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Okay, so Pirates of the Caribbean was amazing! Definetly the best in the trio, hands down! I saw in at midnight and being like the living dead right now is so totally worth it! A not to those of you who are planning to see it, stay after the credits for an extra scene, it's worth it!

“Of course I’m not angry, why would I be angry?” Kristen asked Lily as they made their way to breakfast the following day. After apologizing to Lily for the horrid things she had said, the two girls had become much closer.

“I don’t know, you’ve always had issues with Gwen. And…well…you get really defensive when Sirius is brought up.”

“I do not! You’re as bad as Remus!” Kristen huffed, trying desperately to ignore the stares that followed her in the Great Hall. Obviously, several students had felt duped by their lack of seeing the freak fest she was putting on the night of the dance.

“Just ignore them,” Lily tried to persuade her, guiding her lightly to a seat by Remus and Sirius.

“I hear you’re telling people that you’re dating my boyfriend.” Gwen shot at her from the other side of Sirius.

“Do you want me to ignore that too Lily, because it’s going to be awfully difficult,” Kristen asked sarcastically, refusing to look at the girl she’s tried her best to avoid since her first year at Hogwarts.

“She is not telling people that Gwen! I have no idea how that rumor started, but I can assure you that it wasn’t with Kristen.” Sirius told Gwen, sounding exasperated.

“You know what, I’m going to end this,” Kristen decided, her surge of adrenaline being the only thing to give her courage as she climbed on top of their table. “Excuse me!” She shouted, beckoning everyone’s attention. “Excuse me! Yeah, I’m the freak from the dance. Okay, now that I have your attention let me properly introduce myself.” People were staring at her with a mix of amusement and total wonder now. “I’m Kristen St.Claire and beside me is Sirius Black. Now I know some of you have heard from a few of my particularly pigheaded friends that Sirius and I are dating. Let me stress the fact that we are not dating, we never were and, Merlin help me, we never will. There is absolutely nothing between us. Thank you.” With that she sat back down, looking flushed but pleased with herself.

“You only made it worse you know,” James told her smugly. “Now even more people are going to hear the rumor and believe it.”

“Not when they see me and Sirius together,” Gwen shot at them, sticking up her nose and grabbing Sirius’s hand.

“She’s a great at snogging,” Sirius whispered to Kristen when he saw her notice his look of exasperation. “That’s why we could never be together.”

“Ew! Do you think I want to know that?” Kristen yelled at him, scooting as far away as possible (which proved not far as Remus was close by) while Sirius laughed at her.

“What did you say? Why are you flirting with Kristen?” Gwen asked suspiciously, looking ravenous.

“Look Gwen,” Sirius began, turning to her. “Firstly, if I was flirting with Kristen, I most definitely would not have just told her that you’re an amazing kisser. Secondly, if you’re going to jump me every time I flirt with a girl, this relationships not going to go to far.”

Gwen immediately began stammering apologizes, her own dignity second to her want of Sirius. “Merlin, I wish I had that power,” James said longingly.

“Don’t we all,” Peter agreed. Kristen rolled her eyes at them.

“Personally,” Here Remus dropped his voice. “I prefer girl with an actual IQ.”

“It doesn’t matter if their pretty,” James said as if Remus was a complete idiot. “You don’t have to talk to them, just snog.”

“Well I’m done here,” Kristen said decidedly. Lily looked at her oddly from a few yards down the table and Kristen was sincerely glad she had not sat with them. James still had made no progress with her and after hearing a comment like that he most likely would have been set back at least three more years.

“Oh, Miss St.Claire, I was looking for you.” Dumbledore said when she passed by him on her way to get her bag.

“Yeah, I kind of thought you would.” Kristen had been dreading this talk ever since she had woken up in the hospital wing.

“I have a meeting at the ministry this Tuesday so I was wondering of Thursday would be okay for our meeting.”

Kristen crinkled her eyebrows in confusion. “Um, yeah, that’s fine.”

Dumbledore nodded his head to her and then walked on to breakfast. Kristen sighed; obviously he was putting it off until their meeting, which meant she would be trapped in his office.

Kristen suddenly heard running footsteps behind her and turned to see Lucius. She couldn’t believe that the one time none of her friends were trailing after her was when he would find her.

“What happened the other night?” He asked straight away. No, ‘how are you?’, or ‘Are you alright?’. He just got straight to the point.

“Nothing, I had a little too much caffeine.” She answered monotonously, continuing her walk to Gryffindor tower.

“So, I guess we’ll have to do something else together,” Lucius stopped her by putting her hands around her waist and pressing her back against a wall.

“Look Lucius, I wasn’t really myself when I agreed to go out with you. So if you could just…get off me,” Kristen tried to push him away but he stayed firm. “Look, I’m sorry I led you on but could you please get off me?”

“I’m not going to let go the girl the Dark Lord so obviously favors. Just imagine his praise when he finds you as my girl.” Lucius thought aloud, seeming to daydream of the possibilities.

“Merlin Lucius, have you stooped so low you would try to take advantage of thirteen year old girls.” Sirius drawled, apparently realizing that Kristen had, for once, managed to evade their constant surveillance.

“Get away Black. We don’t need the likes of you,” Lucius snarled, holding onto Kristen tighter.

“I don’t even want to be here,” She protested, trying, and failing, to kick him away.

“Come on Malfoy, let the girl go. She doesn’t have a connection to Voldermort; she broke it the night of the dance.”

“Is that true?” Malfoy demanded to know of her angrily. He had a hold of her shoulders, his arms bearing down on her threateningly.

“Yes. He was influencing my decisions and the Dumbledore helped me to break the connection.” Kristen answered quickly.

“Well it looks like Knot was right after all, you’re nothing but a filthy Gryffindor -”

“I would not advise you to finish that sentence Malfoy.” James appeared at Sirius’s side, cracking his knuckles along with Peter and Remus. Kristen couldn’t help but sigh in embarrassment, just like a year earlier. They looked like those munchkins from the Wizard of Oz compared to Lucius.

“Slut,” Lucius finished with out fear. He then pushed Kristen unceremoniously to the floor and walked away.

“You can’t get away with that!” James shouted, but he did not lead the others in a pursuit of them.

“I swear, you have the worst taste in guys,” Sirius told her.

“Okay, the first time I was young and naïve, this time I was being controlled by an evil git. Not really my fault.” Kristen told them defiantly.

“What Sirius means is that you should pick him next time because then he wouldn’t have the jealous rage to beat anyone else up and the rest of us really wouldn’t want to beat our best friend,” Remus rattled off with a knowing grin.

“Wow Remus, suddenly, your words make me want to realize my life long dream,” Kristen declared wistfully. She ran to Sirius and grabbed the front of his robes to pull him very close to her. “Kiss me you fool!”

And he did just that. She hadn’t actually meant him to, but she was far from complaining. She didn’t know if this was what a kiss was supposed to feel like, she’d only shared a few very light ones with Lucius, and then those other two with Sirius. Even if this wasn’t what it was supposed to feel like though, she thought it was the best feeling in the world.

“You bitch!”

Kristen pushed away. “I’m so sorry Gwen.” Kristen blurted out unexpectedly. “It was an accident, we just misunderstood each other, I’m sorry.”

Gwen walked determinedly over to her and slapped her hard in the face. There was a collective gasp as they all awaited Kristen’s sure to come retort. “I deserved that Gwen. I was way out of bounds.”

“You’re just going to take that?” James inquired as Gwen huffily grabbed onto Sirius’s arm.

“Well, yeah. I mean, I was very much on the wrong side. I shouldn’t have kissed him.”

“Well, he did kiss you too.” James told her. He then stopped and took in what he just said. “Wait, you and Sirius were totally just snogging in front of us!”

“We most definitely we’re not snogging, he was just playing along with my act.” Kristen tried to defend both her and Sirius of their actions.

“You two are very convincing actors then,” Peter smiled a bit. “That was the most real fake kiss I’ve ever seen.” The other two nodded their head in agreement.

“Whatever you guys want to think, fine.” She told them defiantly. “I’m going to the tower to get my things. If any of you so much as think about what has happened, I’ll hex you into the next century.”

Kristen avoided Sirius like the plague that day, dreading the conversation he was sure to have with her. She wasn’t sure why she’d done it, or why she had enjoyed it so much. But the one thing she did know was that the conversation would be the most awkward of her life.

At the end of the day, he finally got her. They were walking with a rather large group back to the tower when he suddenly shoved her into an open boy’s bathroom, letting the rest of the group pass on.

“You know, I really don’t think I’m supposed to be in here.” Kristen told him, desperately wanting to escape his penetrating glare.

“Yeah, whatever. Look, that kiss, did you feel something?” He asked, looking frightened and nervous.

Kristen’s eyes opened in shock. He knew that she had, somehow he knew that she had thought that moment was amazing and it was already neatly filed away in the cabinet with her first roller coaster ride, first broom ride, and when her sister’s were born, just as Dumbledore had taught her. “No. Like you said, there’s nothing between us.”

Kristen couldn’t tell if Sirius looked relieved, or just calmed a little. “Good. I was afraid you’d get the wrong idea when I kissed you. I couldn’t not take your bluff though. I never turn down a dare.”

She smiled at him, relieved that he wasn’t going to question her anymore. “I’ll have to remember that. I definitely won’t be daring you to do that again though, I promise.”

“Well, glad that’s over,” Sirius laughed, placing an arm easily around her shoulders as they walked out of the bathroom to some rather awkward looks. “I was afraid that was going to be one difficult conversation.”

Kristen looked at him and smirked. “Get your arm off me Black. I really don’t want to be slapped by your girlfriend again.”

“About that, I broke up with her. Won’t do much good if she goes slapping every girl I kiss.”

“So you kiss random girls a lot,” Kristen inquired as she pushed Sirius’s arm off.

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“You are worse than James and Remus combined.” Kristen complained, walking into the common room. On one hand, Kristen was happy Sirius had put any questioning to an abrupt end, as it let things fall back into place. On the other hand though…he was Sirius freaking Black, the most handsome guy in Hogwarts, and her annoying best friend. Weren’t the best friends always supposed to end up together though? That’s how it was in the books. They would pretend to hate each other and get on each other’s nerves but secretly the loved one another and would run off into the sunset to get married in the last paragraph.

She watched Sirius run off to James, Remus, and Peter and instantly engage them in conversation. No, she was pretty glad her life wasn’t like the books, she couldn’t imagine marrying four guys.
* * *
“You guys always ruin the holidays!” James complained as he dragged his trunk down the common room. “Honestly, perk up a bit, would you?”

Sirius and Kristen both glared at him: Sirius because he would love nothing more than to go home to a loving family, Kristen because she would like nothing less than to go to hers. “I think you should both just come to my house, maybe then there would be some happiness.”

“I wish,” Kristen moaned.

“No, I already practically live at your house in the summer. I couldn’t do that to your parents,” Sirius said, oddly sincere.

“You know,” Kristen said slowly, unsure of herself, “you could come to my house for Christmas. My mum is always looking for another soul to save.”

“No thanks,” Sirius responded quickly. “For one, your mum scares me. I’m not too keen on getting yelled at again. Secondly, being alone with you in your house would lead to me saying things that I would probably regret.”

“What kind of things would you be saying Sirius?” Remus asked, trying desperately not to laugh.

“Merlin, you all get annoying! I meant that we’d probably get in some huge fight and I’d yell something bad that her whole family would hear and then I’d get kicked out.” Sirius shot at them, their continuing jokes wearing his nerves thin.

“Have they still not admitted it?” Lily inquired as she walked over to the group.

“Nope,” Peter announced. “They’re still just acting like it annoys them.”

“It does annoy us you twits!” Kristen yelled at them. “Honestly, if I liked Sirius like that, I could have already had him by now.”

“What makes you so sure of that?”

Kristen cocked an eyebrow at Sirius. “You’ve kissed me three times now. I think that means something.”

Sirius laughed. “You were a willing participant every time.”

“You initiated them!”

“Technically, I only initiated one. The two others were all you sweet heart.”

“See!” Kristen exclaimed, invigorated by his term of endearment.

“So I like oxymorons. Like naming a Great Dane ‘Tiny’.”

“Oh don’t give me that crap Sirius. Just admit it!”

“That I’m in love with you?” He asked her, his eyes mischievous. “You’re right Kristen, I’ve pined for you ever since first year.”

“I can’t rightly blame you. I am wonderful after all.” Kristen whipped her long, golden hair around, making several boys stop their conversations to watch.

“And your mood swings! Merlin knows how I’m in love with your mood swings and emotional troubles,” Sirius proclaimed, kneeling before her.

“And you, with your ‘pity me’ yet cocky attitude. I can’t help but love you!” Kristen declared with equal passion, kneeling down to be on eye level with him and grasping his hands.

“I can’t tell if they’re just putting on a scene anymore,” Remus whispered to James with a mixture of humor and confusion.

“They have been in love with one another since that first day in Hogsmeade. Mark my words, when they both finally admit it they’ll say it started then,” James told him knowingly.

“Oh Kristen, let me sweep you off your feet! Together, we’ll walk into the sunset and get married.”

Kristen stopped her playing and instantly shook his hands off of hers. She looked frightened; her face was pale and her eyes wide. “I need to…to go get something.” She stuttered before rushing from the room.

“Well that was weird,” Sirius stated, standing up and brushing off the front of his uniform.

“No, what was weird was how long you two actually kept that going,” James told him as the rest of the common room began to resume their activities. “Mate, there’s no point in lying to us anymore.”

“Lying? Lying about what?” Sirius asked nonchalantly, occupying himself with his tie.

“About liking Kristen. It’s okay if you do, you know,” Peter told him obviously.

“I do not like her!” Sirius huffed, rolling his eyes heavily at them. “And it wouldn’t be okay if I did. Just think if we went out, we’d surely break up and then that would make our whole group weird. And then there’s the fact that she can’t stand me.”

Lily just shook her head sadly at his statement. “James, your friend, is one of the dumbest creatures I know.”

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