The Gryffindor common room was getting far too loud for Hermione’s liking. She accepted the fact that there was two days left till Christmas and that everyone was excited, but for only eight members it was much too rowdy. 


Over by the fire, Harry, Ron and Seamus were sat talking animatedly about Quidditch and munching on edible Honeydukes sweets. In a corner by the window, Ginny and one of her friends were giggling behind their hands, whilst stealing glances at Harry By the fire. The only other occupants were two younger students from the Lower years.


Hermione sat in a corner of the room by a wooden desk where she was attempting to write an essay for Transfiguration. So far she had only managed to write a few sentences and was finding it extremely difficult to concentrate. Sighing in defeat, she lowered her quill and sat back in her chair.


She hadn’t wanted to stay at Hogwarts this year, but seeing as her parents had to go to a medical conference in New Zealand, she couldn’t go home. Therefore she had to spend Christmas here at Hogwarts, but she didn’t mind much. On the contrary, getting to spend her last Christmas at Hogwarts with Harry and Ron was something she very much liked the idea of.


Her train of thoughts was broken by Ron’s idiotic impression of Snape which she found highly un-amusing, but Harry and Seamus roared with laughter, clutching at their sides and rolling carelessly on the floor. She scrunched up her nose in distaste as Ron began to impersonate most of the teachers in the school. She rolled her essay up and went to her empty dormitory, before flopping down onto her bed.


She thought about going to sleep but it was only 8:45 and she had never felt any less sleepy in al her life. Groaning in frustration, she decided that a good long walk around the castle was what she needed at the moment.  She slipped out of her jog pants and T-shirt before wearing Jeans and a black blouse.


Finally after lacing up her converse, she ran down to the common room and began making her way to the portrait hole.


“Where are you going, Hermione?” Harry called out to her.


“I’m just going for a walk” Hermione replied and climbed out of the portrait hole before anyone could delay her walk any further.


The corridors were still buzzing with a few older students, as they still had fifteen minutes till the nine o’clock curfew. As she walked around, she tired her best to avoid the many thistles of mistletoe that adorned every inch of the corridors. It really was quite irritating to try and avoid being accidentally caught under mistletoe with a complete stranger. As she turned a corner, she bumped into none other than Blaise Zabini.


“Watch where you’re going Granger” he snapped, dusting his clothes off.


Hermione chose to ignore this and tried to push past him, but he held her by the arm.


“Not so fast Granger; we’re under mistletoe” he smirked.


“I don’t give a damn! Let go of me” Hermione hissed, trying to break free of his grip but failing dismally.


“I want that kiss Granger”



Blaise blinked. Since when did Granger give in so easily? 


He smirked as he lowered his head to meet her lips. Hermione who was waiting for this moment, swung her fist into his cheek just as his lips were about to meet hers. He gave a gasp of pain and stepped back form her. Before he could say or do anything, Hermione had sprinted in the opposite direction, trying desperately to find a mistletoe-free area of the school.


She wondered around the corridors again which were almost deserted now that nine o’clock had gone and debated on where to go. The common room was far too loud for her liking at the moment and the library had closed an hour ago, so she chose to go to the Astronomy Tower where, she hoped she wouldn’t bump into a star-crossed couple.


She had absolutely no clue as to why she had chosen that particular place, seeing as how it was a favoured one of loved-up couples.


She guessed that she just liked the view from the tower’s balcony where she could see deep into the horizon. As she quietly made her way to the tower she head a voice that sent ice cold shivers down her spine and made her gasp in fear.


“Come on, my sweet. I know those filthy scum are roaming about my clean school when they oughtn’t” filch hissed to his monstrosity of a cat.


Hermione panicked and she desperately looked for a place to hide. Her eyes fell on a broom cupboard and she quickly ran into it, quietly closing the door behind her. She pressed her ear against the door and waited for Filch’s footsteps to die away before carefully and silently sneaking out of the cupboard and swiftly making her way up to the tower.


She heaved a sigh of relief as she began climbing the spiralling staircase to the tower, but it was plastered with bows of holly tinsel and, to her utmost disgust, even more mistletoe.


“Flipping heck! How much mistletoe is there in this god-damned school?” she snapped out loud to herself.


“That depends on how you see it, Granger”


Hermione uttered a small scream and turned to see none other than the self-proclaimed Slytherin prince himself Draco Malfoy, coming out from the shadows of the tower. Her eyes darkened with dislike.


“What are you doing here, Malfoy?” she asked coldly, crossing her arms and leaning against the wall.


“I could ask you the same thing, Granger” he replied coolly, surveying her curiously. Hermione scowled. This wasn’t the pompous headed git she was used to. Since when did he act all cool around her? And since when did he start calling her by her surname? It had always been mudblood, she thought bitterly.



“I had to get away from the common room” she said shortly, choosing to answer his question.


“Do Potter and Weasley annoy to the point where you have to sneak out after curfew just to get away from them?” Draco chuckled.


“Shut up Malfoy!” Hermione snapped dangerously “I came here to be by myself and that’s it. Besides why are you here?”


“For the exact same reason as you, so I’d be grateful if you could leave me alone”


“Fat chance of that happening” Hermione scoffed “I’m going no where”


“Have it your way the, but I’m not leaving either” and he slid down the wall before sitting down on the floor and looking up at her. “You might as well make yourself comfortable, I’m not leaving anytime soon”


Hermione glowered dangerously at him but sat down on the floor all the same. She stared straight at him, suspicious of his ‘almost civil’ behaviour. Why wasn’t he his usual arrogant, conceited, big-headed self?


As she surveyed him, she couldn’t help but to notice how cute he looked when he wasn’t wearing a smirk across his features. He looked so serene and handsome with his vanilla blonde hair glistening in the moonlight, his mesmorizing silver eyes sparkling like a sea  of diamonds, his narrow jaw and perfectly sculpted nose. She didn’t know why she hadn’t realized all this before…now it all seemed so cute. 

Ash she gazed at him entranced, she didn’t notice that he too was staring at her with a similar expression on her face.



All of a sudden she had changed from the plain, outspoken bookworm into a beautiful and graceful young woman. He stared at her captivated by her beauty. He loved how her hazel eyes glowed brightly when the caught the moonlight, how her soft caramel hair tumbled around her shoulders in lustrous waves, how her soft features stood out unbelievably clear against the darkness, almost like moonshine. 

He shook his head trying to clear his head of such thoughts, but failed.


“Oh wow! It’s snowing!” Hermione suddenly gasped, jumping to her feet and running to one of the windows. Draco got up and followed her to window and looked out. It was indeed snowing; the captivating snowflakes fell down heavily in flurrying waves, covering the grounds in a thick blanket of snow.


“Pretty isn’t it?” Hermione said dismissively to Draco.

Draco refrained himself form saying ‘not as pretty as you’ with great difficulty and said “It’s beautiful”


Hermione turned to look at him, her arms akimbo and an eyebrow arched “What has gotten into you? Since when did Draco Malfoy think snow was beautiful?”


“Ever since I realized Hermione Granger was the most angelic thing to grace the face of the world” Draco replied vaguely, staring out at the snow but not really seeing it.


Hermione’s shocked expression was fixed onto her face for quite a while, before she managed to choke out “Have you gone mad?”


Draco fixed his gaze on her “Maybe I have; you tell me”



Hermione was too astounded to speak and kept opening and closing her mouth without making a sound. Draco gently put his hand under her chin and pushed it shut “It’s harder to breath with your mouth wide open”


Hermione shivered at his soft touch and stared up at him in amazement, this wasn’t Malfoy she remembered.


“Do you wanna dance?” he suddenly asked.


Hermione contemplated the question; this wasn’t something she usually got asked and by Malfoy of all people. However the thought of being in Draco’s strong arms completely took her over and she blushed lightly.                                                                                                                                                    



“There’s no music” she said lamely.


“So?” Draco shrugged “Come on”



He bowed and offered her his hand. She giggled before curtseying and setting her hand in his. He twirled her round and she smiled brightly. Draco held her hand in his and the other was protectively around her waist and her hand was gently resting on his shoulder.




He smiled lightly at every spin around the tower they made, every time their bodies brushed the other….


For once Hermione didn’t want to hex him into hell and back. She felt complete in his arms. Draco smiled down at her the whole time they danced, slowly and gracefully until Hermione’s head fell to rest on his shoulder.



He pulled back from her ever so slightly, but not enough for her to pull away in curiosity, ruining the perfect moment.



He was baffled at how one day, she would be threatening to turn him into a ferret and the next, be slow dancing in his arms at the Astronomy Tower of all places. It just made no sense to him, not that he had any objections.



Draco let go of the hand he was holding in his and snaked his arms around her waist, hugging her to his chest where he rested his chin atop her head. He felt Hermione’s arms slide up his chest and around his neck, looping together as they did so. Draco’s feet stopped, yet he continued to sway her in his arms enjoying the feeling of content….it seemed so surreal yet so perfect.




He never thought this would happen; Hermione Granger gently swaying in his arms without wanting to punch his face in. He wanted to be able to feel their bodies so close without the heat of hatred bubbling inside Hermione. And for once…it wasn’t.



He pondered…would this mean anything to her after tonight? Would she just forget it or would she pretend it never happened? Would she mention it to her stupid Gryffindor girlfriends when they came back to Hogwarts? Would she still want to stay in his arms like they were now?



He did.



Unbeknownst to him, Hermione did. It felt wonderful and right, now that his arms were around her, any sense of arrogance that she had always blamed him to posses had deserted him and he seemed so caring and endearing.



Merlin! Was she falling for him? She couldn’t give herself a straight answer anymore; her mind was swimming with thoughts she couldn’t control.



She was experiencing feeling she had never felt for a boy before…she wanted to love him! She wanted nothing more than for this young man to hold her for the rest of the night, possibly all of next month…maybe her whole life…?



She studied the feel of his arms against her sides and his six-pack on her stomach and chest as he held her close to him.



“Thanks for this Draco” Hermione muttered into his shoulder before pulling back a bit.



Draco’s head shot up a little bit…she’d never called him Draco before, it had always been Malfoy or The Ferret Prince. He smiled and nodded.



Having nothing else to say or do, he looked up at the ceiling taking in the feeling of Hermione in his arms again and his eyes went wide…


“What?” Hermione asked, who had been watching him intently.


“Erm…we’re under mistletoe” Draco looked down at her.




Hermione wasn’t sure about this… sure she liked him, but to kiss him? Under mistletoe? She it her lower lip anxiously…she knew that when two people were under mistletoe they had to kiss regardless of the circumstances.




She took a step back and Draco’s arms left her sides, his face crestfallen.


He couldn’t believe that after they had danced like that, she would mind kissing him under mistletoe…it caused him great pain to see her back away like that.



“You can go and forget this ever happened. I won’t tell” he mumbled, avoiding her gaze. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and expected to hear Hermione’s footsteps leaving the tower. No such thing.


Instead, Hermione approached him again and wrapped her arms around his neck. He looked up to meet her stunning hazel eyes, a look of surprise plastered across his face.



“I never want to forget this” she whispered into his soft hair and Draco smiled and let his arms return to her waist.


“We’re still under mistletoe” he said quietly into her vanilla-scented hair.


Hermione pulled back a little and smiled up at Draco unable to take her eyes away from his stunning silver ones.



A feeling of eagerness spread throughout her body as Draco leaned in and their lips met. Both their eyes fluttered close, as the most sweetest and passionate kiss in the history of the magical world took place. They both quickly pulled back, still mesmerized by the other’s intoxicating touch.



Draco, now thinking that they had fulfilled the mistletoe’s message and wouldn’t kiss her again opened his eyes and held Hermione tighter in his arms, wanting the moment to be extended indefinitely.



Hermione bit her lower lip and stood on tip toes as she pressed her hands to his chest and reached to kiss him again. Draco didn’t pause to question this surprising turn of events, but lowered his head so she could do so more easily and zealously.



This kiss…it didn’t feel like I was leaving soon. Her hands dropped from his neck and ran along his chest finding a way through his shirt, her cool fingers leaving little burning wakes upon his skin.



Hermione melted in his arms as his hands rested at the hem of her blouse gently tingling her skin. She smiled against his lips and kisses him hungrily thinking that these actions would never have been thought possible of him.



Draco felt her smile against his lips and he couldn’t help but to smile too. The feeling of being so perfect in each other’s arms resumed and they both permitted the kiss to occur, both now wanting to hold the other for eternity.

Disclaimer: All characters and places and stuff are copyright material of JK Rowling....the plot (however wierd and stupid) belongs to me (Raven)

Dedication:  This one is for my bestest online buddy Farran aka Riddle girl. you are the best online mate ever, so this is for you and because you have been amazingly supportive. Thanks a lot hun. xx

A.N: was that cheesy? Tell me if it was, coz I'm not sure if it was. I just got this idea ages ago and i really wanted to write it, so here's the finished result. Please leave a review telling me what you crazy lot out there think. Thanks a bunch.
Raven XD


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