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Disclaimer: The plot and Rose are mine, but that sums it all up :D

© Chella @ TDA

Rose Deloncré felt very out of place at Hogwarts. She was the only student who hadn’t been there since her 1st year and it was taking a tole on her. She was relieved, however, that her lessons were so easy, meaning she had time to pursue other subjects. Namely, Harry Potter. Something about him was so mysterious to her, and she kept thinking back to the train ride when Ronald Weasley was so shocked she did now know Harry’s life story. The problem was she was much to shy to ask him directly, it seemed very rude. Instead she took to the library. She was setting down all of her text books on famous wizards and family trees hoping to find a mention of Harry’s family, or even him. While opening her first book she felt someone come up behind her. 

"I thought you said we would meet later?" a familiar voice whispered into her ear. 

"I did, Draco, but I didn’t mean later that day. Anyways, I’ve been busy." 

"What are you researching? Maybe I could help. Or we could just go for a walk." 

Rose didn’t feel very comfortable researching Harry in front of Draco because of the tension between them so she debated the possibilities in her head. "Alright, but not a long one." 

She stood up and collected her belongings, leaving the books, and walked out with Draco. She let him lead the way seeing she was still not very familiar with the castle. 

"So how is your grandmother?" Draco asked awkwardly. 

"She’s actually doing well considering. It’s weird that I just met her and all. She still treats my mother as if she betrayed her. It’s a pretty stressful situation. I couldn’t wait for summer to end so I could come here," Rose continued to walk on staring mostly at her feet. "So how have you been?" 

"Good. I’m really glad you’re here you know," he said catching her eyes, but she quickly looked away. "We used to have a lot of fun together. I’ve always kind of missed you." 

"Oh Draco, you are such a liar. I haven’t gotten an owl from you since I was 11. But I guess you were busy bullying people around here," she smirked. 

"Please don’t tell me your talking about Potter and his little friends." 

"I am, I think they are very nice. Why don’t you guys get along anyways?" 

"Well, we haven’t since out 1st year. It just has to do with houses and families really. Potter thinks he’s so much better when, clearly, he’s not." 

"I don’t think your house or family makes either of you any better. Maybe there isn’t really such a thing as better," Rose thought quickly back to her research. "Um, I do have a question though. I feel a little un-informed. What is the deal with Harry? I mean his family, the reason people whisper and stare whenever he passes, that scar?" 

"Oh, right. You wouldn’t know. Well I’ll tell you but you can’t become one of his mushy fans after this," he waited for her nod of agreement before continuing. "Okay, well his parents were about the same age as ours’, they went to school here at Hogwarts. After they graduated they got married and Harry was born. This was all in the middle of when You-Know-Who was at his strongest reign. Death eaters were killing people left and right. When Harry was about 1 You-Know-You came to kill his parents, and succeeded. When he tried to use the killing curse on Harry it rebounded back at him and that was the end of his power. Noone really know’s why it happened, probably sheer luck." 

“Wow,” was all Rose could really say. 

“Hey! You said you weren’t going to turn into one of them.” 

“I’m not, really, I’m not. It’s just a lot not to know,” Rose smirked at Draco. 

“Alright, if you say so,” He stopped just to stare at her. “We really should go back to our common rooms. It’s getting late.” 

“Okay. See you around then I guess.” 

“We should, uh, do this again,” Draco stuttered over his words. 

“I’d like that Jaune,” Rose smiled remembering their childhood nicknames. 

“Yeah, me too Pinky,” Draco smiled and headed down to his common room replaying the night over and over in his head.

The next morning Rose woke up much earlier than normal. She didn’t sleep very well because her conversation with Draco kept running through her head. Her parents never talked much of these things while she was growing up, noone is the States really did. It just wasn’t a problem. Her grandmother, however, had talked of the horrors that happened in England, and she just couldn’t believe her new friend, and as a newborn, was responsible for his downfall. 

There thoughts continued to run through her head until she finally sat up and got ready. None of the other girls were awake so she headed down to breakfast alone. When she entered the common room she was surprised to find Harry Potter himself sitting on the couch with dark bags under his eyes. 

“Uh, hi Harry,” Rose said quietly. 

“Hi Rose, sorry, didn’t even hear you come down. You want to sit?” He said politely. 

“You okay? You look, well, tired,” 

“Oh, it’s nothing. I don’t always sleep that well. Why are you up so early?” he asked. 

“I guess I couldn’t really sleep either,” her eyes flickered to his scar, and then back to his eyes hoping he hadn’t noticed. But he did. 

“Someone told you, huh?” Harry asked, already knowing the answer. 

“Told me?” Rose asked innocently. 

“Yeah, about me. I can tell. You were the only person who didn’t stare at my scar in disbelief like I was really Harry Potter. And now you do,” he whispered the last part sadly. 

“I’m so sorry Harry. I don’t think of you any differently. Well, I mean, I do. But. I don’t know. It’s a lot. I don’t want it interfere with our friendship though,” her eyes pleaded. 

“Don’t worry, it won’t. Ron was the same way at first,” He smiled. Once again he was caught up in her beautiful eyes. He inhaled, something about the way she smelled made his stomach go into knots. “You know Rose, I was wondering,” Harry tried to muster up some courage. He wasn’t even sure what he was wondering. “Well-” 

“Hey mate, I thought you left for breakfast without me! Probably too busy dreaming of-” Ron stopped and noticed that Harry wasn’t alone, in fact he seemed to be in the middle of something important. “Rose, didn’t see you there. Sorry about that. Um well, I’m just going to go down to breakfast then. You can stay here if you want, wait for Hermione, or stay with Harry, not that I don’t want you two to come down with me, it’s just-” 

“Ron, it’s alright, I’ll come,” Harry sighed. Could he make anything more awkward? 

“I guess I’ll wait for Hermione, don’t want her to think you’ve abandoned her.” 

“Oh alright, I’m starved,” he said and he and Harry climbed out of the portrait hole. 

Author's Note: Yupp, that's chapter 4 folks :D I'd really like to know what you think of it and where it's going. It would make my day. Oh and a little explanation of Rose/Draco's nicknames incase noone picked up on that. Jaune mean yellow in French (a nod to his hair) and Rose translates into pink in english. Clever? Maybe. Corney, definitely. =]

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