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Sorry to take so long, guys, but my schedule is hell. Thanks for waiting on me. Seeing as how this is the 25th time I’ve written the disclaimer, I would hope you would know it by now. But, just in case, I don’t own Harry Potter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 25: Winner Takes All The students watched in amazement as two completely different auras left Harry’s body. No one noticed as Harry’s body fell to the ground without its spirit. The green aura formed into a twisted, obviously evil version of Harry. It spoke in the hissing whisper, “It ends today.” The red aura formed into on obviously good Harry and spoke in the calm and composed voice, “Indeed it shall.” With that, green and red magic began flying back and forth across the hall. All of the students, effectively cut off from the main doors by the dueling auras, gathered around the staff table. The two auras did not notice this. The complete concentration of each one was locked onto the other. They were casting, blocking, and dodging spells at an unbelievable rate. They made Voldemort look like a turtle. The spells were not only immensely fast; they were also immensely powerful. Each time a spell struck a wall, all of the students and teachers would be knocked to their knees. Suddenly, the green aura was behind the red one, unleashing its magic in a glowing stream. Right before it hit, however, the red aura disappeared. No one could find it until a blast of red magic came down from the ceiling. The green aura felt the blast and knocked it away with its hand. The duel continued in this manor for hours, each trying to catch the other off guard. There were hundreds of holes in the castle walls. The only reason the rest of the school was not dead was the good Harry maneuvering so that the students and teachers were never in danger. At one time, everyone thought that the good Harry had won when a blast of magic seemed to impale the evil Harry. The green aura fell to the ground. However, before everyone could rush to the red aura, it attacked the prone green aura with a fury. The green aura disappeared only to reappear behind the good Harry, and the battle continued. Neither seemed to tire, each blast of magic as powerful as the last. Around dusk, however, the battle changed. The evil Harry suddenly appeared by Ginny and transported her into the middle of the hall. The evil Harry kept her between himself and the good Harry. “Let her go,” spoke the red aura in a quiet voice that was filled with authority. “She is not part of this fight.” “Oh, but she is,” snarled the green aura. “You see, I was mistaken. You are just as powerful as I am, if not more so. But, fortunately, I have the courage to end this fight. If you continue to fight, Weasley dies. However, if you surrender and allow me to kill you, she lives. Tick, tock, which one will it be? We don’t have all night.” Suddenly, the red Harry was behind the green one, his hand placed against the evil Harry’s head. But, before he could do anything, he found his hand in Ginny’s face. “Tsk, tsk,” said the green aura. “We can’t have that now. Make your choice. You have ten seconds.” “Ginny,” said the red aura, “forgive me. I have failed, but I cannot allow you to die.” He looked into the gleaming eyes of his evil half. “You win.” With those words, the evil Harry unleashed his magic, engulfing the red aura. Everyone watched in horror as the red light was slowly crushed by the enveloping green light. It seemed to slow as the red light became the size of a quarter, but the green finally pushed through, completely destroying the red light. The evil Harry returned to its body, his eyes snapping open. Suddenly, he was standing in front of McGonagall, is eyes boring into hers. “As Headmistress,” he hissed, “I will give you the honor of deciding who is the first to die.” McGonagall managed to stammer out, “I thought you were going to let us live.” “Weasley, yes. The rest of you, no,” hissed Harry. “But don’t fret. She’ll be in so much pain, she’ll wish she was dead. So, who’s first?” McGonagall seemed to decide to do something. She raised her wand. However, before she could do anything, her wand exploded. “Now, now, none of that,” said Harry. “I guess you’ll be first.” With that, Harry raised his hand slowly, enjoying every moment of the torture he was putting them through. His had was level with McGonagall’s chest. No one could stop him, so how to kill her? He had it. Slaskias everyone heard Harry’s voice say. But wait, that was the kind Harry’s voice. Everyone watched in wonder as the green aura was drawn from the body. It was being drawn towards the red aura, but it seemed to fight the power. It stopped halfway between the body and the good Harry. “You,” hissed the evil Harry. “Yes, me, me, me, me, me. You seem surprised. Did you really think I didn’t know you were going to kill everyone else? I’ve been living with you for fifteen years, remember.” “Fine, you chose to fight. I will kill Ginny then.” The green aura unleashed his magic at the girl. However, a transparent red sphere appeared around the two auras. It absorbed the green light. “What is this?” snarled the evil Harry. “This is a sphere,” replied the good Harry. “I created it while you were gloating and kept it invisible until magic hit it. No way in. No way out. And no magic can get in or out, either. It’s just you and me until the end.” Without any more words, both auras raised their right hand and fired out a constant stream of magic at each other. The blasts met in mid-air. Each was trying to make their blast reach the other. It was a classic battle of strength, a reverse tug-of-war. Everyone watched in amazement as the auras battled it out. Everyone seemed to realize that this was the end. Whoever won would claim all. Before everyone’s eyes, the red magic began edging towards the green aura. The good Harry was winning. But the evil Harry was plotting. He suddenly launched a sphere of magic from his left hand. Everyone watched in horror as the green sphere approached the red aura. The horror changed to amazement as the red aura caught the magic in its hand and absorbed it slowly. The evil Harry, sensing defeat, brought his other hand to his right and doubled the force of his magic. The good Harry mimicked the motion, and all that was accomplished was to magic the streams of magic more powerful. The magic stopped moving now, as the beams were equally powerful. Seconds felt like minutes to all who watched. The fate of the earth was held in the balance of this one battle. Without warning, the red aura closed its eyes, a peaceful look on its face. He began to chant strange words in a language no one had ever heard. Cara ewyllysia choncra pawb. Cara ewyllysia choncra pawb. Cara ewyllysia choncra pawb. With each repetition, his magic gained more and more strength. And right before the magic reached the obviously fearful face of the green aura, the good Harry yelled at the top of his lungs, “Alwa arnat, asbri chan 'r farw. Anrhega 'm 'r chryfder at anrheithia hon beth.” All noise stopped as shimmering, silver spirits rose from the ground and began touching the good Harry, infusing him with their strength. The students could recognize Dumbledore, Sirius, James and Lily Potter, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Helga Hufflepuff among the spirits. With the power of the spirits, the good Harry forced his magic into and around the evil Harry, destroying him for good. The somewhat faded red aura then made its way back to the body before reentering it. Harry got up and walked to McGonagall. “Don’t worry,” said Harry. “He’s gone for good.” With that, Harry collapsed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There's still two more chapters and an epilogue to go, so keep on reading. I'll post as soon as I can. Sorry, but I don’t have time to respond to your reviews. I’m about to drop dead from lack of sleep. I’ll respond in my next post. Thanks to everyone who is reviewing out there. You guys are the greatest. Thanks. Oh, and guess the language and translation, and you get huge brownie points, because I've lost the sheet I wrote it down on. I have a general idea of the translation and I think I know what the language is, but I'll look for that sheet. Thanks one last time.

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