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Chapter Two: A Surprise and a Stalker

     (Ball: 2 hours to go)

"Mione! Why haven’t you changed yet? The ball is to hours to go! Are you crazy?" Ginny screamed.

"Ok, I’ll be down. Just give me 10 minutes, ok?" Hermione replied.

     Ginny hesitated but left to go and find her date, Harry while Hermione was rushing about in her dorm, trying to get ready in ten minutes. I mean , who could do that? She tried to do everything by hand but it was too hard, so she used a spell instead and within 5 minutes, she was ready.

"Ahh!" Hermione exclaimed.

     A few moments later, down the grand staircase came walking a beautiful creature. She wore the most stunning cream dress, her hair was in a unique bun and she wore chandelier earrings. The whole student body stopped and looked at her and stood out of the crowd, Malfoy, came walking, took Hermione’s hand and asked her if she would dance with him.

     Hermione was shocked but agreed anyway. She was willing to show the people that she really isn’t the boring and predictable bookworm that she once was. So, as she walked with Malfoy, Harry and Ron’s mouths dropped. The whole Hogwarts population was silenced and was thinking how long they could stand each other without tearing each other apart. Anyway, Hermione grinned broadly seeing that she probably was the envy of the night - dancing with probably the most handsome guy in Hogwarts, if she would say so herself. She danced a long time and thought maybe she would have a drink, seeing that her feet were killing her and she was thirsty. So she stopped and went to the table for punch. There, she saw Pansy who had a glare that could kill.

 Pansy said, “I don’t know what game you’re playing at, mudblood but you better stop cause you’ll regret it.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I only want to have a little fun for tonight.” Hermione replied.

     Pansy was furious; she dunked Hermione’s head into the punch bowl. This caused a sort of commotion. Hermione got her head out of the punch bowl and realized that everyone in the room was looking at her-oh, and laughing, too. Harry and Ron ran over to her and asked,

“Mione! Are you okay?”

She didn’t answer, she just glared at Pansy who grinned widely and slowly walked out of the room, not knowing that someone was following behind her. Hearing the footsteps, Hermione asked without turning,

“Do you always stalk people, Malfoy?”

“Uh---what?” he asked, “I’m not stalking you… I just wanted to see if you wanted me to accompany you to your dorm.”

“I don’t” Hermione replied.

Malfoy sulked back to the dance when Hermione said,

“You can talk with me as we go to my dorm, though.”

     Malfoy smirked at her and Hermione wanted to wipe that smirk off his face

     -walking to the dorm- “Let’s play twenty questions. How did you feel when I asked you to dance?” Malfoy asked.

*pls. review. sorry if it's short. we promise we'll make the next one longer. :) tell us what u think, ok?

next chapter preview: "i make you speechless, don't i?" he asked her.
"Thanks" she whispered.
"You're welcome." he said it so whole-heartedly that she thought she could melt right there.

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