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*the plot and oc's are mine, the rest belongs to J.K.

It was mid October and Shay and Sirius had been going out for a couple weeks. They were inseparable. Of course this meant Shay would get howlers and random attacks from Sirius's stalkers, but she didn't care. She had never been that popular with other girls anyway. She and Sirius were together and that was all that mattered. They would regularly disappear from the group, but they would only kiss. Shay said she wanted to take it slow, so of course she wasn't going to jump into sex right away and Sirius understood.

"Sirius, we have to get to class," Shay laughed while Sirius kissed her neck.

"Aw, come on. McGonagall won't even miss us."

"Sirius the only teacher that wouldn't miss us is Binns. He doesn’t even know that we exsist. He calls you Stephen and me Sally."

"Fine, let's go."

They walked to the Transfiguration room, hand in hand, fingers intertwined.

"So glad that you could find time in your busy schedule to come to class," McGonagall said sternly.

"Sorry Professor, we lost track of time."

"I will let it pass this time, but if it happens again, it will be points. So I suggest getting a watch."

McGonagall started to walk away but then turned back around.

"Here, I almost forgot. These are from Professor Dumbledore."

She handed Shay and Sirius a letter. Shay sat down and opened her letter and read it.

Miss Calhoun,

As I had told you, this letter is a two week notice to out meeting. Be at my office October 27th, at 7:00 P.M. The password will be chocolate frogs. Do not let anybody get a hold of this letter.

Albus Dumbledore

Shay looked over at Sirius's letter and it said the same thing. Shay had forgotten about Dumbledore's meeting. All she could think about was what Dumbledore wanted. Shay looked back at James and Remus.

"Did you guys get a letter?" Shay whispered.

"Yea, we got ours at lunch but you guys weren't there. Where were you?" James asked.

"We got sidetracked."

Shay, Sirius, Peter, and Niki were in the common room trying to get homework done. Remus and Lily went to the library and Lily dragged James along with them.

"Why do they make homework so hard?" Peter asked and laid his head down on his book.

"Why didn't we go to the library with the smart ones?" Niki asked.

Peter pointed over at Shay and Sirius. Niki looked over at the kissing couple and through a pen at the back of Sirius's head.

"What was that for?" Sirius asked trying to catch his breath.

"We are supposed to be doing homework."

"Niki if Remus was here, you guys would be doing the same thing," Shay said then started kissing Sirius's neck.

"Ugh! Come on Peter let's go to the library."

They grabbed their stuff and headed out leaving the kissing couple alone. Shay was still on his neck.

"What are you doing?"

Shay didn't answer for a few seconds then she stopped and gave him a mirror.

"This is what I'm doing."

Sirius looked in the mirror and found a huge hickey on his neck.

"Shay! Everybody's going to be able to see that!" he said trying to be mad but started laughing.

"Hey, now everybody will know that you're mine. Sort of like I branded you."
"Oh really. So what do I get to do to you?"

"Um…you get to admire my beauty," Shay said jokingly.

"Well I have something else in mind."

Sirius kissed her deeply and Shay laid back on the arm of the couch. She was putting her hands through his hair and he touched her lips with his tongue, asking permission to enter. But they were interrupted by a tapping on the window.

Shay turned her head to see what it was. It was an owl.

"Sorry babe. I have to get that. It's my brother's owl."

Shay walked over and opened the window. A big brown barn owl flew in and landed on the back of one of the chairs.

"Hello Suzy. What do you have here?"

Shay took the letter off Suzy's leg and gave her a treat. Shay sat on the couch and read her letter.

Dear Shay,

How are you doing? How is school? Is Sirius treating you good? I'm sure he is but it's my brotherly duty to ask. I'm writing to tell you that I'm visiting Hogwarts the 2nd week of November. I will be staying for about a week. Tell everyone I say hi and I will see them soon.

Your Amazing Brother,

"Sirius! Damien is coming to visit!" Shay said excitedly.

"I have to write him back."

Shay grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill and started writing.

Dear Damien,

I'm so excited that you're coming. I haven't seen you in forever. I also can't believe Dumbledore's letting you come. How did you convince him? You will also be able to see our first quidditch match of the year. It's against Slytherin so it's a big one. We have so much to catch up on when you get here and I can't wait!

Your Lovely Sister,

Shay tied the letter to Suzy's leg and sent her off.

"Sirius I'm going to the library to tell everyone the news!"

"Wait! What about me?" Sirius asked.

"Well you can come along if you want."

"No, I mean we were in the middle of something," Sirius said disappointed.

"Sorry, I got stuff to do."

And with that Shay ran out of the room leaving Sirius a little irritated.

"Oh well it's not like we were going to get anywhere," Sirius said and ran after Shay.

The day of the extra Hogsmeade trip had come. Everyone was eating breakfast when the post came. Nobody received any mail except for Lily, who got her Daily Prophet. She looked it over and got a sad expression on her face.

"What is it Lil?" Niki asked.

"15 people were killed yesterday from a death eater attack. Six of them were magical. Nine were muggles and three of the muggles were children."

Everybody was silent for a few minutes.

"This is such bullshit," Shay said suddenly.

"They're killing more and more people and nobody can seem to stop them."

"It's one thing to kill the wizards and witches trying to protect us, even the muggles. But innocent children that don't even have a chance to defend themselves. It makes me sick," Niki said a little shaken.

"Come on you guys, let's try to have some fun today," James said and everyone else nodded their head.

When they got to Hogsmeade, the girls went one way and the boys went the other. The girls entered the dress shop and found it packed with other girls.

"Come on, we have to find our dresses before they have none left" Lily said over the noise.

Niki found her dress right away. It was a beautiful black dress. It was long and a v-neck halter with a diamond pin at the point of the v. Lily was the next one to find a dress. She found an amazing white slip dress with a drape neck and was embroidered with flowers. The dress went perfect with her porcelain doll skin.

Shay took the longest because she didn't wear dresses a lot but when she did; she wanted it to be perfect. It was the pureblood in her. She finally found a dress. It was a gorgeous gold charmese dress that was a halter v-neck and was ruffled on the bottom. They had found their dresses and were ecstatic. They got masks that matched the colors of their dresses. They were almost out of the store with no incidents when they ran into Courtlyn and her friends. They all looked snobby and had an air about them that made people instantly dislike them.

"Where did you get those dresses? From the dumpster out back?" Courtlyn asked and her friends snickered.

"Did you get that dress for the ball or to go stand out on the corner?" Shay asked and turned to leave.

"I see you and Sirius are going out. I didn't know you liked my sloppy seconds."

Courtlyn knew this would piss Shay off. So did Lily and Niki. They both put a hand on her shoulder.

"Shay don't let her get the satisfaction of pissing you off," Niki said.

"Yea, she's just jealous," Lily said.

They started to leave again.

“Oh yea, I’m really jealous of my blood traitor sister and her boyfriend that I got to first. You need to learn how to shut your mouth, you stupid mudblood,” Courtlyn spat out.

Shay’s stomach sank as she watched Lily’s face fall. Shay turned quickly and cursed Courtlyn. The three ran out of the store.

Shay started smiling when she heard screams.

"What did you do to her?" Lily asked.

"I just thought some boils would match her dress well."

Niki started laughing but Lily looked a little disapproving.

"What?" Shay asked.

"Nothing. It's just I could get in trouble for letting you get away with that."

"Lily, I was just giving her what was coming to her. You heard what she said. All I did was make her face match her mouth."

"Shay I don't know…"

"You have to live! Let me tell you something, life is like a buffet and most poor suckers are starving," Shay said.

Lily cracked a smile.

"Yea, I guess so. That was pretty funny. Thanks for getting back at her," Lily said with a small smile.

“Anytime. No one messes with my friends and gets away with it.”

Everyone was walking to Dumbledore's office. It was the night of the meeting. They were all a little nervous but more excited to finally find out what Dumbledore wanted.

"Chocolate frogs."

They walked into his office not to find Dumbledore but six other people.

"What are you guys doing here?" James asked.

He was talking to Marlene, Dory, Benjy, Caradoc, Fabian, and Gideon.

"We got a letter from Dumbledore saying to be here," Benjy said.

"Yea, so did we. What do you think he wants?" Shay asked.

"We've been trying to figure it out, but we have no clue," Marlene said.

"Do you think he knows about the party?" Lily asked worried.

The door opened and Dumbledore walked in.

"Hello everyone and thank you for coming."

He conjured up thirteen chairs.

"You all are probably wondering why you are here. None of you are in trouble."

Everyone took a sigh of relief.

"You are all here because you are the best out of your year. Not just magic skills, but you have people skills, street smarts, loyalty, honesty, and most of all you have courage."

"I have brought you all here because there is a group of people that I have brought together. We fight against Lord Voldemort and his followers. We are called the Order of the Phoenix. All of you would be an excellent addition to the Order."

Everyone's eyes were open with shock.

"Now of course you wouldn't start until after school and there will be training. People may get hurt, some may die. You may lose loved ones and some may have to fight against their own family." Dumbledore said looking at Shay and Sirius.

"You will have the choice on whether you want to be part of this or not. It will not be held against you if you don't. And you all will have till the end of the school year to decide."

"I just have one more thing to say. You must not tell anyone about what we talked about today. These days you never know who could be working with Voldemort. Now good day to you all."

Dumbledore left them all stunned. Nobody knew what to say. This was a lot of information to take in. Shay was the first person to talk.

"Guys, this is a no brainer. We have been talking about getting these bastards for a long time and now we have that chance. I know my answer."

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