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Six months since graduation.

Twelve since my eighteenth birthday.

Eight since I last spoke to Sirius Black.

Six since I last spoke to Lily Evans and James Potter.

Gabby looked out of the window of her London flat, reflecting on the past year. Starting with her birthday on January 27th, she went through the moments that had defined that year. There was Lily and James starting to date, her and Sirius’ one night stand, her vowing never to talk to Sirius again. Graduating, moving out of her parents mansion and into her own flat in North London, getting a job as a Healer at St Mungos. Making great new friends, and finally hearing from her old ones.

Three weeks ago, she had finally received a belated invitation to Lily and James’ wedding, which was happening a few days before Christmas. They had sent their owl with the invite, not knowing where she lived, and it had taken over two months to find her. After she had replied in the definite affirmative, they had sent a letter asking if they could stay with her for a week or two before the wedding, because it was easier to arrange the festivites from London.

Today was the day that they were coming to stay, and Gabby couldn’t wait to see her two best friends again. She wondered how much they would have changed, and how much she’d changed. She’d cut her hair slightly shorter, and put in green highlights.

Her phone rang, playing The Rakes.


“Gabbriella, we need you to come in for another shift at three o clock. Holiday season and all.” The woman who organised the shifts said.

“Sure thing, Maisy, when will I be done?”

“Five o clock. See you soon.”

Gabby hung up, and put her things into her bag. Then she wrote a quick note to Lily and James. She had five minutes before her new shift started, and had to apparate in.


She found herself in the reception area of the hospital, and went down to the locker room. There she dumped her stuff, and then began her shift.

“Good morning, Mr Tompson, lets see how that rash is going!” 


“Hurry up, boys, we’re gonna be late for Gabby! I’m sure she’s got better things to do than wait for her friends.” Lily called up the stairs.

“D’you think we should have told her that Sirius is coming too?” James asked, coming down the stairs of their house.

“I’m sure I mentioned it to her.” Lily said, confidently. “Now lets get going!”

Sirius clattered down the stairs, carrying a rucksack. He looked almost exactly the same as he did in Hogwarts, only now, instead of looking boyishly handome, he looked much more manly and dashing.

“Don’t leave without me! I love London! Where are we staying, by the way?” He asked, running his hand through his hair in a very James like fashion.

“With Gabby, remember, so I need you to be on your best behaviour, and not provoke her.” Lily lectured him. It was hard work living with the two worst marauders.

The three of them apparated to Gabby’s flat, and looked around. There was a cosy living room, with a nice TV, a closed door led to her bedroom, and there was a bathroom and kitchen that looked reasonably clean – Gabby not being one of those people who believes in over hygene.

They walked into her kitchen, as Sirius was already hungry, although he had only eaten twenty minutes before.

“Gabby!” Lily called.

“Look, a note!” James exclaimed.

Darling Lils and Jamie,
So sorry I couldn’t be here to meet you, but I got called in for an extra shift. Holiday season and all, but it brings in the cash. I’ll be back at five, but until then you can help yourself to the scant contents of my fridge and watch TV. Don’t be alarmed if someone lets themselves into the flat – it’ll just be a friend.
Love Gabs.

It was in the small, untidy writing that Sirius remembered, she even signed her name the same way she used to. He was now a bit apprehensive about seeing Gabby again. The note had made him think about her properly, not just as a girl he had been at school with - a girl on his list of girls he dated. She was Gabby again, James and Lily’s best friend, and a really smart, hot girl. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do when he saw her.

“Lets eat then.” He exclaimed.

“She doesn’t sound too confident about her fridge contents.” Lily reminded him.

“No one ever does.” He replied, opening the fridge.

It was the most dismally packed fridge in the world. There were a whole bunch of Slim Fast meals, some microwave lasagne, juice, fruit, eggs and some old yoghurts.

“That food sucks.” James commented.

“Told you so.” Lily sang, laughing at the look on Sirus’ face.

“Well, that was a bust, so how about we look in on her bedroom.” James suggested.

They went down the small hallway thing, to a door that had a poster on it saying ‘This ain’t where the magic happens; this is where I sleep’ on it. They walked into a room, that Sirius had to admit was one of the coolest he’d ever seen.

It was covered in posters of bands and musicals, millions of pictures of her friends, a blue french horn on the wall, a comfy looking double bed, her broomstick in the corner, and a painting of some flowers. The view from her window was great too.

“Nice.” Sirius breathed.

“Look, here’s us!” James laughed.

Sure enough, he was pointing to a picture of the four marauders, sitting under a tree just after the OWLs. They were laughing and joking, and looked really great. Another picture showed James and Lily in Transfiguration.

“I never noticed her taking that!” Lily exclaimed.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how she did it, you two look sweet.” Sirius stated.

“Theres even one of you two and her.” Lily commented.

Short Gabby was standing between two giants of James and Sirius, who were trying to push her out of the frame. She was fighting back, and at one point all three of them fell over.

“Sweet. I missed her.” Lily sighed.

“Aloha, Ella!!” A man shouted, slamming the door behind him. “Your neighbour now officially thinks I’m a pervert!” He paused, while they listened, “Ella!?”

“If you mean Gabsters, then she’s not here.” Sirius called.

“And who would be telling me this? Her newest prostitute?”

“Gabs has whores?”

At this point, the other person came into her bedroom. He was blonde, with green eyes.

“Who are you?” He asked.

“I’m Lily Evans, her best friend, this is James Potter, her other best friend, and this is Sirius Black. They know eachother.” Lily introduced them all.

“Sirius Black. The dude who bet on her at Hogwarts?” The man growled.

“That’s me. That was all a misunderstanding, by the way, if you could tell her.”

“No. And I’m her best friend, just to tell you.” He told Lily and James.

“Well, how come she didn’t tell us about you?” James asked, feeling threatened.

“I don’t know. I’m Nick Jacobson.” He stuck out his hand, and let Lily and James shake it, pulling it away when Sirius tried. “How about we leave the bedroom, and go back into the kitchen, I want to eat.”

“No chance of that, the food in there is complete crap!” James informed him.

They were in the kitchen, when the door slammed again. All four heads snapped up, as someone came into the kitchen backwards. They had headphones on, and were dancing slightly.

“Ella!” Nick screamed, to get the womans attention.

She turned around, and it was Gabby. She grinned at Nick, slapping hands, and then pulled Lily and James into a bone crushing hug. She was wearing a white nurses uniform, that she had cut to half way down her thigh, red footless tights, a thick red belt, red low top converse, and a green corduroy hat.

Her smile faded when she noticed Sirius leaning against the kitchen counter, checking her out.

“What the hell are you doing here, Black?” She asked, calmly.

“Lily said she told you I was coming.” He explained.

“Must have slipped her mind, eh Lily?”

“I am so sorry, Gabs. Just for a week, please!” Lily pleaded.

“Fine. But only for my two best buddies ever.”

“I thought I was your best buddy ever!” Nick whined.

“You’re my best bud, Nick, but I’ve known these guys for years. I’ve known James my entire life!” She told the sulking lad.

“Now, I’m really sorry, but I only have enough time to put away the shopping before I have to meet Remus, you guys want to come?” She asked the three ex-Hogwarts-students.

“You’re still in touch with Remus?”

“Of course. He works nearby, and comes into St Mungos every month for his issue.” She explained.

“Then lets go to his..”


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