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As I woke up I heard light snores to my left and even breathing of someone else in the room somewhere. Getting up I noticed the sun shining through the window. I wonder who my dorm mates were? I was happy to see Lily and Carrie, not so happy about seeing Giselle. She is one person I do not want to see. I felt like throwing my clock at her. No, no, that would be immature.

Sighing, and stretching I got up and headed into the bathroom. Turning on the shower, I realized I had no clue how to get to any of my classes. I didn't know where anything was in this castle. That was one thing that annoyed me about tranferring.

Getting out of the shower I put on my school robes and brushed my teeth, then brushed through my hair making it straight and pulling a section put into a ponytail leaving the other half down. I brushed my bangs to the side and put on the little make-up I wore.

Leaving the bathroom I was greeted by a glare. "Took you long enough!" Ugh, I do NOT like Giselle.

"Sorry." I said sarcastically rolling my eyes. I don't know what posessed me to be so rude, but she is not my favorite person.

"Don't roll your eyes at me, honey!" She said getting up and heading for the bathroom.

"I can do what I want." Not waiting for a response I left the dormitory and headed down the stairs. Seeing the Marauders I turned to head back up, but I didn't when I noticed Sirius wasn't with them. Good.

Slowly I made my way over and sat beside Remus on the couch. They all became quiet as I sat, and stared at me.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Why were you crying?" James was the first to speak.

"I was not." I said with a shrug hoping they would believe me.

"Sirius told us you were... on the train." said Remus. Darn it.

"Well, he was... wrong." That was a weak comeback if I ever heard one.

"Gabrielle." Remus gave me a stern look.

"I wasn't crying about anything important. I'ts not a big deal." Peter was about to say something, but I cut him off. "So, I need help finding my classes, will one of you help me?"

"Sure, I will, Gabby." Remus offered.

"Thank you, Remus. Shoot. I forgot my books, be right back." Hurrying upstairs I entered my dormitory, Giselle was in the shower and Lily and Carrie looked up at me, I smiled, they smiled back.

"See you." I said grabbing my books and leaving, heading back downstairs. I headed right for the Marauders not even noticing who was now with them.

I strong hand grabbed my shoulder, and was leading me out of the portrait hole and into the corridor. "Let go of me!"

"Not until you tell me what's going on with you." Sirius said once we were in the empty corridor.

"It's nothing. Now, I need to go."

"No, you don't. Please, just talk to me."




"Yes. Gabrielle," he gave me a stern look, "What did I do?" Hey, he actually figured out he did something wrong. But did he really? He wasn't my boyfriend, he could snog Giselle as much as he wanted - technically.

"Nothing." I said quietly looking down at my feet, it still hurt. My heart that is.

"Don't lie to me, I know you're upset about something."

"You're pretty stupid." I turned and left, walking the other way through the corridor and turned a corner before letting out a sigh.

* * *

"Sorry, Professor." I said breathing hard. I had been sprinting around the school for a half an hour looking for my class, because I had forgotten to find Remus to show me where to go. I'm stupid.

"Just take a seat." I scanned the room, there was an opened seat directly in front of Peter. Hurrying over I sat down and located my potions book.

"So as I was saying..." I began taking note on a truth potion and tried really hard to ignore someone that sounded a lot like Sirius Black. "Anyway, so please pick a partner to make this potion with, but if you abuse this priveleage I have the right to take it away." The professor gave a pointed look at the Marauders and people set off to find partners.

I glanced back at Remus, he was working with Peter, James with Sirius. No one was approaching me, and I certainly wasn't going to go up to someone I didn't know. I began the potion on my own...

"Excuse me?" I looked up and caught forest green eyes with my own. "Hi, do you want to be partners?" I opened and closed my mouth like the dumb girl I am. Oh. Gosh. He was gorgeous. Maybe not as much as Sirius, not even close, but still... He wanted to be partners with me? "Did you hear me?" he said with a grin. He had shaggy brown hair that fell slightly over his eyes and he flicked it out of his face with a jerk of his head.

"Oh, sorry." I said regaining myself. "Sure, you can be my partner." I said with a small smile.

"Thanks," he said sitting in the seat beside me that the girl who had been sitting there had vacated. He smiled at me. "So, we should start."

"Yeah," I said taking the ingredients and beginning to stir them into the cauldron.

"I'm Adam," he said after a little while. The potion was pink now.


"That's pretty."

Being stupid, I thought he meant the potion, "Yeah, pink's a nice color, I guess." He chuckled and I realized that that was NOT what he was talking about. Stupid.

"I meant your name."

"Oh, right," I said blushing. "Thanks." We talked about basic things, and the potion, and by the end of class we were done and the professor gave us an approving smile and I went to my next class. Adam. I like that name.

* * *

"Hey, wait up!" Arg, Sirius, you stupid person, leave me alone!

Sighing, I quickened my step, but he ran and caught up with me.

"Gabby, tell me now!"

"Tell you what?" I asked innocently, not slowing.

"Tell me why I'm stupid." Had I called him stupid. Oh, right, I had.

"I think you're stupid."

"But, why?" He whined.

"Because I do."

"Gabrielle! Stop it! Stop! Tell me why you were crying and why I'm stupid? Please, tell me NOW!" I stopped and turned to him.

"Will you stop annoying me?"


"Will you still be my friend?" He looked confused and didn't say anything. "Answer!"


"Will you treat me the same?"


Taking a deep breath I couldn't believe I was about to say this, I opened my mouth and said. "It's because I like you Sirius Black."

His eyes widened. "As a friend." he finished for me. I should just leave it at that, but I knew it wasn't right, I had opened this can of worms after all.

"No..." I said slowly. "I LIKE like you." There was silence and I regretted telling him. What had I expected? Him to say that he liked me too? I'm such an idiot! I'm such a stupid person!

He opened and closed his mouth a few times. Then finally, "Oh." That's it, 'oh'. I felt my heartbreak all over, and I quickly walked away, part of me hoping he'd come and chase me, but he didn't. He didn't the whole way to my dormitory where I collasped on my bed and skipped the rest of my classes that day.

What a first day.

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