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00 Potter
By: Brizz 333
2. SAS

Harry’s Flat
Monday, June 29

The trip back to England had not been enjoyable. Instead of waiting to be debriefed once Harry got to England, they decided to debrief him on the plane. It got to the point to where Harry was yelling at the man in charge at Homebase, Paul Burroughs, for almost getting him killed. Harry had spent a grueling month getting all the Intel and getting in some last minute training exercising, only to be shot in the knee and have five broken ribs.

Once he had gotten back to London, he had to go to the muggle hospital where he was treated for his wounds. Harry then had to go immediately to St. Mungo’s to get some pain killers. He could not get his wounds healed because it would bring some questions that he could not answer. It did not help that every nurse in the building was goggling at him and trying to get a peak at him. Unfortunately, Harry had gotten a women doctor, and she was more concerned with flirting than looking at his leg.

So this is where we find Harry, sitting on his couch, fresh out of the shower, sipping a hot cup of cocoa. Thoughts flashing through his head faster than light. Most of these thoughts were consumed of his job. After defeating Voldemort when he was seventeen, he felt he still needed to do his part, so at eighteen, Harry became an Auror. Being an Auror for a year, Harry became restless. At about that time, the Auror department had opened a new, secret branch.

This new branch was called Firebrand. It consisted of six of the best Aurors in the business. Their job was to join the army, and become a soldier. Not being allowed to use magic while being on the missions. The six men or women did not know who else was in the team, their identities never being discovered.

The operatives were allowed to join any part of the army. The whole point was to really make the President, who knew of wizard’s existence, happy by knowing that the wizards were helping to make his army better. Not that the operatives knew this though.

Instead of choosing the normal Army, at nineteen, Harry decided to become apart of the British SAS. The SAS (Special Air Service) did counter terrorism operations outside of UK territory, such as Iraq, Iran, and all around there. 

Harry was in the unit that did counter terrorism operations outside of UK territory, such as his resent operation, under the name of Corporal Nick Striker. They had fake names for security reasons for the magical community at large. 

Harry’s latest mission took place just outside of Delaram, Afghanistan, where there were Muslims escorting a SCUD launcher to a local terrorist. Harry’s job was to take out the escorts. He did so successfully. 

Whenever one of the Firebrand members was injured, they could not heal it magically, because that would be a little suspicious to the operative’s unit. So after every mission they had to go to the muggle hospital, get all bandaged up, then go to St. Mungos and get some pain killers. Then they would go to the Auror department, check in, talk to the head of Firebrand, Kingsley Shacklebolt, and then finish their report. Only then could they return home and sleep. 

Harry however, was having no such luck sleeping. He always felt like this, sort of depressed and sad. After all, he had killed six men in the time zone of almost thirty minutes. That was when he remembered that he had a birthday party to attend to at 4:00. He smiled; proud that he had remembered it. As was tradition for him, he sat on his couch, exhausted, sipping hot cocoa, staring a hole through the wall. 

The Burrow
Monday, June 29

Ginny smiled as she was hanging the streamers in the living room. The party would be starting in about half an hour and everyone would be there. “Well, not everyone,” she thought sadly. Her father, Percy, and Charlie didn’t make it through the war. Mr. Weasley and Charlie were killed while defending Hogwarts at the last battle. And to the family’s shame, Percy had joined the Death Eater’s ranks, but was killed when he tried to back out. 

The other person she was not to sure about was Harry. When she had looked for him as the hospital, she was told he had already left, with enough pain killers to knock an elephant out. Ginny smiled again as she thought of Harry. They had been steadily growing as friends after Harry defeated Voldemort, and now they had a rock hard friendship. He had been there to hold her when she found out about Charlie and her father. He had been there when she was throwing stuff around the room when she heard about Percy. 

She had been there for Harry after the battle when he felt like a murder for killing Voldemort, and was there when he was being mobbed by all the girls and press. She even cursed most of them. 

As she reached up to put another streamer on, she felt the ladder tilting to side and found herself falling to the floor. Before she could scream though, she felt strong arms around her. She opened her eyes, and found herself staring into blazing green eyes. 

Harry gently put Ginny back onto her feet. He grinned. “I supposed you would call that being in the right place at the right time?” 

Ginny ignored the comment and threw her arms around Harry’s neck. “Harry! I didn’t think you would make it.” 

“And miss Mrs. Weasley’s cooking, I think not.” Harry replied. 

“Oh, you didn’t come to see my pretty face,” Ginny asked, flipping her hair back sarcastically. 

Harry pretended to think real hard. “Nope, it was totally your moms cookin’ that brought me here today,” he said after a minute. 

“Oh, shut up,” Ginny said punching him in the side. 

Harry winced as she hit his broken ribs. “Aw, come on, I didn’t hit you that hard,” she said jokingly. 

“Harry dear, is that you?” Mrs. Weasley asked from the door. 

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, how are you.” 

“Oh just fine, and how many times have I told you, call me mum,” replied Mrs. Weasley after she gave him a huge hug. He could just feel his ribs cracking. Hopefully no one else did. 

She scanned him up and down. “My Harry don’t you look handsome today.” 

“And handsome he did look,” Ginny thought. Harry sported black dress pants, a green long-sleeved, and button up collared shirt, black belt, and black Dockers. Along with contacts, clean shaven face, and wind swept hair, Harry looked pretty darn hot right now. His muscles sure did make it a lot better. 

Suddenly, screams echoed through the Burrow. Harry subconsciously reached to his side where his pistol would have been, but relaxed when a pair of red headed twins came bounding into the living room. 

“Uncle Harry!” they screamed again and jumped into Harry’s arms. 

A grin broke out on Harry’s face. “Hey squirts, what’s going on? Are ya driving your Auntie Ginny mad like I taught you too?” 

“You betcha, Uncle Harry,” Brooklyn said. Both of the twins were Harry’s little quidditch stars, except they wanted to be beaters like Fred and George. 

Mrs. Weasley left the living room and called, “Come on, cakes ready.” 

Thanks so much to StoryLover3095 for cleaning up this story to make it somewhat readable. Please read and review, its the only payment i get around here so pretty please review, dont make me use my puppy dog face


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