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A/N- This is my first fan fic so any kind of reviews would be welcome. 
Thanks for reading. xx

Chapter 1

Don’t You Ever Say Hello?

Luna Lovegood sat in the corner of the library alone as usual quietly doing her potions homework. Professor Snape had set a two foot long essay on the strength potion. Her potion had turned out alright, she had become stronger for five minutes as she was supposed to; but Luna knew could still receive an average mark from Snape if her written work wasn’t up to standard.

Sighing softly she trailed her finger along the ancient page, scribbling notes as she went. The more information she could collect the better. Luna hated homework from Snape, she always felt ill when she handed it in and waited for her results. Snape was a tough marker, any little thing he could use to take marks away from his students Snape would use. It always took Luna twice as long to write out her finished essay to make sure that Snape could read every letter.

The sun spilled though the window across the table; as she wrote she could feel the weak warmth of the September rays on her skin. The library was quiet today, it was a Sunday afternoon and nice weather, most people were out around the grounds making the most of the sun before it disappeared altogether.

She had spotted Hermione Granger in the corner  when she had arrived, but Hermione had left a short time ago, it was now just her and some other people that she didn’t know.

Not that Luna would have any company if she did know the people sitting around her. Not many people spoke to Luna Lovegood; only Hermione, Harry and Ron. Ginny Weasley sat with her in class but she was in a different house to Luna, so she only saw her now and again.

Being alone suited Luna, she didn’t mind very much, she liked her own company. When you were alone there was no reason to worry about leaving the room first for fear of your “friends” gossiping about you, there was no-one to lie to you, deceive you or let you down.

There was only you.

She knew people called her Loony, knew they thought she was odd, the weird girl from Ravenclaw. Other people's remakrs didn’t bother Luna. Why should she worry about what people were saying about her when there was so many other things in the world to worry about? Petty people at school didn’t even come on the top ten list of things to worry about. She wouldn’t see them after her Hogwarts days, what did it matter?

“You’ve got the book I need,”

Luna looked up in surprise at the cold voice that cut into her thoughts. The sunlight danced across his golden hair, flowing across his face picking out the smoky grey of his eyes.

“Oh, I’m still using it. Can you wait?” she asked softly.

“No. I need it,”

“Don’t you ever say please?” Luna wondered.

He frowned. “No, I find the phrase “give it to me now” usually does the trick. So, give it to me now!”

Madam Pince made shushing noises at them.

“But I’m still using it,” Luna pointed out reasonably. “I have to hand homework into Professor Snape,”

Draco Malfoy sighed heavily. “And who do you think I have to hand homework into? A duck?” he demanded sarcastically.

Luna giggled slightly.

“Will you two keep quiet. If you want to use the same book I suggest that you either wait, Mr Malfoy or share it,” Madam Pince told him, before shuffling off back down the aisle.

Draco scowled again before plonking himself down beside Luna and flicking the page of the book.

“Now you’ve lost my page,” she complained, reaching out to flick the page back.

A mad page war ensued between them for a few minutes resulting in both of them losing track of what pages they actually wanted.

“Stop doing that, I need to use the other page. Put a marker in there can’t you?” Draco snapped finally, annoyance filling him that he had to share a book with Luna Lovegood. She was unbelievably irritating and he had only just sat down.

“Let me just finish the paragraph that I was reading and you can go back to your page,” she said, flicking the pages madly before he could interrupt her.

“Go back to the page? I haven’t found the page yet,” Draco muttered, but sat back anyway to let her finish reading. Once he had the book in his possession he would finish his work before allowing Lovegood to continue with hers.

Draco watched Luna silently as she finished reading and making notes; the weak sunlight turning strands of her dirty blonde hair golden, her tongue sticking out of the corner of her mouth as she concentrated.

“There you go,” she said a few minutes later, pushing the book towards him and bending over her parchment.

He didn’t thank her, but dragged the book towards him searching for the page he needed. Lunadidn’t bother him again for a while, but sat quietly beside him scratching away and checking her notes.

Draco glanced across at her, he couldn’t help it; from his position her ridiculous radish earrings kept catching the corner of his eye as they swung back and forth when she moved her head. Detachedly he hoped no-one would come in and see him sat with Loony Lovegood.

Finally, he couldn’t stand them any more and he put his quill down. “Why in Merlin’s name do you wear those idiotic radishes?” his voice held a note of command as he spoke, as though almost daring her to not look at him and answer his question.

Luna looked up at him in surprise. “You don’t like them?” 

Draco rolled his eyes. “No I don’t. They make you look stupid.”

“Well, so does that smirk you always use, but I don’t complain about it do I?” she replied decisively.

Draco stared at her for a few minutes, he was actually lost for words; he didn’t know what to say, she had totally shocked him. He hadn’t expected Luna Lovegood to answer him back. Did he look stupid when he smirked? It was his trade mark! Why was he even concerned over the opinion of a girl who wore radishes in her ears? She was loony wasn’t she, what difference did her opinion make?

None whatsoever.

He decided to ignore her and bent his head back over his homework. Out of the corner of his eye Draco could see her watching him. Luna sat and stared at him for a while making it difficult for him to concentrate properly.

“What?” Draco demanded.

“I just wondered if you thought my handwriting was ok, I mean for Snape’s standard?” she held her parchment out towards him.

Automatically he took it from her scanning it quickly. “Yeah, it’s fine.” Why was he checking her work? Draco shook his head rolling his eyes. She was odd.

“Thank you, Draco,” Luna stood up gathering her things together.

Draco looked up in surprise, it was weird hearing her saying his name like that, as though she always spoke to him and always referred to him as Draco and not Malfoy as most others did. Although, now he came to think about it he hadn’t ever spoken to Luna Lovegood before.

“Bye then,” she said smiling at him.

“Bye,” Draco replied.

Smiling again she walked away from him out of the door to carry on with her day.

                                                                        * * *

It was three days later when Draco was trailing his fingers along the old spines of the books in the charms section of the library, searching for the exact book he needed to complete him homework. He sighed irritably, it wasn’t there.

He stomped to the end of the row fully intending to go and ask Madam Pince if the book had been checked out, when he spotted a head of dirty blonde hair sitting in the corner. Somehow Draco knew that she would have the book he wanted. It was just his luck.

Stalking across the room he sat down beside her depositing his bag on the floor. “You’ve got the book I want again.”

Luna looked up, her forehead creased in a light frown. “Don’t you ever say hello?”

“Don’t waste time, Lovegood. How long are you going to be?”

“I’ve not long started,” she informed him. “I’m willing to share again if you like?”

“Fine. Mark your page,” Draco pulled his books out of his bag, setting his things across the table in a neat row in front of him.

Luna bit her lip scanning what she had written so far. She had told the teeniest of fibs. She was in fact half way through her homework, and probably didn’t need the book for the rest of it; but she wanted Draco to sit with her and talk to her, even if he was short and rude when he did speak.

Only Ginny Weasley ever sat with her and Draco was a nice change. Plus, Luna had discovered that she could while away her time watching him when he was busy concentrating so he didn’t notice her. Draco was nice to look at when he wasn’t sneering or smirking at someone.

“Did your homework with Snape go ok?” she asked after a while.

“Yeah.” Why was she talking to him? Couldn’t she see he was busy?

“Can I check a fact?”

Sighing Draco shoved the book towards her. Maybe she would shut up and go away if he hurried her along a little. Why were all his Professors suddenly giving him homework that forced him to spend time with Luna Lovegood? It was like a conspiracy!

Draco kept his head down refusing to look at her, if he did she might try to engage him in actual conversation. That would be a nightmare. The last thing he wanted to do was sit and listen to her droning on about flying worms, or Sticklegrubs or whatever The Quibbler was suggesting was real this week.

He read over his last paragraph, it seemed ok, but he needed the book again to finish. He chanced a quick glance at Luna out of the corner of his eye.

She was trailing her finger along the page, her eyes darting from her parchment to the book, her tongue stuck out of the corner of her mouth. Draco had noticed that Luna usually concentrated with her tongue sticking out of her mouth.

Draco sniggered a little. He didn’t have that much left to do, he could leave soon and let her get on with her own devices. Merlin only knew what they were.

“Thank you,” she handed the book back to him. “I guess I’m nearly none,” she told him, a slight hint of regret in her voice.

Draco looked up cautiously. “You don’t seem to happy about it.”

“Well,” Luna sighed softly, “I don’t have much else to do for the rest of the evening. I get my potions homework back tomorrow, and I always get nervous the night before, so I like to have something to do before I go to sleep.”

Draco stared stupidly at her as her eyes glazed over while she spoke to him. “Uh-huh,” he said slowly, unsure of what else he could say. “Good luck with that,” he added dryly.

Luna smiled happily. “Thank you, Draco.” 

Draco opened his mouth to tell her that was sarcasm, but he didn’t get the chance to speak.

“Are you going to be much longer?” Luna asked, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

Draco shrugged, “I’ll be as long as it takes. Shouldn’t be that much longer. Why?”

Luna considered for a moment. The real reason she wasn’t happy about finishing her homework was that now she could leave the library and that meant leaving Draco as well. She didn’t want to leave Draco, Luna wanted to keep sitting with him until he had finished. She didn’t feel lonely when Draco was around and Luna was lonely a lot of the time.

Draco hardly spoke to her and when he did he made sure she knew it was because he had no other option, and his voice held that grudging tone which told her he would rather not be speaking to her. Still, Draco Malfoy spoke, and he wasn’t really mean to her either, he was just extremely rude.

Luna sighed inwardly, she had been at Hogwarts for almost six years, and Draco Malfoy was the best friend she had; he was the person she had recently spent most of her time with. Even members of the old DA very rarely spoke to her now except for Harry, and she didn’t see him to often. Neville spoke to her when he saw her, mostly about plants; but that didn’t bother Luna, something’s he told her were interesting.

“Well,” Luna began, unwinding the strand of hair back around her finger. “I thought you might not mind very much if I stayed until you finished. I won’t distract you,” she added hastily.

Draco knew that was a lie, Luna would distract him. She wouldn’t do it intentionally but her presence was enough to distract anyone who was normal. Draco however, couldn’t quite pin point why. She didn’t really do anything, she was just sort of there; and it was annoying the way she looked at him, as if she was examining him and making mental appraisals of him.

“Well I do mind,” Draco informed her coldly. “So you can just go on about your business and leave me to mine. I don’t want you hanging around here when I’m trying to do my work.”

Luna was disappointed with his reaction, she had hoped that he wouldn’t have minded her just sitting there by him. But, well, if he had work to do he would probably need to concentrate. “Ok then. Bye, Draco.”

“Bye,” he replied grudgingly. Draco couldn’t understand the reason he always said good bye to her. He knew there were other people in the school he wouldn’t even acknowledge. There was just something in the innocent way she smiled and looked at him that made him answer her.

He turned his head to watch her as she walked away across the room. She surprised him by suddenly turning around to shoot him one last look, smiling again Luna waved before leaving.

Draco scowled madly when he caught himself actually waving back at her. What was he doing? Angrily he bent his head back over his homework.

What had he been looking for? Draco couldn’t remember, Luna confused him. No, it wasn’t confusion exactly, it was more along the lines of bothering, Luna Lovegood bothered him, and Draco couldn’t for the life of him work out why.


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