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Disclaimer: I still only own the plot and new characters

After the incident in class Harry hadn't talked to Bianca in awhile. He figured it could of been either because of the amount of homework the seventh years were receiving or she really was giving him the cold shoulder. He would spend his entire days sometimes just thinking about her. The tiniest little thing managed to bring her into his mind and he would crack a smile every now and then.

He couldn't help but realize how the past few days were exactly how he had been when she left her house that cold painful day. Even though they were close physically, they were completely distant emotionally. He wanted nothing more than to be with her. He wanted to be the guy to carry her books although knowing her she'd make a wise remark about Harry trying to hint to her that she had no strength. He wanted to the last one she talked to at night and the first one she thought about in the morning.

He couldn't help the reaction his fists made when he wondered just how much time she and Logan spent together. His jaw had managed to heal a bit although it still showed signs of the attack. He could tell though that he attitude towards Logan had changed. She didn't sit by him in class and would hardly look in his nor Harry's direction. It was if she was trying to keep Harry safe by not creating another incident like last time.

It was a Sunday and the students were enjoying the break from class even though they knew they had homework that was incapable of doing itself. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in the Common Room talking.

"I know you miss her" said Hermione seeing the dreamy look in Harry's face
"What am I supposed to say to her?" asked Harry
"You know you still really haven't explained to her about Cho" said Ron as he remembered that the two of them didn't do much talking. Really he missed her too, and it wasn't just because he wanted very much to speak to Liz which he constantly reminded himself of.
"I tried I really did" said Harry
"Was that before or after you kissed her" said Hermione with a sly smile
Harry blushed as he replied "Well I kind of need her to be here if I'm to explain anything"
"That does represent a problem" said Ron

"What about you and Liz uh mate?" asked Harry trying to divert the subject to Ron
"What about Liz?" said Ron calmly although he could feel his face trying to form a smile
"Oh those two hit it off well" said Hermione
"Really?" said Harry with an interested tone
"He held her hand longer than necessary" said Hermione
"I thought she had something smudged on it ok" said Ron quickly
"So you just happened to be the gentlemen you are and tried to clean it" said Harry in an amused tone
"Exactly" said Ron
"Yeah right, come on admit it you like her" said Hermione
"I will do no such thing" said Ron
"So it wouldn't anger you in anyway to know that Seth has it bad for her?" said Harry
"WHAT??!!!" shouted Ron
"Oh yeah he has no anger problems at all" said Hermione
Harry had a laugh while Ron managed to return his face to a calm color instead of a red hot tomato.

"We should go to the library get the books for our Transfiguration homework" said Hermione as she rose from her
"As in we you mean you right?" said Ron
"I am not going to carry your books for you guys" said Hermione
"Who said anything about carry. Levitate them" said Harry
"You guys are lazy come on pick your arse up now" said Hermione
"Yes mother" said Ron as he and Harry followed Hermione out of the portrait hole

Upon reaching the library Hermione's eyes immediately caught sight of a gray eyed blonde guy. Draco was on the right side of the library his mind absorbed in a book. She couldn't ever remember when she had seen Draco in a library.

The two hadn't talked in awhile due to the homework. They acknowledged each other whenever they were in the Head's room, but other than their first night they hadn't spoken more than a 'hey' or 'hi'. She felt herself feeling sad and disappointed that there was a big chance that she would never see the Draco who had tickled her and had commented on her looking good this year. She tried to convince herself that he was a Slytherin and she was a Gryffindor, the two house with the most animosity between them, how could she ever think that their friendship, if what they had could even be called that, would leave their dorm. She suddenly felt very sad and left the boys to find the book she needed and possibly another one which could take her mind off of things.

"So why are we here again?" asked Ron as he sat at a table with Harry
"I thought it was pretty self-explanatory" said Harry as he smiled as his friend
"That's a insult isn't it?" asked Ron
"If I tell you no will you believe me?" asked Harry
"No" said Ron quickly
"In that case then yes" said Harry causing the both of them to share a small laugh
"Ok really I'll take the left side" said Harry as he got up from his seat to search for a book
"Right" said Ron as he left his seat too

Harry searched through the rows of books. It was like a maze filled with enormous amounts of information ans stories with characters who had their own problems to deal with. None of those characters would ever know how much their lives were close to their readers or if it was only something only one could imagine. Harry's right hand reached out touching each book it pasted. Harry didn't notice the girl he had ran into until it was too late.

"Ouch" said a familiar voice
"Oh I'm so sorry" said Harry helping to girl to pick her books up from the floor
"No it's fine really, the books are my only witness so there's no reason to get the ministry involved" said the girl as she grabbed the last book only to look up into Harry's eyes. Harry could feel his heart racing and his insides wanting to jump for joy. Bianca was wearing a shocked expression on her face but quickly regained herself as she stood up.

"So I'm off the hook then?" asked Harry
"No I take my comment back  your ass is going to Azkaban if I become crippled" said Bianca as she put the books back into their proper place
"Why have you been avoiding me?" he asked quickly
"I've had homework and this is my first year here, I'm getting used to things" said Bianca not looking him in the eye
"That's quite the convincing story you have there" said Harry
"Fine don't believe me, see if I care" said Bianca as she finally looked him the eye
"Bianca do you know how much I've been thinking about you?" said Harry with a soft tone
Bianca had the urge to say just has much as she had been thinking about him but instead replied with "You have a chart or something to show me?"
"No sorry left the poster board in my room" said Harry
"Oh what a shame" said Bianca as she moved past him, but Harry only grabbed her arm to make her look at him

"Why are you being so difficult?" asked Harry
"This whole situation isn't easy for me Harry, my first day of class and I already caused a scene making people talk about me, not that I give a damn what they think" said Bianca not worrying about releasing herself from Harry's grip
"Are you doing this to protect me?" asked Harry moving closer to her
"No, I know you can handle yourself perfectly fine" said Bianca
"Is this about Logan?" asked Harry

Bianca was mad, how dare he think she'd avoid him because of Logan. She was close to Logan, but never would she let him keep her from someone. She pulled her arm away from Harry and backed away a few steps
"He has nothing to do with this" said Bianca
"Really, you're not mad at him for punching me?" asked Harry
"He was jealous and wasn't thinking right, besides you attacked back too" said Bianca with intensity
"I wasn't gonna let him keep me from you" said Harry
"Well you didn't have to go and make a big scene" said Bianca
"You haven't told him about us have you?" said Harry as he his eyes widened
"What us? You kissed me and that's it, besides how can there be an us if you're with Cho uh?" said Bianca as she crossed her hands over her chest
"I don't love her" said Harry
"You might want to tell her that" said Bianca
"She gets off thinking we're the greatest couple ever" said Harry
"Well I'm very happy for you" said Bianca with sarcasm

"So when are you going to tell Logan about our Summer?" asked Harry
"That's none of his business" said Harry
"So what do you care about Cho then?" asked Harry
"You were with Cho when you and I were together, which means you cheated on Cho with me" said Bianca as her voice became shaky
"Bianca....." said Harry as he tried to move closer to her
"No" said Bianca a little too loud
"I want to know the truth. Tell me were you with her yes or no?" said Bianca as she looked Harry straight in the eye
"She said we were on a break" said Harry as he moved his hand through his black hair with frustration
"That's a girls way of saying that you're still together" said Bianca as her eyes began to look broken and weak
"I know, but she doesn't mean to me what you do" said Harry
"So you knew what you were doing with me then" said Bianca as she tried to compose herself
"I never meant to hurt you" said Harry
"I know what it's like to be cheated on and I would never want any girl to go through it"said Bianca
"I'm sorry, you know I love you" said Harry looking at her in the eye
"I know you do" said Bianca in a soft tone
"What now?" asked Harry breaking the moment of silence
"I don't know" said Bianca
"I want to be with you" said Harry
"I know, I'm just not sure what to do right now Harry" she said and with that she left him standing in the row of books alone

While Bianca and Harry were having their conversation Ron had roamed the library looking for a interesting row of books, but nothing popped out to him until he saw a girl with black hair that was pulled half-way up wearing jeans and a gray shirt. She had long silver earings that added to her looks. Ron's legs hadn't gotten the message of stopping causing him to run into a wall of books. A few fell from their shelves. Ron's face was red and he looked up to find Liz containing her laugh.

"Oh hey" said Ron
"Hey yourself, sorry I wasn't laughing at you" said Liz
"So there's some other guy who ran into a wall of books" said Ron as he picked up the books
"Yeah you just missed him, I'm still trying to get over it" said Liz with a smile
"So how've you been?" asked Ron
"Good, just peachy" said Liz
Ron laughed a little causing Liz to say "Why are you laughing?"
"You're comparing your life to food" said Ron
"Well I'd say you're looking a lot like a bowl of peas" said Liz
"Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?" asked Ron
"It's supposed to make you understand my comment" said Liz
"You're gonna be a really bad teacher" said Ron
"Well you're full of nice comments" said Liz
"You called me a pea" said Ron
"Oh that's right uh?" said Liz as they both shared a laugh

"I'm still waiting for an answer that I'll comprehend" said Ron
"Well Mr.Bossy, I've been busy with homework and trying to be there for Bianca" said Liz
"Yeah her and Harry are..." said Ron but was cut off by Liz
"Being really retarded" said Liz
"They both want each other" said Ron
"It's so frustrating when two people who are attracted to one another........." said Liz
"Can't seem to come together..." added Ron
"They just keep dancing around........" said Liz
"Neither noticing how easily they come together................" continued Ron
"Both scared to know how it could be..............." said Liz
"Wondering when the other is going to do something.............." said Ron
"To assure the other about how they feel" finished Liz

Both looked into each other's eyes while absorbing the moment of silence wondering about what the other one was thinking
"Yeah so really frustrating" said Ron
"How've you been?" asked Liz
"I've been fine just wondering if that sike-out talk was just you trying to scare me" said Ron
"If I wanted to scare you I could of done something worse" said Liz as she took a step closer to him
"You don't know my weakness" said Ron as he moved up a step
"Let me think spiders is it?" asked Liz
"How did you know?" asked Ron
"Really I got it you too?" said Liz
"You're afraid of them too?" said Ron

"Yes I always had to have Seth kill them for me in the dorm" said Liz
Upon hearing Seth's name Ron began to feel very angry
"Oh yeah just call him why don't you" said Ron
"Then again I like to blow them off the balcony and wave good-bye" said Liz
"That's mean" said Ron forgetting his anger as he looked into her gorgeous eyes
"Hey those little buggers made me do it they drove me to insanity" said Liz as she took a step closer to Ron
"Hey at least they didn't try to make you tap dance" said Ron as he stepped forward

"I think you're turning this into something Ronald" said Liz as she finally stood only a few inches from Ron
"I think you're trying to make it look like I'm turning this into something" said Ron
"I think you're thinking way too much" said Liz
"Well the brain can come in handy sometimes" said Ron as he began to feel Liz's breath on his lips

"Sometimes the mind just needs to shut-up" said Liz as she moved her lips closer to his, but not close enough to kiss him. She waited to see if he would make the next move, she was testing him, making him work for it, she admitted to herself that it might be a blunt and ambitious move, but she hoped Ron would be able to keep up. Her insides were criss-crossing each other hoping that he'd have the guts to make a move. She could feel Ron's breath on her lips and was dying to know if their position was driving him crazy as well. Finally after waiting a few seconds Liz backed up feeling a bit embarrassed at the fact that she just took a daring move only to be shot down.

"What was that?" asked Ron after she backed away feel upset with himself for not kissing her
"I'd say the books might of had a better chance of knowing what that was" said Liz and with that she left Ron alone in the row of books

While the boys dealt with their own problems Hermione was mindlessly wandering through the shelves of books her mind absorbed in erasing all the new feelings she was beginning to feel for Draco.' Wow I even used his real name' though Hermione 'Oh great now I'm really in the need of a good book' said Hermione causing herself to become unaware of her increase in speed only to find herself in a row of books not noticing the other person who had been in the same one.

"Hermione are you ok?" asked Draco
Hermione looked up into his gray eyes only to feel her hands feeling moist from embarrassment but then responded
"What do you care?" said Hermione
"I was just trying to be nice" said Draco with a surprised tone
"Well don't I'm a Gryffindor and you're a Slytherin" said Hermione as a matter of fact
"Look I know that it may be hard to erase all the crap I've put you through, but I've changed" said Draco with a pleading look in his eyes

"You don't have to prove anything to me" said Hermione
"I know, but I really wanted you to know that" said Draco
"You called me Hermoine" she said
"That's your name isn't it?" he replied
"It's sound weird coming from you" she said
"Well you try saying my name" he suggested
"Draco" she said slowly
"My that is quite the dashing name" he said
"Well in that case you should of been name a Milton" she said
"You should of been named a Sherly then" he said
"What kind of a name is that" she asked
"You know like shrieking Sherly" he said
"Oh ok have somebody also jump on you and then tell me how you react" she said
"I would never have hurt you anyways" said Draco surprising both of them with his truthful and caring words
"Well thanks that means a lot to me" said Hermione
"You're welcome" he said

A few moments of silence surrounded them as Hermione searched for the book that she needed. Draco was wondering what he was feeling and how he couldn't help but smile to himself remembering how Hermione had made their dorm 'homey'.

"So what was with Harry and Bianca?" asked Draco
"They have their own things to discuss" she replied
"It seems to me that he really likes her" he said
"Oh yeah and how can you tell?" she asked
"Well for a guy it's simple their mind is somewhere else, they can't help but smile when they see that special someone and they keep talking just to keep them around" he answered
"Well I'll be sure to look for that guy who keeps acting like that around me" said Hermione
"Oh yeah and who would this person be?" asked Draco feeling upset that someone else had been checking out Hermione
"You're not bothered by it are you?" she asked curious as to why he suddenly began to have a mad expression on his face
"Just hoping that he won't keep you from your responsibilities of making sure that Potter and Weasley go to bed on time" he said

"Well let's hope Pansy doesn't become mad with not being with you right now" said Hermione only to find Draco's hands covering her mouth as if the world might stop at any second
"Don't say that name, I've been noticing that whenever her name is said she somehow manages to appear out of nowhere" he said not removing his hands from her mouth
"MMMMMMM!!!" mumbled Hermione against his hands
"Oh sorry" he said releasing her
"Gosh paranoid much" said Hermione
"Well you're the one who brought her up" said Draco
"Only cause I've been having the urge to punch her" she said without knowing what she might have just admitted
"Wait what did you say?" he asked with a shocked expression on his face
"Nothing I have to go" and with that she left him standing there alone

After each member had a great time in the library they met up at the same table where Ron and Harry had been. Each wore an expression that could not be read each wondering what had just happened. After what seemed like hours they looked up into each other's eyes realizing it was time they left the library that they could come back to retrieve the books that they really needed later.

Together they left the library only to see Liz and Bianca outside in the halls. Bianca was wearing a hurt expression while Liz was trying to talk to her. The trio caught sight of them and Bianca turned her head away from Harry as did Liz. They continued walking until another group of people came into view. It was Logan and Seth with Cho right behind them. Cho caught sight of Harry and walked right up to him

"Oh honey I heard what those elements caused in the class that I missed" she said as she grabbed Harry and kissed him. As he allowed her to kiss him he could see Bianca above her shoulders looking at them with an unbearable look in her eyes. Logan could see something was bothering her and then turned to see what had caught her attention and gave Harry the death glare. After releasing Harry she saw that his eyes were on Bianca

"I'll take care of this" she whispered to him and turned only to walk straight up to Bianca
"Wait what is she doing?" asked Harry realizing that the bad kiss had ended
"I don't know, but it can't be good" said Hermione
"Stay away from my man" yelled Cho to Bianca
"Excuse me?" said Bianca in a calm tone with Liz behind her looking like her eyes could burn through skin
"You heard me" said Cho

"Here I always thought that a kiss between those in love was supossed to be hot not the most disgusting shit I've ever seen" said Bianca with an enraged tone
"Just cause you can't have him is no reason to be jealous" said Cho with an embarrassed look on her face
"Honey believe me there is nothing to be jealous of" said Bianca looking her straight in the eye
"Then why did you kiss him in class uh?" asked Cho
"I wanted him to know what a real kiss was like, I felt sorry that he kept making out with a fat ugly rotten toe" said Bianca
"You bitch" said Cho
"Oh heck no I'm about to kick your ass if you can't shut it whore" said Liz
"Oh please you can't even get a kiss from Ron over there you really think I'm scared of you" said Cho causing Liz's eyes to go wide.

Harry and Hermione turned to look at Ron who was looking at Liz with strong eyes. Seth was looking dumbfounded as was Logan when suddenly the quiet and tense atmosphere was broken by Bianca smacking Cho on the nose. Cho stumbled only to slap Bianca in which Bianca returned the favor only with a harder and louder slap across the face.

"You bitch" screamed Bianca as Logan held her back while Harry did the same with Cho. Logan handed Bianca to Seth and Liz although Liz was restraining herself to not take another punch at Cho. Harry to had handed Cho to Ron and Hermione hoping to see if Bianca was alright although he knew how tough she was
"Stay away from her" said Logan blocking Harry from Bianca
"I already told you what if I don't" he answered with blazing fierce eyes
"I'll tell you my answer again" said Logan
"You couldn't keep us apart in class could you?" said Harry
"That was because Hagrid came" said Logan
"Nor summer" said Harry wanting to rub it in his face about what he and Bianca had.

Unfourtanetly Bianca had heard this comment and looked like she was about to burst with anger, but only released herself from Seth's grip and along with Liz walked back to her dorm. Logan was about to reply, but couldn't find the words to expression his confusion and instead turned around and along with Seth left the scene following the girls. Once they were out of sight Hermione and Ron released the struggling Cho.

"What the heck did you do that for?" asked Harry
"I had to tell her to stay away from you" she said
"Cho, I'm sorry, but I do not love you" he said finally releasing the words that he knew he should of said a long time ago
"You'll come back I know you will" she said before turning the corner and dissapearing
"Well that was........interesting" said Ron
"Don't think that you're off the hook" said Harry to Ron causing him to blush
"Now I am most certain that we will never have a quiet year here at Hogwarts" said Hermione with a tired and worried expression.

Ok so please my readers leave a review they can really make my day, my next update will be on my second story called Catching the Fallen.

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