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Harry woke up the next morning with a pain in his temple. He was hungover and he could not remember how many drinks he had the night before. He ran a hand over his eyes and rolled over to let his body come into contact with another.

Kate was next to him naked. Harry looked down to realize he was as naked as she and they must have been in her flat because it was certainly not his. Harry looked around for his glasses and found them caught in the comforter on the floor. He put them on and tried to figure out what had happened the night before.

Kate stirred slightly next to him and her blue eyes fluttered opened and met his green at first with serenity, and then with panic.

“Oh my goodness, what happened?” She jerked the sheets up around her chest and her jaw dropped in shock.

“Um,” Harry ran a hand through his hair, “I don’t know. How many drinks did we have?”

“I don’t know. Um, I think I had around six martinis. Oh, God,” she buried her face in her hands. “I can’t believe we . . . did we really? Oh my God!”

Harry leaned against the headboard and looked ahead and not at Kate. “I don’t even know you.”

“I know,” Kate groaned around her hands. “I mean, I think you’re cute, but I wouldn’t go to bed with you without going on at least a few dates.”

Harry looked down at Kate who had released her face and was shaking her head, her blonde, wavy, hair mussed in her face. “I don’t even remember it,” she mumbled more to herself than to him.

Harry shook his head in agreement. “I don’t either. Um, I think I’m gonna,” he trailed off and pointed his thumb out the door, looking for his pants as he did. He was careful, though, to keep a sheet secure around his waist.

“Yeah,” Kate got out of the bed as well with a sheet tied tightly around her body. “Um, I know this is awkward and all, but, um,” Kate looked away as Harry managed with slight difficulty to shrug on his pants while still holding the sheet, a blush filling her cheek. “Can we meet later? It Sunday you know and I know I don’t have to work today and um, maybe grab a spot of brekkie or something.”

Harry, fully dressed now, rested his hands low on his hips and looked on the ground. “Um, I do have to work today. I don’t know how late I am right now but I know I’m pretty late. Um,” he looked up at Kate, “but I would like to meet up later. Hopefully we won’t loose our heads like we did this time.”

Kate smiled and nodded her head. “Um, here’s my number,” Kate wrote down a mobile phone number on a post it on a small table next to her bed. “I hope to see you soon.”

“Yeah,” Harry pocketed the number, hoping he would be able to find a phone to call her from. “Um, I’ll see you around then.”


“Where were you this morning Harry?” Ron came into Harry’s cubicle and took a seat that wasn’t filled with paperwork.

“Overslept,” Harry mumbled as he wrote a report on the whereabouts of a dark wizard.

Ron scoffed and thumbed through a stack of paperwork. “Yeah, right, mate. You can’t oversleep because you don’t sleep. Try another one Potter.”

“How’re your parents?”

Ron pursed his lips and let the change of topic slide. “Fine. Mum wants you to come to dinner tonight.”

“Can’t, I have plans,” Harry threw his quill down, he was starting to wind down for the day.

“With who?”

“A magazine.”


“I’m really glad you called,” Kate said as she crossed her legs under the table of the small restaurant she and Harry agreed to meet at. She was dressed in a plum Dior dress with a lovely, yet very classy, show of cleavage.

Harry barely had time to change after work after finding a lone pay phone to call Kate from. His jeans fit the atmosphere of the restaurant but Kate’s dress jazzed both of them up. “I’m glad too. After last night, you know, I wasn’t sure if you really wanted to see me again.”

Kate looked slightly embarrassed and took a sip of her martini. “Yeah, I was kind of worried you would feel the same way. Have you heard what we did last night?”

Harry shook his head as the waitress brought them their salads.

“Apparently we had our drinks along with shots of rum and tequila and began making out right on the bar and they had to remove us and put us in a cab to take us to my place,” Kate looked at Harry intensely in the eyes.

Harry, surprisingly, kept the gaze. Any other time he would have broken it off but her blue eyes were intriguing. She was very different from Ginny, he noticed, even through the small space of time he had known her.

Ginny had been more like Harry: rough and tumble, ready to go on a random adventure with little to no care of appearance. Kate, on the other hand, was the polar opposite. Kate was delicate and more materialistic than Ginny. Kate was the type of person who would wait for you in the rain if you were late whereas Ginny would either follow you or leave.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her softly as the light reflected off of her blonde hair. Why was he saying that? Yes, she was lovely but it took him at least a month before he had the gall to tell Ginny anything like that.

“Thank you.”

Harry felt a small foot caress his ankle and trail up his leg to his knee where he took her by surprise and grabbed her foot in his hand and stroked her bare ankle with his thumb.

“I wish I could remember what your kisses felt like,” Kate said softly, her eyes dark.

“I want to remember what you taste like.”

The two of them stared at one another hard, Kate’s foot still in Harry’s lap. Harry could feel the sexual tension between them rising and his heartbeat quickened as he watched her tongue dart out slowly between her lips as she smoothly moistened them.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

Kate grinned. “Oh yeah.”


Once again Harry found himself at Kate’s apartment naked in her bed. Only this time, he remembered everything and was desperate to create new memories. He nuzzled her neck with his lips as she answered his questions while they laid in the bed together.

“I’ve been with Glitz for three years and I love it, I really do. The hours and the pay aren’t great but the free stuff makes it worth it to me. My sister used to be really into fashion too until she had her son, Peyton, two years ago. Now it’s just jeans and sweats,” she rubbed his arms and readjusted her legs around his waist.

“Do you want that one day?” Harry was kissing her stomach, pulling the sheet off of her as he went.

“Jeans and sweats? No, but I do want kids. And I want my own magazine and a summer house in the country. And I . . . and I want you to keep doing that. Oh,”

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