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A/N: I couldn’t think of a name for this chapter, so…yeah. Here it is and hope you enjoy it!





Name: Katherine Elizabeth Kavanaugh (Kathy)

Place of Birth: London England

Date of Birth: March 31, 1962

Blood type: I don’t know. Does that make me a bad friend?

Address: Number 14, Starcroft Ave

Favorite Class: Potions

Physical Description: Shoulder-length brown hair, which she highlights and dies every few months. Pretty blue eyes that pop and a lot of freckles on her face (it looks good on her though). Her fashion is extremely preppy, with peasant skirts and frilly t-shirts as her favorite combination.

Short Bio: She is serious and yet she is extremely goofy, when the time is right. I believe that she stresses about her grades to much, but I guess I can’t really talk since I rank top in the school. She loves to read (much like her best friend, Remus Lupin) and write. I just recently found out that she likes Potter…


I smiled as I read this. You could always count on Lily to make your day, no matter what.


 “You almost done up there? Need any help?” came a shout from down stairs. Sirius, I assumed. I quickly snapped the book shut and jumped up from the bed.


“Coming!” I shouted in reply. I looked around to see if I could bring anything else. I decided to bring Sammy because Ali absolutely adores him. After I scooped him up and the rest of my bundle and walked down stairs. The boys stood up and walked over to me. I handed Remus the cat and Sirius and James the two bags and Tyler her wand.


“What are you going to carry?” Sirius asked. I rolled my eyes at his childish nature.


I’m going to carry her CDs and you are going to carry her CD player, comprende?” I replied. He nodded in his pouty way and I walked back up stairs to retrieve the CD player. As I passed her bed, I couldn’t help staring at Lily’s friend book. I was reeking with curiosity to read more. But, no, I needed to concentrate on Ali at the moment. So I went over to her bedside table and started unhooking her player. When I was done, I took the speakers down first then the actual player. After I had handed the player to the James (without looking at him) I went to Ali’s trunk and swiped up the bag labeled ‘CDs’ and went back down stairs.


“Let’s go,” I said and we walked out through the portrait hole.


********Will’s POV********


I looked up as Kathy and the boys walked in carrying three purple bags and Ali’s cat and CD player. Sammy jumped from Remus’ arms and onto Ali’s bed. He then curled up and fell fast asleep. I watched James and Sirius walk over to the night stand and try to hook up the CD player. After a few minutes (and a few choice words) Lily and Shauna took over for them. Remus walked over to Ali’s bedside and looked at her face. Then he bent down and kissed her forehead.


“So, what do we do now?” I asked. Everyone looked clueless.


“I just feel so helpless.” James said, “I mean, there is something obviously going on with Ali and we can’t’ help her ‘cause she won’t tell us anything.” At this Tyler stood up.


“Did you ever think that if she wanted you to know, she would tell you? That if she wanted your help she would ask for it?” He asked the room. Everyone remained silent. Tyler sighed and shook his head.


“Look, the best thing for you to do is to not bug her about this. She’ll tell you when she’s ready, if she ever is.” He said. Sirius stood up and faced Tyler.


“What about you? Do you know?” he asked, accusingly. Tyler’s face remained impassive.


“Yes. Twyla and Shauna also know.” He replied.


“How come she told you and not us?” Remus asked. Tyler opened his mouth, but his sister interrupted him.


“Look, we’ve known Ali’s for longer than you can imagine. We were there when Rune died, and through all the hardships she faced and she for us. So excuse me if she chooses to trust us more than you. She’s known all of you for how long? 3 months?” Twyla said, sharply. This took everyone by surprise; Twyla always struck us as the kind of girl to smooth things over and not the one to tell people off. That was Ali’s job.


“Twyla, we didn’t mean anything by it,” Lily said, after a pause, “We just don’t know what to do. We all just want to help her and we don’t know how.” Twyla face softened as she quietly whispered “I know” and went over to hug a tear streaked Lily. I saw Lily stiffen, then relax. It was no secret to anyone that Lily was slightly jealous of Twyla; for her connection to Ali, and among other things.


I believe she believes that she is going to get pushed aside and replaced by Twyla I thought, watching the two. I didn’t see that happening, Ali was, with all her faults, extremely loyal to her friends, old and new.


“Excuse me kids,” we heard Madam Gargey say behind us, “but I need to get to Ali. I need to apply the medicine.” I noticed that she held a vial of thick, powder blue liquid. We moved aside and watched her turn over a limp Ali on her back. I heard multiple sharp intakes of breath when the guys saw the holes in her back. They were no longer gushing out blood, but they still were pretty red and deep.  Madam Gargey busied herself with rubbing the liquid on Ali’s wounds. As soon as the liquid touched the wounds, it began to sizzle, as if the liquid were cooking Ali’s wounds. After that was over, she put new bandages on and re-clothed her back. She walked out and left us in a horrified silence.



********Ali POV********


“You know I would really like to regain consciousness now, thank you!” I snapped at Laina. She looked back furiously.


“Well then regain it! I certainly don’t want to be here! I would much go back to the pit of nothingness I was floating in before this mess!”  she snapped back. I rolled my eyes and looked at Ember. She had taken to sitting there, watching us bicker and sharpening her talons. I stared at her jet black hair then at Laina’s. I picked up a strand of my hair and looked at it then looked back at their’s.


“You know what I’ve just noticed?” I asked them. Laina looked at me impatiently and Ember just shrugged.


“That you are despicable human being and you should really through yourself down a bottomless chasm? Because that’s what I noticed I’m thinking!” Laina spat back angrily. I ignored her comment and continued.


“No, it’s just that out of all our forms, I’m the only one without black hair. Just really dark brown.” Laina looked at me as if I were crazy. Which I probably was. I mean, I’m having a conversation with myself here!


“Why are you bringing this up now?” she asked snappishly. I shrugged.


“Must be part of my sparkling personality!” I chirped. Or our sparkling personality…are you confused, because I’m starting to be.


“Whatever,” Laina mumbled and turned away from me and Ember.


“Hey if this is our mind, shouldn’t we be able to make it more pleasant? I mean, we are going to be here a while.” I said. Laina opened to her mouth to respond but before she could say anything, she thrown backwards and on to the floor with a loud thump. I heard another thump and looked to see Ember lying on the ground. Before I could register anything more, I was thrown back just like the other two. As soon as I hit the ground, I felt as if I was going to pass out. Before I entered again into the world of blackness, I saw Ember and Laina start to slowly fade away.

********Kat’s POV********



“Ungh…” at the sound of a moan we all turned to Ali’s bed. We saw move her hand slightly, then abruptly sit up and look around. After a moment of shocked silence, a sly smile slowly spread on her lips.


“God, guys. You looked as if you saw someone die! Lighten up will ya?” she said playfully. Everyone let out a groan and threw there arms around her neck. Sirius made the mistake of wrapping his arms around her back. She arched her back and winced with a painful “Ah!” He immediately backed off and mumbled a pathetic “sorry.” When every one let go of her, she leaned over and gave Sirius a quick kiss on his cheek.


“Don’t worry about it,” she whispered, “I’ve experienced much worse.”




A/N: well, here ya go. Please, please, please, PLEASE review it!!! I love it when ya’ll talk to me. It makes want to write better!

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