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Disclaimer:  Only the plot is mine...

Chapter Two: Oh, Boy.

“I hate that guy!” Lily muttered, walking back into the compartment.

”Yeah, so I’ve heard” Evan muttered back absently as he stifled a yawn and sat down beside Audrey.

Audrey smirked.

“Honestly, he’s so self entitled and arrogant and obnoxious and tall…”

Audrey, after disguising a laugh with a cough, kicked Rose’s right shoe with her left, “Rose, I need to stretch my legs, join me?”

“Oh,” Rose said, looking up from her book, “alright.”

Outside the compartment, Audrey turned to Rose with a worryingly determined look on her face.

“We have to find a way to get Lily to go out with Potter,” she declared.

“Good luck and please keep me out of that plan.”

”Come on, Rose, I’m serious.”

Rose shook her head and sighed, "What we really need is a decent distraction,” she finally said, grinning at the prospect of setting Lily up with a boy.

“Someone nice and smart who is funny and friendly...”

“Do you think she’d go for a Quidditch Players?” Rose wondered aloud, “remember the whole red head phase in first year when she liked that seventh year Gideon Prewett…”

“But decided that his twin brother Fabian was more attractive!” Audrey chuckled.

“How about Evan?” Rose teased.

“Our Evan? Evan Smith?” Audrey said in a flat tone.

“Well… yes,” Rose said smiling.

“That won’t work,” Audrey said decidedly.

“All right,” Rose said, raising her arms in defeat, “how about James Stark?”

James Stark,” Audrey mumbled, nodding.

“The Ravenclaw.” Rose nodded.

“Hmm,” Audrey pondered, “you know, him and Evan are acquainted - they are both on the Quidditch Team…"

Sufficiently pleased with themselves, Audrey and Rose walked back into their compartment to find Lily and Evan playing a round of Rock-Wand-Scissor .

“I won! Bow before me minions! Bow I say!” Lily cried happily, bouncing in a very literal sense.

“You’re just happy that you won for the first time since the beginning of the summer,” Evan snapped jestingly.

“Shut your gob, Ev! You’re just jealous of my impeccably intuitive and utterly genius nature,” Lily gloated.

“And you call Potter arrogant,” Audrey said with a laugh, Lily stuck out her tongue.

Rose laughed and was about to insist that she was the sovereign over Scissor-Wand-Rock when a familiar drawling voice called her name from outside the compartment.

“Hi,” he said.

Rose was surprised to see the notorious Mr. William Ereke at the compartment door.

“How are you?”

“She’s fine,” Audrey answered for her.

“What do you want now, Ereke?” Evan asked.

Ereke looked at Rose and shook his head, “nothing, nevermind.”

After having left, an indignant Audrey sighed huffily, "I can’t believe that guy," she grumbled.

“He’s such a prat.”

“He’s worse than Potter.”

“How dare he come in here like he’s allowed.”

“You guys can stop.” Rose finally snapped.

Silence filled the compartment.

“Sorry,” Rose muttered, “It’s just… I can take care of myself just fine.”

“We know,” Lily said, putting a hand on Rose’s shoulder.

“No need to apologize,” Evan said.

Rose smiled somewhat stiffly before taking out her book again.

Audrey, Evan and Lily chatted lightly until Evan and Lily had to go patrol the corridors, leaving Rose and Audrey sitting adjacent to each other. Audrey fiddling with her hair and Rose reading.

Well, Rose looked like she was reading.

She was holding a book -- her eyes were scanning the pages -- every now and then there was a rustling of pages to suggest a page was being turned.

But it just so happened that Rose’s mind was not absorbed in the ethical discourses of the rights of all magical beings, but on a boy.

A boy she’d liked.

A boy she’d liked because he’d liked her.

Or rather, a boy she’d liked because she had thought he’d liked her.

Oh, boy.

“Rosie,” Audrey said somewhat tentatively.

Rose cleared her throat, “Yes?”

“I was wondering…”

“What?” Rose asked, giving up and throwing her book onto the vacant seat next to her.

“What really happened?”


“You know, with Will?” Audrey prodded.

“I don’t know,” Rose finally answered, visibly irritated, though not with Audrey.

“How do you mean?”

“He’s not…” Rose paused, gathering her thoughts, “He accused me of being a liar.”

“Okay,” Audrey said patiently.

“He thought that I was using him…”

Audrey, taken aback, said, “In what way?”

Rose shrugged, “search me.”

Silence lapsed with Rose fiddling with a ring on her left index finger. The soundd of a rustling wrapper made her look up.

Audrey tossed a chocolate to Rose.

Rose grinned and bit into the succulent treat.

“That boy isn’t worth your time,” Audrey said, choosing a liquorish wand.

Rose simply bit into another chocolate.

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