hermione.

"Yes" replied Charles who gave Hermione a look which suggested a rude interruption.

"What exactly, is the Verikos curse?" asked Hermione her eyes filling with tears yet again.

Charles looked from Hermione to Harry who both stared at him intently "You have never heard of the Verikos curse?"

"No I haven't" replied Hermione.

"No" replied Harry simply.

"Well, I'm sorry but it isn't my place to inform you" replied Charles, superiorly, he then turned his back on them and turned back to Ron.

"Charles" said Mr. Weasley in a quivering voice "Is there anything you can do? You have dealt with this before, you've helped others"

"You know of the others Arthur" replied Charles "But I promise I'll do my best, and everything within my power"

But just then, Madam Pomfrey came bustling from her office up to them and quickly said "I'm terribly sorry but I am going to have to ask you two to leave, My friend will be here any moment, and we need space, I will send word as to when you can visit" she said to Harry and Hermione.

"I shall take leave also" said Charles "I need to do a slight bit of research"

Harry and Hermione said goodbye to Mr. Weasley, and he thanked them dearly, Hermione bent down and gave Ron a kiss on the forehead and Harry grabbed his hand tightly and clenched his teeth to fight his tears of. Charles then beckoned them out as Madam Pomfrey began putting shades around Ron's bed.

Once out of the Hospital Wing, and they were a little further down the corridor, Hermione rounded on Charles and said "Look, I want to know what this Verikos curse is. My boyfriend is in there, I have no idea what is wrong with him, whether he is going to make it or not!" screamed Hermione.

"Look little girl, I can't" began Charles.

"No!" screamed Hermione "You can!"

"Hermione" said Harry "Just leave it, we'll ask someone else"

"No Harry!" she shouted, she rounded on Charles and pointed her finger in his face "You know, and you can tell me, and you're going to!"

Hermione was breathing heavily as again, her eyes began to appear watery, Charles took a deep breath, and said "I don't know who you thin you are, but you have no idea what you're dealing with".

"Well I'm trying to find out, but you're too much of a prat to tell me!" screamed Hermione, her voice echoing through the corridor.

You could see Charles grinding his teeth, he finally let out a heavy sigh looking of into space then finally saying "Fine, in here" as he pointing to a classroom door "Hurry up!" he jabbed.

They all filed in, Harry and Hermione sat down at a desk each and Charles leaned against a desk that was in front of them.

Charles looked around into space, as though thinking for a moment, then began.

"I shouldn't be telling you this ok" he said "So you two keep you're little mouths tight lip about it, got it"

"Yes" they both replied simply. Then Hermione stated "I want to know everything, everything about it, where it is from, what it is, everything"

Charles just looked at her in disbelief, and the look on his face just seemed like defeat, and that he frankly couldn't be bothered arguing with a teenage girl, he took a deep breath and began "I take it you know about Grindelwald"

"Yes" they both stated.

"Well that's where it originated from, Grindelwald, was an exceedingly powerful wizard, but not in the ways that You-Kno- . Voldemort is." began Charles "Voldemort can cause massive destruction with a simple wave of his wand, St Mungo's is proof of that. But he is still extremely powerfully gifted in almost all aspects of magic. But where Voldemort lacks, is where Grindelwald exceeded. Grindelwald focused most of his prowess to ancient magic, and it worked for him against everyone, except Dumbledore, because at that time, there was no one who knew more about that era of magic than Dumbledore. The main crucial point of ancient magic, is the creation aspect, because when this magic was at it's prime, was when the Wizarding world began to organize, and associate themselves with wands. So that is when most of the magic came about, but about ninety-five percent of their magic has been lost to the world, and very few know it, or understand it. But if you do understand the ways the ancients controlled their magic, your abilities become almost limitless, because it all revolves around creation. Which brings us to Grindelwald, who, I don't think you know, was actually a close friend to Dumbledore, that isn't common knowledge. It is where he gathered most of his knowledge of ancient magic, through Dumbledore. Dumbledore had a knack of finding exactly what he wanted to, and he could almost always figure out a problem, location, information or otherwise.

"Dumbledore believed Grindelwald only stuck with him as a friend to gather knowledge of the ancient magic, as he failed to find it himself. Once Dumbledore had discovered their ability of creation, is when Grindelwald disappeared, and no one heard from him, Dumbledore searched for him, but to no success did he find him. What came apparent when he returned from his hiatus, and made his presence known to the Wizarding world, and in some cases to the Muggles. That he had delve deeply into the ancient arts of creation, and he was spectacular at it, which put him ahead of almost all that knew magic, not from a superiority of strength aspect, but the fact that all the spells he used were of his own creation, so no one knew what he was going to use against them, thus, knowing no defenses against them. Like Voldemort, Grindelwald had many, many followers, that were only known as his followers, but there was one particular group of twelve men, that were devastatingly powerful, and this is another thing that Grindelwald had that Voldemort hasn't, true followers, who were far more gifted than the common wizard, where as Voldermort usually only surrounds himself with the likes of evil. This group of twelve men were Grindelwald's little pets, Grindelwald taught them everything he knew, they called themselves, The Verikos. These men are those of whom created this curse, and when it became popular between them, they used it quite frequently, in which it was then dubbed as The Verikos curse by the Ministry. At one point, just before Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald, the Ministry were in talks about classifying The Verikos curse as an unforgivable, and they were going to pass it of as one, but then Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald, and they decided not to classify it as an unforgivable, or document it in any reports at all, for the only people who knew how to use it, were Grindelwald and the select few, who were The Verikos.

"So by not documenting it, in any way, the knowledge of the Verikos curse slipped through the cracks of time. Four of the Verikos were killed, three were incarcerated in Azkaban, the remaining four, simply disappeared. So the Ministry thought the possibility of the curse becoming common knowledge to the world, and the possibility of anyone learning it was very, very slim. But it appears, one from the Verikos is still alive, and has apparently joined forces with Voldemort, and now, The Verikos curse has been unleashed upon us"

"But what does it actually do to you?" asked Hermione "And how do we reverse it's affects?"

Charles looked upon Harry and smirked for a split second then went on to say "You, Harry, and Dumbledore, are extremely similar in different ways, one being that you both survived a curse, that is meant to inevitably kill you. For Dumbledore was once hit with The Verikos curse. The Verikos curse, is just as equally bad as the killing curse, what The Verikos curse does to you is, it separates your mind from your body. When you are first hit with The Verikos curse, you lose your ability to walk, talk, hear and see, all you can do is lay there. Slowly, eventually, your mind will further away from your body, it will stop telling your lungs to breath for you, thus suffocating, or it will stop pumping your heart, or, the mind will simply shut off, all resulting in death. They say that, the few days before you actually die from The Verikos curse, their mind experiences immense pain and the curse causes you to relive every emotional suffering you have ever endured, also any physical pain that has ever been bestowed upon you will take affect again, ten fold"

"Then how did the others get out of it?" asked Harry intently.

"Others?" inquired Charles "There is no 'others' only one. That one is Dumbledore, everyone else that has ever been hit with The Verikos curse, has died"

"Then how did Dumbledore do it?" asked Harry.

"We don't truly know" said Charles "Not even he knew. All he spoke of it was, that whist in The Verikos state, he could still freely think, he believes that with his will power, and his strength of mind, combined with the fact that he had knowledge of ancient magic, and he understood it, it allowed his mind to reconnect."

"So there is no way for it to be reversed?" asked Hermione.

"No" replied Charles "Not to our knowledge, and nothing was ever documented, so there is no way to find out anything about it. I personally was the one who tried to save Dumbledore from The Verikos state, I was taught personally by Dumbledore for many years, I even learned a few aspects of the ancient law, I don't know all he knew but my knowledge is sufficient. I lived, breathed, slept and ate for six months in thought of how to help Dumbledore come out of The Verikos curse, but to no avail, there is no way to help."

"So we have six months to try and find away to help Ron?" exclaimed Hermione.

"No I sincerely doubt that" stated Charles "Dumbledore lasted six months within The Verikos state, but he was on the way of getting himself out. All others who fell victim to The Verikos Curse never lasted past a month, at the most, some only lasted a few days"

"There must be something out there, some documentation about The Verikos curse" said Hermione "I don't believe these people were stupid enough not to create away to reverse it's affects. They seem to be smart enough"

"That's just it though" interjected Charles, who appeared to be getting rather annoyed with Hermione. "They were smart enough. They were smart enough to not create away to reverse it. They were the only ones who knew how to do the spell, no one really knew it existed. They used this spell for a reason, to kill their victims painfully and slowly, and affect those who loved them, they didn't want it possible for it to be reversed. There would be no point in even creating it"

"Well we have to try" said Harry simply.

"Have you not been listening!" said Charles, raising his voice slightly in annoyance "I have done all that is possible, I have tried everything, there is nothing you can do"

"We are still going to try!" shot Hermione "I'm not just going to sit by and watch him whither"

"You have got to come to the realization that your friend probably isn't going to make it!" yelled Charles "This is a war, and you are more involved in it than most of the Order put together, and if Voldemort isn't defeated soon, you are going to have to get use to the fact that there is going to be deaths. You have lost more than most your age, and you are going to lose a lot more. This is war, it wouldn't be without death and destruction. I know this is harsh and blunt, but get use to it. There is nothing you can do for your friend, there is no hope for him"

"Then I will give him hope!" yelled Hermione shooting up from her seat as her chair fell backwards "I will be his hope, I will try and help him. I do not see you attempting anything, you are not a man, you're a coward, you're just going to walk away and allow him to die, with not even trying, what if we can save him"

"You can't!" bellowed Charles "And don't you dare call me a coward, you have no idea who I am or what I do, you have no idea what I have been through"

"What you have been through does not account for who you are!" screamed Hermione as equally as loud "It's your choices, and right now you are walking away from someone who needs you. You are a coward"

"I will not stand here and be victimized by a child!" bellowed Charles, he stormed towards the door, he threw the door opened and turned to face them once more "If you ever question me or my honor again, it will be the last thing you do" Charles finished disdainfully.

"Is that a threat!?" shot Hermione in amazement.

"Take it for what you will, but you have been warned" with that he left.

"Oh my god" shot Hermione as Charles left "Can you believe that man?"

"What are we going to do Hermione?" asked Harry as he sunk back into his chair.

"I don't know" she replied "I seriously doubt that there is no way to reverse it's affects. We have got to find out. Come on let's go!"

"Where are we going?" asked Harry as he got up from his chair to follow Hermione.

"To the Library" replied Hermione.

"I don't think you're going to find anything about The Verikos curse in the school Library Hermione" said Harry.

Hermione let out a sharp gasp of breath in annoyance that the fact she was stumped and had no idea what to do "I suppose you're right" said Hermione. "Then what"

They stood in the empty classroom just looking around hoping that an idea came to mind, but all Harry could think of was how helpless he felt. Harry hated the fact that there was, at this point, nothing he could do to help.

"I wonder if Dumbledore ever wrote anything about The Verikos curse" began Hermione "or perhaps began to start creating a way to reverse it, since he had been through it, maybe he began to research it to help others"

"And how are we suppose to find that out Hermione?" interjected Harry.

"Well we could go to his old office and check it or something" replied Hermione, looking as though even she didn't believe it possible.

"We won't get in there, it's McGonagall's office now" began Harry "There isn't anyway we'll get in"

"I suppose you're right" sighed Hermione. Her eyes began to swell with tears, her chin began to jitter, then suddenly she gave in, she allowed her emotions to freely flow unconditionally.

Harry stepped forward and grabbed hold of Hermione and hugged her, she buried her face into his shoulder, sobbing loudly. Harry squeezed his eyes shut as a single tear dripped from his left eye, as he felt Hermione put her full weight upon him, as her legs began to fail her. Harry helped her to the floor where they both sat, Hermione sobbed, her face covered by her hands, where as Harry couldn't bring himself to cry, he simply sat there his eyes wide full of tears that would not escape him and drip over his cheeks, he just felt so hopeless, he felt he was letting his friend down, he felt as though he was letting him die, for there was no apparent way for him to help Ron in any shape or form.

Suddenly off in the distance a loud bang echoed throughout the castle, the very walls within the classroom vibrated as dust fell from pre existing cracks. Harry and Hermione shot there heads up looking around the room, they slowly turned to look at one another, both red eyed Hermione whispered "What was that?"

Harry looked around once more then replied "I don't know" instinctively Harry reached to his jeans pocket and pulled out his wand "Come on" he said, as he rose of the floor.

They opened the classroom door and looked up and down the corridor, there was nothing, not a thing, it was dead quiet.

"Come on let's check on Ron" said Hermione as she stepped out into the corridor followed by Harry, they turned the corner leading towards the hospital wing.

They were halfway there when a loud deafening scream, bellowing in agony reverberated throughout the corridors. They spun around on the spot and pointed their wands down the corridor from where they had just came.

"What was that?" inquired Hermione incredulously.

"Sounded like someone screaming" replied Harry.

"Well I haven't heard anyone scream like that before"

"Quick let's go" stated Harry "See if anyone is hurt"

With that they took off down the corridor, around the corner yet again, there was another definitive bang that echoed and shook the stone walls again, followed by yet another growling, snarling bellow, but this time it appeared to end in what appeared to be like a howl. They pelted around another corner and set off down the corridor where the noises appeared to be coming from. Another bang issued throughout the corridors again, but this time they saw a flash of white light coming from a partially opened classroom door, Harry and Hermione pelted onwards, towards it at once, and what met there eyes bewildered and stunned them beyond what they ever expected.

There stood Charles, wand at the ready, with another two men either side of him, wearing ripped, torn and what appeared to be slightly burnt robes. What was seated before them, was what stunned Harry the most. Lupin was tied to one of the school chairs, he was glaring at Charles with a murderous look in his eyes, he appeared to be drooling as he breathed extremely heavily, his chest rising and falling with great heaves of breath.

Harry went to step forward to help when Hermione grabbed his arm and whispered "stop" Harry looked back towards her as she nodded towards Lupin "Look at his teeth" Harry turned to look upon Lupin. His teeth were changing, growing, into fangs. His finger nails lengthening to a dull point, Lupin growled exceptionally loud, then with great speed he shot up, with the chair still tied to him and dashed for Charles, where Charles simply thrashed his wand forward. Lupin fell back onto the chair and slid along the floor slamming into the wall at the back.

"Dot not let it control you Remus, you control yourself!" yelled Charles "Do not let it consume you, don't allow it to defy your strength, don't let it defeat you, fight it, I know you can"

But Charles' words fell upon deaf ears, Lupin reared his head low his mouth astonishingly wide, bearing his growing fangs, roaring loudly. Again he shot up and ran towards Charles, to which Charles simply said "Fine" he stood there for a moment and let Lupin charge, just before he reached him Charles brandished his wand and bellowed "REDUCTO!" Lupin was blown of his feet and backwards against the wall, smashing the chair, and Lupin fell to the ground, free.

Lupin's face was beginning to change, it's color was turning to a grayish black, as it began to elongate, Lupin was lifting himself up as though he was doing a push up. But suddenly the color of his skin began to fade and his face was turning to normal as his fangs began to retract, he stilled breathed heavily like a wild beast. Slowly Lupin raised his head and look at Charles, suddenly his eyes narrowed and he bared his teeth once more, they immediately sharpened into fangs, as his face grew out changing color, his arms and legs grew in length as he reared up on his back legs as his clothes came ripping of, he howled so deeply it sent shivers down Harry's spine.

Lupin dashed forward grabbing hold of a desk to his right, he flipped it of it's legs and it smashed it into the wall, he grabbed another on his left sending it flying behind him as he leapt into the air, his jaws wide, ready to bite. Charles slashed his wand forward screaming "STUPEFY!" the curse hit Lupin square in the face as he slammed into the ground sliding to a halt at Charles' feet.

"Lupin!" harry cried.

"Stop there!" screamed Charles "I have no idea how long a stupefy curse will last on a werewolf" he turned to look at the two men beside him "Put him somewhere . . . . solid" with that he turned on his heels towards the door where Harry and Hermione stood.

"What happened?" begged Harry.

Charles tilted his head slightly behind him as he clenched his teeth in annoyance, and he made a clicking noise as he opened his mouth to speak "It appears we have been blessed with yet another curse from the Verikos tonight" with that be brushed right past Harry and Hermione.


Harry and Hermione sat silently in the Gryffindor common room, they were told by McGonagall who had briefly stopped by to have a word to about the events that took place that night, that that's where they would be sleeping for now, until further arrangements were made. Harry sat silent, just staring at the crackling fire, his mind was just blank, the past few hours were just bedlam and his mind was trying to take it all in, Harry was still waiting to wake up and realize it was all just a dream, but he knew his luck would never change. Harry looked towards Hermione, she seemed completely lost in thought, her eyes looked about the common room, Harry knew she was trying to figure something out. Harry yawned, he was extremely tired, but he knew he couldn't sleep yet, he was waiting to receive word from Madam Pomfrey, that they could visit, even then, Harry knew that would be a while of.

Harry sat depressed, still staring into the fireplace, when suddenly Hermione shouted, making Harry jump "I’ve got it!" she screamed. "oh but where is it?" she said to herself "I don't know if it's still here" she scratched her head and rubbed her forehead as she drained her brain for answers. "Harry, when the order brought your stuff from the Dursley’s, did they pack your invisibility cloak?"

"Well it was in my trunk so I think so" replied harry, staring oddly at Hermione "Why?"

"Just go check!" she squealed in frustration.

Harry shot up the stairs to the boys dormitory where he had put his trunk when some order members had dropped it of, he kicked opened his trunk and rummaged through it. There it was right at the bottom where he had left it, he lifted it up, but then he noticed something underneath it, that he had somehow forgotten about for two whole years almost, wrapped up in a dirty old sock. Harry lifted it up and heard the broken mirror clinked around inside, he held it tightly in one hand, and all it did was depress him even more, for all it was good for now was a reminder of someone he lost. He threw it back into the bottom of the trunk and heard it shatter some more, but he didn't care, he slammed the trunk shut and quickly raced back downstairs.

"Here" he said as he passed Hermione the invisibility cloak "Why do you want it? What are you up to?"

"Don't worry" she replied simply, as she unfolded the invisibility cloak "I don't want to get your hopes up. I'll be back shortly ok"

Harry was too tired and depressed to argue with her so he replied "ok" He watched as Hermione threw the invisibility cloak over and walk to the Portrait and push it open, he watched it swung back with a bang against the archway, he simple stair at the back of the canvas, wondering what in earth she was up to.

Harry plunked back into the armchair he was previously sitting in, again staring at the flames in the fireplace, just watching them dance around and lick the sides of the fireplace, but then the fire did something unexpected, that made Harry sit up straight.

A small pop issued from the fireplace, and he heard it do this before when Sirius came to speak with him, but what it did next, it hadn't done on that occasion. A small burst of hot ash shot from the fireplace, landing on the rug before it, then even more shot out of it, but with more ferocity, it shot across the room landing behind the couch. Then suddenly the flames within the fireplace, blew up, fire was spitting from it now, it was spewing out, Harry jumped out of his armchair and backed away, unsure as what to do, he was scared the place was going to burn down, it was the last thing he wanted to worry about. But then, slowly the flames retracted and returned to normal. Harry was standing about ten feet away from the fireplace now, he strained his neck to look in to see if he could see anything, but there was nothing. But then, again, another small pop issued from the fireplace, Harry cautiously stepped closer, then another pop, and another. Then suddenly, for a split second a face popped into the fireplace, just as Sirius' had.

"Who's there?" asked Harry, but he got no reply.

He stepped a little closer, and he saw it again, for a little longer this time, and he recognized it, it was Tonks.

"Tonks?" Harry called "Are you there?. . . Tonks?"

Her face came into view

She suddenly bellowed "Harry!" but her face dissapeard.

Harry jumped forward, and he fell to the floor before the fireplace "Tonks, I'm here, what's going on? What do you want? what's happened?" the worst was running through his mind.

Suddenly of in the distant Harry heard a deep rumbling noise, loud cracking noises followed bud loud crashes.

"HARRY GET!-" screamed Tonks as her face came into the fireplace once more, but she had been cut off.

Then Harry heard a thunderous thud, that shook the very foundations of the common room, followed by another, and another and another. Each thud was enormous, and shook the walls of the common harder and harder with ever thud, it appeared to be, whatever it was, getting closer.

"QUICK HARRY GET O-" screamed Tonks again, but she was cut off yet again.

Another thunderous thud, then another and another, there seemed to be more of them now all from different directions. With each thunderous thud, Harry looked around, trying to figure out what was going on. Harry was dangerously confused, he was lost and had no idea what was going on. Then suddenly the fireplace made another little pop and Tonk's face came into view.

"HARRY GET OUT OF THERE NOW.....JUST RUN!" she screamed, but then, from behind it appeared as a hand came through the fireplace and grabbed hold of her face and pulled her back.

"TONKS!" Harry screamed.

But then, an enormous thud shook everything, it was tremendous, then from behind Harry something enormous crashed through the wall of the common room, Harry jumped of to the right, as parts of the roof came crashing down around him, as the side of Gryffindor common room wall was ripped of. Harry slowly stood up and turned around, to see a gigantic hole where a wall and a part of a roof use to be as he looked over the green plush fields of the Hogwarts grounds as an enormous Giant pulled back a closed fist, it's skin look like rock, it was cracked and a dull grayish color, it's eyes were heavily lidded, it lips drooped like it was sad, and it's teeth were all broken and yellow, and it surprisingly wore a ragged piece of something, that he couldn't figure out.

Harry's mouth dropped, his eyes were wider in shock then they had ever been before, as it drew a deep harsh breath, as it reared it's fist back like a mighty Titan.

Author’s Note: Firstly I would like to say sorry for how long it took for the second chapter to come up, my story was hidden by the staff of HPFF. They had reasons to do it and I hold no grudges I used a title I shouldn’t have, but now I understand. So anyway, yes finally up, and all the chapters will be up frequently from this point on, so please keep reading, and please note the title change has not changed my plot whatsoever, to be honest helped in some spots I was a little stuck on, so I hope you enjoyed this new chapter, it was awesome to write. . . . TJ

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