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Disclaimer: Blah, bla…Blah bla blaah… Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait. Not much happening in this chapter, but just wait until the school starts! “You look just like your father…” Chapter 5 Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape were walking along the corridors away from the Hospital wing. Minerva was in deep thought. She knew something was kept from her, but she couldn’t quite figure it out. It had something to do with Harry that much was for certain. And it also had something to do with the Potions master. 'Why is Severus suddenly so worried about Harry? He doesn’t show it of course, but he is…' While thinking, she had almost stopped walking and the two wizards were now ahead of her. They were discussing something, and apparently Severus didn’t want her to hear what it was. Minerva wasn’t that curious by nature, and she didn’t try to sneak up on them to hear what they were saying. But she did pick up some words, and one of them caught her attention: son. Everything clicked together in her mind. 'Of course! The resemblance, the blood… Oh my god! How could I have missed it?' They had reached the passage leading to the dungeons, and the two men stopped. “Good night.” The younger man said although it wasn’t even eight o’clock yet. “Could you come with us, Severus?” Minerva said to the Potions master as he was about to retreat to his quarters. “I need to speak with you two.” Severus shot a slightly alarmed glance at Dumbledore, who nodded. “Shall we go to my office, then?” The Headmaster suggested his eyes twinkling. The three of them continued towards the Headmaster’s office. Severus was beginning to feel nervous. 'Does she know? Damn Albus for speaking so loudly! I bet he did this on purpose…' They entered the office and Albus beckoned Minerva and Severus to sit down. “What is it you wanted to discuss, Minerva?” Albus asked smiling. “When were you going to tell me about Harry’s true parentage? As his head of house, I should have been told!” Minerva questioned. “What makes you think I’m his father?” Severus interfered. “Ha! I never said I suspected YOU being his father, Severus.” Minerva exclaimed with a little triumph. Severus scowled and she continued “Did you really think I wouldn’t notice the resemblance? I’ve known you since you came to Hogwarts, Severus.” “Does Harry know?” she continued before Severus could say anything. “No, he doesn’t. And you weren’t supposed to know either.” The younger wizard answered looking angry. “And I won’t allow you to tell him!” “Why? He has the right to know!” Minerva said. “What good would it do?” Severus said sounding a little defeated. “He hates me, and can you imagine the danger he would be in if the Dark Lord found out? No. We will not tell the boy anything.” “Fine! But you’re making a mistake. Harry will find it out someday and it would be better if he hears it from you, Severus. Good night!” She said leaving the room. Dumbledore had been quiet the entire time. When Severus turned to leave, the Headmaster said quietly “You’re always saying how Harry hates you, but not once have you said you hate him… That’s curious.” Severus stood still for a moment and then left the office without looking at the older man. “Very curious…” Albus whispered eyes twinkling brightly. ********* A couple of days later in the Hospital wing. Harry was lying in the bed. He was looking much better although his head still hurt a little. Madam Pomfrey wouldn’t let him go anywhere and he was bored. Just as he was about to go back to sleep, professor McGonagall entered the infirmary. “Good morning, Harry. How are you feeling?” She asked. “Fine, thanks. A little bored maybe.” “Well I’ve got something to cheer you up.” McGonagall said handing Harry a box. Inside were letters and some packages. “I believe these are your birthday presents from your friends. The owls delivered them here soon after you came.” The professor sat down near the bed and Harry began to open the letters. The first he opened was from Ron. * Hey Harry! Happy Birthday! How are you mate? Hope the Muggles are treating you well. I’m sure Dumbledore would let you come here, if you liked. Anyway, write me back and see you later! Ron * Ron had meant well, but the remarks about the Dursleys made Harry feel guilty. 'I wonder if Ron knows what has happened?' He pushed those thoughts aside and opened Ron’s present. It was sweets as usual. He also got a present from Hagrid (a book about parselmouths and snakes). He even got a something from Remus. Remus’ present was a photo with his parents, Remus and Sirius all sitting in the Gryffindor common room. He felt sad when he thought about his godfather. He moved on to open Hermione’s present, it was unsurprisingly a book. She was currently in Germany and in her letter she told about all the amazing museums she had visited. She also asked if he had gotten his OWL results back yet. Harry hadn’t even remembered the OWL’s. He asked McGonagall about them and she handed Harry a letter. “I was wondering when you would ask about them.” She told Harry. Harry opened the letter. First there was some general information about the OWL’s. Harry skipped that part and surveyed the bottom of the letter where the actual results were. Transfiguration O Potions O Charms O Divination F History of Magic A Defence against the Dark Arts O Herbology E Care for Magical Creatures E Astronomy A Harry was shocked. He had gotten four ‘Outstandings’! He had even gotten an O for potions! 'I’m going to become an Auror!' “Congratulations, Harry. Now you can become an Auror. I knew you could do it.” McGonagall said, and a rare smile crept to her lips. She stood up and left the Hospital wing leaving the smiling boy with his presents. ********* Much later that day in Dumbledore’s office Snape was reporting to Dumbledore after a Death Eater’s meeting. “The Dark Lord now knows Harry is in Hogwarts. Since when has Potter become Harry? I couldn’t keep that from him anymore but he still doesn’t know about the boy being my… about our connection.” Severus finished. “Good. Now, there’s something I would like you to do.” The Headmaster replied. “What is it?” “I would like you to teach Harry how to duel.” Dumbledore answered. “Duel? Surely there is someone who would be more suitable for that than me?” “We both know you’re the best dueller in this school but if you can’t make it I’m sure Remus will do it gladly. But I would like you to at least think about it. Talk to Harry. See what he thinks about the idea.” Albus told Severus. “Fine, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Good night, Albus.” The Potions master said leaving the office. 'What does he want me to say to the boy? I’m sure Harry will be glad to have Lupin teaching him.' Back at the Headmasters office Dumbledore was smiling. “At least I got them to talk to each other, Fawkes.” To be continued… AN: Thanks to all those who reviewed!! Feedback appreciated. =)

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