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“Who are you?” James asked, staring around at the Great Hall with a blank look on his handsome face. “Where am I?” He turned back to Sirius and furrowed his brow. “Who are all of these people?” Sirius gazed at him, looking very surprised.

“What are you talking about Prongs? You’re at Hogwarts. I’m your best mate, Sirius Black. You know that.” James blinked and Lily smiled serenely. 

“Actually,” said a voice from behind her, and she turned to see Dani standing there with her hands on her hips. “your name is James Potter and you are the biggest nerd in this school. You are involved in gobstones club, take extra potions lessons and you take advantage of every extra credit opportunity. You normally wear big thick glasses but I guess you traded today. You also,” she said, leaning forward. “have a girlfriend.” James’ eyes practically popped out of his head. 

“I have a girlfriend?” he squeaked, then looked around the Great Hall. “Who?”

Lily also looked at Dani. “Yes, who?” she asked. Dani winked at her, and then pointed to the Slytherin table, where a girl wearing the same thick glasses Dani had just described was sitting all alone, moving her food around on her plate, looking bored. 

“Why don’t you go say hi? Her name is Astrid.” Lily giggled and, taking Dani’s arm in hers, turned on her heel to head back to Stacey at their place at the table. Before she could take a step however, she heard a yell from behind her.

Sirius stood up with his wand clenched tightly in his fist. “This is not funny Evans! Fix him!” he demanded fiercely. “Put him back the right way!” James had been staring dreamily at Astrid, but when he noticed the food in front of him, he had picked up his fork and was staring at it with an expression of utmost curiosity. He held it up to Remus. 

“What’s this?” Remus raised an eyebrow, and then turned his gaze to Lily with a small smile growing on his face. He knew what she had done, and knew it was not life threatening.

“Maybe if you paid any attention in Potions class then you would realize that I fed him a forgetfulness potion and maybe you might know the anitidote!" she retorted, her temper rising extremely quickly. “It’s not my fault that you spend all of your time drooling over girls instead of studying!” Sirius sighed and lowered his wand. 

“Okay first of all” he pointed out, with the air of explaining something to a three year old. “I do not drool over girls, they drool over me. Secondly, why would I waste my time studying when I can cheat off of you anytime I need to?”

If it was even possible, Lily’s face turned even redder. “You know what?” she shouted. “I was going to give you the potion that is used to return him to normal, but now I think I’ll just let him stay like that forever! Maybe now he’ll realize what idiots he really hangs out with!” she turned to Remus. “Except for you Remus.” She smiled and walked back to her table with a very triumphant air.


That afternoon turned out to be very amusing for Lily and her friends. James had absolutely no idea what was going on in any of his classes, he was chasing after Astrid instead of Lily (who didn’t seem to be hating it too much), and he even asked Professor McGonagall what “this stick thingy” was, holding up his wand, which was emitting bright blue sparks and pink smoke.

By the time lunch rolled around, steam was practically pouring out of Sirius’ ears. He had demanded that Lily fix James about seven times so far that morning, but Lily had only gave an airy laugh and turned on her heel away from him.

She had to admit, it was pretty nice to have James not asking her out every second of the day. She had experienced that recently when he was dating Dani, but somehow it didn’t seem very real when they were going out. Lily had the vaguest thought that maybe they weren’t really going out, it was just a plan they had cooked up to make her jealous.

When Lily sat down to eat at the Gryffindor table with Dani and Stacey, she happened to glance over at the section of the table that the Marauders were sitting at and noticed James eating and laughing like his normal self. She felt her grin slide off her face and she turned, furious, to Stacey. “You said that the potion would last for two days!” she said. Stacey shrugged.
“Someone probably gave him the antidote.” Lily groaned.

“Oh great. Now he will follow me around like a lovesick puppy even more!” yelled Lily. “Just what I need!”

“Lily,” Said a solemn voice from behind her. “We need to talk,” Lily groaned again and turned around to see James, fully restored from his memory lapse, standing there with his arms crossed and tapping his foot impatiently. 

“Can I help you?” She said, putting on a sickeningly sweet smile.

“Yes, actually you can,” he said, taking the seat next to her. “That was a very amusing joke you played back there but I think,” he took a deep breath. “that we should call a truce.” 

Lily blinked. “A truce?” she repeated.

James nodded. “A truce,” he said once more. Lily narrowed her eyes at him. “And what exactly would this “truce” include?” she said suspiciously. James sighed. “Nothing dangerous or anything involving us dating or anything. I’ve pretty much given up on that.” He said the last sentence so softly that Lily could barely hear him. “What I mean is,” he continued. “that I think we should be friends.”

Lily stared at him for a moment, and then turned to look at her friends, who were watching the conversation with their undivided attention. She mouthed to them, “What do you think?” but they only shrugged and went back to eating the food that was magically prepared by the house elves. Lily slowly faced James again and, taking in his serious face and his lips that were surprisingly not curled into a smirk, took a deep breath and said softly, 


“There is one condition however.” Lily groaned.
“You waited to tell me this until after I had agreed?” she cried. James laughed a little bit. 

“Relax Lils. I mean… Lily,” he corrected himself quickly. “It’s really not that bad. We just have to agree to call each other by our first names, not Potter or Evans. So I call you Lily and you call me James. Is that okay?”

Lily sighed again. “Fine.” She waved her hand airily. “Now go...do whatever boys do.” James laughed again as he got up from the table and retreated to the table where the rest of the Marauders were sitting and watching James intently. James gave them the thumbs up sign and they broke into cheers, drawing the attention of everyone in the Great Hall. He looked at Lily over his shoulder. 

“By the way,” he developed a pained look on his face. “Why Astrid?” Lily laughed. 

When James was safely out of earshot, Lily turned back to her friends and sighed, digging a fork into her lunch. Suddenly, however, she dropped her fork and her face took on a horrified expression. “I just agreed to be friends with James Potter.” She whispered. Her friends stared at her. 

“Yea, you did.” Said Stacey, thinking that her friend was completely mental.

“Friends. With James Potter.” Lily repeated. She groaned again. “What have I done?” 

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