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A/N: Again, sorry about the long update. Been busier than I thought I would be. I wanted to say thanks to all of my readers and reviewers. You guys are awesome. I hope you enjoy this chapter. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it. Thanks!

P.S. I Love You
Chapter 10-Hermione’s Prank

Hermione was sitting down in her room in the Heads’ Quarters. Times like these were when she was thankful for the privacy and comfort, benefits of having her own room. She was planning her attack on Malfoy. He had insulted her way too much at a degree she couldn’t even believe possible. Since that day, Hermione vowed that she will someday get her revenge. She will humiliate Draco Malfoy at an extreme level that he wouldn’t dare think twice about insulting her ever again.

Sitting Indian style, with her legs crossed over another, she laid out all the bottles of invisible potion in front of her. She had a plan working its way on her brain. It was all too easy. Malfoy was making it too easy for her. All she had to do is go into their shared bathroom. Then, she’d get one of those stupid bottles of hair cream, gel, or whatever it was that he puts in his hair, and put a whole bottle of the potion. George and Fred said that if it contacted any part of the body at all, the potion would activate. She formulated her plan in her head really quickly. Today was Saturday morning, which meant that Malfoy was at Quidditch practice. He wouldn’t be back until before noon. That gave her roughly two and half hours to three hours to get the potion into Malfoy’s hair bottle.

After living with Malfoy for about two months, Hermione had gotten his schedule on Saturdays practically memorized. First, he wakes up at seven and changes into his Quidditch robes. Then, he eats breakfast at the Great Hall at seven-thirty, when practically no one is awake yet. Then, rain or shine, practice or no practice, he comes to fly at the pitch. He’d fly for about four hours, until noon. Then, he’d go to the Heads’ Dormitories, take a shower and get dressed. Hermione, who was so full of ennui once, recorded the time it took for him to shower. It took him ten minutes. At least, that’s how long the water runs. Then, he’d spend the next twenty dressing up, making sure there were no creases or folds or wrinkles. Next, he’d open the door to the bathroom to let out all the steam from his hot shower. Then, he’d spend the next half hour looking into the mirror and fixing his hair. Hermione had no idea why it takes him that damn long when all he does is squirt that hair cream of his onto his palm, put it in his hair, and run his hand over his golden locks to make it look messy and neat all at once, creating his perfect sexy hair. But then again, he stares at himself for practically twenty-five minutes, making sure he has “the look.” Then, he comes down to the Great Hall to eat lunch with everyone else.

So, Hermione was sure that after she puts the potion in his bottle, he would use it right away. Then, at lunch everyone would see him stark naked and everyone, especially her, would have a jolly old time. Well, except Malfoy that is. He would think that everything is perfectly fine. Ha. She couldn’t begin to fathom what his face would look like and how humiliated he would be after everyone sees him naked. Maybe Hermione could tamper with the potion to make certain…body parts… look disproportionate. But then, she frowned at the realization that she didn’t know any spell that could do that. And she couldn’t research it now, she has no time.
With that in mind, she set out for the bathroom. She walked silently, as if anyone at all is there too, and as if she’s afraid someone would just walk in on her. She tiptoed to the open bathroom door. She got in and closed the door quickly behind her. She locked it for good measures. She went to Malfoy’s medicine cabinet and rummaged through it before finding the bottle she was looking for. It was a silly looking purple and green bottle with a nozzle at the top. Every time she sat at the couch on Saturdays before lunch, she’d always see him through the bathroom mirror and she could see everything he does to his hair. Including the bottle he uses. Anyway, she took it out and put on her latex gloves. (She knew taking some from her parent’s dentist office was going to become handy one day.) She had to make sure none got into her skin.

She twisted the nozzle so that the bottle now had the bigger opening open. She took the invisible potion, looking at the label to make sure she had the right one. Then, she tipped it over the bottle of hair cream and the greenish, translucent liquid oozed down the bottle. She finished the whole flask of potion and set it down on the counter. Then, she screwed the nozzle back on and shook the bottle. Perfect, perfect, perfect. She put the bottle back where she got it, the way she got it, and left the bathroom. She hid the now empty potion flask, along with the others in her closet, in a small caved part that people tend to miss when looking in. Just in case Malfoy does some snooping when the prank was done, Hermione hid it there so he wouldn’t see.

She smiled, an evil grin gracing her features. Phase I done.

A few hours later…

Malfoy slowly descended onto the ground. He had been flying for four straight hours today. He believes he’s had enough and can stop now. He reached the ground and started walking towards the stands. He had practice with his team today and he had to say they were excellent and shaped up for the upcoming Quidditch game. He’s usually the first person to be on the Quidditch pitch when his team practices. But then again, he was the Slytherin Quidditch Captain.

He walked across the Quidditch grounds, his broom on one hand, his robes practically drenched in sweat. He was perspiring from the heat from the sun. His Quidditch robes were billowing at his feet. He needed a shower. A long, hot shower. He sped up his pace and walked briskly to the Entrance doors. He walked in and walked in the familiar hallways, corridors, and ways. Finally, he reached the portrait of Noelle and Lawrence.

“Good Morning Noelle, Lawrence.” He said courtly.

“Good Morning Mr. Malfoy, how are you doing this fine day?”

“Very well thank you. Although, a long and hot bath would be lovely. I’ve been flying all morning and I think I deserve to be in cleaner robes and smelling decent.” He said with a grin. He was in a particularly good mood today.

“Oh alright then, just give me the password and we’d get rolling.” Noelle said.


The portrait swung open. Malfoy quickly entered. He didn’t notice Hermione sitting there on the couch, practically laughing her guts off silently. The potion hasn’t been placed on him yet, nor has it done anything, but the thought of it alone was reducing Hermione into fits of silent laughter.

“Morning Malfoy. You look…dirty.” Hermione feigned interest and disgust all at the same time.

“I wouldn’t be the one talking Mudblood. Besides, I just had Quidditch practice. How can you expect me not to be dirty?” He replied shooting her a venomous glance back.

“Fine, fine, I was just saying what I observe. Go and take a shower. Your stench is stinking up the whole dormitory.” Hermione pretended to wave her hand directly under her nose to emphasize the fact that he stinks.

He shot her another death glare, and went to their shared bathroom.

Hermione suppressed a sly grin. He was going to take his shower. Which meant in an hour the prank would officially start.

Only he didn’t walk to the bathroom. He walked to his room. Damn.

“Where are you going? Why aren’t you going to the bathroom?” Hermione asked; panic rising up in her chest. She followed him to his room.

Malfoy shot her an annoyed look. “Getting clothes to change into.” He was inside and Hermione was standing on the door frame.

“Oh.” She didn’t move a centimeter.

“Can you move now, I don’t really want to get my clothes with you around. The last thing I need is for you to find my underwear drawer.”

Hermione blushed. “Yeah.” She turned around. Then turned around to face him again.

“You are going to shower right?”

“Geesh Granger! Do I stink that bad?” He hesitated, but then added, “Unless you want to do something with me?” He said that while wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Hermione gagged. “Pardon me, I just puked in my mouth.”

Malfoy laughed. “Are you sure, you seem so keen to find out if I am taking my shower.”

“Please, unlike so many girls…and boys,” here she showed disgust, “here in this school, I am not attracted to you or your body.” She smirked.

“Oh I think you’d be surprised Granger. You should check it out sometime.” His voice held pomposity.

“No thank you. I’d rather not.”

Malfoy smirked. “Too bad. You’re going to see it anyway.”

Hermione laughed. Wait…did he know? She thought.

But her suspicion of him knowing was demolished. It was replaced by shrieks of surprised from Hermione.

Malfoy had held onto her waist and hoister her up on his shoulder, the upper half of her body in his back and the lower part in his front. She pounded her fist into his lean back.

“Put me down you bastard! What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

His smirk grew larger. “I believe I am about to show Miss Granger what she’s missing.”

Hermione’s eyes grew big in horror.

“No, I don’t want to see you naked!”

Wait, I will have to see him naked, the prank, remember? Hermione thought suddenly.

Malfoy went downstairs to the bathroom. He opened the door, and walked in to the bathroom. He put Hermione down.

His smirk grew even bigger. “Ready for the show?” he laughed.

“No!” With that, Hermione left the room. Thankfully, he didn’t stop her.

Malfoy feigned hurt. “But honey, I thought you wanted to see me?”

Hermione shot him a death glare. “No I didn’t. Besides, I know you’ve got nothing to show. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be chicken enough not to stop me.” She smirked.

Malfoy embarrassed, didn’t say anything. He just slammed the door close.


Hermione sat on the comfy beige couch on their common room. Malfoy was such a retard. Only about an hour until Phase II of her prank was done. Yet another evil grin appeared on her face.

One hour later…

Hermione sat on the Gryffindor table on the Great Hall. It was lunchtime. She came down exactly fifteen minutes before Malfoy finished his shower. It was only a matter of minutes before he came swaggering down the stairs looking like his narcissistic self only stark naked to the eyes of everyone else.

Malfoy checked himself in the bathroom mirror one last time. He told Blaise he’d meet him in front of the Heads’ Dorms. They have yet to plan Granger’s prank. He walked out of the bathroom and into the common room. Then, he went out of the portrait to find Blaise facing the other way.

“Hey Blaise.” He greeted his friend.

Blaise turned around, but then quickly looked the other way.

“What’s wrong?”

“Umm, Draco, I know Quidditch practice was tiring and probably did some wonders to your brain, but I uh think you forgot to do something.” He still wasn’t looking at him.

He looked down. Everything was fine; he didn’t see anything wrong with him.

“What are you talking about? Everything is fine. I’m pretty sure I remembered everything. Besides, I have nothing planned today. What can I forget?”

“Are you sure, because you know… uh this is embarrassing… really, you forgot to do something.” Blaise said blushing.

“What?” Malfoy asked getting more impatient by the minute.

“You forgot to wear clothes.” Malfoy choked on air.


“You’re not wearing anything.” Blaise said going even redder.

“What are you talking about? I am wearing robes! I even made sure it had no wrinkles or creases before putting it on!”

“Well, check again, because you’re not wearing anything.”

“This is ridiculous, let’s get to lunch.”

“Draco, I am not going to the Great Hall in front of hundreds of students with a naked boy.”

“Blaise, will you stop it? I am wearing clothing. Now hurry up or we’ll miss lunch.”

Blaise began running away. “No! I will not be humiliated!” He shouted to him.

Now Malfoy was really confused. What the hell was Blaise talking about? He checked his attire at least ten times before going out. He glanced down again. He was wearing the robes he put on this morning.

He ignored Blaise’s stupid remarks and headed to the Great Hall. The corridors were not surprisingly empty. He went down the long staircases and reached the doors to the Great Hall. He went in arrogantly, like he owned the place.

Everyone stopped eating.

For there, on the doors of the Great Hall, was standing a nude Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy gave everyone odd glances. What’s with everyone today? Were they playing mean jokes on him, pretending he’s not wearing clothes?

Then as suddenly as they’d stop eating, they all burst out laughing.

Something was definitely not right.

Dumbledore cleared his throat. “Mr. Malfoy, is there any reason why you’re not wearing any clothing at all?”

“I’m sorry sir, but I can assure you, I have clothes on. I put the on this morning, see?” He said grabbing a part of his robes.”

To everyone else, it looked like he was swatting a fly near his knees. The laughing increased.

“Mr. Malfoy, I ask that you leave the Hall and I’d follow you to discuss this. Everyone else, resume eating please.”

Malfoy exited feeling defeated. Dumbledore followed suit. Once they were both gone, the Hall erupted in small murmurs.

“Whoa, he is hot! Did you see that chest?”

“No wonder he’s the Slytherin Prince!”

“Oh my god, his body is so dreamy!”

“Did you see the size of his-” Ginny started.

“I don’t want to know Ginny.” Hermione said.

“Yeah right, if anything you’ve already seen it before. You live with him remember?” Ginny said playfully.

“Oh shut it!” Ginny laughed.

Dumbledore escorted Malfoy out of the Hall and into a corridor. It was obvious that even he was being affected by the prank, and that he didn’t like it. He kept glancing away and turning his head so that he won’t be able to see his student in nude.

“Mr. Malfoy I do not know if you think this is amusing, but I see it highly inappropriate!” Dumbledore said outraged.

“But sir, I’m telling the truth, I am wearing clothes, why can’t you see that?” He said, his eyes begging for mercy.

Dumbledore asked, “Why are you not wearing any clothes?”

“I am sir, can’t you see that?”

Dumbledore shook his head. “Why did you pull this stunt?”

“I didn’t sir, before I went out of the Heads’ dormitories; I checked my attire for the tenth time to see my perfectly ironed clothes. I don’t know why everyone believes I’m wearing nothing.”

The old man once again shook his head. He was speaking the truth. This meant someone has done something to him to make him appear naked.

“Mr. Malfoy, who do you think has a vengeance on you, enough that they would pull a serious prank on you?”

Malfoy grinned. “Granger.”

Dumbledore’s face went grim. Although the boy is right, it doesn’t seem like it that Hermione could do such thing. Dumbledore went back into the Hall.

“Ms. Granger, may I have a word?”

Hermione followed Dumbledore out of the Great Hall and into the corridor where Malfoy was out waiting. Dumbledore turned around to face her.

“Miss Granger, Mister Malfoy here has suggested that you are the person behind the prank being played on him today. And recent events have only supported his idea even more.” Dumbledore said with that twinkle on his eyes.

Hermione felt guilty but not ready to back out yet. “I swear sir, I didn’t do anything. I promise. Besides, no matter how annoying and evil Malfoy is, I would never take drastic measures such as this to get back.” Hermione said, feigning innocence.

“Alright Miss Granger, I believe you.”

“Not so fast.” Snape interrupted. “I think it only appropriate we search Miss Granger’s room. There might be something in there that could tell us whether she’s telling the truth.

“Now, Severus, there’s no need for that.”

“Oh I believe there is.” He replied sending a glare over to Hermione.

“Very well.” With that, all four of them walked to the Heads’ dormitories. The two teens at the front, sending daggers at one another and the two professors at the back.

“Trust.” Malfoy said the password and the portrait swung open.

Once inside, Snape took the lead and marched up the stairs to Hermione’s room and barged in. He muttered a spell and a purple light emitted from his wand. Nothing happened. He glanced back at Hermione and checked under the bed, near the dresser, he was about to open the closet when Dumbledore stopped him.

“Now hold on, I don’t think it is right for you to be looking through Miss Granger’s things, Severus. How would you feel if someone went through your stuff without your permission?” Dumbledore said.

“It’s alright Professor, I haven’t anything to hide. Go look all you want.” Hermione replied.

And that’s exactly what Snape did. For the next fifteen minutes, he went through Hermione’s drawers (and found things he shouldn’t, nor anyone else in the room), bookshelves, everywhere. Then, he came to the closet. Now, Hermione was in very hot water. But she didn’t say anything. Speaking would only raise suspicions.
Snape investigated her closet for yet another ten minutes. He almost got close to seeing the potion bottles, but thankfully, he wasn’t able to see anything. So finally, he went out and said hesitantly, “Well Miss Granger, I believe you are innocent and have nothing to do with the prank whatsoever.”

Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. The professors finally left and Malfoy and Hermione were left standing in the middle of their common room.

Malfoy shot him a death glare. He pointed a finger at Hermione and said, “I know you did it. But I’m not going to say anything. Just watch out Granger, you never know what people, especially people like me, are capable of.”

And he was out the door.

A/N: Hope you guys liked that. I know that was short, please forgive me. Point out any mistakes, suggestions, or any stupidity please. They’re all welcome. Don’t forget to review! Thanks!

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