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Chapter 10

“Something strange is going on, Harry, they have been acting so friendly lately,” said Ginny, picking at her food nervously.

“A snowball fight?,” Harry said once again with a strange expression. “It’s Hermione, Gin, she knows Malfoy is bad news. He’s been making her life miserable since First year.”

“I know but I still think something is going on. Don’t you see it? They seem to have some sort of truce!” Her heated expression made Harry laugh as he leaned forward and kissed her softly.

“Gin, just let it go! Come on lets go for a walk it’s beautiful out and the sun is just setting.” Harry stood up and offered Ginny his arm; she slid her arm through the crock of his, smiling.

“Fine, but I’m not letting this go. Malfoy is a conniving ferret and shouldn’t be around our Hermione. Voldermont hasn’t made any effort lately, what if he’s using Malfoy?”

Harry cocked his head towards Ginny with an amused expression. “Malfoy? He’s a coward, Gin, Voldermont would be a fool to use him.” Ginny nodded and laid her head on his shoulder as they walked out of dinner and into a empty hall.

“I’m sorry Harry I’m just so worried. Hermione is like a sister to me, the idea of Malfoy with her—in a truce…It just makes me so angry!” Ginny looked towards a row of bushes, eyeing them as they moved in the wind. Her stomach had a funny feeling, but ignoring it she looked back towards Harry.

“I’ll keep an eye on her, ok Gin, now lets talk about something else.” Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand, pulling her closer.

Ginny smiled brightly, “and what would you like to talk about Mr. Potter?”

“Well I don’t know—“ Suddenly Harry fell to the ground in a heap.

Ginny hadn’t seen the red flash until it was too late. Pulling out her wand immediately she circled around, looking for who or rather where the Stun spell had come from.

“Who’s there?” Ginny made the mistake of looking back down at the unconscious Harry and when she looked back up two cloaked figures emerged from the bushes.

“Stun her,” said one harshly.

“Yeah, yeah,” but without warning another red flash came sending the terrified Ginny to the ground next to Harry. The strange part was the spell hadn’t come from one of the two figures in front of her, but instead a unknown partner behind her…

“What are you doing here,” said the figure that had ordered Ginny to be stunned.

“You don’t honestly believe you can accomplish this without me, do you?”

That Night

“Wizards of that time fought loyally for their ideas…” Hermione turned the page of her book. She’d been so busy the past few weeks with the silly ball she hadn’t thought of anything else. There was so much reading to catch up on.
Suddenly without warning the door flung up; it was late and no one else had been in the library with Hermione. She jumped startled at the sound, but immediately rolled her eyes as Draco Malfoy strolled in.

“Well, well, I assumed the library would be deserted.” Leisurely he walked to Hermione’s table, pulled out a chair, and took a seat. “What are you reading?”

“Labin’s ‘Rules of a Wizard’ it’s rather extraordinary, Draco, he constantly speaks about loyalty bonds and how the past bonds had been stronger…” her voice drifted off as she realized her rambling, but Malfoy was utterly quiet for another reason, “I suppose,” she continued, “loyalty had been stronger in the past.”

“Loyalty is the most important characteristic within a person, Granger, it shows your strength to withstand an opponent.” Draco leaned back in the chair, waiting for Hermione to answer. She always had something to say back to him.

“I agree, but Malfoy loyalty is only so much. If the cause you’re working for is bad you need to see that, that loyalty needs to become a loyalty to yourself and your own beliefs.” Hermione smiled gently at him; loyalty was something Draco probably knew a lot about; loyalty to his family, to the Dark Arts, and maybe even to Voldermont. The thought sent a chill down her spine.

Draco sat very quiet for a few moments, but when he spoke he not only shocked Hermione, but himself as well. “Sometimes if you break a loyalty it costs you your life or the lives of those you love.”

“If that’s the case, Malfoy,” said Hermione carefully, starring him straight in the eye, “then I strongly believe this ‘loyalty’ isn’t something you should be loyal to in the first place.” Her words were picked wisely, in a weird way Malfoy had opened up and she didn’t want to push him away.

His face became red with fury. “You know nothing, Granger,” he said, standing up and knocking over the chair as he did. “Don’t speak to me like it’s some simple act to break a loyalty. I’m not one of your Gryffindor goody two shoes whose only problem is what to do after Hogwarts. I’m not one of your Gryffindor pals.” Draco turned furiously planning to storm off.

“No, Malfoy,” Hermione said pushing back her chair and standing up, “you’re right. You’re not one of my Gryffindor pals; you are firstly a Slytherin and secondly you are not my pal.” Draco froze in his angry rage and looked back at her; she was really trying to make him angry and it was working. “You are not my pal,” she repeated, “you are simply my friend and friends talk— I know it’s a new idea since Crabbe and Goyle barely say two words, but friends do talk. Whenever, wherever they need help; a friend is there. Now,” she took a breathe and walked up to him, “we were having a perfectly civil conversation must you become all steamed up?”

Draco stood there, not moving, not talking; just taking in the situation. He couldn’t think of anything to say. “You called me Draco earlier,” was all he said as he walked back to the table and took his seat again. Hermione stood mute, she’d expected him to yell or get upset, but nothing…maybe he’d actually listened to her. Draco waving his hand in front of her face brought her out of her trance. “Granger…hello…”

“Oh, yes, sorry,” she stuttered walking around to her chair. “I hadn’t meant to call you Draco; I was just so excited about the literature.”

“I didn’t mind,” Draco responded looking at the titles of the many books piled on the table. “As long as you don’t do it in public.” Hermione looked dup at his harsh tone, but was only met by a small cocky smile.

Hermione leaned across the table, hitting him gently on the shoulder. “Fine I’ll just scream across the halls ok? ‘Draco!’ Wouldn’t that just sound wonderful?”

Draco began to laugh lightly as his eyes caught a title. “Brayon ‘How to do Potions for Dums’ I love this book!” He began flipping through. “My favorite part if the healing section.”

“My favorite part is the healing section,” said Hermione just as Draco said it.
Both persons froze looking at one another; they had something in common. Maybe there was hope for this friendship…

Outside the Library

The library door opened slowly, not drawing the attention of either Hermione or Draco. Two cloaked figured peered in taking in the scene before them. Draco was standing over Hermione looking at some book, both were laughing about something it said.
“I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him laugh,” said one.

“He’s just doing his order,” responded the other.

“He’s very good at it. The only thing he needed to do was go in and sit; not have an hour conversation with the Mudblood.”

“Draco is a loyal servant,” the other answered shutting the door gently.

“Yes…yes I hope…”

Author Note: We r officially done wit fillers; everything from here on out for the next couple chapter is all drama, action, suspense, and maybe a lil romance *nudge*


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