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A/N. Thanks to those who reviewed the first chapter. Incase anyone doesn't know, I love reviews :D
I hope you all like this chapter as well.

The Mysterious Book


I would really appreciate it if you could come to the Room of Requirement in about fifteen minutes. If you decide not to…then you won’t ever get your precious diary back.

Your obsessive lover,
James Potter.

Lily Evans crumpled the letter in her hand angrily. Hurriedly she checked her trunk for her diary and when she didn’t find it, she swore under her breathe and stomped down to the Common Room. She was going to kill James Potter this time. The insensitive git!

* * *

The boy in question was currently pacing to and fro in the Room of Requirement. James Potter’s face showed nothing but anxiety as he paced worriedly. His friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew sat watching him. Finally, Remus rolled his eyes and spoke.

“Relax, James, she’ll be here anytime.”

James nodded absentmindedly and looked around the room. It was decorated with heart-shaped balloons and pink confetti which constantly kept falling on their heads before disappearing completely. Sirius had said that girl loved this kind of cheesy stuff and so James had agreed to go with his idea.

The main was very simple. All they had to do was, decorate this room and send a really romantic letter to Lily Evans so that she would be tempted to come here. And then, James could ask her out…again! However, James was hopeless romantic, so Sirius had volunteered to write the letter. Unfortunately, nobody (not even Remus) had thought to read what Sirius had written before sending it to Lily.

But Remus instantly knew that something was wrong when the redhead came charging into the Room of Requirement and started shouting at James.

“You conceited, arrogant, insensitive jerk!” she screamed into his face.

“Evans, what -?” James said, completely clueless as to why she was having a go at him. He was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything wrong this time.

“How dare you steal my diary?” Her hair was standing on end and her and ears had become red in her anger. She thrust the letter into James’ hand.

“What are you talking about, Evans?” James asked, looking stumped. He looked down at the parchment in his hands and straightened it. As his eyes skimmed over the contents of the letter, James’ frown deepened. Finally, he whirled around and glared at a calm-looking Sirius.

“Padfoot!” he said angrily. “Can you explain this to me?”

“Sure,” Sirius said calmly and Remus wanted to strangle him then and there. How could he be so stupid as to get Lily angry on such an important day? He was however held back by Peter, who had been sensible enough not to say anything during all this.

Sirius was speaking again, ignoring the glares that James and Remus were sending him. “Prongs, Evans wouldn’t have come if she didn’t believe that we had one of her possessions,” he explained. He turned to Lily. “Would you have obliged if Jamsie here had written you a romantic love letter?”

“Not on my life,” Lily announced. She was still angry at the Marauders for stealing her diary and didn’t bother herself much by wondering why they wanted her here. “Just give me back my diary!”

Ignoring her last statement, Sirius said, “See? I told you. You should thank me instead of being angry.”

James and Peter seemed satisfied by this but Remus frowned. If he knew Sirius well, this was just another joke for him but then, you never knew what was going on in Sirius Black’s head. His mind worked in strange ways.

“By the way, Evans, your diary is safely lying under your pillow,” Sirius said with a grin. “I never stole it, just hid it.” Lily seemed surprised at this but the scowl never left her face. They had wasted her precious time in which she could have happily finished her Charms homework.

“What did you lot want with me, anyway?” she asked curiously. No harm in asking one more question before making a memorable exit.

“Go ahead, Prongs,” Peter said and Remus and Sirius nodded vigorously. This was James’ chance and no one noticed the room grow slightly dark.

“Er, Evans, will you – what the hell?!” James exclaimed suddenly. The room had gone completely dark and it was slowly starting to whirl round and round, increasing its speed every second. Lily screamed, Sirius yelled out and Peter landed on the floor with a thump. Only James and Remus managed to keep their balance but everyone was feeling very dizzy when the room finally stopped going round and round.

“What happened?” Peter mumbled, getting to his feet. He squinted in the darkness but couldn’t figure where exactly his friends were.

“What’s going on?” Sirius was next.

“I don’t understand…wha -?” Lily’s voice floated through the blanket of pitch black.

“Calm down, everyone,” Remus said. This had never happened before since the Marauders spent so much of their time in this room. “Let’s all look for the door. Once we find it, there will be enough light for all of us to get out of here.”

“Good idea,” came James’ voice. “Always the logical one, aren’t you?”

“Shh,” Sirius suddenly said. “Do you hear that?” He looked around although he couldn’t see anything except pitch black.

They all strained their ears trying to catch any kind of sound or noise but heard nil. “Sirius, you are wasting our time,” Remus said exasperatedly, thinking this was one of his jokes.

“No, seriously, look. Merlin, look at this!” Sirius shouted out. Everyone immediately saw what he was talking about. A tiny glimmer of light shone in the middle of the Room of Requirement and it was growing bigger and bigger every second.

“Oh my!” Lily said, shielding her eyes as a flash of bright light filled the room. And when she opened them again, she almost fell over in shock.

Right there, in front of them was a giant glowing book, open in the middle. It was balanced in a vertical position and it was blank. Lily glanced around at the Marauders, who were squinting at the giant book with their mouths wide open.

“Wow!” Sirius muttered, walking closer to the book. He extended his hand to touch it.

“Don’t,” Remus called out but Sirius ignored him and thrust his hand forward.

“Hey,” he said, staring confusedly at his hand which had passed right through the book. Before he could make any witty comment about it, there was a flash of light and Sirius disappeared.

Remus had no time to ponder whether he was sucked inside the book or had just turned invisible because James immediately charged after Sirius without a second thought.

“James!” Remus shouted, running after him in panic. “Don’t go!” He felt someone following him but didn’t turn to see if it was Lily or Peter. He put a hand on James shoulder, trying to stop him, and at the exact same moment, James thrust his hand in the book too. Both of them, along with the person behind them, disappeared in a flash of light.

Just as the remaining person made to follow the others, there was another bright explosion of light and the book disappeared. A moment later, a very confused and scared Peter Pettigrew stood in the middle of the Room of Requirement with pink confetti falling on his head.

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