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Thinking Of You…
Chapter 9: The Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship…Or not?

The giant oak front doors of Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry slowly swung open. A small girl stood between them with a boy at her side. Okay, so they weren’t exactly small, but compared to the doors…

James Potter ran a hand lightly through his hair and glanced side ways at the girl next to him. He watched as a smile came across her face and her eyes lit up. He couldn’t help but beam at her.

“What?” Lily asked, blushing slightly under his eye. James shrugged. Lily sighed and took a step out into the snow covered grounds. “I love it here,” she whispered breathlessly. James smiled knowingly.

“I know,” he said back. Lily looked at him quizzically. “Your eyes lit up at the sight,” he told her. A tinge of red rose on Lily’s cheeks and she laughed slightly.

They walked slowly, not really deciding on the direction they were going but rather letting their feet guide them. Lily stopped suddenly in a certain spot and placed her hand around James’ wrist to make him stop also. James’ eyes shot to her hand and then to her amazing green eyes. Lily looked back at him for a while before pulling her hand back quickly and crossing both arms across her chest.

“This is my spot,” she told him with a smile and a nod.

“Why’s that?” James asked as he looked at her, Lily kept her gaze out in front of her at the view. They were stood under a large willow tree which was situated on a bank at the edge of the Black Lake. The lake was as smooth as a mill pond and the stars dazzled in its reflection.

“I just seem to find it so…”

“Relaxing?” James finished for her. Lily looked at him with a shocked expression before smiling.

“Ye,” she answered.

“Hmm,” James withdrew his wand and got rid of some of the snow at the base of the tree. He sat down slowly and leant his head against the bumpy bark. “Especially on a Sunday afternoon as the sun is setting.” He closed his eyes.

“Well,” Lily said as she sat also. “I like to watch it set on a Friday.” James let a small laugh escape his lips.

“Nah, a Sunday so it relaxes me ready for a week of school.” He told her.

“I do it on a Friday so that it relaxes me because of the week of school,” Lily said with a serious expression which caused James to lift his head up and open his eyes. He watched the puzzled expression form on her face and once again reminded himself of how beautiful she is no matter what her mood.

Lily decided the look had lasted way to long as she found herself indulging in his eyes but when she looked away felt a cold shiver run up her spin. “Are you cold?” James asked immediately. He didn’t wait for an answer as he removed his cloak and wrapped it around her.

“But now you’ll be cold,” Lily said as she shook her head and removed it.

“No,” James pressed as he held it to her. “I’ll be fine.” Lily narrowed her eyes and breathed a small laugh.

“You never fail to surprise me Potter,” she stated shocking herself at the lack of venom in her voice. James just smiled but opened his eyes wide as he also shocked himself. That would have been the perfect opportunity for his alter ego to jump in. Maybe he’d decided to let him have one night to try and prove himself on his own.

If Lily and James turned around they would have seen the bright light which shone through one of the tower windows. A closer inspection would show you that it was the Gryffindor common room. Many students were dashed around the room on various cosy arm chairs. In the corner sat a very quiet girl with brown hair who sat reading a Defence Against the Dark Arts book. A boy sat a little away and glanced up every now and then to sneak a look at her.

“Hey Boot,” a deep voice came which made Celina look up for just a second before continuing her reading.

“Hi McCain,” she answered quietly. Jonathan took a seat on the edge of her chair and looked at her intently; this caused Celina to feel uncomfortable as she shifted her gaze around the room.

“I was wondering,” Jonathan began. “I’m kind of failing that subject,” he indicated to the book. “Is there any way you could tutor me for a bit tonight, you know, because of that test tomorrow?”

“Have you asked Remus?” Celina asked slowly. “I mean I will, but he’s so much better at it than me.” She admitted. Jonathan shook his head.

“I don’t want to ask him. He’s friends with Potter and you know we don’t exactly get on lately.”

“Right,” Celina said as she smiled at James’ obsession of Lily. “Well then I’d love to. Let’s just go over there where it’s quieter.” She pointed across the room to a dark corner table away from the bustle of the common room.

“Perfect,” Jonathan said huskily. Celina eyed him suspiciously at his sudden change of voice but followed him to the table nonetheless.

Away from the warmth of the common room Lily and James were still sat against the willow. They weren’t talking but both of them found the silence to be comfortable, which shocked Lily. She never thought she could spend time with James and, even in the silence, enjoy it. She laughed as she admitted to herself that she was actually having a good time which made James turn to her.

“You know Lily,” he said with the trace of a smirk. “I think you’re a bit crazy.” Lily laughed again and looked at him.

“Well Potter, so what if I am?” She wrinkled her face up and stuck her tongue out. James burst out laughing which made Lily giggle in return.

“I have nothing against it,” James said as he held his hands up. “I was just saying,” he said a little quieter. Lily pushed her lips together.

“You seem surprised,” she basically whispered. James stood as he took a stone in his hand and skimmed it across the water.

“Well,” he began. “I always thought you were crazy.” He turned to look at her reaction but when he saw she was looking at her hands, he continued. “I mean like, psychotic crazy,” he smirked over his shoulder. Lily pointed a finger at him at made a shocked expression. “But I didn’t know you could be fun crazy.”

“Laughing to myself is fun crazy?” Lily asked sceptically.

“Well, Sirius is fun isn’t he?”

“If you can call what he does fun.”

“And I do,” James smiled. “And he laughs to himself all the time.”

“Great!” Lily said a little high pitched as she threw her hands up and jumped to her feet. “I’m like Sirius.” They both laughed and James skimmed another stone across the surface.

“No. No; Sirius is one of kind,” he said.

“You two are really close aren’t you?” Lily asked as she watched the stone disappear into the water.

“Like brothers,” James whispered.

Lily watched as the flat stone James had just thrown skimmed lightly across the water and she tutted. “What’s up?” James asked turning to her.

“I’ve never been able to do that,” Lily whined as she motioned to the skimming stone. James laughed slightly and searched a second for another suitable stone.

“It’s easy, here,” he said as he pushed it into her hand. “Now turn to your side.” Lily turned slightly but felt James’ hands on her waist. “A little more,” he whispered and Lily felt his breath tickle her ear. The sudden closeness made her gasp as she dropped the stone, which landed with a ‘plonk’ in the shallow water. James retreated back as she turned and smirked.

“No, it’s more of a throw than a drop,” he said cockily which caused Lily to laugh and hit him playfully. Lily turned her attention back towards the lake and sighed.

A sigh left James’ mouth too but he was watching Lily; either she didn’t realise, or she paid no attention, because she kept her gaze out on the water.

Lily could feel him watching her and she tried hard not to look back. He was different tonight that she was afraid she’d find herself unable to look away; and she knew where that would lead.

“We should go back,” she said.

“Lily,” James whispered as he stepped towards her. Lily turned and caught his eyes, she realised he had moved much closer.

“Yes?” she said quietly.

“Will you please,” he voice never rose above that whisper. “Call me James?” Lily smiled at the smile on his face and nodded.

“Ok,” she said. “James.” James couldn’t keep the grin off his face and he also couldn’t stop himself from moving closer to her. Eventually there lips were millimetres apart.

“We should go,” Lily whispered against his lips as she turned, wrapping her arms around herself, and headed back to the castle. James swore silently and nervously ran a hand through his hair as he ran to catch up with her. The made their way back to the common room in silence.

Back in the Gryffindor common room Celina and Jonathan were sat at a table. Celina felt very uncomfortable as Jonathan had insisted that he sit next to her, so that he was basically on her lap. She could feel his eyes on her and although she was not an angry person she couldn’t work like this; her fuse was growing short.

“McCain,” she snapped as she looked up at him. “Are you even listening?” A smirk came across his face and he placed a hand on her cheek.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered to her. Celina’s eyes widened in horror but before she could react he pulled her head towards him and forced his lips onto hers. She pulled away immediately and stood in shock. Celina didn’t know what to say but as she ran towards the portrait hole she felt a tear run down her face.

Before she could get to it the door swung open and Lily and James stood there. “Celina what’s wrong?” Lily asked worriedly. Celina shook her head and ran off.

“I’m on it!” Zayda shouted as she ran after her. Lily was worried for her friend but she still had things to do. She pulled the final book, the one which James had been reading, out of her bag and settled down into a chair with it.

“I’ll let you off for this one,” Lily smiled at James’ shocked face. “Now give me some peace.” She ushered him off and he took a seat with Sirius.

“That was weird,” Sirius said when James dropped lightly into a chair next to him. “What’s going on with you two?”

James sighed, “I don’t know. But I’m not going to do anything to jeopardise this. Do you hear me Trevor?” He said quietly and threateningly.

“Sirius,” Sirius corrected. James looked at his friend worriedly.

“You’re weird,” James stated.

“No, you’re weird,” Sirius replied. James ignored him and turned his attention back to the red head who he noticed had suddenly beamed at the book. As he continued to watch her, her face became red with what he knew was anger and she lifted her eyes to him. His heart raced as he recognised the death glare.

James Potter!,” she shrieked as she marched over to him and thrust the book into his hands. “Read that.” She ordered.

“To reproduce the shaking shrub you simply sprinkle it with water until it shakes out its seeds. Then allow the seeds to bury in the soil for two days which will strengthen them,” James read aloud slowly. He gulped harshly before looking back at Lily.

“It was on the first page,” she said menacingly. “We wasted an hour for no reason! Why couldn’t you just get on with your work?” James closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, waiting for the explosion. However, when he opened them he just saw Lily’s retreating back as she left for the girls dormitories.

James swore loudly and threw the book to the floor, slamming his hand down on the arm of the settee. “Well done Prongs,” Sirius said as he patted his back. “Well done.”

A.N Hmm, it took a while i know...but not many people have been reviewing =[ Andd, the queue is SOO small i havent wanted to post any chapters 'cos the story goes off the first page to fast and then hardly anyone reads LMAO! But i fancied posting this now =] Ive been weighed down with exams which are the hardest things ive ever had to do!! But i have 2 weeks until my next one =D Anyhoo, please leave a kinda losing my motivation for this story which is horrible 'cos i have so many ideas n_n


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