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"I want to go back," Ron stated the moment Oca returned. The creature shook his head.



HE IS COMING BACK. Ron frowned.


The creature didn't look at Ron.


"You mean Hermione's alive!" 

Oca nodded.

I CANNOT PROMISE ANYTHING. Ron pointed to the ground and out shot fire, blocking Oca from leaving.

"Who's coming back?" Oca backed away from the fire and turned to Ron.


"How do you know?" 

Oca bowed reverently.


"What's going to happen to Hermione?" Oca was quiet for a while, searching for an answer. He then pointed to the iron gate in the distance.

THEY WILL TELL YOU. Ron nodded and closed his eyes. He felt his body start to breakdown and opened to see that he was racing across the terrain, flames trailing behind him. He stopped at the gate and waited for his body to form again. He entered the gloomy area and approached the two monstrosities that guarded the tomb. They bowed.

"Tell me what's going to happen to Hermione." 

The one on his left, known as Toran, answered him. "Emalek will be revived today. She will seem indifferent from her former self until the midnight toll. Then she will join the creature of Voldemort." Ron frowned.


The one on his right, known as Gimlet, responded. "When you returned to the Department of Ministries to retrieve Oca, you unknowingly released a demon. Something that had been trapped there after it's release from the brains. It is the reason you caught on fire in Azkaban. You were unknowingly punishing yourself." It still surprised Ron that, unlike Oca or anyone else Ron had encountered in this world, Toran and Gimlet said words that seemed restricted to the rest of Ron's world.

"Hermione's going to go to Voldemort?" 

They both nodded.

"Oca got there just before the beast did. Unfortunatley, Oca couldn't stop the beast. It went to Hermione." 

Ron just stood there, soaking up the information he had been given. Hermione was going to go to Voldemort... He looked up. "When can I go back?"

"You will return in due time. This is all we are allowed to tell you..." Ron nodded and stepped up to the tomb, tracing the letters with his fingers. He wanted to return now. He wanted to tell Hermione how he really felt... He wanted to hold her again... Gimlet approached Ron cautiously.


Ron turned. "Yes?" 

Gimlet pointed to the sky. It had turned from it's greyish hue to an unnatural red. Lightning was starting to crack over the landscape, lighting up the atmosphere. Ron stood.

"What's going on?" 

Toran pointed ahead, to the gate. Ron gaped. There stood Oca, surrounded by his smaller look-a-likes. The Gryffindor lions also started to appear, all of them stopping before the gate. Ron turned to Toran.

"What's going on?" he asked again. The guard turned to him.

"It is beggining..." 

Ron frowned, not liking the way Toran had said that. "The begginging of what?" 

Gimlet and Toran assumed their positions, holding there tridants to the sky. As thunder drummed, lightning struck the golden weapons, lighting up Emalek. Ron backed up, his eyes widening as the lightning stayed in place, crackling and twisting as it remained fixated on the tridants. The lions began to roar and the creatures around Oca glowed with a toxic fury. Oca began to raise up of the ground and covered the sky with snow. Ron's eyes began to turn green, his pupils dialating as he witnessed the phenomenon take place before him. Toran and Gimlet turned to face him, not letting their grip on the electrifying weapons go.

"Emalek is awakening!" Ron grabbed his head, screamed in pain. It was as if acid had been poured on him. The hills around them exploded and the ground began to shift, mountainous ice burgs bursting from the ground. Ron backed up until he was on top of the tomb. The pain increased, consuming him. He raised his head to the heavens, his whole eye changing to ice as he watched fire drop from the sky and consume him...

"Harry!" He looked up to see Neville running into the common room. 

"What is it Neville?" The boy stopped to catch his breath and then smiled.

"Ginny told me to get you. She says that Hermione's waking up!" Harry shot out of the common room instantly. He ran through the corridors and shoved passed people on the stairs, despreate to get to the infirmary as fast as he could. He hadn't slept in weeks, worrying about Hermione. She had not gotten better at all. Ron still hadn't been found.

He burst through the Hospital wing doors and ran down to the crowd that was forming around Hermione's bed. Harry moved to the front, and watched with everyone else as Hermione squirmed, opening her mouth as if to say something the closing it. Her eyes were still closed. Everyone held their breath as Hermione's hands moved to her face. Her eyes finally opened. She was staring at her mother, who was standing at the end of the bed. She blinked confused, then rubbed her eyes and continued to blink rapidly.

"Where am I?" 

Harry smiled. "You're alive for starters!" 

She frowned. "Where are you?"

"What do you mean where am I? I'm right here." 

Ginny watched him move his hands and frowned. "Are you ok?" she asked, panic starting to take over. The girl on the hospital bed reached out her hands, her eyes focused on her mother, who stood directly in front of her.

"Ok? Ok? I CAN'T SEE!"

"WHAT?" Mrs. Granger shrieked. Hermione continued to blink as if hoping to see something the next time her eyes opened. Mrs. Granger ran over to her daughter and grabbed her. To everyone's surprise, Hermione didn't scream. Instead she grabbed her mother.


Her mother waved her hand directly in front of Hermione's face. Hermione's eyes didn't move. Mr. Granger rounded on the Healer next to him. "What's wrong with her!" 

The Healer ran over to Hermione's side, taking out her wand.

"Hermione, I want you to relax a moment. I'm going to scan your eyes." She waved her wand across Hermione's face. Hermione's eyes weren't tracking at all. Ginny grabbed Harry's arm as panic started to take over the crowd. The Healer removed her wand and tapped it on her hand. It emmitted blue sparks. Mrs. Granger watched on anxiously.

"What does that mean?" 

The Healer looked confused. "This doesn't make sense. Hermione's eyes are perfect. There's nothing wrong with them. She should be seeing." 

Hermione reached out, trying to find the Healer. She took Hermione's hand. "I'm supposed to see! Why can't I!" The Healer grabbed Hermione's face.

"You need to calm down. If you panic, it could irrate other injuries," she turned to Dumbledore. "I need to go to St. Mungos. I've never seen anything like this before." Dumbledore nodded and the Healer left the infirmary with Madame Pomfrey. Hermione shifted and once again reached out like a helpless child.

"Harry?" He jerked. It was the first time she had said his name in weeks and her voice sounded so small, so weak. He hesitated then walked over, taking her hand.

"I'm right here." Hermione pulled on his hand and grabbed him into a frightened hug. She began to cry, resting her head on his shoulder. Harry fought his own tears as he held onto her. "It's going to be ok..." He said this to reassure himself as well as Hermione.

"I thought I was going to die..." she choked out between sobs. Harry pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers, holding her face in his hands.

"You're here..." She nodded, tears still flowing down her cheeks. Catching her breath, she rested her head back on his shoulder. They were silent for a while. Ginny took the time to watch Harry interact with Hermione. She bit her lip. They were so close. That had been something Ginny, and perhaps most Hogwarts girls, envied about Hermione. Her and Harry had a friendship that surpassed any relationship either one had been in. They were able to just be around each other, not saying anything and comfort each other. Ginny had been watching the way Hermione interacted with Ron and the way she did with Harry and it was completely different. With Ron, Hermione was much more forward, though the two did have moments when they didn't have to talk, Ron and Hermione's relationship was much more verbal than the one she had with Harry. That was probably where the rumors came from. Though if you were close with the whole group, you'd be able to see that the relationship between her and Harry was completely platonic, where as, with Hermione and Ron, there was so much sexual tension, that you'd be an idiot not to notice.

Hermione finally raised her head and wiped her blinded eyes. Harry watched her carefully as she took deep breaths. Finally she spoke.


"Yes dear..."

"Where's Ron?" Everyone froze. Harry swore mentally. Of course she didn't know! Catching the tense silence, Hermione raised her head, frowning. "What happened?" Mrs. Granger took her daughter's hand.

"Honey... Ron isn't here." 

Hermione looked as if she had been slapped. Pulling away from both Harry and her mother, Hermione's eyes began to fill again.

"What!" Mrs. Granger realised what she had just said and corrected herself.

"No! He's alive! He's just..." her voice faltered. She didn't know what to say. She looked around for help. Ginny stepped forward.

"Hermione... Ron disappeared." 

Hermione's head turned, her sightless eyes landing in the general area in which Ginny stood.

"He's alive..." 

Harry took her hand. "Yeah... He is." Hermione seemed to try to take it all in. She bit her lip.

"Oh no..."

A/N: I have to tell everyone. This chapter wasn't planned. I wasn't expecting to refer back to the DOM. 

Just in case anyone was wondering, I didn't mean to put Emalek as a extremely significant place. I meant as a sort of metaphor or something like that. You know how some people say that they keep their feelings burried within them. Well, that's what Emalek is. It's just where Ron "burried" his feelings for Hermione. And know you know!

Chapter Tease: (Just so people know. I write these of the top of my head after I'm done with fixing the document. So if they appear in the chapter out of place, not making sense or rushed, I'm really sorry!)

"You look beautiful," he said as he closed the clasp on neckalace. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. Turning around she faced him.

"Thank you." He smirked and leaned in, capturing her lips in a seering kiss. His arms circled her waist, pulling her flush against him, causing her to gasp. He quickly moved from her lips to her neck, biting down hard on her flesh, making her groan in an unatrual lust. Her body craved him, and his the same. He growled and pulled her impossibly close, plunging his tongue into the depths of her mouth, trying to assert dominance. Hermione was having none of it, in return she ground her pelvis against his, rolling her hips tantalisingly. He grinned wickedly, diving back for her neck. She moaned again, waves of lust starting to take over.

"When do we leave?" she gasped out, his hands grabbing her breast possesively.

"When Master calls..."

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