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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 10 : The End Of An Era

Four boys sat in the corner of the Gryffindor common room. Peter Pettigrew bit down nervously on his lip and glanced at the door every now and then. In his hands, under the table, he held a piece of cheese which he had been nibbling slowly for the past half an hour. Remus Lupin was looking through a potions book anxiously with a slightly mischievous look on his face which some would say was very unlike him. Sirius Black and James Potter sat on the edge of their seats as they watched Remus attentively. Sirius’ eyes were narrowed and his brow furrowed as he watched his friends face for any recognition of triumph. Every now and then he would make a loud gargling noise from the back of his throat and stand, walk over to a bin and spit in to it. Each time Remus looked up from his book disapprovingly and James cringed. James’ fingers were twitching in his lap like a small child dying to touch something he knows he shouldn’t.

A while later and James had turned to pacing the room as Sirius’ spitting increased and Peter was obsessively biting his cheese, so that he was almost nibbling on his fingers. Remus sat calmly in the same chair, the only movement he had made was to turn pages, until a small smirk spread across his face.

“Ahh,” he said slowly and gruffly from the lack of using his voice. James suddenly stopped his pacing and turned eagerly towards the boy who was now wiping off his hands and rising from his seat. Sirius stared wide-eyed as he waited for an explanation of his friends sigh and Peter, who was chewing on his nails now that the cheese was gone, looked between all the boys expectantly. The tension mounted as Remus looked at his friends with an amused look; one would think that he was enjoying the torture he was causing them.

“What?” Sirius suddenly snapped causing all the boys apart from Remus, who seemed to have anticipated this outburst, to jump madly clutching their hearts. Remus chuckled slightly before handing the book to James who raised an eye brow at the context.

“Moony,” he said calmly. “We’ve been sat here for two hours and then you hand me this jibberish?” He eyed his friend suspiciously wondering whether he had really found what they wanted.

“It’s not jibberish, it’s French.” He stated simply as Sirius snatched the book from James’ grasped and twisted it this way and that, trying to interpret what is said. Remus watched his friends closely as they looked at the book from arms length, seeing if it would make a difference.

“How are we meant to do this if it is in French? Couldn’t you find an English one?” Peter asked slowly.

Remus sighed as though sympathising with his friend for not having the skills he did. “The inventor of this potion was French. Therefore, the method was written in French.”

“Then how are we meant to do it!” Sirius asked exasperated as he thought the two hours were wasted. Remus smirked at his friend and shook his head but it was James who picked up on it first.

“Moony! I didn’t know you could speak French mate,” he exclaimed excitedly. Remus blushed slightly but nodded his head, he went to explain but Sirius jumped in with an unconvinced tone.

“He can’t speak French,” Sirius said with a laugh. Remus seemed slightly taken aback but recovered nonetheless.

“Actually, I can.” He stated and at Sirius’ disbelieving face he continued. “I was fostered once by a family who spent winter skiing in France,” he told them. “I would go to the school there for a couple of months and just picked up on the language I suppose. I guess being a wizard gave me some privilege in learning it because everyone said I picked it up exceptionally well.” He smiled seeming quite proud with himself and Sirius let out a high whistle.

“You’re cleverer than I thought,” he whispered. Remus bowed he head a little before retrieving the book and scanning over it slightly. Sirius looked at James.

“How did you realise he could speak French then?”

“Well, how could he have found the potion if he couldn’t?” He asked looking around absent-mindedly. Remus looked up from the book and smiled, Peter seemed oblivious to the whole situation and Sirius stared at his friend dumbly.

“Wow,” he breathed. “You’re cleverer than I thought too.” James ran a hand through his hair and smirked at his reflection in the window.

“Doesn’t make him any less vain though.” The mumbling came from somewhere behind the boys and they all spun around suddenly. Lily Evans sat in a secluded corner with her head buried in a book. She looked up at the feeling of their eyes on her and raised her brows. “What?” She asked slowly, looking around.

“When did you get here?” James asked.

“About an hour ago,” she said as she shut her book and placed it neatly in her lap. “And I must say boys; it’s been fun watching you all get worked up. Now all I need to know is what you were getting worked up over?” She worded it cleverly and Peter opened his mouth to answer before Remus slapped a hand to it.

“Lily,” he said sweetly. “How’ve you been this evening?”

“Don’t try and get out of this Remus,” she warned amusedly. “I like you and trust me, you don’t want to jeopardise that. Ask James what it’s like to have me hate you.”

“You don’t hate me Lilikins,” James said simply with a wide smirk. Lily opened and shut her mouth a couple of times seeming unable to retaliate. She wasn’t sure what had happened, usually she would have come back with a great insult, but she blanked. In this time Remus, Sirius and Peter seemed to have lost interest in what was happening but
James just stared wide-eyed back at Lily who was doing her fish impression.

A rare moment was going on between the two and everyone else seemed oblivious to it. Once realising that she looked like a fish, Lily shut her mouth but continued to stare. The smirk was wiped from James’ face now as his features took on a serious expression which held nothing but his feelings for her. Lily once again found she was unable to look away and realised that she had started wondering how some ones eyes could take on the colour of gold. She was curious as to what the look on his face was and wanted to find out before Sirius bounded onto her lap and she was forced to look away as a winded pain hit her stomach.

“Black,” she struggled. “Get off me I can’t breathe,” being crushed under his weight seemed to have knocked her back into her senses and she scolded herself for looking at James for so long. She wondered how long it had been and scolded herself for caring.

“Where’s your darling friend?” Sirius asked looking around as though just by him mentioning her would make her appear in the room. You can imagine the expression on his face as he set his eyes upon the portrait and in through it walked Zayda. Sirius’ eyes lit up as he relieved Lily of his weight and made his way casually over to Zayda.

Lily observed Sirius pretend not to see Zayda as he “accidentally” bumped into her, causing her to drop books all over the floor. Lily narrowed her eyes as a thought entered her mind but she shook it away laughing, knowing it was impossible.

Not even realising at first that Celina had walked into the room, Lily waved her over and patted the seat next to her. Celina’s eyes widened in horror at the sight of her friend and she ran frantically from the room. Lily felt the seat next to her dip down slightly and shut her eyes, expecting it to be James. To her surprise it was Remus who occupied it.

“What’s up with her?” He asked slowly, never taking his eyes away from the portrait hole. Lily bit down on her bottom lip slowly then pouted her mouth.

“I don’t know,” she replied equally as slow. “She’s been like it with me since the other night when she ran from the room crying. You don’t think it’s something I did?” Lily asked worriedly. Remus shook his head and sighed.

“You three are too close not to talk about it,” he told her. Lily smiled.

“I suppose you’re right. I just wish she’d speak to someone, she wouldn’t let Zayda know anything and I haven’t been able to get within three feet of her.” Lily screwed up her face slightly before a small smile spread across her features.

“Remus, you don’t…you couldn’t try and speak to her could you?” She asked with her best attempt at puppy dog eyes. Remus seemed to be thinking about it for just a second before slowly nodding his head. “You’re the best,” Lily said thankfully as she hugged him tightly.

“I just want to know that she’s alright,” Remus replied once again focusing his gaze on the portrait Celina had just exited through. Lily smiled at him although he didn’t notice. She’d noticed his infatuation with her lately and thought they were perfect for each other; Remus just seemed to shy to make the first move.

“I know you do,” Lily whispered. Remus faced her and blushed before rising and heading off after the distraught Celina.

Celina leant back against the portrait hole which she’d just run through. She knew she should confront Lily about what her boyfriend did but she knew she would be devastated. She took deep breaths and walked slowly down the corridor, her eyes focused on her shoes when she heard what sounded like the portrait opening. She kept walking, hoping whoever it was it wasn’t Lily or Zayda and that they wouldn’t try to talk to her.

“Celina.” She heard her name called softly from behind her and she bit back the tears as she turned to face a worried looking Remus. Remus looked into her eyes and noticed that they were full of ready to fall tears; he’d never been around a crying girl before. Actually, that was a lie. A couple of times girls had come crying to him asking why Sirius or James had been ignoring them. But this was different. He knew that whatever was wrong with Celina, it mattered.

Celina couldn’t hold them in anymore as a sob left her mouth and the tears rapidly fell. Remus watched as her body became limp and she looked so vulnerable and fragile. Before he knew it, Remus was at Celina’s side with his arms wrapped around her and her head buried into his chest. He held onto her tightly as he felt her body rack with fresh sobs and he was reassuringly rubbing her back. “It’s ok,” he cooed into her ear.

“N-no…It’s…N-not,” Celina mumbled into his robes. “I-I don’t…Know w-what…to do.” Remus looked down at her as he rubbed her arms lightly.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked slowly, bending slightly so that his eyes were level with hers. Celina’s eyes widened as they glazed over with fresh tears, Remus pulled her into him before she could let them fall and rested his chin on her head. “I’m here if you need to talk,” he said into her hair.

Celina withdrew herself from him and a smile slowly made its way across her face. Remus felt himself blush under her gaze, which Celina found extremely cute.

“It’s Jonathan,” Celina said as she lowered her head to look at her feet. Remus’ heart stopped for a second; she liked Jonathan? That was the only conclusion he could come to. She liked him and was upset because he was with Lily. Maybe he didn’t need to hear this.

“Maybe you shouldn’t talk to me about this problem,” he stated as he turned to walk away.

“Remus please I need to tell somebody.” He turned in surprise at her tone and stared at her avidly. She looked so desperate and in need, he couldn’t turn away. Instead he nodded his head and motioned to a bench situated against the wall. Celina sat down slowly and Remus eventually took a seat next to her, at the other end.

“He tried it on with me,” she said barely audible and became suddenly interested in her fingers.

“I kind of figured that o…What?” Remus shot around to face her and when she lifted her head he saw the streams of tears which fell down her cheeks.

“He asked me to tutor him, and then he tried it on with me,” she repeated slowly. Remus felt anger like nothing he’d ever felt build up inside of him. And Celina must have noticed. “He didn’t harm me Remus, I’m fine,” she said quickly.

Suddenly Remus slammed his hand down on the bench and rose from his seat. “Why didn’t you tell anyone sooner?” He asked angrily.

“I don’t know,” Celina replied rising from her seat and walking over to him. “I just…I suppose I wanted Lily to know first but couldn’t find the right words to tell her.” She sat down exasperated and Remus took the seat next to her.

“You have to tell her,” he began. “You know that right?” Celina sighed and nodded her head.

“I hate him,” she whispered as fresh tears ran down her cheeks. Remus scooted closer to her and wrapped his arms around her; she immediately leant into him and closed her eyes, taking in his scent. She felt she could have stayed that way forever, so did he.

Eventually Celina lifted her head to look at him,” you’re the best Remus,” she whispered to him. He smiled back at her.

“That’s the second time I’ve been told today,” he said back.

“Yes,” Celina began as she nuzzled her head into the crook of his neck. “But I needed to let you know that I truly think you are the best.” Remus lifted his head slightly and looked down at her, a confused look on his face. However he decided he’d ponder over what she had said another time; right now, he was happy the way they were.

“ZaydaIneedtotellyousomething,” Celina mumbled quickly as she pulled Zayda into the girls’ common room.

“Excuse me?” Zayda said amusedly as she watched her friend fumble with her fingers.

“I need to tell you something,” Celina repeated in a whisper as she brought her gaze up to meet her friends. Zayda pouted her mouth slightly and pulled her friend into her arms, hugging her tightly. When she let her go she pointed to her bed which they both sat on crossed legged.

“Is this going to be the reason why you have been so distant lately?” Zayda asked slowly. Celina nodded her head and Zayda sighed. “I think I know what it is Celina and I want you to know, I will always be here for you.” Celina looked at her friend and sucked her bottom lip; how could she know?

“Have you done a test?” Zayda asked after a few minutes pause. Celina furrowed her brow.

“A test for what?” She asked confused.

“To find out if you’re pregnant?” Zayda answered unexpectedly. Celina clasped a hand to her mouth as it dawned on her what her friend thought. She couldn’t hold back the chuckle that left her mouth.

“I’m not pregnant Zayda,” she stated amusedly. “That’s not what I wanted to tell you.”

“Then what is it?” Zayda asked exasperatedly throwing her hands up. Celina pushed her tongue into her cheek then pushed her lips together stubbornly. “Celina?” Zayda prompted.

“Jonathan, Lily’s Jonathan, he…He tried it on with me.” Zayda’s eye brows almost disappeared into her hair at this piece of information and it wasn’t until Celina coughed irritably that she regained her composure.

“Does Lily know?” Was the first thing she asked. Celina shook her head and bit down on her bottom lip. “But you’re going to tell her soon right?”

“Of course,” Celina nodded. “In fact I think I’m going to find her now.”

“No need,” a voice came from the door as it opened; Lily stood there looking somewhat upset. “I-I heard everything,” she said slowly. Celina’s eyes filled up once again and Zayda was immediately at Lily’s side with a hug.

Celina watched from the bed; she figured Lily would be angry with her now. Lily looked over Zayda's shoulder to survey Celina, she looked so worn out. “Oh come here,” she said as she ran over to her and pulled her into her arms. “This isn’t your fault,” she whispered into her hair.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner,” Celina apologised. “I didn’t want to have to upset you.” Lily looked down at her feet and Celina noticed the glassy look her eyes had taken, she took her hands in hers.

“Listen Lily, he’s a jerk. Not only did he try to cheat on you, but he tried it with one of your best friends. He’s obviously not worth it.” Lily laughed slightly as she wiped the back of her hand over her eyes, smudging mascara across her cheek in doing so. She ran her tongue across her teeth to stop the tears from falling and looked at her friends.

“Wanker,” she whispered blushing slightly as she swore not very often. Amused chuckles issues from her friends and soon enough they were in hysterics. Lily breathed unevenly as she clutched her aching stomach but reality soon came back to her. “I need to talk to him.”

“Lils,” Zayda began. “Why should you give him the satisfaction of any of your time?”

“I’m going to break up with him,” she stated determinedly.

“Hey Lils,” an oblivious Jonathan greeted as he slung his arm over Lily’s shoulders. The disgust was clearly evident on her face as she picked up his hand between two fingers and threw it off of her.

“Don’t. You. Hey. Lils. Me!” Lily responded through gritted teeth. Jonathan took a step back wearily until he saw Celina appear from the girls’ stairs and his eyes narrowed to her.

“Lily, don’t listen to a word she said,” he demanded. Bad move; no one demands things of Lily Evans.

“And why not?” She asked, poking him hard in the chest so that his face screwed up. “Why should I not believe my best friend of 6 years when she tells me that my boyfriend of barely a month has tried cheating on me, huh?”

“Lils let me explain…”

“DON’T CALL ME LILS!” Lily screamed as loudly as she could. Alice’s hands flew to her ears and she reminded her self why she never got on Lily’s bad side.

This outburst had called the attention of everyone in the common room. Of course, that included all four Marauders. Sirius sauntered over to the scene calmly and looked Jonathan up and down before whispering, “Well, it was nice knowing you.”

James walked up behind him but instead faced Lily with a worried expression. “What’s up?” He asked slowly.

James Potter this is none of your business!” She replied in a raised tone. James’ eyes narrowed before he caught on to what must have been happening and he quickly rounded on Jonathan.

“I told you if you hurt her I’d kill you,” he whispered threateningly in his face. Jonathan retreated slightly but returned the stare and was going to retaliate before Lily’s hand gripped tightly around his wrist.

“I don’t need your help,” she snapped to James as she dragged off Jonny. “We’ll talk about this is private,” she said icily back to her now ex-boyfriend. Lily flicked her wand near the stairs which shone for a second, securing them so that they did not turn into a slippery slope when Jonathan tried ascending them. She pulled him into the girls’ dorm and slammed the door behind her.

“What was all that about?” Peter asked cautiously, breaking the silence. Sirius laughed and ruffled his hair before flinging himself into a chair and throwing his legs over the arm.

“Let’s just say Red’s going to be single soon. And that poor boy’s going to be dead.”

“Oh he’s hardly a poor boy,” Remus voiced. “You don’t know the half of what happened.” He looked over at Celina proudly. James screwed up his face in confusion and Alice laughed.

“We have to make sure that whatever Lily does to him, it doesn’t secure her a nifty sentence in Azkaban. But, if you follow us, we’ll tell you the whole story,” she said excitedly as she turned and followed Lily’s path up the stairs. The boys looked at each other for a second before following suit; each one stopping near the bottom of the stairs and stepping carefully onto them, knowing only too well the pain it caused sliding down rough wood.

“So I told Lily and she decided to break up with him,” Celina finished the story of why Lily and Jonathan were arguing. A loud smash came from the toilets were Lily had locked herself and Jonny and all looked to it, laughing.

“Well, I think he’s regretting it now,” Peter giggled once again earning curious looks from everyone in the room.

“And he damn well should be un-all!” James said furiously rising from his seat and clenching his fists. He had sat quietly through the whole story as his anger steadily rose. “How could he do such a thing to Lily? I don’t understand,” he half whispered. Remus smiled side-ways at him and he noticed a knowing smile playing across Zayda’s face aswel. Zayda, having noticed Remus’ sly smile looked at him confused before her eyes widened. Remus shook his head at her and brought his finger to his lips as though to tell her to keep quiet and Zayda nodded her head slowly, slightly shocked by the piece of information that she thought she had found out.

“How long have they been in there?” Sirius asked suddenly as a loud grumbled filled the room. He smiled embarrassedly before indicating to his stomach, “I’m starving.”

“Padfoot it’s been half hour and it’s also been about that long since you last ate too,” Remus pointed out.

“It’s been that long!?” Sirius asked in shock.

“Ye, Lily must have a lot to say,” Celina said quietly.

“I don’t care about that,” Sirius responded brushing what she had said aside. “I just can’t believe I haven’t died from hunger going that long without food!” A pillow flew across the room and smashed into the side of Sirius’ head, causing him to fall off the bed. Zayda ducked behind hers before a pillow hit her and she rose up slowly, hoping not to be the target of a pillow attack.

“Ok, stop flirting I think I heard the door unlock,” James piped up.

“We were not…” Zayda began but shut up when the bathroom door swung open. A very flustered looking Jonathan walked out and his head snapped up at the sight of Lily’s friends. He gave them all a small smile before turning to Celina.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what i…”

“Uh huh,” she replied before he could finish. Jonny nodded and went to walk out only to be called back by James.

“Ye?” He asked slowly, now stood in the door way. Lily emerged from the bathroom and watched the scene in front of her.

“Well,” James began. “I think I speak for us all when I say…” He slammed the door in Jonathan’s faced and wiped off his hands before turning to face the room of amused faces. “It just had to be done,” he answered their looks and shrugged.

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