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Chapter 2: I wish

He was packing his trunk, trying not to forget anything. His mind though was trying to forget the night that happened almost a year ago. He hoped Hermione wouldn’t be near the Head Common room, maybe she had already went to the ball. He sighed as he sat down and put his hands on his head. How can so much change in one year?

He had joined the Order, showed up at their doorstep, terrified and hurt. His mother’s last words had rang in his head, “Run, and don’t come back!”. He blinked away tears when he remembered her beaten body. Draco then did the only thing she had told him to do, run, barley escaping Lucious.

Everyone in the Order was had been shocked, but not as much as the ‘Golden Trio’. Then he hadn’t really cared what they thought. They mad him Head Boy to ‘protect’ him from Voldemort. He wasn’t at all surprised when Granger had her Head Girl badge proudly pinned on. There was something about her that made him think of his mother, the one thing he wanted to forget. He avoided her very well which worked, for the first two weeks.

That day he had been sitting in the Head Common room. When he heard the door open he had assumed it was Granger so he got up ready to leave the room. Instead he saw Potter and Weasley, only them, no Granger. He was a little surprised to see them, they had never come to the Head common room before. Should he stay or should he go? This was his common room he had thought and sat down. He’s so glad he had decided to stay, if he hadn’t who knows how his life would have ended up.

To his disappointment, they had slowly sat down on couches opposite of him. They were silent for what seemed like forever. Both were glaring at him as if he was Voldemort himself. He started getting uncomfortable and was thinking about leaving when he heard Potter.

“Are you a death eater and working as a spy?” He bluntly asked. He had to admit that took guts

Draco merely shook his head and pushed his sleeve to show them that there was no dark mark on his forearm.

“Why didn’t you kill Dumbledore?” Potter sure was on a roll. Draco thought about whether answering the question. That’s when he decided to be his true self, the one that no one in Hogwarts had seen before.

“I’m not a killer, despite what everyone else thinks. You might think I’m lying but I don’t care. My father was never the best one that you would ask for, he told me that I should act like everyone is better than me. I never agreed with him and whenever I protested he hurt me, physically. There’s nothing I could have done because I was doing it for my mother, she hated to see me get hurt. The Malfoy that you have seen since first year is gone, he was never real. I’ve changed, I know it’s pretty late to ask for forgiveness. I’ll just right out say it, Harry I’m sorry for every name I’ve called you for surviving Voldemort’s attack when you were just a baby. Ron, I’m sorry for making fun of the fact that you don’t have as much money as I did, and for calling you names. From now on I may seem different but it’s really me, the real me.” He was very much out of breath when he finished talking, but the look on their face was priceless.

Ron’s face was just plain funny, he looked revolted. Very much like the time he had accidentally cursed himself and ended up swallowing slugs in second year. Although he was trying to change, he couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Both of them turned and looked at him, curiosity filled their faces.

“Sorry Ron, I just remembered in second year when you cursed yourself and were swallowing slugs.”

By the look on Ron’s face he didn’t find it amusing. Then a different laugh was heard around the room, both Draco and Ron were surprised that it came from Harry.

“Sorry mate, it was funny.” Harry said to Ron who frowned but eventually started laughing too.

“Well, it wasn’t very funny when it actually happened and I only did it because what you called Hermione.”

“I swear I won’t call her that again.” Just saying her name reminded him of that night. So he quickly changed the subject and started talking about many things. Quiditch, classes, things from the past year and as much as they possibly could about the magical world they were in. They had been laughing at some joke Ron had said, when he spotted Granger looking out of breath at the entrance. His mother’s face flashed in his mind and his laughter immediately stopped.

Everyday it’s getting
Worse not better
Maybe we should
Sit and finally talk

Cause where we’re at
It’s hard to measure
When I’m standing
In front of a wall

“Harry, what are you thinking?” He heard Granger ask Harry from her room

Granger, always the responsible one. While looking into the burning fire he started thinking. He remembered how he had gone to the Manor, after failing to do his task that would have made him a death eater. He had tried to get to his mother before anyone would try to harm her.

He didn’t think his father, who was there before Draco, would do anything to harm his own wife. Of course that had been wrong. His father already knew the only way he could really hurt Draco was by hurting Narcissa. So he did again, again and again until he literally beat her to death with his own hands. Draco had been trying to do anything to make him stop, but his father had been beyond mad and nothing could have stopped him.

His mother had known that it was over for her, when she told him those last words. She had tried to save her son from the fate she knew she was going to face. That’s when Draco ran for it dodging whatever curse his father threw at him. The only thought in his head was that he was a coward and everything was his fault. His mother didn’t deserve anything that happened to her during the darkness.

He heard footsteps coming towards the common room. Harry, Ron and Granger came from her Head room. Even though he wasn’t really paying attention to them he nodded when Harry and Ron said goodbye. Granger sat down on a couch opposite of Draco. He felt her presence and hoped that she would just leave.

“Can I talk to you?”  She asked him. Why couldn’t she just go away.

“You already are.” He anticipated that by acting like his old self would make her think that he didn’t want her bothering him.

“I was just wondering…..” He got it, he knew why she suddenly was acting sincere towards him.

“Just stop.” He was tired of this, his eyes digging into hers. She was only acting this way to make Harry and Ron happy, she didn’t care shit about him.

“Stop what?

“Stop trying to be nice to me when you obviously don’t want to. I heard your conversation up there with Harry and Ron.” Well parts of it but enough to know she didn’t believe him for crap.

“I’m just trying to be nice.  Make our stay here a pleasant one.”

“Please, who are you trying to freaking fool?” He yelled disgusted with her lies, or the fact that he was starting to remember his mom.

“You will never change will you? I have no idea how you persuaded Harry and Ron, but you won’t change my mind. You will always be like your father’s son, you will always be like your father, who am I kidding you are your father!!!” He had stood up when she had first, he was shocked that she was pointing her finger at him which kind of hurt.

He was trying very hard to control himself, she had just called her his mother’s killer. Never had he wanted to hurt a woman before in his life. He took a deep breath, she’s doing this on purpose but he’ll prove her wrong. To her and to everyone that he may be father’s son but he’ll never follow in Lucius’ footsteps. Still she had no evidence to tell him that. He brought his hand up and pushed her hand away, he knew she wanted him to hit her but he wouldn’t let her have the gratification of thinking she was right.

“You have no right to judge me, you don’t even know me!!” He yelled in her face

“Who are you to talk about judging? You’ve judged me my entire life for something that I was born into, something I didn’t have any say in, something that wasn’t my choice!!! You didn‘t even know me, yet you thought you could criticize me for being myself!! I could understand if it was something else anything else that you hated me for but not for being a muggleborn!!”

He couldn’t help but smirk at this, not at what she said but at how she looked. He never really noticed how short she was, until now. The words she said stayed in his head, he knew it was true. Yet there was nothing he could have done, and he knew there was no way she was going to believe him if he told her it was all a lie, an act. He looked down at her which was outright funny because she was on her toes but her head only reached his neck. He touched her shoulders and gently pushed her back on her feet.

“Quit acting like such a m-” He started saying, hoping to cut some tension.

“A what, mud blood? Go ahead and say it you’ve been dying to say it since you joined the Order, but you haven’t been able to because then your true self will show. You just proved me right, you are your father.” He grabbed her arms, Merlin that’s not even what he was going to say. He was getting more and more mad because she kept reminding him of what his father did.

“Shit, you are so daft and stubborn, that’s not even what I was going to say. I was going to say quit acting like such a madwoman, which you are. I won‘t give you the satisfaction of thinking you’re right. I’ve changed whether you want to believe it or not isn’t my problem.” Then he shoved her towards the couch behind her. “Let’s just stay away from each other, unless absolutely necessary. I don’t trust you as much as you don’t trust me.” That way he’ll forget his mother too.

“Fine by me!!” She screamed.

“Fine!!” He added just to get the last word.

The both stomped up stairs then went in opposite directions to their separate rooms. He might have opened up to her and told her what had happened, he’s heard that she’s one of the kindest student. He snorted at the thought. It’s true now that he thinks about it if she had listened instead of assuming that he hadn’t changed, he might have told her about his pain. He tightly closed away hoping that the memories would just fade away.

You wanna know why
I look sad and lonely
You wanna know why
I can barely talk

Well it’s not your fault
So let me say I’m
Sorry for making you
The reason for my fall

Draco was running around, wand pointed out, looking for the blonde hair that reminded him so much of his own. He was glad this war had finally come so he could avenge his mother. He saw Ron struggling against a deatheater, poor Ron he looked like he stood no chance. Draco went over and threw a curse at the man, who immediately fell to the floor.

“Thanks.” Said Ron a little dumbfounded, Draco pulled him of the floor. “Have you seen Ginny?” He asked Draco.

“I’m pretty sure she’s safe inside the castle, so don’t worry.” It was a shame that it had to take place in school where students are supposed to be safe.

Then he spotted his father, first his hair and then he was sure it was him because of his cold eyes. He was watching Harry and Voldemort. Draco ran towards him, leaving Ron behind. He sent his father a curse which sends him flying backwards, hitting his head on a tree and going unconscious. This is what he had been waiting for, after months Lucius Malfoy would finally pay. Draco pointed his wand at his own father, no he had thought this is not my father this is a killer. Suddenly realization hit him, Draco himself wasn’t a killer, but everyone would think he was. Nobody knew that his father had killed his mother. In everyone’s eyes Draco would be the killer.

“Hermione!” He heard Harry yell, and then he turned to where Harry was looking. His vision disordered, for a moment he saw his mother lying on the ground twitching with pain. And instead of some random death eater he saw his father. Her shriek broke his thoughts and he noticed it was Granger.

He sprinted towards them and before he knew it the words Avada Kedavra left his lips. The deatheater’s lifeless body falling on the ground. Draco looked down at Granger her eyes tightly shut, and then she cautiously opened them. Confusion written all over them when she saw him. When he comprehended what had just happened he dropped his wand, he just killed a man. But he saved a life and that’s what counted. She looked terrified so to ease her fear he pushed the man’s body away from her.

Then he heard cheers and clapping everywhere around them, then a plop as Granger fainted. Draco turned in the direction of Harry, he looked tired and weary but nonetheless a huge grin on his face. Then he looked at Granger and his happy face was replaced with a worried one. Draco then lifted her in his arms and brought her to Harry

“Is she alright?” Asked Harry as Ron joined them his face also filled with concern.

“She’ll be fine, here” He handed Granger to Harry. Then he noticed a man behind them.

“Zabini what the hell are you doing here?” Draco asked him his wand already pointed at him. He knew for a fact that Blaise Zabini was a deatheater

“Whoa,” said Ron as he pushed Draco’s hand down, “don’t worry Draco, Blaise here has been working for us as a spy.”


“Yeah, we would have told you earlier but it would endanger our chances of getting information if more people knew.”

“Guys can we talk about this later? Hermione may be tiny but I’m really tired.”  Said a worn-out Harry.

“Oh, sorry Harry, here give her to me.” Ron held out his arms and she was placed in them.

They all headed to the castle where everyone congratulated Harry. McGonagall was checking on everyone, when she went up to them she told them to go to the Hospital Wing. Draco who had a few cuts and bruises wanted to go to his room, but Madam Pomfrey insisted that he stay. He had to admit that he was glad no one he knew was seriously hurt, he had made many friends after he decided not to such a cruel person.

He tried to get some rest and sleep but it never came. He heard shuffling feet everywhere around him and they weren’t helping him relax. He thought back to when he had almost ended his father. They had told him that the Order had captured him and he was soon going to Azkaban. They had asked him if he knew where his mother was; he lied and said he had no idea. For some reason he just couldn’t bring himself to tell the truth. Why must they keep reminding him of her? Then again it was hard to forget her when Granger was walking around their Head room making him remember his mother. It wasn’t her fault thought but that still won’t make her be less similar to his mom.

He hadn’t realized how long he had been deep in his thoughts, but he suddenly felt a soft touch on his shoulder. He winced for a moment he had really thought it was his mother, her turned around hoping it was her but it was just Granger. Only his mother’s essence remained, and unfortunately in her.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” She whispered. He knew she, being the polite one, would thank him so he just hoped she would say it and gets it over with. “Thank you for saving me, I guess I do trust you now.”

“Yeah you guess, now that you know whose side I’m on.” He couldn’t help saying it he just wanted her to go away. He was sitting on the bed and his hands on his knees with his hands holding his head. Don’t look at her, avoid her and maybe it’ll all go away.

“You should get back to your bed it’s getting cold” He told her just to erase her from his mind and with that he turned his back towards her.

She sneaked back to her bed and he decided that it was enough he couldn’t stand being here. He decided to go back to his Head room, just to get a break from her because he knew that they were going to be almost together all the time considering they were Heads.

Once he got in the Head room he went to take a shower then he sat down in the Head common room, and he felt right at home than anywhere else. The only thing missing was his mother. He didn’t know what to do part of him wanted to forget her because he knew she wouldn’t want him dreading anything that was hurting him. The other part wanted to keep her in his mind after she was the only person that truly cared for him. Don’t get him wrong he didn’t want to forget his mother he just wanted to forget how she looked and what happened to her that night.

He was still sitting in the couch when the Golden Trio came inside. Granger went straight to her room which relived him. He, Harry and Ron started talking about what took place.

“It’s weird, first you then Blaise now Pansy. Who knew Slytherins were so soft?” Said Harry.

“Yeah, I’m surprised.” Replied Ron. “I need to go check on Gin, see you later.”

“Hey Ron tell her I need to talk to later.” Said Harry

“I’m not sure I’ll like it but alright.” Said Ron all Harry did was smile. Draco knew he was going to get back with Ginny. Sometimes she was all he talked about when it was him and Draco only because he knew Ron would get annoyed.

“Anyways Harry on to answer your question about Slytherins, we’re not growing soft we’re just finally standing up for ourselves. At least me and Pansy I had no idea about Zabini.”

“It was almost as surprising as you joining the Order.”

“Nice to know I hold the title.” He smelled strawberry and knew that Granger was coming. He saw her and couldn’t help but think she looked beautiful, her wet waves framing her face. He noticed Harry nodding towards him. What the hell was that about? He didn’t have time to fully comprehend what happened.

“Draco, I was wondering if I could speak to you about-” She started telling him

“I have to go to my room” He said, got up and went upstairs he made it seem like he wasn’t paying attention to her but he was.

So Harry wanted him and Granger to get along. He noticed how he always brought her into conversation or mentioned her all the time. Maybe he wanted them to be friends. But he couldn’t or could he? No he just can not do it. Why should he give her a chance if she didn’t give him one? He’ll just not look or listen to her for the rest of the year. Easier said than done.

Wish that I could be
Like I was before
I was riding high but
Now I’m feeling so low

I wish that you could
Make my world feel better
And take away the hurt
So I wouldn’t be so far gone

I wish I wish I wish….I wish

December came, he thought it would be hard seeing as it as when he would have usually been able to see his mother. Since he had been avoiding Granger everything seemed easier, but in the back of his mind he would never forget how his mother had looked that night. That’s why whenever somebody even mentioned her name he would just leave.

It was the night of the Yule Ball, tomorrow would be the start of their Christmas break. He still had no idea where he would spend it, most likely he’ll stay here. That’s when he made the choice of not ignoring Granger, he was doing fine maybe she wouldn’t remind her of his mother. He had decided to give it a shot, they practically were each other’s dates, seeing as Heads had to share a dance and a table together. He dressed in his robes and headed downstairs. They really went all out this year. It looked like they were really outside. He went over to McGonagall and started observing everything around the Great Hall.

“Mr. Malfoy you and Miss Granger will sit in the Head table and share the first dance. Is this understood?” He nodded. Then he saw a girl in a green dress. When she started coming closer he noticed it was Granger, wow she looked gorgeous. She kept her eyes on his, he tried looking at anything else afraid that she would see the longing in his eyes.

“Miss Granger, as I have explained to Mr. Malfoy both of you will have to sit in the Head table the during the entire ball, as you already know you will also share the first waltz. We have about ten minutes until students start arriving while waiting for them to get in order you two can sit in the Head table then we will have another ten minutes for the waltz to start. That’s when you take you’re places in the middle of the floor. Are we clear?” She asked then. Both nodded and then started heading towards their table.

He heard a jingle and soon Granger was searching for something on the floor, her hands going anywhere possible. What could she possibly be looking for now? Then he noticed that she only had one earring. He just stared at her, a small smile on his face, seeing how long till she figured it out. It was pretty humorous.

“Accio Hermione’s earring.” Her earring was immediately in his hand, he had to get it  seeing as their time was almost up. He smirked while holding her earring.

“Thanks, I know I probably should have thought about that before. I’ve probably wasted our first ten minutes.” She had but at least he hadn’t been sitting at the Head table bored out of his mind. He couldn’t help but put the earring on for her, her skin was so soft.

“Come on, Granger, we should get in our places. Nice to know even geniuses have their witless moments.” He said just so she wouldn’t be troubled about taking long

“Hey, who said I was a genius, and why are you acting different towards me?” He looked at her, why wouldn’t she want me to act like this? She always seemed to want to talk to me.

“First off quit being so humble and secondly I thought you would be glad-

“I am it’s just I wanted to know why such an unexpected change.” Of course he wouldn’t tell her the real reason, so he made one up.

“Well I thought it would make Harry, Ron, Gin and you happy, but mostly I’m doing it so we can all have one great Yule ball. It could also be because you look lovely in that green dress.” She started blushing and he smirked.

“I didn’t realize that you and Gin were friends.” Oh, she’s jealous, but why first of he didn’t really like red heads, he was more into brunette’s and second Gin and Harry are dating.

“Well since she is Ron’s sister and Harry’s girlfriend I guess it’s alright to be her friend.” He said amusemed.

“That makes sense.” She said. He noticed that many people were already inside. When he looked down at her she looked kind of nervous. 

“I know how to waltz very well and I’m pretty sure you do too, so there is nothing to be nervous about.” he said hoping to get her anxiety away

“I’m not nervous, thank you very much.”

“Keep telling yourself that, come on McGonagall is giving us the signal that the music is about to start soon.” he then grabbed her hand and placed his other one on her waist and felt her left hand on his shoulder. While he led her around, her eyes shining brightly and that’s when he really felt something towards her. She started smiling and looked really happy. Recalling now that had been the first time he had really felt joy in so long.

“Are you leaving or are you staying here during Christmas?” She asked him

“I’m staying here.”

“Really, well you should come with me and Harry we’re going The Burrow. I’m sure the Weasley’s would love to have you there.”

“I think I just might do that.” He hadn’t thought of that before but now that he thought of it, it seemed perfect.

“Good.”  He gave her a spin and smiled when she laughed.

“So why aren’t you going home?” Why did she have to ask that right at the time when things were getting better.

“I’m not going there because nothing there for me.” Don’t ask anymore, please Hermione.

“I know your father was never your most favorite person, but he’s in Azkaban, I’m sure your mother would love to have you there.” Getting worse.

“She’s not going to be there.” Shut up already Hermione, he started holding her less.

“Why not? You’re her only son, who wouldn’t want to spend their time with their only son?” That does it I’m outta here.

“Don’t you dare talk about my mother.” He let go of her and went to the Head table. She followed him and sat down on the chair next to his. Everything was going fine why did she have to mention the one person he wanted to forget. To make it worse he had already been forgetting her and here she was like a display of his mother.

“I’m sorry Draco, if I offended you mom.”

“Forget it Granger, I knew this was a mistake.”

“What was a mistake?” Trying to forget her trying to pretend that you don’t remind me of her.

“Nothing, just forget it.” Was what he said instead, he didn’t talk to her for the rest of the night.

Harry, Ginny, Ron and Lavender came to the table to talk to them he talked to them but the whole time in his mind went yet again to that night. Though he couldn’t help but notice that she danced with some blokes besides Harry and Ron, he clenched his jaw in bitterness. Why would or should he care? Could he really like Hermione? He was glad when it finally ended.

He had decided to go to The Burrow but before he did he went to the Malfoy Manor and got some things he needed. He had made the elves take everything that once belonged to his father out of the manor. He was going through his mom’s stuff thinking on whether to keep or not some of her it when he saw a silver locket. He grabbed it and automatically wanted to get rid of it then he knew who to give it to.

At the Burrow he mostly played quidditch  with the Weasley’s and Harry. One day he was outside sitting under a tree thinking about how he would give Hermione the necklace. He felt like it belonged to her. Or maybe it could be because he wanted to give her something because he liked her.

“Hi, Draco.” He turned around and saw the person that had been haunting him for months. He was getting up when he felt her gentle hand, just like his mother‘s. “Just tell me why you got mad at me the night of the Yule ball.”

“I wish I could but you….you just wouldn’t understand.”

“How do you know unless you don’t tell me.” Because you don’t know what it’s like to have your mother killed in front of you by your father.

“You just wouldn’t so stop trying. You simply wouldn’t get it. Please just stop, Hermione.” He yanked his arm away and left.

He managed to escape her throughout the rest of the break. When they went back to Hogwarts she went straight to the Great Hall. So he knew it was the opportunity he needed to put the locket in her room. He had put it in a black box and put it on her bed. He simply put To Hermione, Happy Christmas. He knows it’s weird to give a gift to someone he was avoiding, but he felt it would be appropriate to give it to her seeing as it had been his mother’s and she reminded her so much of her. He didn’t see her wear it and for some reason it disappointed him. He had to confess that he was starting to like her. Which didn’t help to the situation he was already in.

You always hurt the
People closest to you
I guess I blamed you
For everything wrong

And I don’t know why
It’s so hard to tell you
I guess that’s why I’m
Writing you this song

On Valentine’s Day he gave her his mother’s matching bracelet. He had told himself it was because he didn’t want it but the truth was he wanted to see her wear it. It pleased him to see her asking everybody if they had given it to her, showing that she did care for the necklace and bracelet.

He ended going to Hogsmeade with the usual people. He was glad Hermione didn’t come all Gin said was that she might come but who knows because she was going to get school supplies. When they were in the Three Broomsticks talking and Draco kind of felt left out Harry and Ron each had their girlfriends but he was all alone. Then he noticed Pansy looking around for someone, when she saw him she went over to their table.

“Hey guys have any of you seen Blaise?” She asked them.

“No, why?” He asked

“Well he invited me on a date with him I hope your alright with it.” She said. He wanted to laugh out loud.

“Don’t worry Pansy I think I’ll manage.” She actually looked relived when he said had said that. Everybody else in the table looked quite amused at what he said.

“Do you mind if I sit while I wait for Blaise?” Everyone was nodding their head except for Ginny.

“What about Hermione?” Said Ginny

“Don’t worry I’ll just stay here for a couple of minutes.” Answered Pansy

She sat down on the only chair left, which was right next to his. He doesn’t really know how long they were there. Just joking and talking, in his mind he knew that Pansy had been sitting there for more than a couple of minutes. He didn’t care he just didn’t want Hermione to come.

“Hey Hermione.” He heard Lavender say. He turned around and saw her, her back turned towards them as if she were about to leave

“Hi.” She said looking unhappy.

“Come sit down.” Why did Ginny have to say that there was obviously no where she would be able to sit.

“No, that’s okay I just came to say hi so uh, hi and bye.” Then she got out of there fast, very fast. Next thing he knew Harry was up and after her.

By the time Harry came back Blaise had come and gotten Pansy. He has no idea what they talked about but Harry didn’t look too happy.

“Is she alright Harry?” Asked Ginny

“Yeah, she’s just upset over something.”

“Over what?” Asked Ron. Harry glanced at Draco.

“Nothing, I’ll tell you guys later.” All of them nodded.

Why wouldn’t he tell them now? Oh, because Draco didn’t like to talk about her and they all knew though they didn’t know why. He has no clue why but soon Hermione never even tried talking to him. You’d think it would make his day, everything would be better, but no for some reason things go more worse. He started having nightmares of his mother getting killed or sometimes it would be Hermione. They were horrific, he didn’t even realize he cried until he would wake up and tears would be on his face. The thing is now that he saw less of Hermione the more he started having them. If only she could take away the hurt, but he made his decision just leave very far away.

You wanna know why
I look sad and lonely
You wanna know why
I can barely talk

Well it’s not your fault
So let me say I’m
Sorry for making you
The reason for my fall

All of this had happened in his last year which had been very unlike the others. He stood up from his bed and shook the thoughts away from his head. He looked at his room one last time and then went downstairs. Then he saw her she was breathtaking with her white gown her ringlets laying across her back. The strawberry scent yet again filling his mind. To top it all of she had on the necklace and bracelet. She is beautiful. She frowned when she saw that he had his luggage in his hands.

“Where are you going?” She asked scowling.

“I’m going home, finally leaving Hogwarts.” Finally leaving you, and going to a hell at home.

“You can’t you have to stay for the graduation ball.”

“What are they going to do? Take away my Head boy badge? I think it’s a little to late to worry about that. It’s like I would care, it’s not like I even deserved it, and we both know why they even gave it to me.” He looked at her one last time and started walking out.

“I heard you, Draco, I heard you cry.” He froze

“What are you jabbering on about Granger?” Tell him she didn’t really hear him.

“Don’t try to deny it, I heard it coming from your room.” Shit.

“I wasn’t crying, I don’t cry, you must have been hearing things.”

“No, Draco. There’s something you’ve been hiding, and I know you think I won’t understand. Let me make that decision for myself, tell me please what’s wrong. You’ll never know whether I can help you or not, if you don’t tell me.” Trust me Hermione there’s nothing you’ll be able to do.

“What if I don’t want your help?”

“Everyone wants help, some just don’t know it.” He wants help just not from her.

“I just can’t.” He started leaving again, if only she could make him feel better. He was about to open the door to leave when she stood right in front of him.

“Why not?!” She screamed at his face. He can’t take it anymore he had to say something.

“Because the pain I feel hurts so much, and no matter what I do it won’t go away! I have to feel it every time you’re near me! Every time you say my name! You want to know why, it’s because you remind me of her and I just want to forget her!!” He could feel tears in his eyes, this was it everything he had bottled up inside was going to come out.

“Who do I remind you of?” She asked looking a little surprised.

Wish that I could be
Like I was before
I was riding high but
Now I’m feeling so low

I wish that you could
Make my world feel better
And take away the hurt
So I wouldn’t be so far gone

I wish I wish I wish….I wish

“You remind me so much of my mother, not in appearance but in the way you act and your attitude it’s just like hers whenever it was just me and her. How you seem to care for anyone like she did.” For some reason he felt relief when he said those words, and the tears coming down his cheeks didn’t sting as much.

“Why wouldn’t you want to be reminded of your mother?” She was also crying.

“My mother’s dead.”

“I’m so sorry I had no idea. I-how-when? Nobody ever told the Order.”

“That’s because nobody besides me and her killer know.” She gasped. “She was killed do want to know why Hermione,” She nodded, “because I didn’t kill Dumbledore my mother was tortured, tormented and brutalized till her death right in front of me. There was nothing I could have done and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. You probably want to know who killed her, well it was Lucius Malfoy one of these days he’ll get his. That’s why I can’t stand looking at you because I’ll remember that night and how she looked and it kills me inside.” He knew she had no idea what to say and that hurt.

Surprisingly she put her arms around him, hugging him. For a millisecond he didn’t know how to react. Then he put his head on her shoulder and cried putting his hand into her smooth hair, He pulled away and looked right at her and then did something more surprising he slowly brushed his lips across hers and she turned her head towards his. He gently parted her lips and he could feel her hand at his neck. He never felt more at peace than now. His mouth left hers and started kissing her neck and shoulder. He just can’t he thought and moved away from her.

“I can’t Hermione, if only I could, but I can’t. I have to leave” He wished they could be together, but not when she reminded him of death.

“Please Draco, don’t go, we can make this better. You want for us to work out, I know you want it as much as I do. The memory of your mother doesn’t have to be a bad one.”

“I do want it to work out Hermione, but that was the last time I ever saw my mom. I just want to forget and I’m sorry but you make it hard to.” He brushed her tears away and touched the necklace. “You should know it was me who gave it this to you. You make it look so beautiful.”

“You said I was a genius, trust me it took me time to figure it out, but I knew. Where are you going? What about Harry and Ron?”

“Don’t worry about where I’m going. I’ll tell Harry and Ron when I go down stairs, I’m sorry. Goodbye Hermione.”

“No, I don’t want to say goodbye.”

Wish that I could be
Like I was before
I was riding high but
Now I’m feeling so low

I wish that you could
Make my world feel better
And take away the hurt
So I wouldn’t be so far gone

Then she hugged him again very tightly. He had to admit she was strong, he struggled to pull away from him then he walked to the door. He turned around just to be able to see her one more time.

“Please Draco, I love you.”

He was going to reach out and tell her he loved her too but was able to stop himself turned and left. He could hear her sobs and was sure to wipe his own tears away. How he wished that he could go back and tell her how he felt but things are so different, he’s so different. He wishes she would make him feel better, he wishes he could make her feel better, because none of this is her fault. Now things are too far gone.

I wish I wish I wish…I wish, I wish I wish I wish…I wish


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