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     "Okay girls, get your acts together and pay attention,"yelled loudly from a skinny blonde girl in the middle of the room. The crowded room quieted as girls settled down on the floor, couches, and chairs. The blonde smiled and batted her sky-blue eyes, excitement etched all over her face. "Now, finally that everyone is quiet and focusing on me, the meeting can begin." Everyone smiled and waited eagerly for what she had to say next. To say the room was full was an understatement. It was packed, there were girls in every nook and cranny except in the far corner where one girl sat alone at a table reading a book, not paying the slightest attention to what was going on. Girls of all ages and houses were eyeing the blonde attentively, waiting patiently for her to speak again.

"As I’m sure you all know, my name is Kristen Manson," the blonde said flinging her golden mane over her shoulder and giving everyone a cheeky grin,"and as I’m sure you also know, that I'm the leader of the T.S.G.T.M.S." The girl in the corner looked up at this statement with a smirk playing on her lips.

"Well that’s a stupid name," she said turning back down to her book. Kristen turned sharply and glared at the redhead. Lily Evans looked up and stared defiantly back at her.

"Shut up Evans, and let Kristen speak,"yelled Michelle one of Kristen’s dolls. The girls cheered in agreement while sending Lily a bunch of dirty looks.

"Well sorry, I didn’t know stating the obvious was a crime," Lily said putting her hair up in a pony tail. Kristen went up to Lily and slammed her book closed looking her straight in the eye.

"Evans one more word from you and you’ll be getting a little replay from last year," Kristen said summoning the memory with fondness.

"Wow I’m really disappointed, Kristen. Even I thought you would have learned by now that your little snide remarks and smart butt moves were a waste of time on me,"said Lily opening up her book again.

"Oh please, like you weren’t embarrassed when we poured paint all over you in front of everyone in the great hall,"said Tami stepping up with Kristen. Lily raised her eyebrows at Tami before shoving her book in her bag.

She sighed and said to all the girls in the room, "Listen just forget what I said before, alright,"she said annoyed. She hated being with these girls, let alone talking with them. She had always been the odd girl out, the strange cookie. Being the only girl in the whole population of Hogwarts who didn’t fawn over the Marauders. She never was and never would be a member of The Secret Girlfriends of The Marauders Society.  She hurried out of the room and into the cool hallways of Hogwarts. She took a deep breath and put her hair behind her ears. This was her last year at Hogwarts and she was hoping to make it better than the rest. That hope had been denied once she saw Kristen and her groupies. It's not that she hated the Marauders it was just that she didn't know them, nor did she want to. They all seemed like jerks to her, well except Remus who seemed okay. He read in the library once in a while and seemed like a decent person. She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts when she ran into something big. She stumbled backwards to see James Potter gloating above her.
      "You should stop shaking your head like a dog and look where your going,"he said amused. 
       "Maybe you shoud just be a normal, polite person and apologize,"said Lily already walking away from him.
       "Me, apologize? Why should I apologize if  your the one who ran into me?" Lily just ignored him and kept walking. "Hey, wait up!" he yelled from behind her. She just quickened her pace until she was practically running. She entered her dorm thorughly satisfied that she lost him at the girls staircase. The moon was a bright, crisp, white and illuminated her room. All her roomies were asleep, not like she would care if they were awake anyway.  She knew the news of her running into the glorious James Potter wouldn't stay quiet for very long. Kristen, who had a huge crush on James would probably kill her, not that she was scared or anything. Running into James was just unexpected and freaky, seeing as he had never spoken to her before. If you had any contact with the Marauders at all you were either really popular, beautiful, athletic or one of those really annoying characteristics that most people pined for. The T.S.G.T.M.S. Held a meeting in the Gryffindor common room every first sunday of the month.  Actually, the only reason Lily had anything to do with the society at all was that it was held in her common room. If you didn't like Sirius then you liked James. If you weren't into James then you liked Remus. If you just weren't into Remus then you fancied Peter, it was one big continuing cycle. That was the reason why nobody was even remotely close to being her friend.... she didn't like any of them.


A/N Hey guys this is my first fanfic ever so pleaz tell me what you think!

~Amy Brooks


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