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Chapter Two: Seriously, Sirius?

Sirius’ face, upon Lily’s revilement of the news, was uncharacteristically calm. “Lily,” he began in a very serious tone, “I think this is the time that I should tell you that I’m really—a woman.” At the last syllable Sirius burst out laughing. “Honestly, Lily,” he managed to mumble in-between fits of his bark-like laughter, “if that isn’t the most ridiculous thing I have EVER heard.” 

Despite the fact that Sirius did just seem to genuinely amuse himself, Lily’s didn’t seem the least bit pleased. Lily kept a stoic expression upon her face, her eyes glazed over as she just stared into what seemed like oblivion. The part that began to worry Sirius after a few moments of awkward silence was that Lily usually managed to laugh at his jokes, even his poor attempted ones.

“I have to finish getting dressed and I promised Remus that have a re-match at wizard’s chess since I managed to beat the pants off of him the last time,” Sirius said casually. He got up off the bed and pulled a rumpled shirt off the floor and threw it on. While he began to run a comb through his trademark head of hair the buttons on his shirt buttoned themselves.

Lily sat there on James’ bed absolutely flabbergasted. Didn’t she just tell Sirius what was going on? Was she invisible? Did he not hear her correctly? Or maybe she was speaking in a different language even though that was impossible because she only new English? Or was Sirius just that thick? She watched him with her piercing green eyes as he stepped into and tied his shoes, looked for a clean robe, and casually shrugged it onto his back.

“What is wrong with you?” Lily croaked. She had attempted to yell at him, but she felt like she had no voice left for some odd reason. “Have you been listening to anything that I have been saying, Sirius?” Lily got up off the bed and stood in front of Sirius’ door so he wouldn’t attempt to leave the room, he had to hear her out, she wanted to make sure he heard her. “Isabelle is pregnant, she’s having a baby in less than eight months and it’s your baby. You are seventeen years old and you are going to be a father! You haven’t even graduated Hogwarts, or picked out a career and you’re going to be a father! You aren’t even on speaking terms with Isabelle and yet she’s carrying your child! Think of the choices you’re going to have to make! Has it even occurred to you that not only are you going to be in trouble with your family, but can you imagine what Isabelle’s parents are going to do?”

“I’m not on speaking terms with my family, and in actuality Isabelle’s a pureblood so it really shouldn’t matter, now should it? I’m sure Isabelle will be able to handle it herself” Sirius rhetorically stated without much emotion, to Lily’s dismay, at all.

The rage in Lily’s eyes grew by the moment. “Sirius, you selfish son of a bitch! Are you telling me that you’re just going to lie this all on Isabelle? It’s your problem too, Sirius! Isabelle is going to be the laughing stock of the school and to be quite honest it’s just a matter of time until everyone finds out who the father is. You know Isabelle’s parents, they’ll disown her! Once they find out she won’t even have a home to go to!”

Sirius turned around a gazed at himself in the mirror to fix a piece of stray hair. “Lily, honestly, between you and I, Isabelle asked for it. I came back here to see how she was since she was all alone and she started it. I didn’t push her into anything.” Sirius laughed for a moment. “No pun intended. Okay, back to the point, she was the one that pulled me into her room. So yeah, it’s her fault, it’s her problem and she can deal with it.”  

“You know that’s a lie,” Lily growled. “You damn well know Isabelle wouldn’t do anything like that. Seriously, can you be so thick?”

“Well, actually—“

Lily held her hand up to silence Sirius. “You know that’s not how I meant it.”

For a moment all was silent between them, but then Sirius looked at his watch upon his left wrist. “I really have to go, Lily, I’m going to be late. And anyway, Isabelle has eight months to figure this thing out, so I wouldn’t be worried she’s a smart girl.”

“Do you take no responsibility for your actions? No wonder why your parents didn’t want you anymore! Not because you don’t care about blood, but because you’re so bloody unreliable that it isn’t worth having you in the family if you’re not going to stick up for it!”

Lily automatically knew that she had hit a very deep nerve because Sirius’ face instantly became pale and the usual sparkle was extinguished from his grey eyes. He took a deep breath and turned to face Lily; his lips shut tight and his nostril’s flaring. “How dare you!” he bellowed out of no where. “You have no idea what is going on with my family, and how dare you even think you have the slightest authority to make even the smallest remark on the subject. No one asked you and no one ever will. I truly believe that you should keep your nose out of everyone’s business, Evans. What happened between my parents and me is absolutely none of your business and the same goes for the situation between Isabelle and me. You have absolutely no right to walk into this dormitory and start spewing out malicious words because I don’t automatically rise with an overly emotional answer to your comments. Now, if you don’t get the hell out of my dormitory right now I will personally remove you without remorse.”

She had lost this battle. Sirius was known to be thick-headed but this was beyond anything that she could’ve imagined. It was a lot to put on a boy, yes boy, at the moment. Sirius usually walked around without a care in the world and now someone was telling him that for the first time there was a major consequence to his actions and he would be forced to deal with it, in one way or another. He was blocking it out, mentally and emotionally, he didn’t want to deal with it. The best thing for Lily to do, right now, was to leave the room and just let him be. She wasn’t sure if he’d come around and even say something to Isabelle, even though he should because it was just as much her fault as it was his, but it was the only thing left of her to try at the moment. Sheer hope.

A/N: Huge thanks to tmh4536 and irish_dorcas for the reviews, I really appreciate it. If anyone else is reading please review-- I love to get feedback even if it consists of the good, the bad and the ugly. This chapter is not overly long, but I had to finish a bit more of the past before I forwarded back to the present. Hope you enjoy. I enjoyed writing it, giving Sirius' personality a different kind of twist.

Please Review. : )

Huge thanks to tehcutiestEM for the wonderful chapter image.

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