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Lily and James walked into their Head Dorms; it was brilliant, a large room, with a sofa, fireplace, and beautiful paintings, there were five doors, to the left there were three, the first was oak had James engraved into it, the second was plain oak, and the third was oak with Lily engraved into, on the right there was another two doors, behind the first led into a small kitchen, the second led into a library with study room. Straight in front of them, in the centre of the wall was a grand fireplace with a comfy looking sofa and two arm chairs, and either side of the fire instead of there being any wall there were two great windows, looking out to the lake and grounds.

“It’s Beautiful.” Lily whispered, looking at the room, the flooring was thick carpet, and the walls the same as in the Gryffindor common room, and a few paintings dotted around.

“Come on lets check out our rooms.” James said nudging Lily forward and up the few steps to her room. When Lily opened her door it was to come face to face with a room with Jade walls and thick cream carpet, there was a huge four poster bed, a wardrobe, dressing table and night stand, all in cherry wood, it was amazing, but what surprised Lily was the fact pictures of her and her friends were all over the place.

She then noticed the oak door to her left, she walked towards it and pulled the door open, only to find herself face to face with James.

The idiot grinned.

They were sharing a bathroom.

Oh dear.

Living with James took Lily some getting used to, but she managed and the two Heads got along. Ivy and Sirius were still going strong, which had shocked nearly the whole school body, Hannah and Remus were closer then ever, and James and Lily, well, figure it out for yourself.

“LILY!” Ivy squealed one morning as she ran into the great hall, beaming, when she reached her redheaded twin she stuck her hand out, urging the bemused seventeen year old to look at her finger, so Lily grabbed her sisters hand and her mouth fell open at the sight of a small silver band with a sapphire incrusted in it.

“OH MY GOD!” Lily squealed.

“It’s a promise ring! Lily he gave me a promise ring! It’s like the one mum has! He remembered!” Ivy cried out happily, and in seconds Hannah and Robyn were by her side ohhing and ahhing at the ring.

Soon Sirius came waltzing into the great hall, his usually boyish grin replaced with a full on beam. Ivy ran to him and jumped on him, wrapping her leg around his waist and laughing as he twirled the blonde around. People in the great hall smiled at the show of raw and undeniable love.

Lily smiled at her sister, happiness unlike any other filled her, then an arm slinked around her shoulder and Lily turned her head to see James standing there grinning at his best friend.

News travelled fast of Sirius’ and Ivy’s news, and the two girls found themselves sitting in the head dorms giggling.

“So you know, what prompted the whole thing?” Lily asked her sister as they sat in the Heads Common room.

“Well, last night we were together outside, just watching the stars and well I just blurted it out; I just told him that I loved him. And I do Lily I really do. Oh and he said he loved me, and there was smiling, kissing, Lily we, Sirius and I that is, well, we…” Ivy said blushing; Lily stared at her sister, amazed.



“How was it?” Lily asked giggling, earning herself a playful swipe.

“It was amazing Lily, it really was.” Ivy sa9id blushing, just as the common room door was flung open and Sirius, Remus and James walked in.

“Dude!” James exclaimed laughing, Ivy and Lily turned to them quizzically.

“I know! It was an amazing match!” Sirius exclaimed, and both girls relaxed, not that they thought that Sirius would be telling the nitty gritty.

James spotted the girls on the couch and grinned at Lily.

“Aren’t you meant to be doing rounds?” He asked with a mischievous smirk.

“Aren’t you meant to have grown up?” Lily shot back at him.

“Aren’t you meant to be a little less catty, Head Girl and all?”

“Don’t bother replying to the twit Lily, you’re smarter then him, Hotter and generally better.” Ivy said smirking at James highly offended face.

Lily spent the next couple of days thinking about Sirius and Ivy, she smiled at the thought of being that happy, maybe, one day.

But then Ivy had to get her thinking.

“You could have what I do, you’ve just got to see what’s right in front of you.”

“What’s right in front of me?” Lily called after her twin as the blonde strolled away.

“Morning Lily.” James said appearing before Lily.

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