Chapter 7: The kink in the plan

The next morning, Hermione woke thinking of all that had happened was a dream. ‘Draco would never be that kind, let alone, he would most definitely would never in his lifetime kiss me!’ She thought as she walked down the steps. “Ginny,” she said when she saw her friend on the couch. “What happened yesterday and what day is it today?” Hermione sat next to Ginny to wait for an answer.

“Well,” Ginny started. “Today is Sunday, and yesterday we all went to Hogsmeade. You went with Draco and had your first kiss, which, by the way, isn’t normal for a girl seventeen going on eighteen, but that is a different topic for a different day. The simple answer: yes. Yesterday did in fact happen.” Hermione smiled. “Whatever happened to Ron being the only one?” Ginny wondered aloud.

Hermione thought for a moment. “I guess that he never seemed interested. I mean, he is trying to set me up with seven other guys! He is pushing me to other people instead of pulling me into him. A girl can’t wait forever! No girl should have to.”

“I did.” Ginny said, picking up her books to go.

“Yeah, but,” Hermione argued. “Not forever!”

Ginny turned around and before she went out of the portrait hole she said, “but it was long enough to be, and even if it wasn’t, I would be willing to wait.” Hermione just figured that Ginny didn’t like the fact that Hermione no longer liked her brother, or that Ginny knew something that she didn’t.

Ginny slammed her books down next to Ron in the * gasp* library! “Great going genius!” he looked at her, along with madam Pince, who was coming to shoo her away. “She fell in love with someone else! Or, at least, she thinks she is!” seeing madam Pince come their way, she said, “Oh, just come on.” They got up and left. “This is the problem of having six other guys date her before you! It could have happened with any one of them, and now it just did!” Ron’s eyes were wide, clearly not expecting this.

When Hermione left through the portrait hole, she got a surprise around the corner. “Morning love.” It was Draco. Hermione blushed. “Do you want to sit with me at the Slytherin table, or me to sit with you?” he asked.

Hermione shook her head. “I need to talk to Ginny. Sorry.” They started walking, hand in hand, down to the great hall.

He gave a weak smile. “That’s ok.” Before he turned to hake his usual seat, he asked. “Will I see you later on today? You know, I do need some help with charms.” Malfoy gave an innocent smile that made Hermione laugh. He took that as a yes and kissed her on the cheek. Just the, Ron and Ginny walked into the great hall and realized what Ginny was saying. Heartbroken, he turned around and ran. Ginny on the other hand, walked down to meet Hermione.

Ginny didn’t bother to say anything. She just sat down and started eating. Hermione sat down and looked at her plate. She could tell that something was bothering Ginny. ‘Why did she have to do this?’ Hermione thought. She always had a way to make you feel guilty if she felt that you needed to, but this time, Hermione tried to brush it off. It wasn’t working. After a few minutes of staring at her plate, Hermione got up. She was no longer hungry. Before leaving the great hall, Hermione walked over to Draco. “Come to the empty classroom at the end of the west hall.” She whispered and walked out to get ready.

It wasn’t long before Draco arrived. He greeted her with a warm kiss. After a minute or two, Hermione giggled and backed away. “Draco,” she smiled. “We are here for charms, remember?”

He sighed and mumbled, “You’re right.”

Hermione walked over to where she had some things set up. “Ok, I thought that we would work on the disappear and reappear charms.” She walked over to the table. “Ok, remember that the movement is very important. It will make the difference of weather the object disappears, or blows up.” Hermione walked behind Draco, placing her right hand over his and his hand holding his wand. “So it’s swoop down to the right, over to the left, up and down.” they did the movement together. “Ok, now try it on your own.”

“Over to the left… over to the right… up and down.” he said to himself as he did it. Hermione nodded.

“Try it again without saying anything.” He did so. “Now just add the words, ‘intricous tanceoud’” again he did so. “Now, direct it to this deck of cards. Make sure that when you finish, your wand points to the card.” Draco nodded and gave it a try.

“Hey! It worked!” he said with excitement when the cards reappeared.

Laughing, Hermione got up from her sitting place on the table next to where the deck of cards had once laid. “Alright, so to make the cards reappear and where you want them,” again she stepped behind Draco, placing her hand over his own. “You go down, up, left, right and swoosh to point where you want them to reappear.” Draco gave it a try. “No, you need to make more of a rounded swoosh and a tad faster. He tried again. “There you go. Now add ‘duoecnat suocirtni.’”

“Duoecnat suocitrni.” Repeated Draco. The cards reappeared by Hermione’s feet. A broad smile formed on Draco’s face when he did it.

“Now, just keep practicing that until tomorrow. I will see how well you do in class and that will tell if we need to continue with those spells, or go onto the next.” She told him. “Right now, I have to go and talk to someone.”

Hermione ran down many halls, up many flights of stairs and ran through a few more halls before finally getting to the portrait of the pink lady, completely out of breath. “Twatle bird” she said once she finally caught her breath. The portrait swung open and she clambered inside. “Ron! I need to talk to you!” she said, smiling. “Time to work on homework!” she said cheerily.

“What do you want?” he asked grumpily.

“Well, the deal was that if I came out with a boyfriend, that I would get you caught up in all of your classes, and we have a long way to go.” she said.

“But you haven’t gotten to guy seven!” Ron protested.

“But I don’t need to.” She answered. “I have Draco.” Ron’s heart sank. This was not right. Not right at all. How could this possibly happen? It was Draco. DRACO for crying out loud!

“Well, let’s get stared.” Ron said, pulling out a book. ‘At least she is happy.’ He thought.

A/N: so, yes. Chapter seven. So, what will happen next? Will Draco and Hermione stay strong? Will Ron just give up? See in the next chapter… I hope. I haven’t written it yet.

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