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"Remus works in a bookshop?" Sirius asked, disbelievingly. "I mean, I knew he was booky, but I didn’t think he’d take up books as a career!

"It’s an amazing store, actually. Right in the middle of the magice quarter, and full of magical and muggle books. I go there all the time." Gabby replied, mostly to Lily.

"Sounds lovely." Lily breathed.

"Sounds boring!" James cried.

"I’m marrying this!" Lily exclaimed, looking desperate.

"Well, if you’re going to ignore me, I think I might just leave," Nick sighed.

"Okay then. See you later." Gabby said.

"Are you coming tonight?" He asked.

"Of course. Make sure I can get these guys in, okay?" she replied.

"Definitely. It was interesting meeting you guys." He called, leaving the flat.

"Where are we going tonight?" James asked, curiously.

"Never you mind, you’ll find out this evening." Gabby scolded. "Honestly Lils, I don’t know how you live with him."


James and Sirius trailed behind Lily and Gabby, as they chatted. It was just girl stuff – and the guys were more interested in watching the behinds of the two women as they walked. Gabby had changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy jumper which she had stolen from Nick.

"What do they find to talk about?" Sirius asked James.

"Shoes?" James guessed.

"Lily isn’t a shoe person, and last time I checked, neither was Gabby."


"That’s the one." They both said, at the same time.

"Listen," James murmured, as they moved closer to the girls.

"So I found this dungarees skirt thing, in dark denim, and I just fell in love with it." Gabby was saying.

"Well, I think you’ll like your bridesmaid dress, or I hope so. I found it in Topshop." Lily replied.

"No way, I love Topshop!"

"So do we!" James and Sirius squealed.

"Shut up!" Lily requested.

"Since when have you been a clothes person, Gabs?" James asked.

"Since forever. I just never talked about it with you because I realised you wouldn’t appreciate it." Gabby explained. "Here we are."

Sirius looked at the shop they were outside of. It had an old façade, and a sign that said ‘The Pepperpot’.

"The Pepperpot?" Sirius asked, as they walked through the door.

"It’s a converted coffee shop." A familiar voice replied.

"Mooney!" The other two marauders exclaimed.

"Prongs, Padfoot!" He cried. The boys all hugged, and then he gave Lily a hug, and kissed Gabby on the cheek.

"How are you, darling?" Gabby asked him.

"Not great. We got a new order of enormous volumes this morning, and I only just came back from St Mungos – so I shouldn’t be heavy lifting – but today is the day that I’m the only one here, and if I leave the unpacking and shelving till tomorrow then I am in deep crap." Remus spilled his mind to Gabby, as if she were the only one there.

"I’ll do some lifting then." She offered.

"So will we." Sirius decided for himself and James. He had noticed that Remus only had eyes for Gabby, soppy eyes.

"Thanks guys, I’m in your debt now." Remus laughed.

"Wow, you are majorly in debt on my part." Gabby laughed. "Show me the books."

They spent the best part of an hour doing heavy lifting, and then Lily and James had to rush off to see the wedding planners. Gabby said she ought to take Sirius back to the flat, and they walked back into the sunny street.

"I need to get a coffee, lets go in here." Gabby said, pulling him into a Starbucks.

"Where are we, Gabby?" Sirius asked, uneasy around all the muggles.

"We are in a coffee shop, so that we can get some coffee. And while we’re here, just please be cool." She told him.

"Okay then. Can I have a cappoccino." He requested.

"Sure. One Cappoccino and one latte." She ordered.

"You sure know your way around muggle London," Sirius commented.

"Quiet, you moron." She whispered, putting down their drinks. "You’re not supposed to say ‘muggle’ in their midst."

"Sorry." He said, reproachfully.

"So where are you gonna live after Lily and James are married?"

"I have no idea. Headquarters, I guess." He replied.

"Sounds fun. Remus lives there, I think." She said, trying to keep up the polite conversation.

"He likes you." Sirius commented.

"Sure he does, we’re friends."

"Not like that, you naïve little girl, he likes in a….lets say, physical way." He told her slowly.

"That is just not true!" she laughed. "Remus and I are great friends, for ages he was the only one that I was in touch with, and he’s just a nice guy."

"Have you seen the way he looks at you?" Sirius questioned.

"Like a friend?" Gabby suggested, although she was starting to realise that Sirius might be right.

"Like he’s in love with you." He corrected her. "Mooney eyes. Although I realise the pun."

"Fine. But it takes two to start a relationship, and I am not interested in him that way, and he knows it, so nothing is gonna happen." She relented.


"What do you mean, good?" She asked.

"I mean, you and Remus would never work out. You need someone lower maintenance, more fun." He explained.

"For your information, Remus is brilliant fun when his marauder mates aren’t around." She defended.


Lily and James came back later that evening, full of excitement about the forthcoming wedding. It was pouring with rain outside, and Gabby, making scrambled eggs for supper, for her and Sirius, was a bit disconcerted by the extras. Sirius was watching Shrek 2 in her living room, and the happy couple sat with him.

"Do you guys mind if I go out and get some more eggs? You two coming back put my calculations in the bin." She called from the kitchen.

"Sure thing, Gabs." Lily called back.

"One of you keep an eye on the eggs." She ordered, as she pulled on her trainers, and dashed into the rain.

"So do you think we’ll ever find out what this thing we’re doing tonight is?" Lily asked the boys.

"Nope. Bet its like a poker game or something. Gabby’s one of those people who does weird things for fun." James mused.

"Poker? I doubt it." Lily replied. "Gabby might be strange, but she’d never gamble."

"She gambled all the time at Hgowarts. WE caught her coming back from a weekly poker nigt when we were in third year." Sirius informed her.

"No way! " Lily exclaimed.

"No way what?" Gabby asked, coming through the door.

"I didn’t know you played poker in Hogwarts." Lily told her.

"How on earth did you get onto that? Oh! That’s not we were gonna do tonight. By the way, tonights been cancelled – because of the rain." Gabby said, coming into the sitting room, and peeling off several layers. "It looks like it might flood. I’m in one of the places where it floods a lot."

"We might not be able to get out? But we have to go for an outfit fitting tomorrow!" Lily exclaimed.

"Don’t worry yourself, Lils," James soothed. "It won’t flood, and if it does we can always apparate. You will get to your fitting."

"Aaw. You two are so sweet." Gabby cooed, as she wrang out her hair in the kitchen sink. "They were out of eggs, so I’ll have one of my low fat things and you guys can eat the eggs."


"I can’t believe you can only get off work for four days!" Lily sniffed, blowing her nose.

"Its alright, Lily darling. I can be there the evening before the wedding and then I’ll be there until you and James leave for the honeymoon." Gabby soothed her sobbing best friend. "Nothing will happen. Its just because I agreed to pick up a few extra shifts because of the holiday season. Those shifts have payed for your gift."

"Well, if you’ll be there the evening before then I guess theres nothing to worry about." Lily dried her eyes, and became business like again. "At least we know you aren’t going to grow out of your dress."

"Low blow, Lily, low blow."


"Well, if that’s all, I better go." Gabby announced to her companion; Healer Thomas Graham. They had been working together on a very ill patient, and Gabby had a feeling that Thomas was about to ask her out, and as she was late apparating to the venue of the wedding, she decided to duck out of St Mungos as soon as possible.

"Oh, well have a good….where are you going again?" He was trying to stall her.

"Wedding. Bye!" She trilled.

Ok, bag, make up bag, hat, gift, directions. Great, I’m all set. She thought.


She found herself in a tropical paradise. Lily and James had refrained from mentioning the fact that the hotel the wedding was at happened to be in the Carribean!

"Wow." She breathed.

The child in her taking over, she dumped her bags and turned several cartwheels before spinning around and doing a flip.

"Wow! Didn’t know you could do that, Gabs!" James called, coming into view with Sirius.

"Hey James, didn't see you there! You guys are so rich you're having your wedding in the Garden of Eden!" She exclaimed, picking up her bags.

"That’s what I thought." Sirius told her.

"Where’s the nervous bride?" Gabby asked. "We have work to do."

"Shes in room 34, the bridal suite." James informed her. "Tell her that I think she’s going overboard with this whole not seeing the bride thing."

"Not gonna happen. She is probably already stressing about the things that might go wrong, and she doesn’t need her completely insensetive, not sure why she’s marrying him, pig of a future husband." Gabby scolded.

She got the keys to her room, and then ran to Lilys. She could see a long night before her, full of concern and worry.


"Now I’m worried, Sirius!" James muttered.

They were standing at the end of the aisle, watching the seats fill up.Remus was sitting in the front row, and gave his mates a wave. James’s attack of nerves had come on in the early morning, and he had woken up Sirius – who had stayed the night in his room – for a long conversation about whether or not he should actually marry the love of his life.

"You’ll be fine. You and Lily are meant to be together." Sirius soothed him.

As he said this, the pianist started playing the Wedding March.

"And now you can’t leave anyway. Just focus on how pretty Lily will look in her dress." Sirius advised him.

As he said this, the first bridesmaid came through the door. It was Riley – reconciled with Lily at graduation – wearing a blue and white stripe halter neck dress ( this is the dress) and a pair of black heels. She didn’t look that great in it – a bit frumpy and wrong.

Then came Gabby, in the same dress, carrying a bouquet of lilies, just like Riley was, but looking much nicer. Her legs seemed to go on forever, and although she was definitely a small woman, the combination of the short dress and the high heels made her seem much taller.

"Gabby looks fantastic." Sirius murmured.

"I know. And I know you think that too, you’re practically drooling all over your nice shoes." James replied. "Oh my God! Look at Lily!"

Continuing in the style of her bridesmaids, Lily’s dress was shorter than most people thought was appropriate. It was down to her knees, and therefore longer than Gabby and Riley’s, and was white. It was made of silk, and had a drooping neckline.

"Now I remember why I’m marrying you." He whispered in Lily’s ear, as they walked toward the man taking the service.

"Well, I’m glad you’re only marrying me for how I look in a dress." Lily replied, smiling. "Gabby and Riley turned out well, didn’t they?"

"They did. As did Sirius. Took me forever to make him take off his trainers."

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…"


"That was such a beautiful service, darling." Gabby told Lily, as the couple came up to her and Sirius.

"I’m married now!" Lily squealed, Gabby joining in.

"Oh my God! You’re a wife now!" Sirius and James squealed.

"Don’t make fun of the bride." Gabby scolded them. "You both cleaned up very nicely, by the way."

"As do you. I have never seen you in a dress, Gabsters." James replied.

"Well, that’s something to talk about later. Now you must greet people and receive compliments."

"How do you know so much about weddings?" Sirius asked her, as Lily and James Potter walked away.

"Been to millions of pureblood weddings. They’re all the same." She explained.

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