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                                                    Baby, it's Cold Outside

         A/N: Review!! It's nonsense, yes, but I just wanted to write something fluffy!          

“Harry James Potter!”

“Ginny Molly Weasley,”

“Stop mock- HEY!” Ginny cried as a large snowball hit her directly it the face.

“Stop mockhey? What and interesting word! Is it from a different language? The
language of-“

“Don’t you dare finish that sentence!”

“Well, that’s a rather different name for a language! I had something else in mind,
but yours is much better.” Harry stated.

“I’ve had of your cheek, Mister!”

“And I’ve had enough of your flowers in my house because it ‘apparently’ smells, and I have made this point very clear on numerous occasions, but yet, I’m still mocked whenever your … charming… brother decides to enter the previously described house.”

“Previously described?”

“Yes- I believe the word was “my”.

“So? It does smell. And besides, having flowers in your house teaches you to comfortable with your masculinity. Something my dear old brother obviously lacks. And it’s our house!”

“I am comfortable with my masculinity, and having flowers is not masculine!”

Ginny began to rant, her eyes closed and fists on her hips. Harry quietly walked closer to her and bent down to her ear, words still streaming out of her mouth. “I love you!” He cried, clapping a hand over Ginny’s lips.

Her eyes snapped open and softened. “Sorry.”

“For what?”

“Talking excessively.”

“Then you wouldn’t be you, Love.”

Ginny fell against Harry and looked up at him. “I’m cold. Can we go back home?”

“Whiney! Being cold builds character!”

“I have plenty of character, thankyouverymuch.”

“And once again, ladies and gents, she has retort for everything!”

“Haha. Ha. Funny.”

“More like hysterical!”

“Yeah, yeah. What ever, dude. Shall we go home now?” Ginny didn’t wait for an answer, but started pulling Harry from the play park in the direction of their home a few blocks away.

Harry looked around a bit, enjoying the snow. “Did you just call me ‘dude’ ?” 

“Want tea?” Ginny called from the kitchen.

“Only if I can help make it!” Harry called back.

“Well, then. Come here!” Harry tore himself away from the television and joined Ginny in the kitchen.

Harry sat on the counter and watched as Ginny took two mugs down.

“I thought you were going to help.”

“I changed my mind,” Harry replied, popping a chocolate chip into his mouth.

Ginny ignored the comment and sat on the counter next to Harry, handing him a
mug. Harry waved his wand and an annoying Christmas song came

Ginny dropped her head unto his shoulder.

“Oh, and Harry?”


“I love you, too.”



“Can I go now?” Asked a handsome, green eyed young man from behind a desk stacked with paperwork.

“I suppose you’ve worked hard enough today, Mr. Potter. Good evening.” Harry gave Tonks’ formal behavior a small grin and shook his head. As he was walking away Tonks called, taking on her normal, cheerful self again, “Have fun with the Missus!”

Harry turned and began walking backwards. “I will,” he grinned with a wink. Harry took his black cloak that was hanging by the door up in his hand and waved his wand and summoned a stack of paperwork, then turned and disapperated, leaving Tonks shaking her head and chuckling.

Harry appeared in front of the house he shared with his wife of almost a year. He tucked the cloak under his arms and twisted the golden door knob shaped like a lions head, pushing open the door. “Gin, I’m home!” There was no reply. Harry put his cloak on the brass hook and walked to the kitchen to put his paperwork down on the shiny wooden table the Ginny hated so much. She had always called him a prat when he bought anything expensive for her or the house.
Harry would then respond with the same answer every time- “I only did for your happiness!”
Then Ginny would retort by saying that she only needed him for happiness.
And then…. well… you know.

“Ginny?” Harry called again. Still no answer. “You got some ‘splainin’ to do!” Harry walked aimlessly around the first story of the house. “STELLA!” Harry cried desperately after no answer came. After the war, he had taken quite fondly to television, and now quoted someone every chance he got. Ginny thought it amusing at first, but…Well now; it was to the point of ridiculousness. No. It was way past that.

Suddenly, Harry heard a scream and light footsteps running above. Harry quickly approached the large flight of stairs located across the sitting room. He drew his weathered wand from his back pocket out of habit. But then, Ginny appeared at the top of the shiny steps, her long flaming curled hair was wild from running. She was laughing and crying at the same time. She was glowing. Ginny seemed to fly down the stairs and into Harry’s arms.

“Welcome home Daddy,” she breathed against his ear. Well, now that would explain the glow. 


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