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AN: Hey couldn’t wait any longer to get this chapter out cause I really want to know what everyone thinks. I believe it’s the longest chapter yet. That would be one reason why I ended the chapters where I did. I worked really hard on this one so I hope you enjoy it. I want lots of responses or reviews to give me the strength and courage to keep writing. So please review and it would be nice to see new names up as well as the regulars that I enjoy so much. Some of you were wanting or demanding ‘Ginny’s kiss” well Thou shall receive. ````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Chapter 18 –The Ball is bouncing Harry walked over to where Molly had just begun dancing with Arthur. He tapped on Arthur’s shoulder. “May I cut in?” “Harry I guess it wouldn’t be very nice of me to say no to the birthday boy now would it?” Arthur smiled and gave his wife a small bow before walking away. Harry took Molly’s hand and proceeded to step on her foot. “Ah, sorry I’m not very good at this.” Harry apologized. “Nonsense Harry, with a little practice you’ll be fine.” She gave him a pat on the shoulder and they danced for a bit. “I wanted to thank you for doing all of this for me. You know I’ve never had a party before and this is great.” Yes, normally Harry would have hated being the center of attention, but tonight here with his family, he felt somewhat comfortable. Everyone was there just to be a part of his birthday, not expecting anything of him, other then to have a good time. Molly gave him a big motherly hug. “FLASH!” Harry looked around and saw that Colin just took his picture. He’d have to remember that and see if he could get a copy for himself and for Molly. “By the way Harry, you wouldn’t mind if I gave you a birthday kiss would you?” Molly asked with a soft smile. Harry jerked his head up with a shocked expression on his face. “Oh don’t worry Harry, I meant on the cheek.” Molly grinned. Harry nodded and Molly gave him a motherly kiss on the cheek. “I hope you have a great birthday.” Molly said as the song ended. “I already am.” Harry replied. Harry spent a while talking with his friends when Lavender, Pavarti, and Padma walked over to where he was talking to Ron, Dudley, and Neville. “Hi Harry, could we talk to you for a minute?” Lavender said. “Sure.” Pavarti took his hand and lead him to an empty corner. “What did you want to talk to me about?” Harry asked. “We just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.” Pavarti said as she advanced on him. “Oh,” Harry realized too late what he was in for. First, Pavarti attacked his lips, and before he could recover Padma took her place, and then Lavender. “Happy Birthday Harry,” they said in unison before walking away. A very disheveled Harry walked back to Ron, Neville, and Dudley in a daze. They were all laughing heartily at Harry’s state. “Gee, I wish it was my birthday.” Neville stated just as Remus walked over to the group. “What’s the count now Harry?” “Eight, I guess.” Harry answered. “Who?” Ron and Neville asked at once. “Let’s see, first, Fluer, Luna, Tonks, Hermione, your mum, and then those last three.” “Mum!” Ron exclaimed as he was taken aback that his mum would do that. “Don’t worry Ron, it was on the cheek.” “That’s a good start.” Remus grinned and walked away. At this point the band stopped playing, and Harry could see Fred and George upon the stage as the lights came up. “Attention, Attention.” Fred started. “At this point we would like to present Harry with his present from us.” George said. “We have created a new item for communication that will help control the interception of messages with the owls.” Fred said. “We copied the idea from the things that muggles use, thanks to the help of Dudley who introduced us to the muggle technology.” George stated. “With that, may we introduce the Palm Owl.” They said in unison as they pulled the cloth covering the item on the stool that they had carried with them onto the stage. “This works on a system of spells unlike what the muggles have. You set an address into the owl to use as your identification much like a house address. You can also have more than one for different contacts.” Fred said. “The address you use will magically link with only you, so no one else can access it, also these palm owls come in variety of colors.” George added. “We therefore present Harry with two of these palm owls. One for him and one he can give to a friend.” Fred said. They then waved Harry up to them. Harry went up taking the offered palm owl George held out to him. It was green and indeed shaped like the outline of an owl. It had a few different buttons beneath a parchment like area; there was also an attached quill to write with. Buttons to create an address and to send and receive messages. “Thanks,” said Harry as he took the two palm owls the twins gave. “We will be taking orders for these for anyone interested.” Fred said. “Now, on with the ball,” George said. Out of the corner of his eye Harry spotted Ginny. He realized that he hadn’t seen her yet. She looked beautiful. Although he’d seen her in the dress before he thought she was even prettier with her hair done up with the ringlets framing her face. “Hi Harry.” Came a voice bringing him out of his thoughts. “Hi, Cho,” Returned Harry. “Would you like to dance?” “Um, Okay.” Harry replied. They went to the middle of the dance floor, and they began to sway to the music. “I never really apologized by the way I acted on our date. I shouldn’t have gotten so jealous of you friendship with Hermione. She’s dating Ron now I hear.” Cho said. Harry nodded. “I also wanted to apologize for Marietta. She was under a lot of pressure from her parents and feels really bad for what she did.” Harry didn’t respond so she added. “You know that her face is still broken out although, the word sneak has faded a little. She even saw a couple of Mederwitches and they couldn’t find anything.” Harry laughed. “She’ll probably have to ask Hermione for help.” Said Harry. The song was coming to an end. So, Cho decided to make her move. She leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Surprisingly Harry felt himself responding to the kiss, so she deepened it wrapping her arms around his neck. It wasn’t like the wet kisses from before when she was usually crying. This thought snapped Harry back to reality, and he pulled away. Cho just smiled at him and wished him a happy birthday. Harry didn’t see that a certain red head had been witness to the event. Harry barely made it from the dance floor when he was stopped by Hannah and Susan who both wanted to kiss him a happy birthday as well. When the two had finished he went to get himself a drink. He walked to the drink table where there was a supply of different drinks. He saw there was a bottle of Ogden’s, and quickly poured a glass drowning it quickly before grabbing a butter beer. He was about to leave the table, but when he turned around, Hagrid and Madame Maxime was blocking his way. “Hi Hagrid, Madam Maxine,” Harry said. “Looks like yer not lacking for female company tonight Harry.” Hagrid laughed. “Yeah, it’s the whole birthday tradition.” Harry explained going a bit pink in the cheeks. “Awe, nize to zee tradizions being up held.” Madame Maxine said and with that put her overly large hands on each side of Harry’s head and bent down and kissed him. Her lips covered over half of Harry’s face, who closed his mouth, and squeezed his eyes shut waiting for the assault to end. “Now that’s one you’ll remember Harry.” Hagrid laughed as they walked away. Harry finally let out his breath that he was holding. That’s it. I’ve got to avoid situations like that. Harry thought, at that moment someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to see Professor McGonagall and Professor Sprout. “AH.” Harry squeaked and he fled in the other direction. “Nervous little chap.” Sprout chuckled. “Yes well I’ll just have to tell him about getting the quidditch banned lifted later.” McGonnagall shrugged. The dance held strong until about ten thirty and Harry successfully avoided any more “birthday” advances. He finally cornered Ginny who seemed to be avoiding him. “Ginny, you haven’t danced with me.” “I thought you had enough dance partners,” she said bitterly “Well, yeah, but, I thought.. um, with us being friends and all…” Harry trailed off at with a hurt look in his eyes. “Why don’t you go find Cho?” Ginny said as she turned and hurried away. “What’s wrong with her?” Ron asked, who just arrived. “Not sure. I think she’s avoiding me, and then she says to find Cho, which doesn’t make any sense because she’s going out with Corner.” Harry said without taking a breath. “Didn’t you hear Harry? They broke up.” Ron said. In the mean time, Hermione found Ginny in the hall coming back from the lavatory. “Gin, is something wrong?” Hermione asked. “I think Harry’s back together with Cho.” Ginny said. “What? Why would you think?” Hermione asked. “Well, I saw them dancing and she kissed him.” Ginny said in a huff. Hermione started to laugh, which made Ginny scowl. “Didn’t you see almost all the girls kiss him?” Hermione chuckled. “What are you talking about?” Ginny said, who was getting angrier by the moment. “Don’t you know about the tradition that it’s good luck to give birthday kisses? Even I gave him one, which didn’t make Ron to happy.” Hermione laughed. “Oh, so that’s it.” Ginny’s eyes perked up getting an idea. “You’ll have to get him by surprise because he’s started avoiding the rest of the girls. I even saw him running away from McGonnagall.” Hermione said still giggling. “I think I have an idea, but we might need to gather some help on this.” Ginny said raising her brows. Harry looked around the room noticing that Dudley looked very comfortable talking to Luna and then he spotted the most disgusting sight. His aunt was dancing looking like she was having the time of her life. That wasn’t the bad part. The problem was she was dancing with Snape, and worst of all he was smiling. A lot of the adult guests were beginning to leave when Fred and George came over to Harry. “Harry how about we move our little party into the lounge?” Fred said. “Why? What do you have in mind?” Harry asked. “Just us younger ones, getting more comfortable,” George was interrupted by Fred. “Yeah, change out of dress robes and get more casual.” “Then we can play a few games and stuff.” George said. “Um, ok.” Harry had about enough of the dance and it sounded good to get out of his dress robes. “We’ll spread out the word.” Fred said. “Oh, but Harry first there is someone who wants to have a word with you.” George continued, giving Harry one of his wicked smiles, and pointed behind him. “Hi, Harry.” Harry heard three distinct voices behind him, the ones he had so far managed to avoid. The girls attacked him and pinned him to the floor. “I believe our snitch is caught.” Angelinga said, giving him a very savage yet enticing kiss. “Thought our seeker could out run the chasers did you?” Alicia said taking over where Angelina left off. “I think Gryffindor scores.” Katie said moving in. “WOW,” was all that Harry could manage. It felt like each one had competed to out do the other. The twins reached down and pulled Harry up to his feet trying to steady him. They broke out laughing at the goofy and dazed look on his face. “I wouldn’t mind having a go at that.” Fred said, hollering to the girls. “Yeah, didn’t you know it’s my birthday too?” George said. The girls just smiled and thanked them for distracting Harry. “Snap out of it mate.” George said giving Harry a nudge. Harry regained his senses and blushed profusely. After saying good-bye to a few of the guests Harry turned to head out of the ballroom to go change. “Harry,” Molly called. “you have my ok to continue the party with just you younger ones, but please promise you won’t stay up too late and don’t let the twins get up to too much, will you dear?” “Sure, I’ll try.” Harry responded. He knew that there was no way the twins would listen to him even if he tried. He ran up to his room and not knowing how comfortable he should get Harry pulled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and went down to the lounge. Fred and George had the place set up with most of the room empty except for lots of poufs to sit on. They had snacks on the table with butter beer and fire whiskey. A few were gathered there occupying some of the poufs. Harry went over to talk with a few of the guys. “Harry, how many did you get?” Smith asked. “Get what?” “Come on, we know about the tradition. How many kisses did you get?” Justin questioned. “Oh, let’s see,” Harry started ticking off names in his head. “Fifteen, I think.” “Good show,” George said. “Who was the best?” “Well, that’s hard to say, but I think it would have to be when I got tackled by Angelina, Alica, and Katie.” “They tackled you?” Dean laughed. All the boys were laughing. “So, who was the worst?” One of them asked. “Oh, that’s easy,” Harry cringed at the thought. “Madame Maxine.” “She’s not that bad looking.” Neville said, and a few of the other boys nodded and snickered. “No, but she’s so big I thought she would suck my whole face in.” Harry laughed. Harry wasn’t usually one to sit and gossip with the boys, but tonight was just different. He felt happy and the comrade just felt nice. Their discussion broke up when more people came in and within a few minutes George called everyone’s attention. “Everyone gather around. Can everyone see me? Can everyone hear me?” George did his best Lochart impression. “We are all going to play a little game. So, after you grabbed your drinks and snacks, find a pouf on the floor.” There was a scrambled as everyone did as they were told, eager to know what they were going to do. “Alright, we have a new game that is just in the testing phase so tonight we’re going to try it out.” Fred said, who casually winked at Hermione. “It is called Do What You’re Told, until we can find a better name.” George said. “In this bag are bits of parchment that will tell you to do something or answer a question. If you refuse to Do What Your Told, or lie you’ll have to take off an article of clothes, socks and jewelry don’t count.” Fred stated. “Everyone in?” George asked. No one seemed to want to leave so they began. “Harry since you’re the birthday boy, you go first.” George held out the bag to Harry. Harry took out of piece of paper. He read it aloud at Fred’s prompting. Whom in this room do you fancy? It read. Harry’s cheeks turned pink. He couldn’t say that. “I refuse to answer.” Harry said. He took a big drink from his glass of fire whiskey. “Well, then” Fred prompted. “Ok.” Harry said and he took off his shirt, there were a few gasps that came from some of the girls. “Now, pick someone to go next.” George said grinning. “Ok, Ron.” Harry said. “Give the closest person to you a raspberry on their tummy.” Ron read, “Ok Hermione, lift up your shirt.” She reluctantly did and burst into giggles as he attempted to do what was instructed. Hermione went next. “Whisper suggestive words in the ear of the person across from,” Hermione went over to Ernie and started to whisper, Ernie’s eyes widened and pink tinged his cheeks. Hermione chose Ginny to go next. She read, take the third person of the opposite sex to your right into the closet and snog them for ten minutes. Her face turned red as she counted the people. “That would be Harry; he’s the third male on your right.” Hermione said eagerly. Fred and George started bickering quietly back and forth. All that anyone could make out was would you rather her take off her clothing. “Ok Gin, what’s your choice?” Ginny looked at Harry who said with a smile, “You haven’t given me a birthday kiss yet.” “Alright, then.” She said as she stood up and walked to the closet. Hermione had to stifle a giggle. No one knew she had taken that piece of parchment when she asked the twins to invent the game. Harry followed Ginny to the closet and went in after her. A couple of minutes went by in silence. The closet was very dark, so the couldn’t see how nervous the other was. “Ginny.” Came Harry’s voice. “Yeah,” Ginny said. “Are you mad at me?” “No, I just didn’t know about the whole birthday kiss thing, and I didn’t want to see you make the same mistake with Cho.” Ginny was glad that he couldn’t see her face, and figured out she was lieing. “So, how about that kiss?” Harry shocked himself with his boldness. Maybe it was the fire whiskey combined with the darkness. “Ok.” Ginny said as she moved closer. They were now standing what would have been face to face, if it hadn’t been for the difference in height. “So, come here often?” Harry asked, and then thought, ok now that was bad. “Shush, Harry.” Ginny told him as she placed her hands up around his neck. Harry leaned down as she rose up. Their lips met in a soft tender kiss. Harry felt his stomach do a little flip flop and tightened his grip around her waist pulling her against him. Ginny gave a little moan as he did this which encouraged him to intensify the kiss. (He had learned a lot tonight on the art of kissing.) Ginny pressed herself closer, as she felt his lips part and his tongue caress her bottom lip seeking entrance. She accepted his silent request by parting her lips and meeting his probing tongue with her own. Harry began to feel a fire burn within him. As the kiss turned from tender to passion, he broke the kiss with the need for air. He could feel her hot breath on his neck sending shivers through him. He bent his head and began trailing kisses from her ear down her neck making her moan in pleasure. “Bang” “Bang” the noise came from the door and a shout from one of the Weasley’s. “Oi Potter, get your lips off our sister.” They sprang a part; their nervousness was coming back with a vengeance. “Um,” Ginny said. “Sorry about that.” Harry stammered. The door flung open; luckily the light was dim, but still made them squint. They hurried over to their seats their faces blazing red. There were quite a few snickers and laughs. “Ok Ginny, pick someone to go next.” George said wanting to get away from the subject of his sister snogging. “Right, I pick Fred.” Fred reached his hand into the bag, do a strip tease down to the underwear. “Cool, girls gather round.” Fred said. He waved his wand, which made music come from the stereo. He did a lavish dance removing his articles of clothing, as enticingly as he could. He threw them to several of the girls. This earned him quite a few ooh’s and ahh’s, along with a lot of giggles. From the male population he earned cat calls, with snickers and laughs. He finally made it down to his boxers. The crowd grew sill before erupting in laughter, whistles, and cat calls. Fred took a bow. “You can thank Harry for the new line of boxers.” Harry looked over to get a better look at Fred, they were lime green with little swishing wands shooting blue sparks, and at this point Fred leaned over so everyone could read the words across his bum, ‘Wizards Do It Better’. Harry laughed but was also a little pink in the cheeks since he was given credit for the new line. From here Fred chose George, who had to serenade to a girl of his choice. He chose Alicia and sang, “If you want my body.” He then chose Dudley to go next. Dudley’s note read, tell everyone your worst fear. He hesitated a bit, he wasn’t sure which would be worse to admit, his fear or the consequences of lieing. “I guess not to fit in and have everyone laugh at me.” He said as his voice trembled. Harry understood and gave him a pat on the back. George helped out in getting the subject changed. “Ok Dudley, pick the next victim.” He chose Luna. Pick any person in the room to take to the closet, Luna read. Her eyeballs rolled around giving everyone a look before saying, “Well I’ve never kissed a muggle before.” She got up and walked over to Dudley. It took him a second to think and then his eyes got big when he realized he was the only muggle there. “I want to know if muggles kiss and differently.” She held out her hand to Dudley, who was shocked to say the least. She led him to the closet. Fred yelled, “Luna why don’t you pick the person to go next now?” She named Zacharias before she closed the door. Zach pulled out his note and read, are you a virgin? His eyes got big and he stammered. “Um, well of course not.” He always heard the other boys’ brag of conquests. There was a loud pop followed by some gasps and snickers, only his socks were left, and they were smoking. He noticed his nakedness and ran from the room. “We need to work on the lieing charm.” Fred and George said in unison. The game continued and everyone continued playing. When Cho’s turn came she got another snogging note. She chose Harry, who reluctantly followed her to the closet. Cho opened the door to find Dudley and Luna snogging passionalty. “Sorry guys, time’s up.” Everyone laughed about how they forgot about the two of them. Dudley stumbled out of the closet disheveled and dazed, but very happy. Cho pulled Harry into the closet and immediately attacked him. Her kisses are nice thought Harry but after Ginny they didn’t compare and withdrew from the assault on his lips. When Harry got back to his seat he looked at Ginny whose eyes were blazing with anger. She knew it was only a game, but couldn’t help feeling jealous. By the time the game was over everyone had spent time in the closet at least once; Neville was paired off with Hannah. Ginny was chosen by Dean and also Terry. Hermione was paired with Fred, much to the dislike of Ron. Hermione did her best not to let Ron know that she enjoyed it. Are all the Weasley’s good kissers she wondered? By three o’clock everyone was knackered and headed off to bed. Harry thought he saw Angelia go toward the twin’s room, while George went to the girls. When he made it to the third floor hallway he saw Ginny and Dean standing by her door talking. He gave her a weak smile before heading to his room. Harry passed Neville in his sitting room, who wished him a good night with the biggest grin Harry had ever seen Neville give. He walked into his room in the dark, leaving his clothes wherever they fell before sliding into bed. Instantly, he knew something was wrong. “I thought we could start off where we left off.” A voice said beside him. xxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxxoooxxx AN: I know the whole e-mail and M-mail thing has been used before. But I liked it. So I am doing it my way and this is owl mail. I also hope you like my game of truth or dare. I just like them a little different. Oh and by the way I AM REALLY SORRY ABOUT THE CLIFFHANGER. HE HE HE (Yavonna falls off her chair laughing). How else am I gonna get you to come back. Oh and only 2 reviews for this site (pitiful). I thought this site was better than that. Individual response: Luna Lovegood: thanks J.: lay off the caffeine will you

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