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Go chapter 4!!!

 My eyes scanned the tables, they met Draco’s and the world stopped. It was as if all time was frozen for that moment, and the only two beings on earth were me and Draco. He shook his head and looked away, and in that moment, I knew what a horrible mistake it’d been moving to England.

The rest of the dinner went by in a blur. People tried to talk to me but I ignored them or gave one word answers. Not exactly the best first impression of me.
All of a sudden I found myself lying awake in my bed in the 6th year Gryffindor girl’s dormitories, listening to the peaceful breathing of the other girls.
My head was swimming with thoughts; that hat could read my head so it must have placed me in the right house, but how was it possible for me and Draco to be so different.
He must hate me now. After all, I’m in the enemy house.

After unsuccessfully trying to sleep, I got up and walked downstairs to the common room. There, I sat on the couch and my head transported me into another place. In this place, Draco and I were together. We went to Hogwarts together and were both in Slytherin. Every guy in the school wanted to be with me and every girl wanted to be me.

A noise from the stairs startled me and I shook out of my daydream. A plump, round faced boy appeared at the bottom of the stairs. He jumped when he realised that I was in the room.

‘Hi,’ he said nervously. I smiled at him. ‘You’re the new girl. Right?’ he asked. I nodded. ‘I’m Neville.’ I nodded again and he looked at me expectantly.

I sighed. ‘Violet,’ I said extending my hand. Gingerly, he took it; I could feel his palm sweating. I took my hand back and wiped it on my pyjama pants, his cheeks tinged pink. We stood awkwardly, until he turned around, muttered something that sounded like ‘bye’ and went back upstairs.

I paced the grand common room for a while, calmly pondering my circumstances and whether there was a resolution. When my eyes began to droop so that I could no longer see where I was going, I trudged wearily up to my bed and fell immediately asleep.

Trying to find my way around on the first day of school, was like looking for a needle in a haystack and to make matters worse, whenever I tried to ask anyone for directions, they hurriedly walked off in the opposite direction. The school was huge, and at times, when I found myself in the wrong corridor, I came back out, to find either; the stairs led to a completely different place or that there were no stairs at all and when I finally reached class, everyone was already settled and they all stared at me as I found a seat.

Coincidently, in the first subject I had, Transfiguration, the only free seat was beside Draco. I sat down as the stern looking woman began to explain the day’s task. We were to use the incantation ‘incohare unda’ to transfigure objects on our desks to water. It was quite difficult and halfway through the lesson, the only person who had managed to do it, was the bushy haired girl, who I now knew was called Hermione.

I tried copying her exactly,

‘incohare unda,’ I said, flicking my wand the same way Hermione did, and big surprise, it worked; the quill I’d been trying to transfigure was now dripping onto the floor.

‘Incarhere yoonda,’ I heard Draco say. I turned to him.

‘Draco, do you want some help?’ I asked.
He didn't reply.
Still no reply…

He was flicking his wand all over the place, desperately trying to make it work but with each flick he was getting more and more annoyed.
‘Stupid spell,’ he said angrily, throwing down his wand. He crossed his arms and sat with a pout on his face that could rival that of a three year old girl. I took one look at him and burst into laughter. I couldn't help it, he just looked so stupid.
He turned to look at me.
‘What’s so funny?’ he asked

‘You!’ I laughed. He looked embarrassed. Now that he was actually speaking to me, I took the chance to say something about my little sorting incident.

‘Draco, are you okay about me?’ I asked ‘me being in Gryffindor that is,’
He looked if anything, taken aback by my question.

‘I always knew you were a goody-two-shoes…,’ he said casually, trying to sound cool ‘…It didn't really come as a surprise,’

‘Although,’ he said after a small pause ‘I am going to have to find a way for you to make it up to me.’

The bell rang and he ran off with a rather seedy grin on his face.

yey chapter 4... sorry it took so long, i'm writing 2 oneshots as well. Keep an eye out for them and also review please!!!!!!

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