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Chapter One: Aren't We In Quite the Predicament?

Her name was Isabelle and she had almost finished her seventh year at one of the most prestigious wizarding schools; Hogwarts. On this particularly April night the windows in her Hogwarts dormitory were slightly opened despite the cold breeze that peered through. Isabelle was deep in thought, lying on her back and biting her fingernails out of frustration. She hadn’t reacted to any stimuli around her until she tasted blood in her mouth.


Isabelle had bitten her fingernails so much that her cuticles had started to bleed. She quickly reached for a tissue and attempted to apply pressure to her index finger to stop it from bleeding. As if nothing had happened she fell back into what seemed as a trance. Thoughts and descriptive memories were all that filled her mind. While still tightly holding her finger her mind began to drift to one specific night six months prior.

Isabelle walked down the hall which would then lead up towards her dormitory on a relaxing October afternoon. Most of the students were at Hogsmeade, but she had decided to stay in that particular day for reasons that she honestly couldn’t remember. She entered the Gryffindor common room and brushed her blonde hair out of her face. Everything was so calm, so soothing when no one was around. She almost wished that Hogwarts wasn’t nearly as crowded as it inevitably was.

She went to begin to walk up the stairs when she heard footsteps behind her. Quickly, she turned around but no one was there. Isabelle laughed at herself for a moment for being paranoid as she continued to walk up the stairs. Once she came to her room she put her hand on the knob just as someone put one hand on each of her hips.

Isabelle couldn’t help but flinch because she thought that no one had remained in Hogwarts on this day. Suddenly, the breath on the back of her neck intensified until a gentle kiss was felt. By this time Isabelle turned around to face her “intruder.”

“Sirius,” she gasped, half confused, half relieved. The tall, black haired, masculine seventeen year old in front of her was none other than the infamous Sirius Black. He slid his arms fully around her waist and pressed her into the dormitory door as he leaned in to kiss her.

“I’ve missed you,” Sirius whispered as he pulled away. Isabelle and Sirius had dated during their sixth year at Hogwarts but sadly rumors spread by jealousy tore them apart. The year prior rumors drifted through the halls around Hogwarts saying that Sirius wanted to split from Isabelle because she wasn’t willing to give him the one ‘thing’ he wanted. No matter how much Sirius voiced to Isabelle that he truly cared for her and the rumors were false she couldn’t seem to find it in herself to believe him.

“You’re supposed to be at Hogsmeade,” Isabelle finally said, for a moment she felt it hard to catch her breath.

“Are you checking up on me now, Izzy?” Sirius joked as a playful grin appeared on his face. He laughed softly and continued, “I was there, enjoying a rather good butterbeer when your name came up in conversation. Lily said you decided to stay at school today, so I found it necessary for me to come back and check on you.”

Isabelle loved when he called her Izzy, he was the only one that did that. “So, I’m not allowed to check up on you, but you’re allowed to check up on me, Black?”

“Don’t play semantics with me, Izzy,” he retorted as if almost on cue. He leaned back down and began to kiss her neck. Isabelle fidgeted a moment later as to release herself from Sirius’ grasp. “I’m sorry,” he apologized as he let go of Isabelle.

Isabelle watched him for a moment and began to remember all the times they had spent together; she had really cared for him, she may have even been so bold to say that she loved him. If she loved him, why couldn’t she show it? At that moment Isabelle made up her mind.

“No, Sirius!” Isabelle grabbed his hand; she couldn’t let him go, not again. She pulled him closer to her and reached for the knob on her dormitory door, she slowly turned it, led Sirius into the room and closed the door behind them. 

When inside the dark room Isabelle let go of Sirius hand and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in closer to her. “Don’t apologize,” she told him as she kissed him gently before sliding her tongue into his mouth. The kiss quickly deepened and Isabelle unbuttoned his shirt as they stumbled towards the bed.

Isabelle, usually a rational thinker, didn’t think for once. In what seemed as though it was a split second Isabelle was now on her bed with her shirt off, kissing Sirius while he reached around her back for the hook on her bra. Isabelle took a deep breath and went with it. 

The rest of that hour was a bit of a haze for Isabelle or maybe she attempted to block it out so much that it now seemed unreal to her. She will admit that it was amazing and one of the best experiences in her life because at that time she really did care for Sirius. The keywords are, though, ‘at that time.’ Even though those moments were repressed the ones that followed weren’t:

Isabelle slowly opened her eyes and shifted underneath her sheets. She turned her head slightly to see that Sirius was next to her breathing very deeply. She smiled at him and kissed his cheek before grabbing on of the blankets and wrapping them around herself.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Sirius questioned as he pulled Isabelle back down towards the bed. “Let’s have another go at it before everyone gets back.”

“It’s late,” Isabelle persisted. “Everyone will be back soon. Get up.”

Sirius raised his eyebrows and pulled Isabelle back onto the bed. “So what if someone sees?” He tucked a stray piece of blonde hair behind her ear and kissed her cheek.

“It’s embarrassing, to be quite honest, someone walking in here.”

Sirius leaned up against the backboard of the four posted bed. “Embarrased? You should be ecstatic, if all girls were as lucky as you.”

Sirius’ words seemed to burn Isabelle’s skin and he noticed that almost immediately, but didn’t stop himself from continuing.

“Please, trust me, I have experience with these things, no one will mind.”

Isabelle turned towards Sirius; she didn’t believe what he was saying. No, he was joking, he would never say that to her. Sadly, Sirius was saying those exact words without remorse. “Get out,” Isabelle yelled. She wrapped the blanket tighter around her and began picking up Sirius’ clothes from all over the room and throwing them at him. “Get out,” she screamed again as the tears started streaming down her face.

It was at that moment that Isabelle swore she would never tell a soul about what happened that October afternoon, a promise that eventually she couldn’t keep. 


Lily Evans ran down towards the dungeon towards her Potions class in which she was already late for. Her shoelace was untied, and hair messily put up with a ribbon as she pressed on down the hall. This would be the third time she was late this week, Professor Grumble would kill her, not to mention make a spectacle. Lily rounded the last corner, slid into the room and sat down with a rather loud thump in-between James and Sirius in the back.

“I know you’re late Miss Evans,” Professor Grumble nonchalantly stated. She turned around slowly and pushed the magenta colored glasses up on the bridge of her nose. “It’s the third time this week, Miss Evans; I wouldn’t expect this incessant tardiness from anyone, let alone you.”

Lily’s face turned beat red, she absolutely hated being made a spectacle of, her main goal in life was to succeed remarkably yet be relatively unknown. “I apologize, honest Professor, I’ve been tending to Isabelle. Over the three days she’s been absolutely miserable yet she refuses to go to the nurse. I think I’m going to make them come to the room because she can barely take two steps out of the room without having to run back to the bathroom to get sick.” Lily would’ve continued if Professor Grumbles face didn’t seem to become bored with the subject.

“Alright, Miss Evans, lets please continue with the lesson,” the Professor spat.

“Do you think Isabelle is alright?” James caringly whispered to Lily. “I mean maybe it was food poisoning or something.”

“It may be the flu,” Remus added in. He was sitting directly in front of Lily and naturally was listening to the conversation.

Sirius Black looked completely bothered by the whole matter and was twirling his wand between his fingers.. “I bet she’s just faking it,” he snidely remarked. Sirius was a bit bothered with Isabelle ever since their last encounter, he couldn’t stand looking at her or even being in the same room. He stood firmly on the thought that she was being absolutely ridiculous and needed to get over herself.

After a week of nagging from Lily, Isabelle decided that it was about time that she go to the nurse because the symptoms weren’t lessening. Later that night when Lily returned to the dormitory Isabelle was in their bathroom, where she refused to open the door. In attempts to find out what was the matter Lily went back to Madame Mire, the school’s nurse, to see if she could tell her anything about Isabelle’s condition.

Madame Mire, upon Lily’s inquiry took a deep breath. “Lily, Isabelle’s pregnant.”

Lily almost died. She stood in a catatonic state for a few seconds before she could really process the information. “We’re talking about the same Isabelle,” she giggled. “She would never, there’s no one.”

“Wasn’t she dating Sirius Black?” Madame Mire questioned. “I mean,” she corrected herself, “that’s what I heard.”

Lily thought for a moment. “Yes, they were but that stopped last year. God, I have to go talk to Sirius.” In a split second Lily turned on her heel and ran out the infirmary back to Gryffindor’s common room towards the boy’s dormitory. “Thank you Madame Mire,” she called back.

“Sirius Black,” she called banging on the boys dormitory door. “Sirius Black, I need to speak with you immediately.”

“Hold your horses, woman,” Sirius called from the other side of the door seconds before he opened it. He was his pajama pants, without a shirt and a towel wrapped around his neck obviously from just exiting the shower. “What’s the matter?”

“I need to speak with you.”

“We established that,” he smirked. “Step into my office,” he said in a professional tone while he stood away from the opening of the door so that Lily could pass through.

Lily sat down on James’ bed and looked at Sirius. “You and Isabelle,” was all she managed to blurt out.

Sirius rolled his eyes. “Yes? Is this going to take long? I have people to see and things to do.” He queried as he attempted to get the water out of his ear with his towel.

“I need you to answer me honestly,” Lily began with a serious tone. “Did you have any physical relations with Isabelle in the past month?”

“I think you need to be more specific,” he smoothly stated. He knew exactly what Lily was talking about and he knew that she hated talking about it.

Lily took a deep breath, obviously uncomfortable with the situation. “Did you sleep with Isabelle?”

Sirius ran his fingers through his hair. “Yes, Evans, I did. Last month, the day we were all originally at Hogsmeade. She got mad though for some odd reason. I reckon’ that’s the reason why she’s ‘sick’, to be perfectly honest I think she’s as healthy as a unicorn but she’s too much of a coward to look at me. That’s probably why she’s faking sick, doesn’t want to face what she did. You know, Lily, she started it, it was her choice, I didn’t force her. I mean really, how could she resist?…”

At that moment Lily’s worst fears were finalized and she cut Sirius off, “Sirius,” she began holding onto the bedpost, “Isabelle’s pregnant.”

A/N: Huge thanks to tehcutiestEM for the wonderful chapter image. Please Review. :)

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