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    A/N: This starts with Jerusalem's POV, changes back to Emma's, then to Hermione's, Harry's and finally back to Emma's so watch for it! You may all hate me after this but IT IS FOR THE BEST!!! I got these lyrics and the overall song from my best friend Alison (AKA: Ally on here). She introduced me to the song and I loved it!

    ~Jerusalem's POV~

    "What do you want? Haven't you and Katie done enough to me?" She asked him. Harry's look was telling him hurt-her-and-your-dead.

    "Emma? Can I talk to you for a moment?" he asked her. "Privately." he added after Harry gave him a glare.

    She hesitated for a moment before nodding. He looked at her still not believing why he had hurt her. 'Katie made you.' He told himself but he knew it wasn't true. He had hurt her because she had broken his heart.

    Harry started to moved to stop her but she only brushed him away saying, "Harry I'll be fine." Harry cupped her face in his hands and kissed her before letting her go. He felt jealousy course through him as he watched them kiss. They loved each other so much he thought his heart might shatter watching it. When they were in the hallway he looked into her blue-gray eyes and saw in them.

    "Emma I need to tell you this before I loose all my nerve." He placed her face in his hands just like he used to when they were together and he was about to kiss her. She seemed to notice too and tried to push his hands off her face. Before she could do anything he whispered, "I still love you." and kissed her. She tried to get away from him but he just held on tighter.

    Of course that had to be when Harry walked out and saw them. He was shocked and hurt, "HEY!" It was only then that he pulled away from her and before she could do anything he walked quietly away.

    ~Emma's POV~

    You watched angrily as Jerusalem just walked away. You turned around and saw Harry looking at you with disbelief and anger. "What the hell was that?!?" he yelled sounding hurt. "I don't believe what I just saw!!" he yelled furiously pacing. "Why the hell were you kissing him?" he sounded even more hurt now. "I thought you loved me." he choked

    "Harry I do love you." You said walking towards him. He backed away. "Harry please let me explain."

    "I don't need an explanation! We're through!" he yelled. You felt your heart melt.

    "No, Harry." You whispered falling to your knees and crying into your hands.

    What you had feared of losing you had lost. Harry was still raging and ranting while you were sitting with your head in your hands. You felt yourself slowing lifting off the floor and before you could do anything a wave of water washed over Harry but not going any further than him. You opened your eyes but couldnt see anything. You floated back down to the ground. When your eyes turned back to normal you looked at the Weasley's, "What happened?" you asked. They were all staring at you in horror and didn't say anything, but Hermione pointed at something behind you. You turned around and saw Harry lying on the ground soaked to the bone and unconcious. You at once realized what had happened and run over to Harry. You knelt down next to him and checked his pulse. It was faint, very faint. "God no." you whispered, tears coming down your cheeks. "Hurry! Someone grab a bucket!" you yelled. Hermione immediately ran into Ally's room and grabbed a bucket.

    "What are you going to do?" she asked setting the bucket down next to you.

    "I'm going to get the water out of him." you said as if it's the simplest thing in the world.

    "Anything I can do?"

    "Keep a check on his pulse and keep him breathing." you replied. She nodded and ran to the other side of Harry, grabbing his wrist. You started running your fingers over him with your eyes shut, calling the water on him into your hands and willing it into the bucket. Once he was dry you put a blanket over him and started sensing the extra water thats inside him. You call it through him, out his mouth, and into the bucket. You did this until you couldn't sense extra water. You checked his pulse, seeing it was almost back to normal.

    "We better get him home." Hermione told you. You nodded and pick him up with Hermione. You half carry half dragged him over to a fireplace and flooed home.

    When you got home you and Hermione layed Harry on the couch and wrapped him in a blanket. You both sat there next to him, before Ron came bursting in yelling, "Did you want to kill him?"

    "Ronald calm down. If she wanted to kill him she wouldn't have saved him back there." Hermione defended. You shot her a thankful look, and she smiled in return. You help one of Harry's hands in both of yours and gently stroked it.


    Days went by in sadness and depression for you. Harry was still out and it was only 3 days until school started. You spent every second with Harry that you could, begging him silently to wake up. You were sitting with him thinking about when you had met him. You thought of the perfect song about the day you met him. You started singing quietly, I Don't Care by The Rock Angelz.

    When we met i knew then
    there was something cool about you
    Even though some my friends didn't notice it at all
    You and me all alone took a walk and started talking
    We stayed out all night and counted all the stars

    I don't care what they say
    I don't care what they do
    Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
    Well it's more than a crush
    An impossible rush
    I don't care what they say when you're there
    I don't care

    "All my friends think you're weird
    But they don't know much about you
    Why we just disappear when you're hanging out with us
    So your hair is a mess they don't know how good you treat me
    I pay no attention cause i know who you are."

    Tears started coming to your eyes as you remember the day you and Harry met and continued singing.

    I don't care what they say
    I don't care what they do
    Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
    Well it's more than a crush
    an impossible rush
    I don't care what they say when you're there

    Tell me stories, paint a picture
    Hang it in the sky
    Tell no lies and keep no secrets
    Time stands still as days go by

    I don't care what they say
    I don't care what they do
    Cause they all fade away when it's just me and you
    Well it's more than a crush
    An impossible rush
    I don't care what they say when you're there
    I don't care.

    Tears started flowing freely and you put your head on Harry's stomach and cried into it. You felt someone touch your shoulder and saw Hermione sitting next to you with tears in her eyes.

    "What was that about?" she asked quietly.

    "The day I met Harry." you replied softly, stroking his hand.

    Hermoine turned to go and you continued to sob quietly. Harry shifted and opened his eyes.

    "Hermione! He's awake!" you yelled.

    "Ron!" Hermione shouted. Ron came in moments later.

    You were so happy you wanted to kiss him but you just sadly stood off to the side, tears streaming down your face. You ran up the stairs, banging on all the doors in the process. Some very sleepy and annoyed looking people amerged from the rooms. "Harry's awake!" you told them and they all raced down stairs. You walked down and into the living room.

    When Harry spotted you he lay still and stared at you. "Why did you do that to me?" he asked you, apparently still shocked.

    You turned away not wanting to see the hurt in his eyes anymore. "I didn't. My powers did." you said quietly before running up the stairs and into your room crying.

    ~Hermione's POV~

    "Why did you do that?" she listened to Harry completely shocked. Why couldn't he be grateful that she had saved him?

    "I didn't. My powers did." Emma said running up the stairs crying.

    "Harry!" she said exasperated.


    "Why can't you be happy that she saved you when she could have let you die!?" she asked angriely.

    "She attacked me in the first place Hermione!"

    "You and I both know she was upset and she looses control over her powers when she's like that!" she yelled.

    "You also weren't the one who was unconcious for a while because of it!"

    "You didn't see how worried she's been about you! You didn't see her crying next to you begging you to wake up! You didn't hear her sing a song about the first day she met you before you woke up! So Harry, don't tell me she attacked you on purpose!" she screamed. She shot Harry another disapproving look before running up the stairs after Emma. She entered Emma's room to see her crying into her pillow. She walked over and hugged her. "It's OK Emma." she said rubbing Emma's back.

    "He hates me Hermione!" Emma cried into her shoulder.

    "No he doesn't he just doesn't understand that you were upset and lost control. Did you really kiss Jerusalem?" she asked suddenly.

    "No he told me he still loved me and kissed me. If Harry had even thought about it he would have noticed me struggling to get away from him! I hate Jerusalem! I would never choose him over Harry. Why can't he see that?" she sobbed quietly.

    "I'll go talk to him for you." she said.

    "Thank you Hermione." Emma told her.

    Hermione walked down stairs and into the living room. "Harry? Emma is upstairs and if you saw how upset she is right now you would understand." Everyone had left after her fight with Harry so she was able to talk to him privately.

    "Hermione I know she didn't attack me on pupose, but that doesn't change the fact that she kissed Jerusalem." Harry told her.

    "Harry there's something she told me upstairs but I think she should tell you." she said looking at him.

    "Well then help me get up there then." he said with a sigh. She smiled and helped him up the stairs and into Emma's room.

    ~Harry's POV~

    He stood in the doorway for a moment not really wanting to talk to Emma yet. Hermione gave him a small push and smiled encouragingly. He coughed slightly to make his presence known. Emma looked up, "What?" she asked rather coldly.

    "Er... Hermione said you told her something up here, but she wanted you to tell me." Harry said akwardly.

    "Sit down Harry." she said. He sat and looked at her expectantly. "Alright here it goes. The night at the hostpital with Jerusalem. I didn't kiss him, he kissed me." Harry snorted and opened his mouth to retort but you cut him off, "Harry please this is true. I'm sorry that I attacked you. I didn't mean to, I lost control of my powers." she finished.

    "But you still saved me." he said quietly.

    "Yes." she answered, "Because even though you hurt me I still love you with all my heart."

    He couldn't believe what he just heard. She still loved him? Even after everything he'd done to her?

    "I still love you too." he said. he could practically feel her heart leap. "But I think we should stay apart for a while." he finished. Her heart sank again. She closed her eyes suddenly glad she wasn't an empath like her twin.

    ~Emma's POV~

    Ginny came running into the room squealing, "Emma! Harry! Wonderful news!"

    "What?" you said together smiling. In your heart you already knew what it was. You and Harry glanced at each other.

    "Ally's awake!" she said excitedly.

    Your heart stopped for a moment and you fell back on your bed your eyes instantly unfocused and you had a vision. Harry immediately knew what was happening and was at your side. You felt him there and were comforted.

    You were walking in complete darkness. You saw a bed with a figure on it. You knew who it was as soon as you saw. Ally. And a second later you were her. You woke up and saw a figure standing over you. It was holding knife. It stood there holding the knife over you. Then plunged it into your stomach. You felt a lump in your throat and started having trouble breathing. The figure pulled the knife out and quickly left the room.

    You opened you eyes and saw Harry and Ginny looking at you worriedly. "Ally!" you screamed sitting bolt upright and sweating hard. "Harry we have to get to Ally! She's in trouble!" you said, panicked. You stood up and walked quickly out of the room. Just before you reached the stairs you feel a stabbing pain in your stomach. You collapsed holding your stomach. You brought your hands up and saw them covered in blood. Harry ran to your side. You held your hands up to him.


    "Ssshhh. I'm here." he replied softly.

    "Harry, it's Ally, not me that's hurt. Somebody had to help her or we'll both die."

    Harry stared at you in horror for a moment before scooping you up and carrying you down stairs into the kitchen. Hermione dropped her fork after seeing you bleeding.

    "It's Ally not her." Harry said hurriedly.

    "They both need help then. Hold on let me get Mrs. Weasley." Hermione said quickly. She ran off and returned with Mrs. Weasley in tow.

    "Quickly Harry, into the fireplace. She has to go to St. Mungo's." Mrs. Weasley said quickly. Harry stepped into the fireplace, still holding you.

    Harry grabbed a handful of floo powder and yelled, "St. Mungo's!"

    He quickly ran to the front desk with Mrs. Weasley and Hermione right behind him. "We need a room. Prefferbably the one with Ally Hue in it. This is her twin sister Emma Hue. We believe Ally was stabbed." Mrs. Weasley said hurriedly, motioning to Emma in the process.

    The receptionist said "Go ahead a healer will be there in a moment."

    Ally looked at everyone coming into the room. She was bleeding in the stomach just like Emma. "Emma?" she said weakly. Mrs. Weasley gasped and ran out of the room and returning with a healer. Harry gingerly placed you on the bed next to Ally. You moaned and Harry sat next to you, holding your hand lightly. You felt conciousness slip away but you were fine. Harry was with you and that was all that mattered.

    A/N: I know you all hate me... I am sorry....

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