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The Christmas Enchantment 6
By: GryffindorGirl153

Hermione hasn’t seen either Ron or Harry ever since that night in the common room. Harry has tried speaking to Hermione more that once but didn’t even get close to her since Anthony and Draco has been over protective.

As for Draco and Hermione, they’ve gotten closer and are no longer “enemies”. At least to Draco of course. They were seen walking together everywhere and if not, that would mean Hermione is with Anthony.

Draco felt happy with her and couldn’t help but smile whenever she was around. He knew it was just because they were friends now, and he just wasn’t use to that fact. Well, that’s what he thought. Anthony noticed Draco’s behavior around her as well. He knew what Draco’s feelings for her were, that’s why he’s trying to keep Hermione for himself. Hermione on the other hand, didn’t notice a thing. She thinks that this is just Draco’s normal behavior around his friends so she shook it off every time the thought came to her mind.

Vacation came up but students wouldn’t be going home until after Christmas because of the Christmas ball in two days. Dumbledore gave the students permission to leave for Hogsmeade until Christmas to buy their outfits and gifts.

“Ugh,” Draco groaned when he strode towards Hermione who was in the great hall doing her holiday homework. “We have a whole week and a half off and you’re doing homework now?” He asked her sitting down.

I don’t want to have to do this over the break. She replied glancing at him slightly then going back to concentrating on her work.

“Well, do you’re homework later,” Draco said shutting her text book close. “We’re going to Hogsmeade,” He flashed a smile.

Hogsmeade? Hermione groaned. Draco, I told you, I don’t need to go. She opened her text book again and looked for the page she was on before. I already bought every ones gift last week.

“Yeah, but you forgot to buy your dress for the ball tomorrow night,” He said.

Didn’t I tell you already? Hermione asked him.

“Tell me what?” Draco asked confused.

I’m not planning to go to the ball. She replied. Actually I’m just not going.

“What?” He exclaimed. “Why not?”

Draco, Hermione sighed. You know my situation. What if Anthony doesn’t love me by Christmas Eve? I don’t want everyone seeing me like that.

Hermioneeeeeee,” Draco begged. I mean pleaded. “C’mon go to the ball,”

No Draco.


“Hey,” Ginny called out when she saw Draco in the hallway. Surprisingly alone. “Did you see Hermione?” She asked when he turned around.

“Yeah,” Draco said. “I think she’s up in our common room,”

“Oh okay thank you!” Ginny ran towards their common room, but then she turned back obviously forgetting something. “Wait, I don’t know the password,” Draco laughed and him and Ginny walked to the heads common room.


“Harry,” Ron asked. “What happened to us and Hermione,”

“Ron, you’re the one that a started screaming at her,” Harry replied. They were both looking for books in the library.

“Do you think we should apologize?” Ron asked.

“I tried,” he replied. “But I can’t even get near her because of Malfoy and her current boyfriend,”

Ron sighed. “We’ll try to at the ball,”



Hermioneee,” Ginny sang when she found her friend walking in the hallway. Hermione turned around and mouthed a hi, when she saw Ginny. “Did you get a dress yet?” Hermione shook her head. Ginny smiled and led her towards the entrance of Hogwarts. “Time to go to Hogsmeade,”. Hermione didn’t really have a choice since Ginny dragged her outside.


The two girls were browsing through a very expensive store not far from the Three Broomsticks. Ginny handed Hermione about a dozen gowns and pushed her into the changing rooms to try them on. The first one was a black dress that went up to her knees. It was strapless and was plain black. Hermione came out of the dressing room and Ginny shook her head.

The next dress was green and it went a little past her knees. They went through several dresses before Hermione came to the last one. It was pink, just like the dress she wore to the Yule Ball, except it went down right to her knees and had a second fabric over the pink that made it shimmer. It hugged tightly around all her curves and she looked perfect in it.

Hermione was about to come out when she heard Draco’s voice outside. “What are you doing here?” He asked Ginny. “Waiting for Hermione,” She replied. Hermione came outside and both their eyes fell on her. A smile formed on Ginny’s face and Draco couldn’t help but stare. Like I said, it was perfect.

“We have a winner,” Ginny smiled coming over and turning Hermione around to look at her fully.

“I thought you said you weren’t planning on going,” Draco said once he recovered.

I’m not sure. Ginny just dragged me here, and you know.. she can’t really understand me. Hermione replied.

“Well, you have a gown,” Draco said. “Now, you have to go to the ball,”

“What did she say?” Ginny asked Draco. He ignored her question.

But, Hermione started looking down at what she was wearing. I can’t pay for this. She was right. Hermione only had a little money with her and this dress was expensive. VERY EXPENSIVE. Draco told her to take the gown off, and Hermione changed back into her normal clothes. Draco paid for the dress and Hermione insisted on taking it back but he wouldn’t hear of it.

Thank you. Hermione said.

A/N: Yes i know this chapter was short. I just wanted to update this story. Draco and hermione have gotten closer. ohlala. next chapter would probably be longer, and their going to have a day in hogsmeade together. the last chapter would probably be 2 away. maybe 3, or 4.

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