The First Half of Part One: Summer Fun

(from left to right) Sara Fountain (as she will be later in the story), Danielle Emerick, and Kaitlyn Warner

Danielle Emerik and her best friend, Sara Fountain, sat near the back of a JC Penny’s as they waited for their long time friend, Kaitlyn Warner, to come out of the changing room with the purple and white dress the two of them had picked out for her for the upcoming dance.  The three were so excited for the dance because it would be their last one in the states before they went to Hogwarts for their third year.  They had been taking summer courses together since they were in sixth grade in Penacook, NH, and the three of them had been friends since second grade.

Danielle was the smallest of the three girls.  She was about five feet tall, a size six, and had rippling dark golden hair and icy blue eyes.  She always wore her favorite pair of faded jeans with small tears in the knees, her yellow and green t-shirt that said ‘Too HOT 4 U’, and her white Nike sneakers.

Kaitlyn was between Danielle and Sara in size.  She was about five feet three inches, a size eight, and had straight red hair and amber eyes.  She always wore her infamous dark blue jeans, white lace top under a light blue, long-sleeved, hooded shirt, and golden wedges.

Sara was the biggest of the three and didn’t really look like she fit in with the other two girls.  She was almost five feet eight inches, a size eighteen, and had wavy brunette hair and sea blue eyes.  She was famous for her dark appearance that consisted of; baggy black jeans with three chains dipping off the pockets and belt loops, tight fitted black t-shirt with the ‘Jolly Roger’ flag rippling across the surface, her black leather blazer, and her black combat boots.

No matter their differences the girls were inseparable from one-another.  They’d always have their arms locked in the hallways and if one comment was made against one of them they got three very angry witches after them and that person would find numerous things wrong with either their schoolwork or their lunches.  It was like they were all the same person, one bringing something different to contribute and the other two bringing something different.

They were now turning fourteen and wouldn’t be returning to the States any time soon.  Going to Hogwarts was the chance of a lifetime.  Like hell they were going to miss this!  This was a dream come true for the three of them.  Getting away from their crazy families to go to a school where they could learn how to use their magic.

This would be their last dance in their school and they wanted to make this one count.  Danielle and Kaitlyn had dates where as Sara was going to go with an old friend of hers whom didn’t have a date either.  Danielle and Sara had just bought their dresses with the money their parents had given them and now it was Kaitlyn’s turn and the two friends exchanged a look, which meant that they both knew they were going to be here forever!


“Kate, come on!  You’ve been in there for long enough.  Come out so we can see, and don’t you dare take it off until we’ve seen it!” Danielle said as she knocked on the door to one of their stalls were you could see purple manicured toes bouncing up and down.  The door opened just as Danielle sat down next to Sara on the bench and Kaitlyn came out in the purple and white dress.


“Wow, Kate, that looks great!” Sara said as she motioned for Kaitlyn to turn around so that she and Danielle could see the whole dress.  Danielle exchanged a smile with Sara and they both nodded to Kaitlyn who was starting to look unsure.

“I don’t know, Sara, it just feels way too perfect.  I’ve never owned a dress that has fit this well on me before.  It’s like it was meant for me,” Kaitlyn said and Danielle rolled her eyes.  Kaitlyn walked back into the dressing room and walked back out in her street clothes.


“Well, that takes care of the dresses,” Danielle said as they stopped at a bench where a guy in an army outfit sat on one of the benches, his rich brown skin gleamed with moisture as the three girls sat next to him on the long bench.


“Did you get all of your shopping done, or did you just get your dress?” the guy asked as he looked over at the three girls and leaned over with his elbows on his knees.  It looked similar to the way Sara was sitting.


“You’d better watch it, Max, or you’ll end up just like your sister.  All hunched over like some country hillbilly.  Honestly!” Kaitlyn shrieked, as she demanded both Sara and the guy, Max, on the other side of the bench to sit up.  Sara laughed and waved off her friend’s criticism.


Max was a Navy Seal, and had just come from his last battle in some crazy war the Americans were in.  Max was also Sara’s foster brother.  Her parents had raised him threw a foster agency since he was a baby and the two were just like any other brother and sister, except for the litter details like Max was colored and the rest of Sara’s family was white.  Max was a charming twenty-year-old with an on-again-off-again relationship with one of Sara’s sisters, Kelly.  (We’ll get into her later.)  Max was well built and had the height of exactly six feet; the uniform he wore home was always too short in the shirt for him and it showed off some of his well-toned body.

“Here, put this around your waist before you burn some poor kids eyes,” Sara said as she grabbed a sweatshirt from one of the bags and tied it around Max’s waist.  Sara nodded as she stood back to make sure that nothing would be showing and smiled.


“What?  Don’t want your brother to show off what he’s got?” Max asked as he stood and rolled his hips slightly making every girl within a ten-foot radius to look at the group.  Sara blushed and smacked Max good and hard up the back of his head.

“Just watch our bags while Sara drags the two of us into the bookstore,” Danielle said as she motioned to their bags and the three girls pushed Max back onto the bench.  The three of them walked away from the benches arms linked and laughing as they looked over their shoulders and saw Max’s smiling face.


  Everything was as it should be when Danielle, Kaitlyn, and Sara got back to school for their final days on Monday.  It was a drag to have their last day of middle school on a Monday, but the bright side was that the three of them were staying the night at Kaitlyn’s and they’d be up all night after the dance playing games or watching movies.


“So tonight is the night of celebration for our eighth grade class, not only is this their last school dance here at St.MSD, but also their last day.  We wish them all the best of luck as they move onto their high school years.  Bravo, eighth grade, bravo!” the principal said as Danielle, Kaitlyn, and Sara sat threw their last day of Spanish for the year.  They sat at one of the back tables so no one would be able to hear their conversation.  They were all pouring over their textbooks all looking at magazines of different bands that they liked Danielle and Sara were discussing their usual ‘Who’s hotter’ discussion while Kaitlyn sat and watched the two of them argue.

“I still think that Bobby Bryar is way cutter than Gerard Way.  Look at that face!” Sara said as she pointed to one of the My Chemical Romance pictures in her magazine.  She sighed as she traced his face.

“Have you guys thought about Hogwarts?” Kaitlyn asked as she stared into the space above Sara’s head.  Sara looked at Danielle and nodded as she looked back to Kaitlyn.  Kaitlyn nodded as well and shook her head as if shaking away a thought.  “What house do you think you’ll be sorted into?” Kaitlyn asked as she looked between her friends and her expression turned curious.

“I think that I’ll be sorted into Gryffindor.  I’ve always been brave and courageous, for the most part.  I hope that Harry Potter really will be in our year.  Oh my gosh, that’d be so totally cool!” Danielle said as she mused about the idea of going out with a celebrity, it gave her goosebumps.  Danielle had been reading up on the English Wizarding World and knew almost everything about Harry Potter and Voldemort.

“I think that I’ll get sorted into Slytherin or Ravenclaw.  I’m as sly as I am smart.  It would stink for the three of us to be split between three different houses, though.  I hope I don’t get into Slytherin,” Kaitlyn said and Sara stayed silent.  Danielle and Kaitlyn looked at Sara and exchanged a confused look over her head.

“What house do you want to be in next year?” Danielle asked as she looked back to her friend whom just shrugged.  Kaitlyn waved a hand in front of Sara’s face to get her out of her daydream.

“I’m destined to be in Slytherin.  I can’t tell you how, but just promise me that if we do get into different houses that we’ll still be friends,” Sara said and Danielle nodded as did Kaitlyn and they shared in their secret handshake.  Kaitlyn smiled as her two friends went back to their argument.


“So, how’s home life going?” Danielle asked as she and Sara sat on the bus on their way home before the dance that night.  Kaitlyn rode the other Boscawen bus and they would meet later.  Sara shrugged as she listened to her I-pod Video.  Danielle yanked the earplugs out of Sara’s ears and out of the jack on her I-pod.


“Life’s fine.  Max and Kelly are at each other’s throats, but that’s nothing new.  Oh, and if he comes into my room in the middle of the night just ignore him.  He’s probably just looking for a place to get away from my sister,” Sara said and Danielle nodded at the usual Fountain news.  It was pretty normal for Danielle to hear this from her best friend.  Max would sometimes come into Sara’s room in the middle of the night to sleep.  Danielle and Kaitlyn thought that the two of them would make a great couple the way they always cuddled so close to each other.

Kelly was Sara’s oldest sister, at twenty-three-years-old, and Danielle’s sister’s best friend.  Kelly was the perfect daughter in her parents eyes, she studied hard and got perfect grades while Sara’s grades were about average and Kelly was beautiful.  Kelly had a very slender frame with curves galore, her lush emerald eyes were set off by her dark blonde curls and bold red lipstick.  Kelly always wore clothes that showed off all her assets, and it made all the guys on Sara and Danielle’s bus drool when she was standing at the end of the drive waiting for her sister in her denim miniskirt, blue tube top that showed her mid-drift, and navy wedges.


“I hate it when she does that,” Sara said as she and Danielle got off the bus and walked up the drive with Kelly on their heels.  Sara rolled her eyes and looked over the large house and lawn that was sitting on the top of the hill.  This was only a third of the size of the mansion in England that her family had bought centuries before.  Danielle followed Sara up to her room and set all her stuff in the first guest room that had a sign on the door with her name on it in large script.

“So how much longer do you think we’ll have to wait until Kate gets here, she’s got my dress!” Danielle said as she started to panic already.  Sara laughed and pushed her friend toward one of the three large bathrooms.

“Take a shower and then we’ll think about dresses,” Sara said as she gathered her robe from the back of her door and walked into the largest bathroom.  Danielle nodded as she walked into the bathroom and jumped into the shower.


Kaitlyn got the message when she had walked into the room and headed for the last bathroom.  When the three girls had all gotten out of their showers they unraveled the towels around their heads and began to blow dry.  Sara’s hair went from curly to straight as she dried her hair with her Blowbrush made by Frazzle Style.

“So I was thinking something really cute that would make me look older.  How about the side ponytail?” Danielle asked and Kaitlyn laughed.

“Yeah if you want to go back to second grade.  I was thinking more of the framed look.  With my bangs and other pieces of hair framing my face with the rest clipped up.  That way no one would be able to tell if your hair fell apart,” Kaitlyn said as she modeled it in the mirror.  Sara nodded her approval and then looked back at her mess of hair.  She grabbed one of the clips from the cart of hair products and pulled all her hair into the clip.  The hair fanned out after the clip hiding its pink color and making her look very sophisticated.

“Well, that’s it for hair.  The only thing to debate now is weather or not to put our makeup on before or after we put our dresses on,” Sara said and Danielle and Kaitlyn looked horrified.  The three never agreed on this.  It was one of their ‘ever lasting arguments’.


“I say we flip a coin, heads for before and tails for after,” Kaitlyn said as she pulled out a quarter from her handbag and they all nodded.  This wasn’t going to end well, but after they got their dresses on they put towels on their chests so that their dresses would be safe from their powders.


“Smokey or wild?” Kaitlyn asked as she pulled out her makeup kits and pulled out two sets of different looks of makeup.  One side was colorful and would make you look like a clown and the other would make you look like a model that had just walked down the runway…there was no contest which one the girls would wear.

“Ready?” Danielle asked as the three girls had their backs turned to the mirror.  Kaitlyn and Sara nodded.  “One…two…THREE!” Danielle said as the three twirled around to see their finished product and what would go to their final school dance.  The three of them gasped as they saw one another’s reflections.  The final touches such as earrings and lip-rings were put in.  (Sara has her lip pierced.)

“Well, I feel like I’m going to prom,” Sara said as she put a second coat of lip gloss on her lips.  Danielle laughed and Max came into the room with his good shirt and slacks on.  Sara looked up from her mirror and a blush caressed her cheeks.

“I’m so sorry my dear maiden, but your date just called to cancel your arrangement so I thought that I would go in his stead,” Max said and Kaitlyn whistled.  Sara’s blush deepened and she smiled shyly at Max.  “This is ok for the dance, right?” Max asked as he ran his hands over his slacks.  Sara nodded and grabbed the shawl that she was going to wear over her arms.


“Let’s go.  We’re already fashionably late to the dance,” Sara said and Kaitlyn and Danielle nudged her in the sides as they all walked down the stairs arms locked as usual.  They were going to walk into this dance like they owned the place.


Everyone’s heads turned as they saw the three girls walk into the gymnasium.  It was hard to miss the three of them, they were the only girls in formal gowns and yet they looked perfect.  Every guy stared in awe at the girls as they walked over to where their dates were waiting.  Danielle and Sara were pushed aside by a boy with grubby black hair as he grabbed Kaitlyn’s hand and dragged her to the dance floor.  This was one of Kaitlyn’s ex-boyfriends, his name was Nick Perish and he was, in all senses of the word, a nerd.

“Have you missed me, Katie?  I know that I’ve missed you somethin’ awful,” Nick said and Kaitlyn shoved him off of her.  She brushed off the parts of her dress he had touched and fell back into step with Danielle and Sara.  Max stayed close behind the three girls and followed them toward Danielle and Kaitlyn’s dates.

“You think you’ll be ok on your own?  I’d like to look around a bit,” Max said and Sara nodded but looked worried.  Max raised an eyebrow to her worried look and she sighed.

“I just don’t want you to get run over by some dumb girls who want you to notice them,” Sara said and Danielle and Kaitlyn laughed.  There came Sara’s jealous face.  She was always trying to get Max to notice that she really did like him as more than a brother.  He had always hinted that he liked her in the same fashion, but he never made any move toward it.  Kelly was always treating him like he was her puppy, while when he hung out with the three girls he always got to do his own thing while they were shopping.  The feelings were always there and that was only one of the reasons for Kelly and Max’s frequent breakups.

The three girls had a blast at the dance.  They all stood in a small closed circle and danced to all the slow songs and grabbed the hands of their dates during the slow songs.  Max smiled as the last song of the night came on and Sara grabbed his hand.  Max wrapped his arms around her waist and he felt her arms wrap around his shoulders.  Sara rested her head on his shoulder as they danced.  They let the music sweep them into a land of bliss and happiness.

“Sara, I need to tell you this before I tell the family,” Max said as he let his hands clasp in the small of Sara’s back.  Sara looked up into his mysterious silvery-blue eyes.  She rested her head so he was whispering directly into her ear and she listened intently to Max’s breathing.  “I’m shipping out soon,” he said bluntly and Sara nodded in understanding.  She looked sadly into his eyes and sighed.

“How long will you be away this time?” Sara asked and Max just shook his head.  He never knew how long his shifts in the Navy were going to be.  Sara gently turned her head so she was looking into the crook of his neck and placed a light kiss there.  “Just don’t get hurt,” Sara said as she tightened her hold on his shoulders and silent tear started to dart out of the corners of her closed eyes.

“I’m just your brother, why do you care so much?” Max asked, though he always knew the answer in his heart.  Sara looked up into his eyes threw her teary ones and laughed.

“If you don’t know the answer to that then you’re a great fool,” Sara whispered into Max’s ear and pulled away quickly.  She had secretly heard the last argument between Max and Kelly and can remember her sister’s annoyance and the mention of her name.  It was then that she had found out that Max didn’t love Kelly, but loved her.  He wouldn’t show it only because of Sara’s age.  After all, Sara was fourteen and Max was twenty.

“Don’t pull a Cinderella on me, Sara,” Max said and Sara just shook her head.  She rushed out of the gym with Danielle and Kaitlyn at her heels.  “What have I done?  She loves me and I just totally screwed everything up!” Max said as he slammed his head against the wall.  He felt like the biggest idiot on the face of the planet.  He might have just ruined everything.


 “Sara, you’ve got to come out of their sometime,” Kaitlyn said as she pounded on the door of the second stall in the girls first floor bathroom.  Danielle was sitting on one of the dry counters sighing heavily and thinking of something to say to her very distressed friend.  She stood from the counter and walked over toward the stall door.  Danielle walked straight into the third stall and stood on the seat of the toilet.

“Kate’s right, Sara, you’ve got to come out of there.  Max was probably just trying to get you to confess your feelings.  I really don’t think he would mean any harm…” Danielle said and was interrupted by a loud group of seventh grade girls whom flocked in a crowd to the bathroom.  Kaitlyn steered them all away to a different bathroom on the second floor.  Danielle looked down into the stall on her broken friend and thought about how many other times she had dome this same thing in the last three years.

“He’s being shipped out,” came Sara’s strained reply.  She looked up at Danielle and her friend could now see the tears that ran down her face.  “He’s not going to be able to come visit like he promised.  I told him that he shouldn’t make a promise that he couldn’t keep and he did!  Now, I’m going to be in England while he’s off fighting in a war!” Sara said and started to sob again.  Danielle felt her friend’s pain and only wished that she could do something, then, an ingenious idea struck her.

“Why don’t you just see how it all works out.  Just because he’s going to be a few hundred miles away doesn’t mean that you can’t be in a relationship.  You’ve wanted to be with Max since fifth grade and the two things that are holding the two of you back are Kelly and your ages.  In five years your age won’t matter.  You’ll be in love and the two of you will be able to live your lives together,” Danielle said as she thought creatively.  She didn’t know if Sara would buy it, but in the end Sara stood from the toilet and walked out of the stall into the bathroom.  Danielle walked over to Sara and grabbed out her makeup from her bag.  “Now, let me see if I can restore this face to how it looked before you started to cry,” Danielle said and Sara smiled.  The two girls nodded to one another that they wouldn’t talk about this until later.

“Is she ok?” Max asked as the girls walked back into the dance.  Sara nodded and wrapped her arms around him and wouldn’t let go.  “What’s wrong?” Max whispered as he held her in his lap and cradled her in his arms.

“Just don’t leave,” Sara said as she rested in his arms.  They left the dance early so they could help Sara pack for Hogwarts and still have some time for fun.  Max walked down stairs and went into Kelly’s room.  The shouting started after a few minutes and Sara walked down to investigate, Danielle and Kaitlyn weren’t too far behind.

“You went to an eighth grade dance?  What were you expecting, her to give herself to you?” Sara, Danielle, and Keitlyn could hear Kelly scream threw the door.

“I don’t want to sleep with her, Kelly!  I just don’t know what I want anymore.  You’re gorgeous but Sara respects me.  She lets me have the space I need,” Max said and the girls all nodded from behind the door in agreement.

“I give you space!  I let you go with my sister even though I know you have a major thing for her!  How can I give you anymore space?” Kelly said and the girls heard Max’s footsteps get close to the door.  They made their way threw the hall and around the closest corner.

“Forget I said anything.  This is over!  For good this time, Kelly,” Max said as he opened the door and walked down the hall where the girls waited.  “Can I stay in your room tonight?” Max asked and Sara nodded.  Max grabbed all his things from Kelly’s room and moved it into Sara’s.

The girls changed into their night wear in the bathroom while Max stripped down into his boxers and waited on Sara’s bed for the girls.  When the girls came out of the bathroom, Sara and Kaitlyn walked right in and sat down, while Danielle stood by the bathroom door staring at Max’s muscled chest and stomach.  Max fell right asleep in his sleeping bag, while the girls decided what they were going to do first.

“TV or nails?” Sara said holding up a bucket of nail polish and the TV remote.  Danielle thought for a moment and then looked to Max then back to Sarah.  Danielle pointed to Max’s feet and the girls exchanged evil grins.

“This is going to be fun,” Kaitlyn said as Sara unzipped the sleeping bag and the girls started to paint his toenails.  Danielle giggled when they decided on a bright pink to put on.

“We are so dead in the morning,” Danielle said and Sara nodded.  They all laughed once the paint had dried and Max was still sleeping.  Tomorrow they would be on their way to their futures as witches and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

((A/N: All breaks are placed off by '~-~Summer~Fun~-~' and the strange alignment is my computers fault.  I hope everyone liked the first chapter of my newest story.  They'll be going to Diagon Alley and Hogwarts in the last half of Part One: Summer Fun.  Please review, but please no flames!!   I'll update as soon as I can.  Thanks.))

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