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    A/N: This is my second EVER fan-fic but only my first Lily/James one so I would REALLY love reviews!
    Lily Evans sat with, her friends, Jenna Greene, Serena Wyannes, and Dilan Trenning, watching James Potter in disgust as he tortured another student with his jokes and tricks. She finally got fed up with it and marched over to him, "Potter! Your a prefect! I call it abusing your privileges doing that to another student!"

    She stared down at the 3rd year vomiting continuously on the floor.

    "Oh really Evans? Well maybe I'll stop if you go out with me."

    Lily leaned forward, eyes flashing with hatred, "I'd rather date a werewolf!" she hissed.

    "Well that can be arranged!" James proclaimed, grinning at his best friends, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black.

    Lily blushed slightly. She'd almost forgotten Remus was a werewolf as well as one of her best friends. She quickly recovered and rolled her eyes. She stalked back to her place between Jenna and Serena on the couch.

    "You know he's just going to keep asking until you say yes?" Jenna said from behind her book.

    "No Jenna, I didn't!" Lily replied sarcastically.

    Serena rolled her eyes and returned to her homework saying, "You don't have to be snappish Lily. Jenna was only trying to help."

    "Sorry. Potter just makes me so mad! If he's trying to impress me it's not working!"

    James suddenly popped up in front of her, "Hey Evans! Will you go out with me?" he asked for the millionth time that year.

    "For the last time NO!"

    "I'm sorry about earlier."

    "Don't apologize to me! Apologize to the kid you tricked!"

    "Prongs leave the girl alone! Can't you see she's troubled enough?" Remus said from behind.

    "Thank you Remus! At least someone has some sense!"

    James rolled his eyes and flicked his wand at the 3rd year, who was still vomiting on the floor. The vomiting immediately ceased. Lily noticed the Serena had gone slightly red and suddenly become very interested in her potions book when Remus spoke. She looked at her peculiarly before turning back to James and Remus, "Potter I will never go out with you even if your the last man on Earth!"

    "I'm going to make you eat those words," he replied.

    "I'd like to see that!" she snorted.

    "Oh you will my dear Lily. James has set his heart on you and I very well think it will happen!" Sirius said.

    "I promise you it won't Black!" Lily said harshly.

    "Lily, Lily, Lily. There's no need to be harsh! I was only saying what will definitely happen!"

    "And if I fell for you or Remus? What would you say to that? Though I highly doubt I would EVER fall for you! Remus is another story."

    "Oh I see! Fancy Remus do you?"

    Lily rolled her eyes and walked away. There was no way she could get out of this one without lying to herself or others. She didn't want to admit it but deep down she really thought she like Remus as more than a friend.

    Jenna, finally getting fed up with the fighting said, "Shut it! Both of you!"

    A/N: Thank you all for reading and PLEASE review!

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