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Disclaimer: You and I both know the undeniable genius who wrote the series.

Chapter One: Predictably Irrational

Rose Eldridge is extremely confident. Rose Eldridge is incredibly intelligent. Rose Eldridge is awfully pretty. This year, Rose Eldridge will make the Quidditch Team. This year, Rose Eldridge will get top of the class. This year, Rose Eldridge will not get a knob head of a boyfriend.

Rose Eldridge is not crazy for thinking in the third person.

Wishful and positive thinking are sort of the same thing, I suppose, Rose Eldridge thought with a sigh as she stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. It was still early. Rose had already said goodbye to her parents and was hoping to get an empty compartment. Rose didn’t much like associating with people who were not her friends. She'd get all sorts of awkward - a pressured Rose is not a pleasant Rose.

Luckily, being 20 minutes early absolutely guaranteed a compartment and as she placed her trunk inside, while perching Grimsby the Owl's cage on the seat adjacent from her own, she couldn’t help but smile lightly in anticipation of a new year. Her sixth year. Finally.

She chose a window seat and twirled on the spot before setting herself down. She was rather pleased with herself for being early, for once. It was more typical of Lily Evans to get the compartment and Lily always took the window seat. Rose preferred a view because it happened to make her feel nauseous whenever she was on a train; most particularly when everything looked like it was flying passed her.

Twenty minutes went by – in which she had three staring contests, two thumb wars and few rounds of hangman with Grimsby (who won... hands down) – before she got terribly bored. Sighing loudly, Rose took out one of her favourite books and began to read. She heard a voice in the corridor and strained to listen.

“Did you hear about how Eldridge got dumped by that gorgeous Ravenclaw, William Ereke?”

Gorgeous, I should say not, Rose’s niggling voice scoffed in her mind.

“Yes, apparently, it was horrible,” another girl gossiped, “I heard that he …”

Rose felt determinedly indifferent after sitting in disbelief for 10 whole seconds. She had long since decided to not care about anything associated with Mr. Will Ereke.

Trying not to think of Mr. Ereke, Rose looked unseeingly at her novel. At this point, Lily poked her head into the compartment and Rose let out a squeal of happiness.

“Lily!” She shrieked jumping out of her seat, “it’s soo good to see you!”

The two girls embraced and giggled madly as only two friends can after time apart.

“How are you?”

“Fine, naturally, now that you’ve arrived.”

“Why do all girls have the ability to speak on a wavelength only discernible to dogs?”

“Evan!” the girls cried together, knowing how much he hated it when they squealed.

“How was your summer?” Lily asked, setting her things down in the compartment.

“You mean,of course, the last six days that I didn’t sit around with you lot?”

Lily nodded.

“Horrible,” Evan Smith answered with a grin, “where’s Audrey?”

As if on cue, Audrey Trechalbaum walked into the compartment laughing. Actually floating is a better word for Audrey. You see, the thing about Audrey is that she is like, an absolute entity.

“Hi guys,” Audrey Trechalbaum said in a cherry voice, lugging in her trunk, “you won’t believe what happened on the way here.”

“What?” Lily asked.

“I was walking along, trying to find you, when I literally bumped into Sirius Black coming out of a compartment,” Lily rolled her eyes, “and he asked me if I knew the time, so I said it was quarter to eleven, and he said ‘no, it’s about time we go and find an empty compartment to snog in’.”

"What did you say to that?” Rose asked, amused and genuinely curious.

“I slapped him, and then this was the weird part, he smiled and said thank you,” Lily rolled her eyes and Rose burst out laughing as Audrey continued, grinning widely, “and I said, ‘anytime’, and he walked back into the compartment and I heard him tell Potter that he owed him 12 chocolate frogs.”

“Those guys will never change,” Lily said, shaking her head and failing at hiding her amusement.

…Marauder’s Compartment…

“You two will never change,” Remus said, shaking his head.

"What are you on about, Moony?” Sirius asked through a mouthful of his recently won chocolate.

“Nothing,” he muttered as he looked back at his book, “can I have a frog?”

“You know the rules Moony,” James told his friend, looking out the window; "first you have to get a girl to slap you."

Sirius laughed and added, "and then, depending on how pretty the girl is, you get some frogs."

“Fine; I move to abolish said practice from the Marauder's Decree,” Remus insisted, waving away their silliness.


"On what grounds?" James demanded serious[heheh]ly.

"On the grounds that it's stupid and childish," Remus said.

“You know Moony,” Sirius said, spitting chocolate everywhere, “if it were up to you, more than half of the Marauder’s Decree would be abolished or amended to fit your outrageous preferences.”

“That’s rich,” Remus muttered, “and honestly Padfoot; try not to dowse my book with your chocolaty saliva next time you choose to speak, all right?”

“Outrageous preferences,” Sirius muttered as the three others laughed.

“I wonder where the trolley lady is,” Remus asked out loud.

“Moony, will you ever give up this inane obsession you have with sweets?” James mocked.

“Maybe we should put it in the Decree,” Sirius mumbles [still shooting chocolate about].

“Have you gone mad, Padfoot?” James demanded scoffingly, “You realize that we are mere subjects to the Decree as well? Implementing a Sweets Prohibition would prevent all of us from delighting in chocolaty goodness!”

“Yeah,” Peter added agreeing with James, “I don’t want to give up sweets.”

“Good point,” Sirius said, spraying more chocolaty dribble all over the place.

“If he doesn’t stop talking soon,” Remus said, “I’m going to have to leave.”

“So leave then,” Sirius told him, “go on, don’t you have that prefect’s meeting to get to?”


“Downright bloody disgrace to all that is Marauder, he is,” James muttered.

“Will you three ever let it go?”


“Probably not, no.”


“So I’m a bloody Prefect, deal with it,” Remus muttered at his grinning friends as he left the compartment and made his way toward the Prefect’s Compartment. He met Lily Evans and Evan Smith on his way.

“Hi, Remus,” Lily greeted warmly, “have a good summer?”

“Yep,” Remus said, nodding a greeting to Smith and asking, “how about you two?”

“Excellent,” Lily said enthusiastically.

They reached the compartment and the meeting started soon afterwards, Lily, Remus and Evan were soon introduced to the new Head Boy and Girl, who were the previous year’s Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff Prefect [respectively], told their various responsibilities, passwords, patrol days and the date of the next meeting.

Lily exited the compartment to be greeted by a flustered looking Mitch Stevens.

“Hi Evans, how are you?”

“Hello Stevens, I’m fine, how are you?”

“I’m, really, um fine. I’m good…Good, thanks,” the seventh year stuttered.

"...did you have a good summer?" Lily asked politely.

Mitch Stevens decided to nod, in order to avoid the embarrassment of actually stuttering again.

“Did you need something?” she asked with a smile.

“No, just wanted to say ‘hello’,” he mumbled.

Lily smiled as she walked back towards her compartment, oblivious to the boy looking her way. She was on the verge of thinking how pleasantly tall Mitch was when she saw a fifth year Slytherin in a disturbingly familiar position.

“Say that word one more time Slytherin slime,” a cold voice warned, “and you won’t live to regret it.”


“Evans!” Sirius laughed, looking at an enraged red headed girl storming toward the scene with a wide grin, “had a good summer?”

“Yes, but believe me it was far too short of a time to be away from you lot,” she sneered, admittedly not very ladylike.

“All right, Evans?” James asked pleasantly, wand still aimed at the fifth year.

“No!” She cried, “I am NOT all right, let him go this instant, or so help me, you’ll be in soo many detentions you won’t even remember what a broom looks like!”

“Ah, Evans, you don’t mean that,” James said smirking.

“Believe me when I assure you that I do,” Lily snapped, “who do you think you are? I mean, can’t you just leave it to the Prefects, Heads and Teachers?”

“No,” Black said incredulously.

“URG,” Lily grumbled, storming past them, frustrated.

Evan pushed past the crowd in the tiny lane and started to tell people to leave. James unceremoniously Bat Bogey hexed the Slytherin who then scurried away covering his face.

Back in their compartment, James said, “I think Evans likes me.”

"What?!” His friends gaped at him.

“She's always tying to get my attention,” he argued.

Disbelieving faces stared back at him.

"She left fairly composed, I think that deep down she was laughing... grateful even," James persisted.

“Prongs,” Sirius said, “she isn't interested. Can’t you just get over her and go for one of the hundred reasonable girls who are interested?”

James shrugged.

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