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          Tempest exited Headmistress Majika's office still yawning. Severus Snape had escorted her to the Headmaster of Hogwarts office. Not only was she in trouble, but apparently all the mudbloods' were getting petrified.

"Then I shouldn't be worried," she had remarked. "I'm a pure blood."

Mistress Majika had laughed at Tempest remarks then she had given her floo powder to go to her office. She had done so and waited till Majika had returned.

"Dumbledore is a great old fool," she had remarked angrily, but then she looked at Tempest and her face had softened. "But you my dear, you were brilliant."

"Thank you. May I go now, I'm still very tired," she asked.

"In a bit, for now, please sit down." She motioned to a seat and Tempest sat down as directed. "Now, what do you make of these attacks?"

Tempest was startled. She knew more than she was supposed to.

"Uh, it is a creature obviously going around school petrifying students?"

"Good, but that has already been stated by Dumbledore. He, and I, think that you might know more than you are letting on." Majika stared at her hard and Tempest began to fidget as it seemed as the eyes seemed to be penetrating her soul.

"It's a diary. The creature is being controlled by Lord Voldemort's school diary."

"Do you know how it came to be there?"

"My godfather snuck it into some little girls cauldron. I believe she was a Weasly child."

"Do you know what type of creature it is?"

Tempest had shook her head and then was dismissed my Majika.

On her way back to the dorm she kept wondering if she had done the right thing by snitching on her godfather.

"Bright side, Draco will be safe. At least I don't have to worry about him." She sighed and stuffed her hands in her pockets. She had completely forgotten she was still on her Hogwarts uniform.

"Look who wants to be a Hogwarts wanna-be girls," she heard Astrea laugh.

"Damn her," muttered Tempest under her breath. She slowly turned around and stood face to face with Astrea

"Don't you think you're a bit late for Halloween," continued Astrea.

"That's funny considering you always have the horrible mask on your face." She smiled and Astreas fists clenched.

"This isn't over."

"Oh god I hope not. Then how will I get my daily dose of entertainment?" she asked sarcastically.

Tempest watched as Astrea stalked away before she continued back on her way to her dormitory. As she walked down the stairs a thought crossed her mind.

"The creature."

She ran to the library and went straight to the creatures' aisle. She felt she had to go there for some reason.

For hours she had looked for giant creatures that Salazar Slytherin would want to use as the creature to gourd his keep or whatever it was it was guarding. Finally, she narrowed it down to two creatures. The Basilisk and the Veriserite.

"Zephyr?" She turned around and saw Nila and Void staring at her confused.

"Well don't just stand there like a bunch of useless idiots, sit down."

They rushed to her side and sat down staring at her clothes.

"Where were you all day yesterday?" asked Nila.

"Sleeping and conversing with the Lady of the Lake."

"Are you serious?" remarked Void.

"Very. Only I conversed with her in my sleep. She gave me this necklace and said it would help me."

"Why are you researching snakes though?" asked Nila.

"Because I thought I could figure out what the creature is that is wondering around at Hogwarts. I've narrowed it down to two. The Basilisk and the Veriserite."

"Why?" asked Void.

"Because the Veriserite is a long silver serpent that lives in salt water." Her eyes widened and she bit her lips to try and contain her smile. "I think I know where to find the Lady of the Lake."

"We knew you found something when you smiled," commented Nila.

"I think that snake guards the Lady of the Lake from evil intruders. Its like the Basilisk in almost every way except the Veriserite is not evil." They all looked at each other in turn and Tempest twirled a strand of purple hair in her fingers.

"You know, maybe if we find where it likes we can find her."

"Well it lives in salt water all we have to look for is a salt lake in Britain," said Nila.

"Do you have any idea how many salt lake there are here?" said Void.

"I know there are a lot! But Divina can ask her family for help can't she?"

"Sure she can. I'm sure she'll be up to it to," remarked Tempest.

They looked at each other again and Tempest slammed the book shut making an echoing sound through the plaice. She smiled and snuck the book into her robe.

"I kinda sort of snuck into the restriction section. I can't check this book out for a reason."

Nila and Void just shrugged and followed her out of the library and back to the dormitory.

"Well I must say Zeph.," began Void, "you have had a very productive morning."

"I always do."

"Plus that necklace she gave you is very beautiful," commented Nila.

"I know, plus it is very helpful. I'm never going to take it off, no matter what," she said clasping it.

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