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Dear wearing a Mask

Sometimes I feel so, well so trapped in my own world that I don’t have time to do anything risky like breaking the rules or something dangerous. I fear that m world would collapse if I did, and everything I worked so hard to accomplish would be wasted on fruitless task. After saying that let me apologizing for venting on you its just that these past few days my friends have been on my case about breaking the rules and that I should start saying it’s the only way I can really appreciate life. BUT ZABIN is one of your best friends who the hell are you. I mean ok I guess if you are going to befriend a slythern Zabin would defiantly my first choice as well but still he’s not my favorite person in the world. But hey he is better then the rest of the slythern population, actually he’s kind of cute, mind setting me up. *lol* Just kidding, but at least he helped I am glad, you need to start talking with people even if it is not about your problems just, talk.

Love pussycat doll

Of all the self centered, egotistical people I have had the pleasure of meeting in my life none have quite been able to get me this mad before. Malfoy, well of all the nerve, I followed my dear little ferret, and wear I followed him to is what got to me the most. No he was not making out with Parkinson behind the staircase either, honestly I might of preferred that. Then again, seeing a ferret sucking faces with a pug would be an interesting site but I think I still rather hurl slugs.

No what I saw was MALFOY CHEATING. I don’t know how the when the spell I had picked up was unbreakable. Unless both of us wanted out we were not able to cheat. But somehow he was doing it, I had now followed my dear dimwitted ferret into McGonagall’s office. Where a list of all the names of the owl buddy system was being stored. He looked scared looking over his shoulder every few moments to check if he was being followed or if anyone was coming in.


I was so mad and furious I mean of all the nerve, hear he is cheating wile I was forced to be a goody, goody and play by the rules, I don’t think so. I was mad until I decided to half just a little bit of fun with the Slythern Prince. I started making my way closer, at first sneaking towards him, then started walking freely towards Malfoy till I caught his eye.


“Granger, w,-what are you doing hear,” he asked.


“Well Malfoy, I decided your right about something and thought I should tell you what it was,” I said simply in a calm smooth tone.


“Well I usually am, but tell me Granger what is it this time,” he asked with a small smirk on his face that almost never leaves.


“I am,” I said.


“Good to know, but what are you,” he asked, the smirked still placed on his face though he started to look a bit scared.


“I am.. Madly and deeply in love with you, in fact I don’t know how I am able to keep my hands off you right now. There is nothing more I would love to do then to be your girlfriend. Oh and then we can spend all day everyday together planning out what we will do and how to go about doing it. Wouldn’t that be great.”


When I finished my speech I don’t know what I loved more how low to the ground Malfoy’s mouth was or how convincing I looked twirling a finger around a lock of my curly hair. Trying to look as ditzy and pug like as possible, so I might somehow be able to remind him of Parkinson.


“For example we can start right now,” I said as Malfoys seemed at a loss for words or any sound what so ever.


“Start what,” he finally asked.


“Oh you know silly,” I said as I had gotten closer to him and placed my hand over his. “Start fully and completely trusting each other.”


I don’t know how what happened next actually happened but I think somehow, like I said, I really, really don’t know how but I think Malfoy grew a brain and decided to put it to use. As he must of somehow realized that I followed him and already knew about he file he had behind his back. Did I ever mention, that there is a reason Malfoys don’t have brains, because if they did it means they could be put to use. As Malfoy decided to all the sudden be a muggle lover, he took my hand tight in his and started to play along. At least I think he was acting, no I desperately hope he was acting.


“Alright, sweetie,” he said as his thumb of his hand rubbed against my skin, and let me just say I wasn’t liking how my body was reacting to his touch. “Start to explain why your down here, your not already cheating on me with both Crap, and Goyle are you.”


When had this guy grown a brain, seriously, this guy was good, hell he took it a step further. Pulling me closer, pulling me into his grasp, so was actually in his arms, my arms placed lightly on his shoulders, as tumbled forward on his chest. Of all the nerve, as he grabbed me towards him it gave him a perfect opportunity to hide the file, BEHIND MY BACK, literally. Not only that but my insides started to do some serious funny things as he touched me. Things that I would never ever tell Ron, or Harry abut, bloody hell I don’t even want to know, or should I say think about it


“Well maybe if you were a tad better at being my boy- lover I wouldn’t have to,” I said though the thought of me swapping spit with the, not one but two pea brain scared every part of me.


“I swear love I don’t have the tiniest inkling on what your talking about,” he said with a smirk as wide as England itself on his face.


“Oh don’t be like that love, we both know fully well about what I am talking about.”


“The file you are hiding behind my back,” and this time before he could say anything more I stomped on his foot grabbed the file and ran as fast as my legs could carry me up to my room. The odd thing seemed to not that I had succeed but that Malfoy did not seem to care that I had escaped from his grasp as he didn’t so much as follow me down the corridor.


“Why hello Miss. Granger fancy a fight,” the portrait that lead to the heads common room asked.


“Not now I have to get inside its urgent,” I said.

“Urgent you say in that no password be required for the say,” he said and the door swung open letting me inside.


“Thank you,” I said, and headed off to my room to find a more then unwelcome visitor.


“Now love you didn’t honestly believe I was going to let you go just like that, after are you are my light, my reason for living so why don’t you hand back those files and we will call it a day,” Malfoy asked.


“Are you kidding me not only have you cheated, but this is my ticket to get you kicked out of your head boy position as well as out of this School. Tell me Malfoy how does it look you already tried to kill Dumbledore now your stealing old school files. I really don’t think the headmistress will be please do you,” I said, and watched his face grow even paler then its natural shade.


“First of Granger calm down,” Draco said not looking to calm himself.


“Calm down, calm down, I caught you cheating Malfoy I mean really my grades are on the line here, and you want me to calm down,” I said. I hadn’t fully realized how mad at him I was until all of that had come out.


“Um, yes,” he stated simply.


“Malfoy I swear sometimes you are just the most-,” but I actually didn’t get to finish my sentence because as I tried Malfoy,….


He grabbed the file from me and slammed it on my desk, (A/n sorry if I disappointed you)


“Granger open it,” he demanded in a voice I have never herd him use before.


“Accuse me,” said finding it hard to speak.


“You herd me Granger open the file,” he demanded.


“I can’t,.. It, Its against the rules to look at teachers files, besides the bet I would get cursed if I opened that file,” I stated simply.


“Granger if that was the case don’t you think I would have slugs or something coming out of me, now open the file,” he said this time a bit calmer.


“Well is still against the rules.”


“Granger,” He warned.


“Ok, I am opening it, I am opening it,” and as I did I soon regretted everything. The seducing the fighting all of it, the file wasn’t even about me it was about, Neville.


“Neville,” I said in disbelief I couldn’t even imagine the look on my face. There was a part of me that was shocked as hell and yet another part of me that wanted to laugh my arse off. Which I found myself doing in the end, laughing that is.

“Granger are you mad,” Malfoy asked though I don’t think he was actually that concerned as he soon chimed in laughing along with me.

“Neville, Malfoy, Neville Longbottom, why in the blazes would you ever want his file.”

“Oh don’t you know it’s the same reason I wasn’t completely turned on by your amazing seducing abilities back in McGonagall’s office,” He said sarcastically.

“Malfoy,” I warned.

“Alright, alright, I will admit I was a bit turned on, but still Granger seducing me that something else entirely, especially for you,” he said threw fits of laughter. Though threw my difficult efforts I tried to keep a straight face but in the end I found myself laughing along with him.

“Malfoy your avoiding the subject,” I said though I may have stop laughing, but I was still grinning like a hyena.

“I know,” he said his smile diapering entirely.

“Oh god Malfoy what’s wrong, your not actually bi-sexual are you, oh how crushed the fan girls will be,” I said, in hope of lighting the mood once more. It had work only very lightly as a small grin, not a smirk but a grin appeared on Malfoys face.

“Oh come now Granger you know you are my only fan girl,” he said pulling me close like he did before.

“Oh were not going to start this again are we Malfoy because I guarantee you this time it will involve you getting seriously.. Hurt,” I said narrowing my eyes. Then almost immediately Malfoy jumped as far back as physically from me fearing my words as well as my deadly eyes.

“Alright, alright I got the message loud and clear Granger,” he said.

“Now are you going to tell me what this file is about or not,” I asked.

“I decisions, decisions, I think my answer will be… um, no.”

“Malfoy,” I warned again.

“Yes Granger,” he asked with a small smile on his face.

“What’s in this file,” I asked threw my teeth.

“Well Granger why don’t you tell me the file is right there and I am sure as hell not stopping you,” He said.

“But, but I can’t the rules,-”

“Listen to yourself Granger your such a hypocrite,” he said.

“Excuse me,” I stated in state of shock.

“No I don’t think I will, all your life people have bee Excusing you, golden boy, and that weasel of everything. Well guess what Granger I am not going to. You break the rules basically once every year since you started Hogwarts, and when you break the rules Granger you really break the rules.” He said, I was to shocked to protest so he continued, “And now you are going to stand here and say you can’t open that file because its against the rules sorry Granger I just don’t buy it, now if you really want to know what’s up with Longbottom look for yourself.”

I was at a loss for both words and actions I didn’t know what do, if I hit and stormed out I would never know what’s in that file. But if I stayed and looked I would give him the satisfaction of breaking me. This was a test all designed by this own evil screaming mind, would I give in to temptation, or leave. In the end I found myself staying to read the file, and what I found surprised me more then Malfoys harsh words. According to the file Neville Longbottom was dead.

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