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(FYI incase you didn't notice I added two chaps.... Snapes worst Memory was also added) Chapter 17 *I don’t care that you love me. The last week of school had flown quickly, and I was grateful. I was sick of all the rumors and stories that were still flying after the incident with Snape. I was sick of Potter and all of his friends, even Remus. I was tired of Maggie and Addy looking at me like I was from another planet, but most of all I just wanted to go home. I knew my dad needed me. I received another owl, this time from Petunia. I’d never gotten one from her before, and it wasn’t pleasant at all. It told me exactly what I’d expected all along. My mother was still staring into space and not speaking. She’d eaten nothing but mush since the night of the funeral, and they had trouble getting her to eat that. Petunia said that before she had come home the laundry and dishes were piling up, and the house was a mess. She needed help and basically was begging me to come home. I knew what would happen when I got home though. Petunia would sit on her butt and make me do all the work. I’d be mopping, sweeping, cooking and cleaning for the entire break and she would be sneaking out of the house to go see Vernon, her new boyfriend. I shoved a few final things in my trunk, put on a muggle t-shirt and shorts, and then with taking one last look at my home away from home, I left the dorm. I skipped down the stairs and jumped the last 3. Maggie and Adele were chatting at the bottem. “…New York! From there we’re going to Florida to see the remains of Mickey the great, and then to San Francisco! I can’t wait it’s going to be oh so much fun! Mom and Dad said that we’ll be home 2 weeks before school starts, and… oh um hey Lily.” Maggie said as she turned around “Vacationing in America?” I asked “Yes, for six weeks. It’s gonna be great. What are you doing over break?” “Cleaning.” I groaned and they stared at me blankly “My mom’s been sick since my sister… well ya know. The house is falling apart and dad needs my help.” The looks on their faces immediately changed to sympathy. “Oh Lils I’m sorry.” Addy said “yeah me too.” Maggie added “You know, if you want to get away for awhile, you could probably come stay with me…” “Thanks Addy, but my Dad really needs me at home.” *~* The 3 of us boarded the train and went into a compartment that was occupied by Danny, and Katrina. We said brief hellos, and the four of them went into rapid conversations about their Summer plans. After about ten minutes of it I couldn’t take it anymore, and pulled out a copy of “The Qibbler” a magazine put out by a 6th year Ravenclaw, Capri(corn) Lovegood. He was a little strange, as were his articles but they were enough to make me smile. I strained myself to block out what they were saying and concentrate on the task at hand, reading about Blugrow-Yizzies and their return to society. Adele, realizing what I was doing shot me a sympathetic glance but still listened to Katrina tell about her plans to tour Atlantica with her mother. Eventually I had read articles on not only the Blugrow-Yizzies, but the Colley-bobbleducks and the Aylaleap-Sticks. Was I pathetic or what? I shut my eyes. Leaned my head in the corner and began to sleep. I was awakened a few hours later by Adele kicking me in the shin. “Lily wake up!” she shouted “whadyawant?” I asked groggily “To say goodbye, hun, we’re at Kingscross.” “WHAT?” She bent down and hugged me. “Lils I have to go, my mum is waiting. Good luck, if you need me you can write.” “Bye Addy.” I said hugging her back “See ya in September” *~* I walked off the train and got off the platform. I scanned the crowd of parents and spotted what appeared to be my father, looking worse than he had in years. His shirt was torn, his hair was growing past his eyes, he looked as if he’d gained a weight, and smelled as if he hadn’t showered in a few days, “Oh Daddy!” I said sadly as I hugged him. “Yeah I know, not looking my best am I? Hows my baby girl?” Tears welled up in my eyes. He hadn’t called me that since before Pansy had been born. It then hit me that I was once again the baby of the family, and it hurt. An old wound had been broken open, and for some reason it bled worse than it had the first time. *~* My predictions had been entirely correct. I started crying again the minute I saw my mother. She was pale and thinner than I’d seen her in years. She had no expression on her face and didn’t moved except for the occasional eye blink. “Hi mum.” She didn’t respond “Mum?” Still no answer. “Mum it’s me! Mum it’s lily I’m home…” Tears fell down my cheeks at first slowly, but then they began pouring. “Mum… don’t you know who I am?” I felt my dad put his hand on my shoulder, I turned and cried into his shirt. The house, according to Petunia had been practically in ruins when she had returned home, it looked as if she hadn’t lifted a finger, but she insisted that it was better. Dishes were piling in the sink, spiders and bugs could be seen crawling on the floor, mildew had built up in the shower and the toilet smelled horrible. The grass was over grown, the towels in the bathroom were filthy and my dad was running out of clothes… fast! He said he’d been rationing though, after he’d attempted his first load of laundry. He showed me the result to prove he tried. A pile of once white socks and underwear were now purple, a few of his sweaters had shrunk to the point where they could have fit one of my old dolls and his jeans looked as if they could fit a 5 year old. I began working at once. I started with the mildew in the bathroom on the first floor, showed my father how to properly remove it and then sent him downstairs to the second bathroom while I started on the dishes. I scrubbed until my hands were pruny and we were out of soap. “You know if you’re just going to sit there, could you atleast run to the store for some soap?” I asked her “What’s the point? If that stick really works why don’t you just take it and make the dishes ‘magically’ clean themselves?” she taunted “Because I can’t use magic during the holidays.” I grunted “It never stopped you before. Turning tea cups into mice and putting heavy updo’s on our little sister’s head!” she snapped “Just go to the store!” I yelled trying to stop tears from coming down my face. I was tired of crying, it seemed like I was doing an awful lot of it now that I was home. “Make. Me.” “DADDY!” I yelled up the stairs, and he came running. “What’s wrong?” “Make Petunia go to the store! She isn’t cleaning anyway! She isn’t doing anything!” I screamed “and I working so hard that my hands, my feet, and my back are…” “Calm down dear. Petunia please go to the store.” “But dad!” “Now, here’s money, get something for dinner and pick up whatever Lily needs.” I smirked and she grunted as she left the house. The kitchen and the bathrooms were followed by the lawn, the laundry room and the living room. Once dad was shown how to do something, he was able to do it. Petunia just sat there. *~* It had been the third day of my vacation, and my dad had headed back to work at the bank. I was busying cleaning the spider webs from the ceiling when the doorbell rang. “Petunia get the door!” I yelled Slowly she got up and moved herself from the living room where she was reading, to the parlor. I heard the door open and her talking with whoever was there. “…No she can’t have visitors, she’s busy cleaning at the moment.” “Petunia wait! Shut that door and you’re dead!” I yelled down the stairs. “She’ll be right down… wait out here.” I heard her say to whomever my guest was, she was being awfully rude. I was excited! I hadn’t left the house in 3 days, and I knew exactly who was at the door. It had to be Jeremy. Jeremy lived down the street from us, and was my best friend before I left for Hogwarts. I quickly brushed my hair and pulled it into a neat ponytail. Then I hurriedly changed out of my cleaning cloths and into a pair of jeans and a nicer t-shirt… I looked better, but I didn’t have enough time to get as ready as I would have liked. I dashed down the stairs. “Remember…” Petunia hissed “…no boys in the house when dad’s not home!” Yep it was definitely Jeremy. I opened the door and my stomach twisted inside my body. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Standing on my porch was not Jeremy Randiz, it was none other than James Potter. He had on blue jeans and a black t-shirt, his hair was untidy (as usual) and in his hand he held a flower, a lily. “Hello Evans.” He said coolly “James… what are you doing here?” I said still in shock. “Can I come in?” he asked, he didn’t seem like himself. “No, my Dad’s not home.” “Ok then, do you mind if I sit down?” My better judgment told me to tell him to buzz off, but he didn’t seem his normal self, he seemed somehow different. Perhaps more mature… whatever it was, for some reason it convinced me to let him sit. “Alright.” I said hoping I wouldn’t regret this later. He sat down on my porch swing, and against my better judgment (again) I sat down next to him. We sat in silence way to long for my liking so I asked him again. “Why are you here?” “Well, I want to offer a truce.” I glared at him. “I just want to be your friend.” I glared at him again. What was going on in his head? “Look, if we don’t, you’re going to end up killing me one of these days.” I still said nothing. “I want to be friends like you and Moony are.” I was still quiet. “Please?” he asked. What I wanted, was for Potter to stop hounding me, stop cornering me, and maybe I could rub off on him, and he’d stop jinxing people just for fun? Could all of this be achieved just by being his friend? Was it worth a shot? We sat in silence for a long time (again), and then I finally said “Alright. James, I think that would be, er, um nice.” He looked relieved. “Good. So was that your er sister?” he asked causally “Yeah that’s her.” I said unenthusiastically “She seems like a very… um nice person.” “Don’t lie to me Pot… James” “Ok then.” “She’s positive awful, and LAZY! I’ve been cleaning for the past 3 days and she hasn’t lifted a finger!” “Cleaning?” “Yeah, my mom has been sick since my sister… well ya know. My dad isn’t a house keeper, can’t even do his own laundry…” It was awkward, but it was a start. We talked for awhile longer. He would be spending summer break with his mother at Goldfoot Academy in Ireland. We talked about OWLs, and what classes we thought we’d take next year. Then, we talked about Remus and Peter, and Sirius. “He’s really not all that bad… I mean, I’m not as bad as you thought am I?” he asked “No, but he just seems so…” “Perverted? It’s all an act.” “I kinda figured that.” Silence again. Then he did something, that for the first time, I hadn’t expected him to do. He leaned in slowly, a smile spreading on his lips. He put his lips to mine and his arm around my waist. This wasn’t a dream, although it seemed just like it. I didn’t pull back right away, his kiss was warm and comforting… and then it sunk in. I’d actually fallen for his little plan? How could I have been so stupid? I pulled back and slapped him right across the face. “OW!” he screamed “EVANS! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” he asked rubbing the spot where I hit him. “I thought we were friends?” “Potter, I don’t know what you and your friends do when they hang out, but my friends and I don’t kiss each other!” I said furiously still mentally kicking myself for falling for this. “Potter get away from my house now!” I said as I headed to the door. “But Lily, wait…” For some reason I turned around. “I love you… I love you Lily.” He wasn’t cornering me, and he wasn’t trying to get me to go out with him, he was simply stating a fact. I didn’t care, I was so mad and so disgusted with him that I never wanted to see him again. “I don’t care that you love me.” I hissed “What?” he sounded almost sad and hurt, but I didn’t care. I was still so mad at him “I said I don’t care! Now get away from my house before I go get my wand.” I shouted I turned to go inside, he followed me. There was a screen door separating us now. I gave him one more chance. “GET OUT OF HERE NOW!” I yelled. He didn’t budge. “I love you.” He said again, as if hoping I’d give him a different answer. “I don’t CARE!” I shouted for the last time and then, with ‘BANG’ I slammed the door in his face. *~~END OF CHAPTER 17~~* AUTHORS NOTE Ok, I hope that was a good as I hope it is. It's the peak of the story.... and there's only going to be one... or possibly 2 more chapters. I promis to you that I will finish this story before the admin closes this site. Because I'm in such a hurry to post I have not written the Repsonses to the reviews I got for "Carrer Advice" They will be up in a day or 2. Next chapter will be up in a week! luv, *LJ

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