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CHAPTER TWO: And So it Begins…

The week pretty much continued that way for Hermione. Then came Friday night, the night for patrols. She stomped up the stairs towards the Heads’ dorms and said the password (‘higgledy-piggledy’). She stormed up to her room, fuming, and threw off her uniform. Standing in her bra and knickers, she sorted through her wardrobe for something comfy to wear on patrols. The Heads didn’t have to wear their uniforms, just as long as they wore their badge. She found a pair of gray sweatpants her aunt in America had sent her. She grabbed a black hoodie and her badge off of her bed and headed out of her room. She sat in the common room for about an hour, waiting for Malfoy. When it was apparent he wasn’t showing up anytime soon, she angrily ran up the stairs to his room, where she immediately heard a girl’s giggles. Rolling her eyes (because she was certain it was Sabrina), she banged her fist on the door.

“Malfoy!” she yelled. “Get your naked ass out of bed and put some bloody clothes on! We’ve got patrols tonight!”

“Calm down, woman!” he shouted back. “Give me five minutes to find my boxers!”

She heard Sabrina laugh from inside the room, and cursed her silently for making her late for patrols.

“Put your bloody pants on without your boxers! We’re late!” Hermione shouted as Sabrina opened the door with one of Draco’s black silk sheets wrapped around her like a dress. She looked at Hermione angrily for disrupting her…meeting with Draco.

“I thought you said you didn’t like him that way,” Hermione said to Sabrina.

“Jealous?” Sabrina asked, smirking.

“Yeah, Granger, are you jealous of Sabrina?” Malfoy hollered from inside his room. Hermione could just barely make out Malfoy stumbling about trying to put on his pants. It was all she could do to suppress a laugh. Sabrina raised an eyebrow at Hermione daring her to answer. And seeing as Hermione is in Gryffindor and has the pride and temper of the lion…

“Hell no Sabrina Smith. In fact, I could probably land a guy that’s just as hot as your man-whore,” Hermione challenged back. Sabrina smirked at her.

“Okay. Considering that the second hottest guy in school is Draco’s best mate is Blaise, I dare you to get Blaise to fall in love with you. But, if you don’t, you hand over your title of Head Girl and your friends to me. Sound fair?”


“I knew it. You’re too much of a chicken. Afraid you’ll be bested by me?” Sabrina asked her.

“No. I accept.” Sabrina smirked at Hermione once more before shutting the door in her face. Hermione stood there fuming at Sabrina and herself. As soon as Malfoy was ready, Sabrina came out on his arm.

“By the way, you have until November 1st. Good luck, you’ll need it with that head of hair.” She and Draco walked off laughing at Hermione’s bush of a head of hair. Hermione threw her hoodie on and pinned her badge to her chest. It looked like the Head Girl would be patrolling alone tonight.


Hermione’s patrolling schedule included the dungeons. She was walking through the freezing hallway, when a shadowy figure stepped out from behind a suit of armor.

“Who goes there?” the voice asked. It was most certainly Blaise Zabini, a prefect on duty.

“It’s the Head Girl.” She walked over to where he was standing.

“I thought you were some smart-ass younger student,” he said while running his large hand through his dark brown wavy hair. Hermione could tell through the dark that Blaise had incredibly intense blue-green eyes. She took in his lightly tan face for a moment, mesmerized by the fullness of his lips. She let her eyes drift downward to his body, taking in the very noticeable muscles that Quidditch had improved. She had no idea why anyone would prefer the loud, smart-ass Draco Malfoy to this god-like, quiet, deep and sincere man. He looked her over for a moment.

“Would you mind if I joined you?” he asked. “I bet we probably have the same patrolling schedule.” He smiled at her, a mischievous lopsided grin playing on his face.

“Go right ahead.” They patrolled the corridors together in companionable silence; ‘Maybe not all Slytherins are bad,’ Hermione thought to herself.

Hermione and Blaise’s patrols passed easily.

“I’ll see you later,” he told her with another cheeky grin. And this was the guy Sabrina had dared her to get to fall in love with her. ‘I hate that fucking bitch,’ Hermione thought.

And so it began; the war between Sabrina Smith and Hermione Granger was underway. And it was going to be one hell of a bloodbath.


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